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I purchases 2, I repeat 2 lifetime subscriptions. One was for the portable unit I keep in my offie and one was for my vehicle. I was nto told at the time of the purchase that you CAN NOT purchase a lifetime on a permanent car account. When I purchased a new car, I call in to XM to have this subscription renewed, but oh no, that is not possible, only if the car is stolen, etc. My point to the customer service is I would not have purchased one for the permanent car radio had I been told the truth. I was lied to in order to make the sale and they -- XM -- have no conpunction regarding the behavior of their sales personnel. This is not over.

XM radio is a cold hearted corporation who shields anyone with authority from the telephone to respond to issues of customers. There is no viable mailing address available, nor telephone numbers. The so-called customer service telephone banks are all off shore employing persons who do not understand the dynamics of the English language. All they are equipped to do is what they can find on the computer screen. Their billing/accounting practices do indeed border on fraud/exploitation. Phone reps refuse to divulge their full name, nor their location leaving the consumer with no rights and are offensive to their face. Their mantra is "I'm sorry, but". I apparantly am being targeted and/or harrassed because I refuse to give XM my bank account number or a credit card number. My checks are held up, then I am not given credit on my account even after the check has cleared my bank. My reasons for doing this are validated by their continued, repeated errors in billing and their unreasonableness and unwillingness to handle issues in a prompt, professional, polite way. The main thrust of their training to their telephone customer service personnel is the negatives i.e. DO NOT GIVE OUT CORPORATE PHONE NUMBERS OR ADDRESSES. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOU SPECIFIC LOCATION. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR FULL NAME. DO NOT CONNECT THEM TO A SUPERIOR SUPERVISOR WITH REAL AUTHORITY. THEY HAVE AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT. THEY ARE TOTALLY INCAPABLE OF ADMINISTERING IT.

Talk about Frustrated in dealing with the OUTSOURCED CALL CENTER, I was on the phone for over an hour & still didn't get satisfaction. Refused to give me a Supervisor when told I wanted to talk to one..Then did a song and dance about the only Supervisor being out in her car and unavailable. Dealing with Pakistan, India or Maylasia or wherever SUCKS, CLAIMED DIDN'T HAVE CORPORATES NUMBERS....They get a LESS than ZERO rating. I went on line and found this site and got the phone number for Corporate, and guess what? Corporate actually has people WHO DO CARE and try to correct the Screw ups of WHEREVER Call Center. Corporate gets a 5 star for that; but, a Zero for OUTSOURCING..............

It it were possible to rate this company even lower, I would give them a subzero rating because of its displayed billing activities that are -- in certain cases -- purely FRAUDULENT.

XM charged services on my card without my concent and charged me twice for my regular service, while at the same time enrolled me for life time membership, without me knowing. I had two be on the phone with them for two hours to try to get this resolved, they put me on hold forever and transfer me all over the place hopeing i'd get frustrated and hang up. They finally said it was taken care of but i doubt it. I bet i'll have to call them again for this is the 7th time i've spoken with them. I Don't want anything to do with XM anymore. THEY SUCK!!! FYI If you've ever had XM check your bank statements cause they will keep charging you stuff and will never take your credit card off file.

Bought a new car Nov. 2009 It was supposed to have 1 year of free XM radio. After 1 Month it was cut off. Today (10-21-10) in the mail I received a renewal for their service because "Your Satellite Radio Trial is about to expire". The free trial is a joke. Promise of 1 year and actual service on 1 month.

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