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I cancelled the service after not using it for well over a year, but they still keep sending a bill to me. This is a bad company that needs to be investigated by the FTC for fraud.

They deserve to go out of business. I have been trying to renew with credit card. Tried 3 times. No record of my payment. I say credit card and they ask for check number. I am going with Pandora.

We are production and distribution company of relaxation music. I would like to have the name of your music buyer and the phone number. You can reach me at kay@hawaii-h.com 808-924-5493 Hawaii Standard time that is 5 hours behind EST.

I have had xm since 2003. Many cars, multiple radios. I always paid in advance, annually. I called and cancelled my service BEFORE it expired. I'm getting a notice to pay them $105. When I call XM they send me to a collection company called EOS CCA. EOS says the only way to avoid a report to the credit bureau is to pay them!!! That's corporate blackmail... I can't get any XM representative or manager on phone. I'm too torqued to think straight... No Stars - Avoid any transactions with XM. XM customer service is the best advertisement for local radio!

This company has the worst customer service I've ever encountered. I thought comcast was the worst, these idiots take the cake. It took 5 times to set up my service because of thses idiots in customer service.

I have tried calling customer service to ask why my account had been de-activated despite having an automatic payment set - up. Eventhough the automated menu voice said the wait was 4 minutes, I've spent 20 minutes waiting. Once connected, the female on the other end spoke with a very heavy accent and was not helpfull at all. After requesting to speak with a US based customer service agent, I was put on hold for another 45 minutes, just to be connected so someone sounding like "APU" from "The Sympsons". No help from him either. The company may invest millions of $ into advertising, but with continuing outsorcing of customer service agents it is all spent for nothing.

I am still on hold for 30 minutes with their customer service. The supervisor Sarah needs help. They have charged me for 12 months of a car that has been destroyed in a car accident. It is over 30 minutes and I still cannot talk with anyone about cancelling this car. Plus, they won't provide any credit for this according to the supervisor. And now they just disconnected to me after 45 minutes. This lack of service is unbelievable!!!!!

They keep adding other people's radios to my account and billing me of them. I had to close my debit card down and get a new number. They still have not refunded me the money they owe and will not answer my emails for customer support. Then they called me caliming I did not cancel my service even though I recorded the conversation and played it back to them. They had the nerve to claim that they will turn me into collections. Finally I fought enough that they turned off the radio and said I don't owe them anything...how nice. They still owe me for taking money over a year ago!!!

This company is violating the "do not call " list, and when you tell their telemarketer that you do not even want their free trial, they install it anyway. Their Iowa supervisor tells me that cannot cancel your "free 30 day trial" EVEN THOUGH YOU TOLD THEM YOU DIDN'T WANT IT WHEN THEY FIRST CALLED YOU! Write the Consumer Protection Bureau of you state,the FCC,and the "Do Not Call" list.

Told me my Credit Card wouldn't work for Auto Renewal: I said didn't want AUTO renewal, would send check DO NOT REFILE TO CARD. They DID file to card, AND posted my check. This is October...STILL NO REFUND. Suddenly they say, "We sent you Check"... NO THEY DID NOT, and I wouldnt have written 4 letters, called 9 times or emailed 4 times IF THEY HAD ! Asked for USA located Customer SVC. was told there are none. Every rep tells different story. Always 3-4 weeks, and here it is 4 months later and still no resolution to the refund due me. If I owed them, they'd turn off my service. Going to contact local TV folks who look into things like this and report on air so others know.

Worst company ever!!! Never knew there was an automatic renewal after using the service for years. I have no problem paying the 30 dollars in service prior to service being shut off....but was on the phone for 40 minutes only to have them tell me if I do not pay right then over the phone, I have to call back to cancel!!! I cannot cancel on line or in writing on my bill when I mail in the payment....I have to call back again and endure the horrible customer service!!! NO ONE WAS WILLING TO help and claimed it was a company policy! POOR COMPANY POLICY!!!! Now I will never be a customer again and will tell EVERYONE that I know to not use them.

5/6/2011 A letter came saying my 1yr service is expiring, and when they tried to charge my credit card it was denied. I called, told them DO NOT FILE TO THAT CREDIT CARD AUTOMATICALLY..I WILL SEND YOU CHECK FOR THE NEXT YEAR. I got bill from credit card, and sure enough they charged to it..AND processed the check I sent, giving me a credit balance. 4 letters to CORPORATE, 9 calls to people who can neither understand nor speak English, 6 emails later, and on October 10,2011 I'm still trying to get the refund back.They won't even respond to the reminder that to have used my credit card without my consent, and AGAINST my instruction not to is Credit Card Fraud (Federal Offense) as motivation to send the refund. Every person I talk with said 2-3 weeks, then 4-6 weeks and finally ...."yes we owe you that and I will let them know you have waited a long time to get it.... we will take care in this next week." THAT was August 4th. My next step is to contact a local TV station that looks in to stuff like this and then gives the report on what they find on their evening news, as a community alert. EVERY TOWN HAS ACCESS TO THIS KIND OF SERVICE... My next step will be having an attorney look into the credit card fraud. I would cancel my service before it expires next May, but I'd probably be in the cemetery before they got around to refunding the unused portion. SeriusXM has the most poorly trained people in the business world. I can't imagine how many jobs are farmed out to other countries that USA folks could be handling right here. They have little to be concerned about where customers problems are concerned...the number of cars turned out with the system up and running for a free peiod is endless, so if they lose 40, 140 will replace them . No wonder Mel has moved from so many jobs to another, he isn't capable of running his desk. I didn't check any stars, THEY DON'T DESERVE ANY.

