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I thought I had hit rock bottom when dealing with Cablevision, Verizon or Comcast but I have now found a new low. XM Radio is absolutely THE WORST company I have ever had to deal with. I have now been waiting ONE YEAR for a refund for charges on 5 radios. Guess what? I only have ONE radio. I have been ignored, hung up on and left waiting on the phone for more than one hour (thank God for speaker phones). I also wrote to one of their executives in August and guess what? Even one of the Vice Presidents of this company ignored my email. That was Hello, James Meyers????? Are you out there? STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. THE CONCEPT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS COMPLETELY FOREIGN TO THEM.

for 8 weeks now I've been trying to get my XMRadio database acct fixed so I can actually listen to it...still nothing and like everyone else, the customer service SUCKS.

No stars for xm! I recieved a collection call from a 2009 bill that was resolved or so I thought. T was informed that there is no way to prove that I even spoke with them. Then I was told that the supervisor who "fixed the issue" didn't have the authority to do so. So here we all stand very unhappy, but my burning question is does anyone really work in the US? does any one really care? if you call customer care they look at my acct & tell me I have a credit. The old acct was closed becaused they made sooo many mistakes & I have a credit!!! But the collection was not suppossed to go this far. #1 hadn't recieved a bill in over a year, #2 they said they fixed the acct reversal, #3 you cannot call people & threaten to RUIN them!and call me a looser. (i'm going to the state on that alone!! Xm #1 is not a responsible company they should be bringing these jobs back to US soil in light of all of the poor service complaints> perhaps the goverment should start looking at this. I do this for a living & jnow the law too

Yep, no wonder Sirus went out of business. These people are horrible.

Called 800 and ended up in phillipines which was horrible. Just trying to extended/ upgrade account and they cut me off twice and last time transferred me to spanish call center. As everyone mentions they won't put you through to supervisor or give you corp. phone number. Don't even waste your breath they won't do it now matter how hard you push. I finally found a number online to corp headquarter in Washington (202-380-4000). Operator put me through to consumer relations, which was very helpful and my issue was resolved in a couple minutes. So don't waste your time with the 800 number, use one of the numbers on this site.

They have changed my service, don't get back to me, won't answer e-mails, can't fix my radio so it will update, changed my subscription, etc. Why doesn't anyone investigate?

Ditto, Rodney! Same issues. I am a long time subscriber and want to strangle someone!!! 6 phone calls to reactivate a reciever! Contacted, Philipines, Indonesia, and India for a start. No wonder their stock is at $ 1.25/share! I finally have the corporate Telephone #, 212-584-5100.I'm sure this will lead to a dead end or Pakistan!!! Plan on calling in the A.M.! Will let you know. Any other ideas out there?

Incomprehensible service reps over a phone connection that would make a third world dictator blush with embarrassment. This after negotiating a phone tree that dumps you if you have more than one radio listed to your contact number. Add to that a "online" account page that does not let you cancel or modify a service. I thought that the nadir of customer service had been reached in the cellular phone industry but this company has set a new standard that any corporation that wants to flip off its customers while taking their money should aspire to.

This corporation has chosen to blow off three subscriptions due to poor customer service ! Dealing with XM / Sirus is entering a new level HELL !! How they stay in business is a mystery.

XM stopped working No one at customer no service knows why They resent the signal several times but nothing happens Nothing wrong with radio antenna or radio The vehicle is brand new , just paid for a full year after the 3 month free trial Had trouble before but nothing like this These people are a joke

TRULY AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE - As the other comments state, XM Radio simply doesn't care about customer service. I've worked closely with many companies in India doing outsourced call service. What I can tell you is that this poor level of service is generally NOT the fault of the Indian company - it is the corporate entity who provides them training, writes the specifications, chooses the outsourcing company, and monitors execution. XM Radio could improve their service to us, but apparently they are OK with where they're at. I don't know about you, but I'm going to cancel my account; if enough of us do so (stating poor customer service as the reason), they will be forced to improve or they will be forced out of business. Unfortunately, I doubt there is any other way to get their attention - we must vote with our money.

Rating the quality of service from people that cannot speak or understand English is somewhere around minus 1000. New bill for 3 months is twice what I paid for one full year. What brass they have to charge a fee of $2.00 for them to send out an invoice. I lived before without satellite radio and will continue to live without satellite radio. These people should be ashamed to call this Customer Service. It really is Customer No Service.

How on earth do we bring a class action lawsuit against these people? I have been trying for over 6 months to collect a $200 refund. Despite the fact that numerous customer service reps have told me a check would arrive within 2-3 weeks, the most recent service reps that I've spoke to have tried to tell me that the refund was issued when I cancelled service in May - it was issued to my credit card. Impossible. The credit card had been cancelled for over a year. Citibank (the issuer of the credit card) confirmed that there was no way that XM could have refunded the credit card. XM needs to seriously pay the consumer with some punative damages. How can we make this happen????

I tried to cancel my radio and they charged me 75.00 canceclation fee after i told them i did.nt wat there lousey station i wouldn't recomed to any one i hope they go out of business they are a lousey company as far as i'am concerned

Read NO STARS... This company is ultimately the absolutely worst I have ever dealth with. As long as you don't have to work with their customer service you are fine. So utterly disappointed. I have cancelled my service!!! :-(

The outsourcing of the customer service department is inept and unprofessional. I tried to get a reasonable explanation regarding me bill of why the price is so high and the CSR rep had no idea and could not give me a reasonable explantion. I requested to speak with a supervisor who could respond to me. I was put on hold for 10 minutes and got no one to speak with. I just gave up trying to get an answer. My next course of action will be to write to the president of xm to see if he/she can answer me. If xm is a public company, this info should be public information and available. I'm not too happy with these guys.

Consistent at least ! XM called to offer a discount to renew my subscription after trial that came with Prius . They claimed same package but that was incorrect ; it was a very watered down list of stations . When I tried to call , only could reach Phillipines When put on hold , the ads on the phone were all for adult sex phone services 'you want to talk to horny girls?'!! Unbelievable

Wow! what lousy customer service you have. I didn't know it was soo rampant. Won't take it personal now. Just will cancel my 2 radios & not subscribe my new vehicle. Do Not need this bad business. Hung up on 3x, no refund & even more taken out of my checking acct.! Even at my age, have never experienced such BAD customer service. Think it should be returned to stateside.

I have made 4 calls and have sent 2 e-mails to get a contract for the lifetime service I paid for in full.The response was someone would contact me in one business day. I have experienced the same frustrations as others and wonder why the company doesn't comply. Where is the Attorney General????

I tried to cancel my service but was met with customer service representatives who were discourteous and insisted on trying to sell the service despite my repeated and firm statements that I wanted to cancel and did not want to be convinced otherwise. XM should be ashamed for its terrible service, sneaky tactic of automated renewal at inflated prices, and the ridiculous overpricing of a service.

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