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This is the worst company! Just like all these others, after trying to cancel I still received a bill. Overseas customer service is still a BAD joke, can't hear, can't understand, and more worthless then anything I have EVER had to deal with. I suppose I am stuck paying a bill for a car that was sold Apr 2012 (subscription renewal Jun 12), and its now almost Aug 12. Run!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH XMRADIO!!!!!

um a customer service agent and i apologize for all'o'u guyz .. it's not that worse we are :) call us again and ask for reliable ppl. :) willing to hlep you all.

I bought a new truck 3 months ago and asked the sales person not to install or include SiriusXM in anyway with the purchase. The radio was already installed so I automatically received the 3 month courtesy subscription. I tried it once and found that SiriusXM was not what I wanted and never listened again. A few weeks later I began receiving mail at my address but not addressed to me by name. It was addressed to other individuals but at my street number. My house is not an apartment house with many residents, it's just me. I received at leasts 2 dozen of these incorrect mailings and finally called customer service. I told them I would never ever do business with a company that couldn't keep track of their own customer's correct account information. I would never give these people credit card or banking information, who knows what they might do with it or where they might expose that information. Since they think it's fine to continually mail and email me other customer's personal information, why would I trust them. Anyway their product is not worth the money and I can create the same programming on my iPod for free. I would have awarded -00000000 stars if it was possible.

I know and feel the frustration of the people writing on this wall. I just made 17 calls to various 866 numbers that I got on Google. They all ended up in the Philippines. I agree with all that they speak English "goodly" with their phoney English sounding names. I tried one of the guys today after about 15 minutes of back and forth I said "good-bye". I finally called XM corporate number in New York 212 584 5100. Of all things I was connected to a customer service person in Canada that spoke our kind of English. She claimed that she fixed the problem immediately. Time will tell. She also offered to call me back when I told her I was paying for the call. There might be some hope yet. CALL 212 584 5100 Ask for customer service. Good Luck!

I have a trial subscription to XM. I listen to NPR. Lately, the commercials come on at extremely loud volume. The first time, I thought something had hit my car. I turn down the volume and when NPR comes back on, I cannot hear it. If that continues, I will not subscribe. I cannot find out how to let someone with any authority know!

Even if they get all your information to cancel a subscription, when they transfer you to the second person the call drops they cancel all transactions and continue to bill you. As told by one of their rep's its company policy. Plus they seem to get mad and grill you why you want to cancel. On a previous time with them my old radio had problems and I bought a new one. I called in to activate the new one and cancel the old one. They actually tried to argue with me about canceling the old one. They even continued to bill me on the old radio until I called back a second time. This time last month after telling we were canceling my wife was told to complete the process she would be transferred. The call got dropped twice third time it was supposed to be complete. Got billed again on the phone right now waiting to talk to a manager to "complete" the canceling. So far after the first rude and abusive customer service person, I've been waiting 50 minutes. I know if I hang up or the call gets dropped they will continue to bill me. Like they said company policy.

worthless, deceitful, scam got a letter/packet 32 days after a free trial subscription (with auto renewal of course) out of nowhere. I called to cancel and get answers as to who/how they got my info and authorized the creation/activation of the account. They could/would not explain - their only thought was it was activated with the purchase of the new car. I explained the car was 4yrs old, bought used 2yrs ago...why would I be getting a new car free trial on an old, used car 2yrs after i purchased the vehicle. No answer. Asked how they got my name and address, no answer. took 40min to cancel a subscription that i never authorized, or even knew about until they sent the packet a month after they created the account.

I then on June 27, 2012, I received a mailer telling me again my trial period is ending to please call to renew. June 28, 2012, I called the number on the letter 877-266-2857 and the gentleman instantly tried to up sell me with the 5 months $24.99 special. I told him about the above and his response was, “I can do the download right away and you can use it until July 2nd when your trial ends.” I then stated that it never worked and even if he could get it to work, I would only have 4 days to try the service. That is not enough time to see if I like the service. I again could not believe that he was trying to do that and it did not even seem that he cared it never worked just wanted me to purchase the 5 month special. Again this reminded me even more, the HORRIBLE Service I had received. I told him thank you but no, hung up and called the cancellation number 866-635-2349. I spoke with Antil (I believe that is how you spell it), I asked him to please remove me from all correspondence and cancel this free trial. I gave him a brief description of above and asked for the Corporate Office Address to let you know the above. He would not provide this but told me to go to the website. I said I know that corporations make it difficult to find on purpose, if he could please provide me with this information and he refused.

ZERO stars!!! Customer service is AWFUL!!! I have an internet and car subscription 4 months ago I contacted Sirius/XM to cancel a car subscription and change credit card info. I spoke with someone who was nice, not really helpful and gave him my new account info, it's been 4 months and numerous LONG HOLD phone calls and still both accounts being charged. Carl Hays & Susanne Reed

I'm on hold with them again. Third time so were up to 90 minutes. Call center horible robots then xfer back to start of same cust sev queue when asked for a tech person. So, ofr a week now, I've been chasing a reset in a radio that worked well for 8 yrs. Even went to BB Geek Squad (nice people, didn't charge) who sent me back to tech. Love the music. Some of the worst service ever.

