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Wide width heels

I'm a huge fan of JC Penny's but I've been having trouble finding formal heels in wide width, any length of heel in wide width actually. Why is this?

Customer service

Was not please with my service at all. Waited for assoc to order on line and she didn't know how to do it. Waste a lot of my time. Also fitting rooms were a mess.


I was at a store in toms river and the fitting room were such a mess. Their was clothes all over the place. Went to the jewelry dept. And their was no one insight to help , what's is going on. Coupon are expired one day and they won't except them.


I grew up with JCP and when I became an adult I continued shopping there but lately it is getting hard to shop at jcp because the prices have gotten so high to the point that I just can't afford going there anymore. I've always shopped there for my children when they were growing up now I shop there for all of my grandchildren but because the prices are so high now I have to go to walmart or kmart.

Customer Service

I have shopped at JCP for over 50 years. Over the past few years I have noticed a sharp decline in customer service. When calling JCP stores I have encountered either no answer or excessively long waits to get a representative who can assist me. It doesn't surprise me that JCP has encountered financial problems of late...how many folks want the inconvenience of shopping because there are too few associates; or, one can't conduct business by phone?


Just wanted to let you know I have always liked shopping at J.C. Penny for my clothing. My mother always bought our clothing there when we were growing up as children. The style is what I want and the quality is as good as it was back then. Just wanted to send you a compliment and let you know I will continue to shop there for the things I want to wear.


Called to see what vacuums they sold. Twenty-five minutes later, got through. She transferred me to another dept. Five more minutes later I was disconnected. This was on a Tues. off peak time. Penneys used to be a great place. We did all our shopping there, but now service is non existent. Too bad.

Home Store

I have been a card holder for a long time but the home store has not much that anyone can afford and there is not much of a selection looking for Thanksgiving items and there was a little table with a few pumpkins. Also looked for comforters and they were way too expensive. Macys was not a store I visited often but they are less expensive and more selection and there were no shoppers at the store.

cabin creek pants

Just wanted to tell you that you should really listen to your customers my mom and I wore the cabin creek twill pants all the time I wore them to work almost daily what are you people thinking apparently not trying to satisify your customers wants or needs !!!!!!!!!!!

neg 2

was on hold for 1hr and one came back to answere , started in order services and cont on the hold store try call back phone rang 35 times and no answered . Penny service is bad if did n't have purchase the school uniforms I would not step in this store

Extended Warranty

What ever you do don't purchase the extended warranty. I've been fighting with them to fix or replace my coffee pot. The extended warranty office says I have a 3yr manf. warranty, but when I spoke with the manufacturer they said it was only 1 yr. Now the extended warranty office won't replace my coffee pot or do anything for 14 days while they research it. And that was after I made 4 phone calls and a not in service fax number. Never again. No wonder they can't stay in business.

Tolerate discrimination

Jcp in Fort Wayne Indiana tolerates discrimination against their customers...I have been discriminated 2 times by the same employee name bangie and I have contact their store manager and she didn't do nothing about it.apparently she is too nice that's what I was told and they didn't believe me


just a bad company in every interaction I have with them form portraits to returns, to customer service.... DONT BOTHER WITH THEM. I tried to talk to them about the issue I just had and they never even got back to me. no wonder the company is in trouble

ceo position

J.C must hire a CEO that will realize the only way to survive in the merchandise business is to not forget the word -SALE . Johnson did not even know how to spell the word. Other stores like Macy's ,etc. took advantage when they were having sales in malls and J.C.Penny was still adhering to Johnsons kool aide. People will only respond to sales. It is in Americas psyche.

Really ???

I am so disappointed in JC Penny and the way they do business. As a brand new customer of less than a yr. Only having used their card twice. Paying off the first purchase when I got the bill. They have since ran another credit check on me without my knowledge. Which in return lowered my score. Then they lowered my line, when I called I was treated horribly, receiving a letter today that they cancelled my card and states that they notified all major credit unions of my card canceling. Who does this Company think they are? I would NEVER have done business with such a comany who treats their new customers in such a way. SHAME ON JC PENNY. very disappointing


You need to let them web. Or you will not get my bussess.

online payments

Recently I made a payment (online). The funds were release but never credited to my account. I spent an entire month between their on-line "chat" and snail mail and faxing - NOTHING. This company is nothing more than a group of thieves. I will NEVER shop with them again.

Open for business?

I stopped by your Chesterfield Towne Center store in Midlothian, VA last Saturday evening at 7:30 to check on pricing for 2 custom blinds. The young lady in the department told me there was no one to assist me as "the lady who works in blinds just left, there is no one else who can help you" I was disappointed as custom blinds were on sale for 25% off. When I returned home I went on the internet and checked your online pricing which was similar to the price I found them for at Home Depot... total order $325. Can you really afford to not cross train your employees to cover a department?


When I go to shop for my infant clothes I have to do two different areas.Why? they should be all in same depart all infant clothing all toddler .I don't understand .Is this all stores are just on in Noblesville in? They never have enough help in the dept.or the store.

Low sales

I work at a department store in the same mall as jcpennys. People come up and ask me why jcpennys closed. There not closed they just need to put stuff in there displays facing the outside entrence and maybe they could get more sales... Duhh

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