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LA Fitness Sucks

The air conditioning in the Boca Raton Florida West has been broken since last Wednesday. It has not worked correctly for a few months.

FALSE Informaton

your staff lie - and with witnesses - not good


LA Fitness at Steeles Ave in brampton is a pit,very dirty and costumer service sucks.The young people working there are rude,not professional at all.Dont sign with them at all.


Grandview OH! The location is Great. Customer Service is Horrible!!! The entire staff is rude and unprofessional. The gym and locker rooms are discussing. LA Fitness needs to check out what Life Time Fitness is doing and take some notes. Very Disappointed!!!

Very happy

I joined the Peoria AZ club a month ago, and have been very happy with the staff, the trainers and class instructors. The club is always very clean, too.

Is La fitness for SALE??


It's been five weeks and their sole rowing machine is still broken. Left a note for manager and got no response. From reading the reviews above, I'm not alone

Club Management Not Good

I recently joined LA Fitness near where I live to work out and try to lose weight. Their front desk staff is disgusting. They never have anything nice to say to members and constantly give members a hard time. I guess their corporate office does not care because you can not get through to them and they continue to let this type of behavior go on.

management changed a few months ago-gym not as clean as it use to be-a lot of equipment broken-new manager doesn't seem to listen telling you to tell somebody at front desk-place has gone downhill-east deerfield beach location 1000 east hillsboro blvd florida

Rating explains it self

PH CA location will do NOTHING to facilitate customer service. Marketing personal really need some training is customer relations.


Signed up for training then canceled the next day, and they kept charging my card, and took $1,400 from me. When I spoke to the VP ED who has the worst customer service skills and never would return phone calls, would not refund my money even though i didn't use any of the training and canceled it, but their staff does not know how to do anything. LA Fitness does not care about their members only about the money they steel from you.

"No" to air conditioning

For more than 2 weeks we have had no air conditioning and no OK from corporate. When it is 90%+ humidity as it has been and in the 80's it is impossible to work out. The Glendale Wisconsin location is very close to Lake Michigan. It is very humid here year round because of it. Trying to work out in this is unbearable. Members have left for other gyms. I have friends who get me guest passes and I tell them why I need the pass. I talk with management and members of other clubs about whether this has ever happened to their club. The managers I know have lowered their opinion of LA Fitness. I am creating a petition for members to sign demanding money back for the time the AC is down. I'll be gone as soon as I get this done.

I am so done

I will be cancelling my membership as of today. NO ONE at LA Fitness listens. When I wanted to reopen my membership after having my baby, I told the guy on the phone I wanted a memership for just Texas. The guy end up putting me on the global plan. I called yesterday to request my auto draft be taken out of my account on the 12th. I was told I would have to pay my monthly membership plus an additional 14.00. I said that is fine as long as the payment comes out on the 12th. The payment was drafted the same day as the call!!! I am disappointed with this service of LA Fitness. I am too done!!!

Broken equipment, no music in spin class, been waiting 3 months to replace dumbbells

I go to LaFitness 4 to 6 times a week in Lansing, IL. The staff is nice and friendly, but the club takes way to long to fix broken machines and replace broken weights. Tonight, I walked out of spin class because we have been taking class the last two week to music with broken speakers. We also have been waiting the last 3 months for broken weights to be replaced. When we ask the staff, why haven't the weights been replaced, they tell us that they are on back order. They also needs to replace the carpet in the men's locker room and clean the bathrooms more frequently.

I give them a zerooooo

No one told me it was auto renewal for personal trainers and they auto renewed my lessons for another month with me still have 3 weeks left of the last month! When I told them I got an oh well I'm sorry we'll make sure they start telling people, well that helps me with the 220$ I lost.... NOT!!! Do not ever go here, it is HORRIBLE

LA Fitness at Glendale heights IL

Most awful experience at LA Fitness in Glendale Heights IL. Sales people don't know what they are doing, manager was arrogant. Will never go back. With this bad attitude, I doubt this location will last for long. If I could give them 0 stars, I would.


Morton grove is a dump.. these a holes never put any money into club.. Chicago clubs suck

Don't bother trying

I am ashamed to say I am a trainer who worked for an LA Fitness. I took time between my sessions to clean up the gym by putting away weights and wiping down machines. I tried to always wipe a machine down before and after a client used it. I always put my things away as well. My director doesn't even have a certification nor a degree in fitness, I do! He is training people on top of trying to sell sessions. AKA, he's taking sessions away from the trainers and breaking the law by not being fully qualified. Just having a workout background does not make you qualified. I was constantly embarrassed by this place and feel horrible for my clients.


LA FITNESS is the worst gym ever!!! DO NOT GO THERE. They are billing me for training...after I cancelled it. They screwed me out of $2,800 for something I canceled right away and never used.

close the cpu n go 2 the gym

haha so many ... reviews! i felt i had to write a good one. i like la fitness. work out, get healthier, have fun! find a reason to go not a reason not to go. no more time to write this review time to work out!

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