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Louse delivery

the santa fe store delivery department does not know how to operate a telephone and even a "manager" does not understand the concept of how to treat a customer.

lowes palm desert

Palm Desert store and Lowes in general are the worst! Have tried to get non conflicting answers for three weeks.

Worst customer service in the world

Bought a brand new fridge from Lowes, 3 months later it went dead. Took them a month to fix it. 2 days later it leaks water all over my kitchen floor. Still waiting for it to be fixed. Waited on average 15 minutes for a manager on the phone at Lowes Customer Advantage. There is no ADVANTAGE in Lowes Customer Service. They need to replace the defective fridge they sold me and stop blaming the manufacturer Fridgidair for this. I bought the fridge from Lowes NOT Fridgidaire. Lowes needs to replace my fridge.


am a handyman and my company buys a lot of materials at lowes we spend 40 to 50000 thousand a. year we been doing this for 10 years my complain is the manager very rude we pick up materials for a job and I told the manage to hold the materials on the side because we needed to call the home owner for the ok. he was mad and put everything back people at Poinciana store don't have knowledge you have a punch of idiot working you AM GIVING MY BUSSINESS TO HOME DEPOT

lowes truck

We need the truck that people can rent when the but stuff at lowest an there are not a lot of people that have trucks so please give bCk to the pittsburgh lowes at village drive terentum pa


You need to call the manager at lowes he need to get two sizes frog tape in and put it on cell


They need to lower the pieces also because Idaho is not rich. That is Twin Falls . Idaho

Poor traffic mitigation at Lynnwood , Wa store

All permitting was legal but someone forgot to take into account the difficulty access the store and parking near the garden center due to sale of land and construction of the adjacent chicken restaurant.

lowes treat employees unfair

Lowes treats there employees unfair.


I wanted my dryer last monday it is following week Wednesday still don't have it was told it would be delivered today called guy that told me is on vacation. They have absolutely the worse managers at mt sterling ky lowes delivery is on vacation

minus 10 no one answsers the dept phones, they also disconnect many times. and i waited 30 mins for somone? to get bk from lunch, to order a door and window. lowes lost a l000 sale, due to imcompetence, horrible service...they shud be sued

Rude Service

Extremely rude rep in credit department. She claimed to be a supervisor. Obviously Lowes does not care about their customers!!

FR 22.6 CU FT

I bought a frig. from you a week ago and have got it yet. I Really don't like the service I got. They lost My paper work on this. I will not shop there again I will go Homedepo By S Brasher Attleboro Mass. shop at Lowe,s in North Attleboro MA. 02760


I bought a $500.00 cooking stove . The women at Bridgeport W.Va told me they will deliver it about 12:00pm to !:00 pm call at !:00 and got told off . Its 8:00 pm still no cooking stove . Please people go to home

Potential customer

Wow, I was about to write about a horrible experience but I see its pretty much covered. Who's driving this ship?? Back to Home Depot. Whoaaa!

Customer Svc/Phone system

Customer Service auto prompt phone system is the worst I have encountered. I'm calling to speak to a live person, not 2 minutes of phone prompts...


Lowes SUCKS. You are not interested in satisfying the customer as long as you have enough people going through. Well, one less will be going through your doors!

30,000 and no kitchen

Sept. 3, 2014, my husband and I purchased cabinets, countertops, lights, faucet, etc. It is now Nov. 25th and I still don'T have a kitchen. cabinets had to be reordered because of poor quality. Second delivery date assigned and guess what? No show by Lowe's delivery agents. No explanation as to what happened. Now I have to wait another two days for delivery that will arrive between 7-9 P.M. The next possible date for the installers will be until December 1st. We won't be using Lowe's again.

Unhappy Customer

I recently purchased a front door from Lowe's here in Harrisburg, Pa. It will be delivered to the store on November 18, 2014 and installed sometime after that date. On November 19, 2014 I received a bill from Lowe's for my first installment payment due Nov. 5, 2014. They expect me to make a payment on a product which has not be delivered or installed. I was told this due date cannot be changed. I'm not accustomed to having to pay for something I haven't received yet. This will be my last large order from Lowe's.

Contractors Snubbed

I am a contractor who does a lot of kitchen remodeling. In the past year and a half I have remodeled several kitchens and have purchased all of the cabinet from Lowe's. I get no discount except for whatever is provided by the manufacturer. I pay the same price as anyone walking off the street no matter how many cabinets I've purchased or how much money I've spent. I will no longer be purchasing cabinets from Lowe's.

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