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On 4/10/10, a XM rep enthusiastically recommended to me a Lifetime Subscription as perfect for those of us who trade cars regularly because it could be transferred to a new vehicle up to 3 times with a $75 fee for each transfer. I agreed and was charged $461.19. On 2/15/13 when I called to make my first transfer, I was told that lifetime subscriptions absolutely cannot be transferred. Of course I protested that decision, and I was told that my account was being escalated and I would be contacted in 7-10 days with a resolution. As of today (3/1/13) I have not been contacted so I signed onto online chat (so I could save a written record of the conversation). I was told by Abraham that my subscription was cancelled on 2/8/13 and they had issued a credit to my account of $87.99 which would not be refunded because I had cancelled. I asked who cancelled my account (since I didn't contact them until 2/13/13) and he said they don't have that information. I insisted that they send me the $87.99 credit and got nowhere. Bottom line is that I paid nearly $150 more than I would have if I had maintained my monthly subscription. Beware: Sirius XM will lie, cheat, and steal -- and their customer service will insist that you are wrong. Notice that they don't put much in writing, and they charge and change your account without your authorization or your knowledge. I cannot believe that they continue to get away with their fraudulent activities. Please warn everyone to stay away from this company.

Sirius XM Poor Customer Service

As I write this review I have been on hold for 54 minutes in order to have a refund to my account for a stolen sirius radio. And now they just disconnected the call!! Watch your accounts closely as they have no shame in charging you for service that you don't receive and then not releasing your money. Great programming but lousy and sleazy fiscal policies.

Charged my card for something I didnt subscribe to

I noticed on my Credit Card Statement a Charge from SiriusXM. I called them and after 5 hours of being on the phone transferred 7 times I was told they can only give me 6$ back. When they have been charging my card for something I didnt order for 7 months now. Is this how people do business?

Billed my credit card for someone else services and really bad customer service management

Wait on he phone for 20 minutes and get hung up on

1. I think the people who work here are very confused as to what they are doing. 2. This has happened to be 3 times already, you wait on the phone for 10 minutes until its your turn, and then automatically get hung on. 3. You ask to cancel your free trial (because you sold the car) and they keep sending correspondence asking if you want to renew. 4. Overall, very bad service.


I had an account with them in 2009. I asked for only 1 month of service. I got 1 month of service. Then in 2012 they started charging me every 3 months from a debit card hat had expired. When I tried to get a refund they told me it was an automatic update and i should have cancelled. The vehicle associated to the account had been totalled 2 years ago!! I am still trying everything to get my money back and I will not give up. I will be contacting BBB and a lawyer! I have all documents needed to support my case!!

Free Trial???

What poor customer service!! Bought a used vehicle 3 months ago with an siriusxm equipped radio. Two weeks ago I get a letter signed by Joe Zarella, their Chief Service Officer saying I was getting a free 3 month trial and that the radio would be activated between 12/26/12 & 1/2/13. If it didn't come on, call their Listener Care Dept. Well it didn't so I called and being on the phone for over 20 minutes with them I'm told there are no free trials and called the letter a "mis-print"! It also appears their Listener Care Dept. is a contract company who service several companies. They could not even find SiriusXMs, mailing address. Unbelievably poor service and was completely unable to get a human on the phone at several numbers who wasn't from Listener Care. They can forget ever thinking of getting me to subscribe.

Sirius user

In year 2012 I had an intro price of about 100.00 dollars, this year 2013 it is 186.00 dollars. I think that is to high for my usage. I called the 1-888-963-4324 number numerous time to cancell my subscription. i connected to an operator immediately, bu was told her/she could not cancell the account. I was then transferred to another operator that never came on the line. After holdin 15 plus minutues 3 time I told the last operator to cancell me and hung up. If this is the way you do business then I am glad I am cancelling my service. Please feel free ti call if you want to disscuss you poor customer service

Outsourcing has destroyed this company

4 hours! I mean it...4 hours! It took me that long to buy a radio this week. And then, they got the order wrong. With the influx of Internet radio and Pandora, this country needed great customer service to survive. I am afraid that as soon as Howard Stern leaves, this company will follow Circuit City and Borders into bankruptcy.

need for competition -- NO CUSTOMER SERVICE

Sirius has little our NO customer service or respect. They work totally towards the premise that if they make you wait our give you the run around you will tire and hang up or disconnect. There is major need for an overhaul of their customer service. They are ripe for competition with better customer service. They remind me of the old phone company response prior to competition --- "we are the phone company what do we care about your problem.

I have never had some many problems with billing in my life. I have one radio but each month I'm billed twice. When I call in to get the matter resolved, I'm moved around to different people but no one resolves the issue. All that I'm asking is that I'm only billed once for the the one product that I have and that the over payment be applied to each upcoming bill or reminbused to me. At this time I would not recommand this to anyone. Poor service, they do try however no one seems to have the athority to fix anything. I have been on the line for over any hour each time that I call. Is there anyone there that can fix a simple problem with over payment? I think I have been very understanding seeing that I've been dealing with this problem since April 2012.


