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Scam Artists

Trying to deal with your company, is like robbing the customer. I signed up for your DirecTV service and your representative did not offer what was in your brochure.


I have spoken to countless customer service personal whom have promised the same thing.... REFUND MY MONEY... but 2 months later I am still waiting.... WORST EVER next call to BBB and social media sites.

They have reall bad customer service.... And I couldn't talk to anyone who spoke English....


A customer service representative promised one thing and then another customer service representative said that our agreement was null and void. Terrible customer service. If you want people to stay with DirectTV then keep your promises.

Bad company

Bad company they ar3 a rip off

bad services

Bad bad bad services ever bad will never recommend this company to anyone this company is so horrible at there just they dont know what is customer services is they just dont give a dam about what is going on with your account so please dont get direct tv for cable

Horrible Customer Service

Extensive waiting on hold and multiple transfers only to be hung up on. This is not the type of company I would ever do business with again.


This company should all go to custer service...been with them for 8 years and the last two have been terrible..raising prices changing prices without you knowing until you get your bill. Go with Dish not direct tv

I think the service sucks in my area .talk to a supervisor an he acted like he could give a dam that my service was out .he said get to you when we get to you .have been having the same 775 problem ever cents they put the upgrade in .they want get a refer from me


Awful company I would never recommend to any one stay away from this company.


we paiod the bill and tv still shut off

Come ons

Ads proclaim one price, reality is something higher. Difficult to work with the over pushy customer relations people. Take very good notes, get names of staff and time of call. they must have learned the sales pitch from as seen on tv people. Shame on them

Nothing done!

Gave a a "regular" box but failed to tell me it did not have HDMI port so now I'm stuck with a new tv only using 480i!! No customer service at all. They want me to pay 350 for the upgraded boxed!!

Installation Schedule

Called to find out about my installation schedule and no one at Directv can call their Dispatch center to find out anything. They say they do not have phone numbers only electronic internal communication. Keep being told installation schedule is locked out to them. If they cannot see the schedule then who can?


I have found out that you only give "refurbished" equipment to customers, even new customer; also not the latest equipment. This is done without customer knowledge. After my experience I would never recommend Directv to anyone!

Bad service

Direct tv use to be a good company. With a decent customer service now i can tell is one of the worst there is. They use to take care of problems righ away now they have you wait over 15 mnts just to see if you can talk with a surpervisor. Not to menstion they not take accountability for their action and words. Very disapointed.

bull shit company

this company is a total repoff stole my money off my account and the bill wasnt even mines hope this compant burn and hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bad ratings

Directv needs to go another direction. The customer service is the pits. They need to learn their jobs because all they do is transfer from one place to another. People do not need to transfer from one area to another. It is unfair. They need people that speak english and understand them better. You can't have a person on phone for three to four hours. It is not the way to keep a business going. The reviews are really bad with Directv. They need to make the business better. If they keep doing what they are doing they will lose customers. This is not good.

right now directv sucks

service and billing

The worst service I have ever seen. Been since July trying to get my bill correct never ever again will I be a customer. Be ware of the bundle package with Century Link . Average time on phone trying to get bill correct is 2 plus hours everytime and you still get no results.

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