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XM Radio has this great scam.. They continue your service for two months after your subscription ends and then bill you for the service you don't use. The fee is $29. They have over 10,000 lost subscribers a month. That means they earn an additional $290,000 in revenue per month for not providing service but on the chance that you may renew. There is a small clause in their service contract that allows them to do this. Of course, they never tell you this and If you order by phone you won't see the agreement. In my case, I had XM radio on a previous car and rolled it over to a New Car I had purchased. The new car had a three month free trial. I called to roll over my unused three months and have it added to my trial. The Rep sold me a discounted extra year and assured me I would get the free trail and my three months rolled over. Instead they started the new contract as of the day I called in. 12 months later I got a renewal notice. I rarely listened to XM radio. It was commercial free as advertised and the program usually was better on local radio. So not renewing and even losing the extra time was okay with me. Three months later. I get a call from a collection agency claiming the $28 was overdue for the continuation of the service in case I had decided to renew. I called XM radio a dozen times, emailed them four times and even wrote them a letter all to no avail. After getting harassing phone calls three or four times a day from XM Radio's own collection agency I paid the amount and a outrageous service fee just to stop wasting my time. I would never subscribe to XM or Sirius Radio for any cause. I would warn anyone thinking of ADDING THAT SERVICE TO BE AWARE of their shoddy tactics and their horrible customer service.

I bought a stratus 6 radio and wanted the a la carte package.Contacted the office to set up the account went on the website to try to pick my channels never and website would never allow me to set up the account.After talking to several listener care reps, two supervisors and a technical support rep and several phone disconnects(imagine that) and "supposedly" they issued a problem ticket which was "allegedly" escalated twice and three days worth of calling their listener care office and holding on the phone between reps for 1.5 -2.0 hrs each time and promises that it would be taken care of in 48 hrs.Still the problem has not been handled.It appears that the representatives all they want to do is push you off to the next person. Then they attempted to charge me for a service that I was never able to access! This is the worst company I have ever seen with the most terrible customer service that I have ever seen.No one even tried to attempt to follow up on the trouble ticket .I have cancelled the whole service I wouldn't suggest that anyone purchase their service!

We've had a XM radio subcription in one of our vehicles since 2008. The radio service has been great but the customer sevice not so much. We are under a family plan with my niece who holds the account. We have since purchased a new vehicle and wanted to renew our subscription after the trial expired. Since I didn't want to have her always put it on her credit card I asked if I could pay separately for our two cars. They said I could but I could only get a 1 yr. family discount if I did that. I wanted 2yrs. because you get a better discount. She insisted I could only get one year. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said they'd make a acception that I could do a two year subcription with a family discount but I couldn't put both or our cars together and pay for them when they came up for renewal. This made no sense to me at all. Customer service sucks! I was transfered once and put on hold twice. I probably spent 40 minutes on the phone trying to do a simple transaction!!!! NOBODY speaks English clearly enough to understand them!! It's very frustrating!!

These jerks had kept the card on file that i used last with out my permission and when they tried to use it again guess what I had the card cancelled. I called them after an email received and told them to send me a bill, ok we will do that. Two weeks went by and no bill yet, called again and complained, ok we will send you a bill. Got a normal piece of paper in the mail that said you owe this much money to us it was not a bill. Plus getting shut off calls after i was ensured that my service will not get shut off. Called again asked to speak to a supervisor and had to wait on hold while she could fine someone to take the call and he didnt seem to care. Also addressed the yellow piece of paper that i got in the mail that HAD MY ACCOUNT PASSWORD ON IT!!!!!!!!! Asked how secure this freaking company was and he said they have addressed it with their supervisors and it is being fixed. I asked to speak to someone over him about the issue and he put me on hold for 15 min and i got tired of wasting anymore of my time with these idiots.

Sirius has called everyday since last Thursday...twice on Sunday...to help me since I am a " preferred customer" ...I told them to turn the recorder on and then blasted them and fired them, canceling all four accounts because of their treatment of preferred customers... I told them if they call me again Wednesday, I am suing them on Thursday...they can be pricks on the phone but I doubt if a judge in east Tennessee will put up with their BS... God I hope they call!

* I SEE after reading all the above comments that I am not alone. I would throw it out the window,if I did not enjoy channel 4 so much. I am so frustrated I cannot understand the people in the Philippines, they do not seem to know what they are doing and I cannot make contact with anybody who can help plus I too keep getting bills, they actually owe me. I have had it since 2007. is there anybody with any sense that one can talk too????????. I must have talked to the Philippines 20 times after pleading not to send me there.

First of all, if anyone is interested.. the President of Operations and Sales at XM is James Meyer :-). Did some research. After my 3 month trial ran out, they mailed me a flyer for 6 months at 34.00.. then when that 6 months ran out they kept telling me 'no promo's. My subscription expired on 2/11, I ended up by going with 6 months for 43.00 (before taxes and fees).. yesterday my brother gets a letter in the mail with a 'special offer' 6 months for $25.00! Dated February 10th!!!!! Called them to have them 'honor' that rate and was sent to the Philipines. Nice huh?. Why do 'we' the consumer have to play the 'promo' game?. If you have them bill you directly they charge you a 'fee' for doing this, BUT if you give them your credit card/debit card you can save $10.00!... looks like its a good $2.00 investment NOT to use your credit card.

XM Radio couldn't suck more if they were a straw. NEVER.. NEVER.... NEVER pay these leeches, frauders, scammers with a credit card! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE fraud billing, and worse service.