I was on the phone for a little over an hour. The conversation was unspeakable and was no help. I asked to speak with a supervisor who must have been in a cube right next to the CSR I was speaking with. He was even more rude and told me that their mistake billing me for a year after the service was canceled was "My Fault" REALLY? He then told me he was going to terminate the call..... But yet I am still out of my hard earned money! I called the corporate office explained the entire conversation and situation that I had with the previous CSR and their supervisor to her. ..................Let me state first off I have been a customer for over 10 years and was really bent about how I was treated and was about to call my CC company to dispute the charges as a theft. The kind woman at corporate LEE really was understanding corrected the issue and apologized for the CSR as well as her supervisor. I cant thank her enough for fixing an horrible experience. I really hope they fire the first two I spoke with and put into effect new training for their CSRs and supervisors on how to speak with, too and address others (us as customers) Thanks to Lee. I will remain a XM customer

Lied to me about what I would have on my plan and now wants more money to add on a feature that they said I would have when I renewed. Bad business practice. Shame on you.

Their telephone support is AWFUL. They don't listen, just read from a script. I start a conversation about my PORTABLE radio and the guy comes back with the questyoin, is tis the radio in yior Toyota you are calling about?" As to products, I by a PORTABLE radio and it soesn't come with a carrying cae nor does XM sell same. This company is going nowhere.

This company is a complete Joke. I WILL NEVER do business with them EVER again. I am one of THOUSANDS of people who had their bank accounts automatically renewed, without permission. Trust me when I say that I am VERY meticulous about what I pay for using my account. I NEVER authorize ANY company to auto renew. That aside, I was charged $89.00 without my consent, which happened to screw up my bank account and cause overdraft fees. When I called to cancel, I spoke with someone who was reading from a script and doing it poorly. I asked for a refund, which they said they would do and I asked for documentation that authorized them to auto bill me. The reps that I spoke with had very poor English(Heavily Accented and hard to understand)and when I asked where they were located, they said in the Philippines. Go figure. At any rate, I was promised a speedy refund and documentation e-mailed to me that provided the necessary proof that I authorized the automatic renewal. Guess what I never got..? Thats right, the documentation proving the authorization and I am STILL waiting on the refund. In fact, when I called back, I got the same "script" treatment... I actually had to tell the rep to stop talking and just listen...and had to retell my story all over again. Time will tell if I get my refund, But I did have to call my bank and file an unauthorized withdraw complaint. To boot, I went the extra effort and filed several complaints with the proper state and federal agencies, since this is an actual crime and a Federal crime at that. Oh yea, I also filed a lengthy complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)... Guess what, they get them ALL THE TIME from this company. But, I digress. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Sirius/XM radio. If you absolutely feel the need to pay for Satellite(Now with heavy commercials) radio then do it by money order. This company doesn't even deserve 1 star. Poor customer service and Shoddy criminal tactics to keep business and very poor programming that is now littered with commercials. I can get that for free on fm and am. I hope this serves as some warning to some of you. Thanks for the ear.

Joanie Mitchell never lie You don't know what you got till it's gone . I'm fiendin' for Afromental Mixtapes! Question, is there awnyay I can buy the whole catalog?Holla

Customer Inquiry (Mike Gibson) 08/27/2012 09:32 PM I want you to cancel my subscription - immediately. I don't want to have to burn another 40 minutes on hold to make this happen. This company needs taken to small claims court. If they have any record of payment information, they will use it without your authorization to automatically renew a plan "at the regular full price". They will not warn you about the transaction. Sirius bombards me with email, but they can't email me that they are about to hit me for $175 without my authorization ? I spent bank fees and overage minutes on hold to cancel the one subscription. I had a second radio and when asked to cancel that I was put on hold until I couldn't take it anymore. The web site has no way of cancelling my subscription that I could find. Live chat says it can't handle a cancellation. DO NOT GET SIRIUSXM !

XM tried to automatically renew my subscription at almost triple the rate I was paying. I wasn't even getting a signal. After a letter, several phone calls, online emails, etc. they STILL have not resolved the issue. They make it very difficult to cancel your service and make it easy for them to not only automatically renew it, but at a much higher rate. Thank God I didn't give them a credit card number. I hope the poor customer service and scams catch up with them. Just because they are the only satellite radio company doesn't mean they should have such pitiful customer service. When they no longer have jobs, they might wake up. Based on all of their outsourcing, it's probable a foreign company will come in and take over. WAKE UP XM -- try some "listener care".