Leased a Honda in 2009 and it came with free XM for life of lease. I mean to say that the subscription is still active 2 years later. I thought it was a 3 month trial. Who knew? I've never had to deal with the call centers. I pray that I never have to and that they get their act together and fix things.

I have been lied to and run around for the last time. I have spent over a thousand dollars so far trying to get my XM service activated which has been paid for before I was told that XM had known issues with mercedes . After that info was told to me by an XM supervisor I was lied to by a Service Rep. repeatedly named John that said his last name was John as well as his first name. He actually tried to blame the problem on my equipment that has been tested by mercedes and found Sat. This is only one instance out of several to date. It is bad enough to have to try and understand poorly spoken broken english but to be repeatedly lied to and assured that the problem will be fixed in no longer than 2 days is a complete insult to my intelligence. I expect a direct answer from someone asap or I will escalate this matter to someone who can explain this situation in a manner that any person in the corporate world can relate to.

Sirius is holding on to over $4000 of a bank overpayment of my bill. I was promised a refund. Refund was denied. They want to wait 6 - weeks for a check to be issued. I am fed up with the most insenstive customer service I have ever faced. I will do what ever possible to make sure this is corrected. You have lost a customer! I sure you do not care as that is how I have been treated so far. GET REAL SIRIUS - you are the worst!

I had satellite radio since 2007. Last year I moved to another city from my hometown. The reception on the AM/FM Radio was poor due to radio transmitter interference. So I decided to upgrade my satellite radio to a 2 year subscription instead of trying to improve the local reception and have to worry about paying monthly for a while. Talk about a waste of money!!! Last December, my xmp3i broke down, and had to go warranty 3 TIMES!! to get a new radio all of which were defected. Finally decided to buy thier onyx radio. Was without XM for a while until I purchased the onyx. The radio was good until the boombox decided to break on me. (I got a message saying check antenna connection) switched antennas out still no change. So I decided that was it and canceled my subscription. Costumer Service is a joke. Always speaking to a illiterate foreigner who both can't speak English or who dont know what the heck they are talking about. (I called about technical difficulties with "The Blend" because it was making noises similar to satellite tv.) The only thing the representative said was "the station is on" no kidding.... I know that, I was calling informing them of a defect that the station might have. I miss XM, I will admit that, but cant keep using thier service if it keeps breaking down. I dont have much choices since the reception on my side of town is poor but I rather listen to "Jack-FM" then mess with these people. Jack may not always "play what I want" and the signal is not the best. But at least "Jack" never breaks down and you can actually understand him

Too many calls, dissapointments and anguish to put in full words. This company and it's Phillipine call center is a poor excuse for a company. The corporate office in NYC's reception line, and customer care lines transfer you automativally to a voicemail that ALWAYS FULL. Have had extra charges put on my credit card for what shoud have been a "PROMO MEMBERSHIP" Called 32 times since July to get this taken care of. Now to add insult to injury I was charged late fees & I was sent to a collection agency. Consumers are PAYING to listen to a service that this company charges whatever they want for. SAD to see consumers being ignored I will tell ANYONE who listens how much "Listener Care" DOESNT LISTEN OR CARE Toady I was hung up on 4 times and am still at square one!!!!!

If they had negative starts rating I would give XM the bottom of the pile. When you call customer service you get some nimnut in a 3rd world country that speaks only enough english to be able to read off a computer screen. I have been a customer of theirs for quite some time, but only because they have zero competition. If there was another supplier out there I would be an EX XM Customer. I think we should all complain to ourk Congressment and to the FCC and flood them with calls and paperwork. Maybe then they would look into the license that XM has and maybe put enough pressure on them to get XM to service what they sell and be more open and honest. But then, Congress is not very open and honest, so what could we hope for.

I’ve been trying for months to activate my XM radio, after the XM Radio and Navigation trial period ended. When I called to activate my system I was told I didn’t have navigation with my radio. I told them that I had it for the last 90 days. He told me I didnt have it and that I should complain. XM your employees are idiots!I still can't get anyone to call me back. Your company must be making way toooo much money to care about your customers.

The worst costumer service in the world. The have hired a call center in the Phillipines who cannot handle complaints or real costumer issues. Their answers are limited to: "we do not have access to that", "we cannot disclose that", "we are unable to help you", "we will send a fax to the 'research' team and they will contact you"....this is where we were when I received a letter that my account was sent to COLLECTIONS!!!! even though they have my credit card information. WHAT A JOKE!!!

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