SirusXM customer service plain sucks. They have no american call centers or at least none that I have found. When I ask to speak to an American I am told "keep calling back till an american answers." Lovely. I received a promotion in the mail for XM select for a year subscription and get 5 months free. When I try to add traffic to that the price jumps 100 bucks which is fine but then I loose the promotion. It makes no sense how I pay you a hundred dollars more and loose the promotion. XM's "customer service" just sucks.

worst customer service I have EVER received in my life. I canceled my service back in aug because i was getting poor reception with my radio. But I have been missing listening to Howard so my fiance wants to get me a new radio and subscription for valentine's day, So I call to order the XM3pi the rep qoute"s me $79.96 for the vehicle and home kit and I say yes. I was willing to pay the full $179.99 online but def jumped at that deal. I get my confirmation and it's for the wrong radio. Now i need to purchase another radio, send them the wrong radio back. They purchase the equipment from an online source so they need your credit card to purchase it , I was told once they submit the order they can't cancel it even though it hasn't shipped or been processed.After 2 hours on the phone and 2 reps,The supervisor said the best she could do was credit me $7.00. I will NEVER return to sirius The supervisor had an attitude like i messed up. I guess satellite service is booming.The second rep i talked to said mistakes happen. I was a customer for 7 years. So in the long run I need to spend $7.00 to send the radio back that I ordered an hour and a half ago that hasn't even been sent yet. Was looking forward to listening to Howard Stern next week!

This is the worst company I have to deal with......since December 2011 which I activated 2 radios them canceled beacuse they quoted me a price then charged me something different. I have tried to get me money back after 15....15 diffrent phone calls and attempts to have my refund sent to me NOTHING.......even got the so called number to corp and a lady said " I will have this taken care of for you" a rep calls back 3 weeks later....3 WEEKS..... and says " are you enjoying your service with us" I have no radio active with these morons.....but they put another person that lives 5 states away on my account....still no refund so I am filing suit in NY small claims court.....STAY AWAY from these people!!

I will never do business with this company of again! I terminated their service and changed my billing credit card. I informed then they were NOT authorized to automatically renew my account. Guess what? They keep billing me anyway. I January 2012, I was told by a representative (Stacy) that it was a finally billing. I told them I would pay it (which I did) and that was it. Guess what? Another bill. I called and the rude representative who put me on hold after I requested to speak with her supervisor told me that the there was no showing that I had cancelled the account.

This company has to have the worst customer service agents ever. I spoke with an agent on 2/8/12 regarding service in my vehicle being complimentary for 1-year yet I'm receiving letters of disconnection after only 3-months. The agent claimed to have corrected the issue and informed me my online radio service which I do pay for would not effected. Today all of my services had been cancelled just out of the blue. I called Listener Care already pissed about this situation to find that the notes have not been entered into the computer system and the status is on backlog. After going rounds with this agent for at least an hour my vehicle services has been turned back on until they can figure out how to get their heads out of their asses. I have never been so disappointed in customer service. I love satellite radio but not enough to go through this unacceptable drama for services that I was promised to receive.

Sirius XM or whatever they are calling themselves these days, are failing to notify me when the bill goes up or down. This increase causes me to put my checkbook in jeopardy, and my bank account, especially since I am on a fixed income. If the bill is due to go up, they should at least notify you in advance. They just take the money out of your account, and then when you call, they tell you that your state gave a rate hike on some type of entertainment tax. They have my email address, home address, and phone number, but yet they still refuse to notify me of any bill hikes.

I subscribed to the free trial offer when I purchased my Toyota and continued subscription for 6 months after the trial period was over. I called twice over the next 6 month period to cancel my subscription but they kept charging my credit card every three months. So I cancelled my credit card to stop the automatic billing. Now I have a letter from a collection agency saying I owe money... go figure, now I'm the bad guy. Never again will I use this service.

I agree with Kathi that the rating should be zero! Having the same problem with them. They keep charging my debit card for charges not due to me. They now have me over $200 in the whole and refuse to even look at overdraft charges but will give me $10 credit towards my next bill...REALLY?? You must be crazy. The rep on the phone did tell me that the call centers are in another country and there is only 1 superviser there above them and that there is no supervisor there from the US. Why doesn't that surprise me? I worked in a call center before and they are not there for customer service. They won't even fax or mail me a letter stating what charges they are refunding to me so that I can ask my bank to review to remove the overdraft charges since it was not my fault. The first time I called I was placed on hold for 45 minutes and then hung up on. When I called back was told they would run the credit for only 2 charges asap. Called back 2 days later when no credits were done and was told it would take 7-10 business days. They can't even give consistent information. This is the worst company ever! NO NOT GO WITH SIRIUSXM!!!!

Got a letter from "EOS CCA" on behalf of XM demanding $33.57, claiming the letter from was a debt collection agency. This is a SCAM on behalf of Sirius XM Radio. They have you call this OES and either sign up for a year or pay the amount they demand, which renews your subscription anyway. This is not a real debt owed but a fraud. I am in the middle of finishing filing criminal and consumer complaints with federal and State AG and the local DA and the USPS for mail fraud. I am also going to file in federal court a demand for punitive damages as I cannot file state court as XM withdrew their state registration.

After the free trial XM contacted me about signing up . I did and the charges didn't go through. I didn't loose the basic channels. By accident I found they have been charging me for the last 9 months for services I have never had. When the resent the signal I lost a lot of channels. I've been dealing with them for the last two days. I got nowhere. Now down to only the preset stations. I finally called and cancelled. They wouldn't refund my money but offered credit for future services they still cannot provide. Screw them!!!

The star rating should be 0! Worst company ever. They took money from my account without authorization, then said they will refund in 7 to 10 days. What a scam! After reading all the complaints on line (hundreds) I am concerned I will never get my money back. Why are they still in business??

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