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Human resources prejudice

What's the policy on discrimination? Needs to be changed. Can we sue?


Never had a problem with returns, pharmacy or products at Target, I'd rather shop there than Walmart.


The most inefficient worst run business and overpriced ever.just check the latest copy consumer report magazine. And you sell out to the highest price CVS. Marxyd


I will never shop at target. The target employees/ mangers all have nasty attitudes. I had a cashier who was making very races statements toward another consumer.


Cartwheel items never in stock

you guys are silly. so hard to please people these days. go shop at walmart

Hate the new policy

Due to your new policy I won't be shopping here.

Transgender policy

Because of your managements decision to pander to a very small minority, I will no longer be shopping at Target. I will also pass this along to the 10,000 members of my church.

New Policies

I and my Family will no longer shop at Target due to your new policies. You are alienating main stream America to pander to a VERY small percentage of the population and it's going to cost you in the end!!!!


I will not shop at Target because of your new change

transgender policy

As a result of your new corporate policy I will no longer shop at any Target store. I disapprove of Management's decision and my only push-back is not to shop Target.

Jonesboro Arkansas target pharmacy

Our target pharmacy in Jonesboro Arkansas is the best pharmacy we have ever had the pleasure to do business with. Prompt, curious, and thoughtful! They're the best at their job!

Address Your Complaints To Us

Target has gotten way off track , Please contact us ..Do you have a story to tell. Tell it on AM/FM Radio . NJ store problems go to the head of the line. www.thunderworldradio.com

they suck

They have raised their prices they are going downhill

parking at target

Don't go to target. If one of their grocery carts does $200 worth of damage to your car, they won't even show you the courtesy of paying for it. They denied my claim. My family will be shopping at Wal-Mart from now on.

Checkout policies

Attempted to verify a Target policy of permitting check-out personnel of Islamic befiefs to refuse service to customers purchasing alchol or/and or pork products. Target refused to answer question with a simple yes or no. Will abvise everyone I know to boycot Target.


Target is the best. It sells so much stuff, for good prices!


this website is a little hard to use and you should update it....

NO customer service

After talking to Target Customer service ( really misnamed) I wrote to Sr V P Todd Marshall and, after 4 weeks, heard nothing. The Corp does not know what Customer Service is

horrible customer service

why call corporate, when they can find the right department- they told me to go to target.com??? OMG! Not shopping with you EVER.

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