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Egg harbor township manager is a liar and stole part of my cash when I respectfully asked for a refund

Do ya'll read these reviews

You all in corporate cannot be reading these reviews, cause they are all awful but yet people are still having bad service. Just go out of business already...

bad toilet paper

their toilet paper is rough and bad,they need to buy real toilet paper

King whopper

Why has the King whopper shrunk in size!!!!Its like a jr whooper with two slabs of meat...

I like bk but i'm diabetic so i need some sugarfree drinks. I don't like flavored tea, regular would be great, please

cold sandwich

i went to burgerking in houston tx, the burger was served cold and the bun was different one,it was not fresh.i had crams in my tummy all night.


I have had this happen for the last time I bite into a bone in my chicken nugget. I have pictures and will not be eating there again the previous times I didn't say a word this was the third time.


Disgusting area for children needs to be cleaned

Went to Burger King in port royal South Carolina and went to say in the play area since I had children with me there was mold growing on the walls and even on the high chairs it was so bad I had to leave

Size does matter

I have been a patron of BK for many years. However, I just went to purchase a whopper Jr. and it was the size of a small hamburger. What the heck happened?

#7 Combo Whooper Jr

I used to like BK but after today, no more. Just shy of $7 for a Jr. Are you kidding me.

I have been trying to order a coke freeze once a week for three weeks. Each time I try and order one the staff tells me the machine is broken and no one from corporate will come out and fix it. I like this product and would like to buy it again.

Chicks fries

But 10 on there for goodness sakes. You just want to charge and extra 25 cents for sauce. What kind of business are you guys running. Yeah BK has been around a long time. But the rate you guys are going. I don't think you'll be around much longer.


I was disappointed with the big king burger.It should be named little king.I have never seen a smaller burger in my life.What's up are you guys going cheap? In and out burgers are far better.

Dirty store

50 west Flagler at Miami Florida dirty counters dirty kitchen equipment looked dirty the store in general looked dirty please look into it thank u

the food is terrible

I have aten at the burger king on Congress Ave & Lantana Rd. The food was terrible. My niece couldn't eat the food and shes from Gainesville, Florida.

Kitchen area

I ate at your timber lake lynchburg va restaurant today and I very disappointed in the wait and most disappointed with how the preparation area looked. Filthy is a good description.

they scrrwed up a simple coffee order

They can screw up a simple coffee order and did

Worst service chelsea alabama

Order screwed up charged my credit card wrong then had to wait for the manager to return from the bank to resolve it. Every time I have been to this restaurant have had something wrong. Way to go Burger King hire incompetence. This is the way to loose customers for good


I want to know why Burger King does not give Veterans a discount! I was in a Burger King today show my Disabled Veterans card and my military card, I was told No Discount. WHY? If not for our veterans there would not be a Burger King, What language would America be speaking if not for our veterans and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for Freedom. MacDonalds give a Veterans discount.

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