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orders customer service

Worst customer service people I have ever experienced. I was trying to track a web order and 2 separate calls received very rude response.

Unauthorized ins claim

Went to JC Penny Optical in Dublin, at Tuttle Crossing Mall to purchase just a temporary pair of glasses from the promotion/sale and the lens frame with the promotion that they were offering was only 99.99. I didn't not want to use my company ins since the purchase was small I could pay out of pocket and that's what I chose to do and did. I paid the store clerk the costs and thought that was it. Well I went back to my regular Optometrist for my yearly eye exam when finished proceeded to pick out my glasses long story short found out that JC Penny had charge me and my ins. $500. Now who in their "RIGHT Mine" would pay that kind of money at JC Penny for glasses where you can go to a private optometrist and get quality product!!! Well here's the story they refused to recant the charge as I can't get my glasses and I called my Ins. and they was given the incorrect number for JC Penny Corp from the Local store clerk. Do not go to JC Penny unless you chose to pay straight out your pocket. Don't even mention Ins unless you check all your EBO's. Finally went on the web to find JC Penny correct corporate number called them and their answer and fix to this problem was the glasses that I need to see out of was to return them to the store and they would recant the Ins. Claim as well as give me back what I paid. I couldn't believe that!! Just saying.


Worst company ever!!! The only thing I would ever think about looking at in jcp is sephora....

JC Penneys-Poor Company to work for!!!!

Years ago I worked for JC Penneys salons for 9 years. I had a maternity leave for 8 months. When I returned to work in their salon, I was told I would not get any new customers, that all the new employees were entitled to the new customers. I quit, Thanks to my loyalty.

I am so glad to have received a "Home Collections Catalog" for Spring/Summer 2015...always did enjoy getting them by mail in the past...not a flimsy, thin papered, generic catalog!! :)

JC Penny's is SCUM

No service in Pueblo . Store manager is rude. Employees rude. I was lied to over the phone befor arriving then no service and no manager. SCUM


Purchased a 2800.00 sectional sofa plus a warrenty. The sofa sags in two places. The warrenty company would not stand by this. They said they could send out springs to fix it. I would not recommend buying furniture from J. C. Penny. Now I am now stuck with a sofa that sits on the floor. The salesman insisted that we buy the warrenty. What good was that. I am hoping the mattresses I brought holds up.

Texarkana, Texas Jcpennys has became owned by a bunch of selfish employees. They fire every chance they can get and lay off people. It is all about favorites. They don't train you or anything. It is so sad to see a store I love fall apart.

Concerned parent

I am very disappointed in this company. It is very disheartening when your teenager is told that if she refuses to work on Thanksgiving because her parents don't approve of her working on a national holiday that she would be fired. Also for her friend who is only 18 to be called in at the last minute and forced to work a 16 hour shift overnight. I am sure all of this is against the labor laws. I pray that Jc Penney's is exposed for their horrible labor practices!

there looking st you in dressing room

yes i know it is true from over head this is a law suit for them

Bad Service

While shopping in the Jcpenny store located in Fayetteville, GA on 11/10/14. I couldn't get any one working in men section that was willing to ring up my item I was trying to purchase. The three ladies working in the area all refuse to stop folding clothes and ring me up. I ask to speak to the manager and one of the ladies said she didn't know the name of her own store manager. WOW! REALLY!

JCP Corporate HR

I have read a few of the reviews here but would just like to say that my experience when I contacted JCP Corporate HR was more than satisfying. My phone call was returned within 24 hours and we even missed each other's call a couple of times but finally connected. I honestly believe they really do care about their associates and do have their best interests at heart. No HR department can "fix" everyting but they can listen to an honest turn of events and make a fair decision. Sometimes it just comes down to experience and better educating young leadership. On the other hand, not everyone is meant to be a leader.

eye glasses

Very bad customer service even corporate office employees don't want to help you.I ordered my eye glasses and I was told that they will be ready in 2 to 3 weeks.I called after 3 weeks, they had no idea where my glasses were.Next time I would pay little extra and go to lens crafters and get them next day.

slavery much?!

I have seen the management in town center mall in Kennesaw game treat their employees like slaves. After being helped by a sweet young lady, I notice she probably not feeling well. They had her closing the night before not getting out of work till 1am and then having to return. To open! I watched one of the managers talking down to one of the elderly employees and when she stood up for herself he told her to watch it and wall away and worry about herself

do not get your pictures done here

the person who did the pictures forgot the flash half the time, took overall bad pics (head cut off, eyes closed, etc...) and the background actually had stains on it that showed in the pictures. I called thier customer service and never received a response back. BAD company as far as customer service overall. This is not the first time I have had a problem. WILL NEVER RETURN

POOR Customer Service

I have been a customer with JC penny for atleast 50 years I will not be one in the future I am destroying my JC penny card now, and will never go into your store again. I now understand why you are not doing well. You have some of the worst employees I have ever dealt with at your Milwaukee branch Shame on you. You use to be one of the best stores there was to shop at. But you seem to want people like me to stay away,

New customer Disappointed

I am so disappointed in JC Penny and the way they do business. As a brand new customer of less than a yr. Only having used their card twice. Paying off the first purchase when I got the bill. They have since ran another credit check on me without my knowledge. Which in return lowered my score. Then they lowered my line, when I called I was treated horribly, receiving a letter today that they cancelled my card and states that they notified all major credit unions of my card canceling. Who does this Company think they are? I would NEVER have done business with such a comany who treats their new customers in such a way. SHAME ON JC PENNY. very disappointing

bad company

This company likes to accuse people of theft and then when they go to court months later they try talking new charges they need to leave peolpe alone they like to pick on single moms and pregnant women wow lawsuit lawsuit coming your way

Custom Window Treatments

I am so very disappointed with JC Penney Custom Window Treatments Department in Indianapolis Indiana. I have waited all summer for window treatments to be ordered and installed correctly and am now getting the cold shoulder from the lady that comes out to measure, and being told by the store that they don't know when I can expect to hear back from her, but that she will be sent a message, etc. etc. etc. Whats worse is that I have already paid 7000.00 for my custom window treatments and the work is still not done, or done wrong. If you need window treatments in Carmel, Fishers, Geist, Indianapolis, or any of the surrounding areas, I would not advise you to choose JC Penney. Go somewhere else if at all possible.

JC Penney Corporate Office

I would like to know if anyone has JC Penney Corporate Office phone number for workers to call and complain about whats going in there store thank you

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