I purchased a new 2011 Toyota Avalon in July. It came equipped with an XM radio, which I did not think anything of since Sirius and XM had merged several years prior. Since I have a lifetime subscription to Sirius radio, I was really looking forward to listening to Sirius in my new car. When I called to have my lifetime subscription transferred to the new radio, I was rudely told that I would have to purchase a Sirius radio. When I asked why, I was told that I could not get Sirius on my XM radio. No explanation, just that I couldn't get it. Because the agent I was talking with was Asian and quite rude, I completed the call and hung up. I waited a couple of days and called Sirius Customer Service again. At this time, I was told that I couldn't “pick up” XM on a Sirius radio - and then I realized that there were two satellites with different frequencies. I then asked if my Sirius account could be transferred over to the XM side of the house and was told, "No, we can't do that." No explanation as to why. In my many phone calls to both Sirius and XM regarding this issue, I spoke with several customer agents. I, finally, talked to a customer agent named Glenn (in Asia) who told me he could sell me a plug and play radio for $19.99 that would pick up both Sirius and XM. He stated that he would include everything for the $19.99 price. I was dubious of this, and due to his accent (I had a difficult time understanding him and, therefore, had to ask my questions several times) I asked him repeatedly, if I would need to put a second antenna on my car, and he stated, "No" each time. I agreed to purchase the radio and I told Glenn that I had a lifetime subscription to Sirius, so I did not need anything but the radio. He stated that it was not a problem. However, the total charge came to $57.76 (or thereabouts). I asked why so much, and he said something about shipping. He never said, that I could understand, that I was being signed up for a quarterly subscription to Sirius radio. I had, after all, told him that I had a paid lifetime subscription. Moreover, your radios all come with a 3-month trial membership (something that the dealership had told me). When I received the radio and unpacked it, I began to read the instructions and, needless to say, I needed to install an antenna. I called Customer Service and told them I wanted to return the radio, and when I was asked why, I explained it to them. I was put through to a sales agent, who also asked me why I wanted to return a radio. When I told him that I had XM, and that I did not want a second antenna on my brand new car, he offered to have it professionally installed. I asked him if he was talking about the radio, and he said, "Yes." When I asked him if I was still going to need a second antenna, he stated, "Yes." Well, I don't know what part of "I don't want a second antenna on my car" he didn't understand, but I pointed that out to him again, and he gave me an RMA number to return the radio. It was sent back the following day. Now the nightmare begins. When I purchased this radio, I used my Capital One credit card. I was charged $21.76 for the radio. I did not know I was also being charged for a 3-month quarterly account. Then, three months later - in November, I was charged $34.88 for a quarterly subscription again. I did not, knowingly, sign up for and had no knowledge of a quarterly account. I did not receive any type of communication from Sirius Radio that I had a quarterly account. No email, nothing. I was not told at the time I had purchased the radio that I was going to be charged for a quarterly account, nor was I told that I would have to cancel this account when I returned the radio. I never received a receipt of any kind. Please remember that this was done over the phone, so I had none of the information that is posted on your website (which I also had no knowledge of because I never purchased a radio from your website). I purchased my Sirius Plug and Play radio from Sam’s Club. So, when I received an email alert from Equifax stating that there had been activity on an inactive account, I went and looked at the account they were indicating, which happened to be my Capital One credit account, and found that I had been charged for the radio, a quarterly account and then a renewal on that quarterly account. (I was charged a little over $57 dollars to start with, and then I was charged 34.88 for the next three months on the quarterly account. I disputed these charges with CapitalOne and they gave me provisional credits while they investigated. I finally received a refund from Capital One, but then, to make the nightmare worse, I started receiving letters from Capital One stating that Sirius had credited my account for the price of the radio ($21.76) and the $34.88 that I was charged in November. CapitalOne has charged these amounts back to my credit card. The price of the radio, I have no argument with. If CapitalOne credited me, and then Sirius did, then I shouldn't receive both amounts. However, CapitalOne sent out another letter that stated that Sirius had credited me $13.97 of the $34.88, and they considered my dispute case closed. Therefore, I am out money unless I want to write to CapitalOne and tell them why I feel I'm entitled to the full amount. Seems no one understands "Unauthorized charges." I was at Sirius.com this past weekend, and they have removed my billing history from when I purchased my lifetime subscription, but I did find that they also charged me $75.00 for cancelling a quarterly account which I never signed up for (your radios do come with 3 free months, do they not?), and I never received a refund for the cost of the radio. I have only received a total of $13.87 from Sirius. I truly believe that Sirius owes me for all charges incurred for this transaction ($152.55, this amount has the 13.87 deducted), as I was mislead in the first place by an overseas agent, who told me I could receive both Sirius and XM on a plug and play radio. I realize that this letter is lengthy, and I apologize for that. However, I wanted you to be aware of the miserable time I have had with Sirius radio, and that I will be recommending to my friends and colleagues to avoid SiriusXM, if at all possible. I used to hold Sirius in high regard, but no longer.

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