XM says I owe them money even though they turned off my service almost 8 months ago and now they have transferred my "debt" to a debt collection company. I have been receiving numerous phone calls every day at all hours for the past few weeks and now I know why. I wouldn't answer the calls and when I got the bill yesterday, I realized that XM and the debt collection company are the one's that have been calling me. I have been on the phone for over an hour and am not able to resolve the problem. XM is a theif!!!! They are trying to ruin my credit over $35 that I don't even owe. Both companies are trying to claim that I did not call and cancel but I did in October and then tried again to renew in January but didn't since XM would not provide any reasonable offers. How can we initiate a class action lawsuit?

SiriusXM is a complete and utter scam when it comes to doing business and managing subscriber accounts. My wife had a free 3 month trial when she purchased a new car. No problems. She then purchased a 1 year subscription. Ran out in April 2012. Then the harrassing phone calls started. YOU OWE US $17. for your extended subscription. She informed them that she had paid for a 1 year subscription and that when that ran out they turned her off. Sirius states that despite their turneing her off that she failed to inform them so she owes $17. We have received over 186 phone calls from various Indian, Pakistani, barely English speaking people threatening her with court action, small claims court etc. I have called them several times and requested that they cease all communication. Most recently last evening. 9:30 this morning Sirius calls ......... ets better, last night when I spoke with Sirius they informed that they had place my wife in collection as of June 1. So I spoke with the collection agency. They simply said that they would send a bill, have her dispute the claim and they would send it back to Sirius. And in today's mail, Sirius sent my wife a letter offering her a great price if she would come back as they miss having her as a subscriber. These folks are out of control. I spoke today with Sirius Corporate offices who told me they woudl have somebody call back. Still waiting, next stop Mass. Consumer Protection Agency.

Trial period ended and I called to cancel. The rep never logged my request to their "notes" and tried to transfer me to another department. I was on hold for an hour and no one ever answered so I had to hang up. I tried again later that week and was on hold for 45 minutes w/o a live body. Now I am getting billed $29 + a late fee for something they claim I had a "verbal contract" on. I told them I am disputing the bill, and like it says on the back they cannot send it to collection. They did anyway and it screwed up my credit so that my credit card rate jumped to the super high rate. I am soooo mad at these people right now. DO NOT ever use this service

Too bad there isn't a 0 ZERO RATING. Cancelled the service, (what service). The #@&***^% call center in the Phillipines is a bad joke. Very rude, nasty can't understand them etc etc. Cancelled my service May 1st, they said I still had to pay $27.00 dollars, paid it no service...called up again said cancel .....still getting 1 bill a week now for $60.00...wrote cancelled and sent back...another bill.....now writting another letter to corporate..like that will help?? I have a paid lawyer and he will send a letter to corporate. Yes, I do like the talk radio and some stations, but the station I wanted is now on the XM radio and they also said oh, you must by another radio, I make u good offer. Hang up on them.

Its not that I feel good knowing that so many others have had the same experience with XM as I had. The quality went down hill from the start and the offersto long time customers were not worth staying. The comercials and then they copy standard FM stations... so just what are we paying for? The CSD is horrible, rude, illeterate, un professional, disrespectfull and should all be on the un employment line along with the CEO and upper management. To anyone thinking of using this service, DONT DO IT... save your money, dont waste your valuable time. What really shocks me through this is that there has not yet been a class action suit brought against them for false advertising and fraud. Do you remember when the hype was "comercial free radio all the time" I can only hope that at some point all involved with XM get treated as they treated the consumer. They all suck... can I say that here? lol Customer Service, yeah right, the customer is never right with them. Stay away, far away.

The ONLY reason I give this company a "one-star" rating is because their system isn't set up with a "zero-star" rating. After reading comments from some of their other victims, I count myself lucky. My car came with a "free" trial. I contacted their Customer Abuse department and requested additional information on packages and channels included in them, because their web site is as clear as mud. I promptly received an email response directing me to the same web pages I had complained about. When I pointed that out to them, I promptly received another email advising ME to call them. It would have been so simple for them to actually include the information I had requested in an email response. But NO, that was not to be. So not only do they treat their customers like garbage, they go so far as to abuse their POTENTIAL customers. No way am I going to to business with this bunch of incompetents.

Heehee, these reviews are so telling. I got an abusive telemarketing call from who knows where and the sales guy started his sales pitch yelling and insulting me. I thought what the hell and came here to see what that was ALL ABOUT. Don't know how this outfit can stay in business.

After numerous one hour long calls, no suprevisors available, charging my card then telling me service is activated when it is not, then "Oh, we forgot, there is another $15 fee". I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the licensing agency- is it the FCC? This group is a bunch of crooks and there has got to be something illegal about the scam they are running.

XM/Sirus radio billing is a huge scam. If you cancel your service they will tell you that you never did,bill you for 2 months of additional service, give you no recourse and then send you directly to a collection agency without once trying to get in touch with you. Can you imagine the money that they make by charging you for a couple of months after your service has been cancelled. If they were a stand up company they would not send you to collections without ever trying to contact you. This is a shoddy company with no customer service and I would be very careful before adding their service. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

My husband prepaid for a one year subscrition and then HE DIED on November 2. I had no idea that this company would continue his service (after I sold his truck) without authorization. How is this legal ????? I would never ever do business with this company again. It would almost be worth it to sue these crooks.

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