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Run a radio add for coffee cards, then don't honor them. Waste of time stopping there.

Coconut Coffee

Its the best coffee that I have tasted. I love the ground coffee that they sell in the stores. Please put them back on the shelves. I have been searching for it everywhere and I no longer see them available.

I will never visit another dd based onnthe way they treat Police officers.

Stop Advertising on NESN

Becuse you are a sponsor on NESN, I will no longer buy ANY of your products until NESN reinstatesDon Orsillo.

The worse worse worse place to go and spend your money. The employees there have a such a bad attitude and they're so unfriendly and mean.

pretzel roll

I had a pretzel roll filled with eggs, cheese and sausage instead of my favorite croissant. I wasn't that thrilled with the taste and don't think I'd try it again.

Don't waste time

I work for dunkin donuts and it is so nasty. I get yelled at for trying to clean instead of taking the trash out. And they've taken 3x more for my il withholding then my federal. This place is a joke.

tip jar

I cannot believe that they have a tip jar at the drive through window. That is just stupid. They have foul mouths and dont' care about customers.


I am extremly upset that every DD is raising there prices to whatever they want!! Some have gone up to 2.15 for a med coffee and others 2.17 there is no consistency and you already make enough money are you kidding me that the prices have gone up.. Ill be getting my coffee elswhere!!!!

Terrible Customer Service

The worst company I every dealt with in my life !!! Horrible customer service . Have a reference number have been calling for over a month and they have done nothing to help me with my issue !!!!!

Best in West

Great service and very happy treated with great respect. Have not visited Winchell's for way many years. Still Top Best doughnuts in USA! Thank for fine service to match! Thank you!


Save mart don't shop there expensive

bad store

The store in international drive. Orlando two month wos the best but now I don't stop for any reason manager now is no good back to two month we be better

Superior Court Administration

A delicious thought ; has anyone at DKD considered the development of a Cheesecake Donut and of course different flavors of cheesecake ...strawberry ....?

chocolate cream donuts

The chocolate cream donuts are the best.


My Husband & I stopped at DD in West Lebanon NH today and we were appalled at the conditions outside. The sidewalks were not shoveled nor even salted. The parking area needed plowing. I had to stay in the car and wait for my husband because it was to dangerous to get out. ( I use a cane).

The worst !

Dunkin Donuts on West Chestnut Street in Brockton , has to be the worst in the city. They are accurate about 20 % of the time. Honestly, hire people who are old enough to drink coffee & maybe they would know how to make it !

I have worked in a dunkin donut store for almost 30 years and we have a great store if you have a problem we will fix it if we ca't we will refund your money we have to time the coffee 20 min and trash it everything is always fres we bake in the store. yes we do stir iced drinks and swirl drinks

How embarrassing

For many years, I have picked up 30-40 dozen donuts/coffee for our employees at the Dunkin Donuts on Main Street in Norristown. So embarrassed and unhappy!!! Donuts looked old unappetizing and worst selection (left overs, and slow sellers) Will never use them again!!! Unhappy and embarrassed customer!!!!!


I walked into dds and saw an employer smack the back of another employer in their back of the head. Saw an employer threaten to hit their co worker in the face. I feel like it was unaporperate. State line DD new hampshire

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