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Rep told me he doesn't make mistakes. That whatever a rep notes in your file is always true. They don't make mistakes. Rude, stupid

bad service

reps are untrained and rude

Negligent Company

untrained reps, negligently withholds information, unreasonable conflict resolution,

Switching experience

Switching cost reimbursement processing is unacceptable, a lot of miss information, unknowledgeable reps. Careless customer service

Cell phones

This is the worst service I have ever had can't wait to go with another company not worth 5:00 a month ....


I have been with T-Mobile for almost 3yrs. All my problems have been easy fixes. When I go into the store the manager knows who I am. With 10 phones on my plan I can't complain about my bill.

Horrible customer service

There is no communication from the employees to the customers!! No one should have to speak to three different people and no one know what is going on with there account! I will get rid of T mobile as soon as I can.

bad service

I ordered a new phone for overnight - the t-moble company didn't send the phone till the next day and put it on regular shipping I asked them for corporate number they said all they could do is give me an address (this was from a floor mngr) not a good way to start with a new customer !!

horrible customer service

they ported my number to my daughters phone without permission and said unable to get it back for 24 hrs. they dont care about you go elsewhere


this company has the worst service ever.....I retired from ATT and never would treat customers the way they do. a bunch of lemmings


Two months and still waiting for my phone to get back to me from warranty repair. Sent to my old address half way across the country after changing my address with them; told over a week ago they would just send me a new one and find the old one themselves, still waiting for that one, if I hadn't bought another phone I would be without a phone for this whole time and that's just the beginning. Cant get refunds due, they don't understand English; every time I deal with an issue with this company it's a nightmare.

Complainers' Ignorance

After 11 years of T-Moblie service, without a problem, I am completely satisfied with their service. Dissatisfied customers seem incapable of writing a simple English sentence! Their ignorance of the English language is probably the reason for all their problems!

BAD Customer Service and Rippoff

T Mobile just tells you lies. I catch the service people lying all the time. . They charged me a fee for an app that I never downloaded nor used. When I told them to take it off the bill they said no. I signed up for paperless billings and then they stopped sending me paperless billings and then charged me late fees. I asked them why they stopped sending me the paperless bills and they said I never signed up, but I have emails saved in the T-Mobile Billing files that state this. These people are a mess and running a scam to get more money. They need to be put out of business, and some of them arrested.

Upset costumer

Bad choice in choosing t mobile coming over from sprint I preordered the iphone 6 + .0n the 13 of sept coming over into a family plan I did everything I was supposed to do I sent all the info I was asked for. Signed the policy they sent to via email go and find out on the 25 of sept my order was canceled and had to reorder the iphone 6 + all over again on the 29 of sept now I have to wait later for my phone and now I have to pAy for two services when I switched over from sprint to be put in a bad situation with tmobile dry. Wry disappointed with way it's been handled !

Very upset

I ordered 2 T-Mobile phones 3 weeks ago. I have never received the phones. I called T-Mobile today spoke with some very rude people who hung up on me. I also received a bill which I was told that T-Mobile now charges you before you receive your phones. I have never had this many problems. I am very upset. I run a business of my own and this is not how a business should be run. I will also be getting ahold of BBB. Worst experience ever


Ported over from att 7-30-2014 was told phones had to be unlocked mind you that was never brought up when taking my money so the acct was closed same day it was opened was told that within 30 days the deposit would be refunded almost 2 months later still nothing I call daily 10-15 times and the story changes every time 9-17-2014 tmobile fraudulently charged my account for another 122.77 and I've called more than a hundered times since that charge and again I've been told a 100 different stories so I will be getting a lawyer to take care of this!!!!!

phone service

Bought 4 new phones to put my family on the plan. I had Verizon. We bought Samsung 5s coming off Apple and Verizon which I had no issues with. I received very few texts my first 2 weeks, The reason, they neglected to tell me to get off of imessage. That issue solved still had no service and no Wi-Fi connect. Reason, they put 2 ISIS SIM cards in our phones. When that was switched, it worked better. Got the new iPhone6 Works better but the service us spotty. Can't say I am happy I switched. I guess you get what you pay for

Samsung Galaxy S3 4.4 Update

I believe it's wrong not to offer and update to Kitkat to the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is widely available on all other carriers. This move appears to be clearly motivated for Galaxy S3 users to move to other phones sold by your network. That is clearly wrong. Samsung has not restricted or hampered the update to your business so why the "slow walk." I hope that as a business you do not nickel and dime your consumers. We have a voice and maybe not loud enough right now, eventually it will be deafening.

My great experience

I worked for the "other guys" for 9 years. As a manager, I heard people who wanted to get credit, just to try to get service for free. They either couldn't understand their bill, or understand what they had signed up for. I knew they understood, but were just trying to get something for nothing. When I had a choice, I went with t Mobile. It's a prepaid service that I have never had any billing issues with, nor too many problems with reception to make me quit. My saying is, if you can't afford the phone or the fees, don't get it. No one owes you anything.

Horrible Service

The customer service at Market Place, Waldorf, MD is horrible. You wait over an hour for service when there is already two people being waited on and you are next. They do not greet you when you come in or say we will be with you soon. The two women are slow as snails. This store needs help bad!!!

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