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Dirty store

Very dirty store ,,poor service,broken carts,,no staff,,long line ups,ect ect

support America

support of gun rights . America if wal mart wants to help American people why take guns out of your stores? America is only as strong as it's people if i wer wal mart i would sell hand guns ,shot guns, assault weapons,reloading supplies and all weapons in all stores IF THIS COMPANY SUPPORTS AMERICA AND IT'S PEOPLE LIKE THEY SAY WHY ARE THEY BANNING ASSAULT WEAPONS?

Employee Recommendations

My wife and I purchased two Cell Phones with Family Mobile and we would like two employees at the Walmart Store No.1225 in Orange Park, Florida get some recognition for their expertise in setting up our Cell Phones. They are both outstanding employees in all ways. They are the type employees that you are looking for in all respects. We were very impressed and Walmart should show some recognition to them in their personnel files. There names are: Allyson Brennen and Mark Sisnecos. They work in the Connection Center, Walmart Store 1225 as previously noted.

Straight Talk

Thank you for the help you gave me to talk to a person at Straight Talk. I feel you went beyond to help a Wal-Mart Customer.

Present an ideal

I've been trying to get in contact with corporate to sell an ideal that would be beneficial to Walmart and customer's. Also help with safty issues.


Service clerk produce working little pay fire them all

never use Walmart.com never never never never ever use it

customer service

Don't try to get help,because they don't want to help. I try to order scripts online, and get booted out so i have to put in my dob every time. Walgreens is looking better all the time.

Customer Service

i phoned the Paramount, Ca store and it too 3.4 minutes to answer and then was transferred 2x before being helped. Terrible customer service


your store in riverton wyo is not clean the whole store is bad compared to your other stores


They neglected to call me for more than a week to let me know that my glasses were ready for pick-up.

Wal-Mart CEO's opposition to Religious Freedom

I was disappointed to hear Wal-mart's CEO come out against religious freedom yesterday. Has America's most American company now traded Liberty for political correctness? May need to buy stock in Dollar General from now on.

Customer Service

Talk to a Corporate customer service person today concerning hiring felons. She was very understanding and supportive of how I have turned my life around, I just wish Corporate hiring was as supportive.

Cashier and Customer Service

Aloha the store in Kailua kona need more cashier and faster Service. But they are all good and nice people there. Last but not less maybe the store manager could smile more. Thank you for your time

Stock Complaint

The Cromwell, CT store is never fully stocked. You always see empty shelves. Whenever I go into the store you never have what I need. Also you never have enough cash registers open during the busiest times of the day. This store doesn't even rate one star.


I really have questions bout the Walmart in ruverton wyoming ?? Do u guy even like people of color working in this district or do just pick favorites and y do people of color get followed around I seen concasion folks steal and walk out what does this say about how you run this business ??

Travlers Rest, SC

Store is never fully stocked; store manager is completely unavailable for customer concerns. Store is dirty; can not find items that are advertised. Employees are always "wearing a grumpy" face. Can't find an employee to assist when you need help. Standard answer is "I don't know". Great! Management in is store needs HELP!


I went to Circleville store to get 4 new tires they had my car for 3 hrs. then called me and said they could not do it because there was some rust on it. so I took it to Chillicothe oh. the next day and they put them on so what does that tell you about Circleville oh. store.

your company is a frad

Bought a computer from you and it's broken in 45days and you tell me I am screwed


The Walmart store in MEBANE N.C. cannot stock the store. Can't find anyone to assist. Move items and do not change signs, Prices are OFTEN incorrect(overcharged). But the store has plenty of cheap valentines candy for sale even though it's in the dairy section. Just close it down, tear it down and make a park.

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