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worst ever!!!!

No kidding, I spent 6 hours calling this company 5 times and have gotten no where. The wait time has over an hour each call and every time is someone in another country who could care less to help u. My wife and I returned both are radios and will never do business with the company.


Your company stucks. There is no one you can call in the US out that speaks good English. Your corporate # is not good. So how do we complain. I Impossible.


Worse company ever. No matter what number I call, I pretty much wound up in the Phillipines where the people are utterly useless. I cancelled my subscription in 10/13 & am still waiting for my refund. No matter who I speak to, even those in Cannada, I got nowhere. I called a NY number & wound up in Canada with a PR guy who did not even know wher the corporate office is located.. ishilarious...what's worse is that we Americans are probably supporting them with our tax dollars...God bless America... hilarious...after my free subscription expires I will not use their services. This is the worse company I ever dealt with. If I could sue them, I would.

Worse Customer Service EVER!

I had my credit card charged $104.42 without my knowledge. A representative attempting to refund my already overdrawn account then proceeeds to run (10) $1.00 charges, causing additional insufficient fund fees. After 6 calls still don't believe I will see a refund. The representatvies are located in the Phillipines and there clearly is a language barrier. Long story short, not only did they not refund me, they disconnected my service in error!!!

Radio Contract They Lied

Was promised 2 radios at 30% off back in Janurary and now they shut my radio in my car.If there was another company out there I would go with them and tell Sirus where to go


LOOONG story short..... every single perosn at the 800# is completley incompetent.....they charge your cresit card whenever they feel like it so make sure your pay attention... even after a 120 minute phone call I STILL was not refunded, they credited a closed accout the wrong amount,they called me a liar about calling to cancel 1 of of the 4 accounts that we had....the account was never canelled..... I am now on my 4th phone call which is going on 37 mintues as I write this, with no resolutions to the problem whatsoever!!!! DO NOT GET XM RADIO!!!! Listen to Pandora!!!!!!!!!!

Horrible. NO apology

I hhad 3 months free. At the beginning of the 3 months I gave them my credit card to make sure there was no lapse in service. I have used them with other vehicles. Also to avoid activation fee as advertised. Get in my car and i have no service. I call advised which plan i wantes, was told 53.49 every 3 months. I said ok. Next thing I know I have 3 seperate charges on my bank account all over 53.49. They didnt even get amount correct. I call, hung up on or disconnected 3 times. I get someone no help ask for supervisor he says he will issue credits, next day I see Another charge not credit on my account. I have not authorized none of these charges. I told them i wanted it back on by that day.. nothing.. ask for 6 months free for inconvenience.. nothing ..... no apology at all... nothing ..... I will be going to BBB if it will make a difference and the social media FB , twitter etc.. funny thing is I told a few people already and they have had similiar issues

bad radio stations on xm

I just bought a new truck with 6 months of free xm/sirrus. There are stations I do enjoy like classical music gospel country and your 40 50 and some 60 music. However I did notice the porn station homosexual station playboy and howard stern and because of these I will not be a full time subscriber. If any one is wondering why America is in bad shape and her economy is about to go bust and we are having all these natural bad storms maybe God is trying to get are attention or worse he is judging us for getting away from the 10 commandments and his Holy Word. We never use to even see on tv or hear radio what xm/sirrus is playing. So count me out in 6 months and don't bother writing me to sign up. THOMAS


I called the 800 phone number and got no help. I called 212-584-5100 and got a receptionist. I asked to speak to someone about a broken radio. The lady that answered the phone sounded like my mom and was very sympathetic to my problem. She went above and beyond to answer my problem. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I think her name is Laura.

not a US company

while they have an office in the big apple, billing and customer care are handled in the Philippines by folks for whom the spoken English language is a difficulty. They have no a clue as to how to solve a problem an the suits in NYC should be ashamed. As thy use the airwaves,I have filed a complaint with the FCC. They have as many of the suits as these guys

Very Poor Customer Service

I am a returning customer and have called today to order a new sirius radio for my vehicle. After speaking to 4 different people today and being put on hold on and off for 3 hours, I ask for customer care. They transfer me to customer care and the gentleman i spoke to was very rude and so i ask for his supervisor. He transferred me to his supervisor and i explain to him that each rep. i have spoke to have given me different prices. I originally received an email offering me "Free activation" and 6 months subscription for only $25.00. He immediately starts arguing with me about what i was offered on the phone from the other reps, after he finished talking i argued my point and he hung up on me. If no one can help me, I will not be a returning customer and my family and friends will also know about the poor service i received today.

Siriux xm sucks

Customer service sucks. Don't always understand what you want. Employees and never get things right. All Access subscription Is false advertisement. When you cannot get MLB play by play for all access. If there was a competitor I would be a new customer today.

Customer Service?

Outsourcing Customer Service was the biggest mistake they could have made; not that they (those who sit in high places and wear suits) care. Can't understand a word the CSRs are saying; on hold for ever; while trying to get info about a refund check, the CSR in some other country kept trying to tell to to contact my bank to get the check. I kept asking him, "why, did you make the check out to the bank." Kept going round and round with this person and finally gave up and called Corporate Customer Service at (212) 584-5100 and got an American, English speaking individual.

No Real Customer Service

The worst customer service that I have dealt with in my 67 years. I can't understand much of what the people or saying, and their knowledge is zero. I don't blame the people that I have contact with. I blame the people at the top. They have to know what their customers are saying, and if they don't and don't change things, shame on them. Probably, too busy counting their money. I wish that I could organize a boycott.


Customer service with this company--there is none. Hard to find anyone that speaks English and can relate to what you are saying. Very robotic---read from script instead of talking like real people. Don't resolve your issues---just keep repeating the same thing on their script. Still waiting for my refund after two months. Don't waste your money. It is obvious---their employees don't care about the customer.

Customer Service

Hope you all understand that when you are having problems with the billing you are talking to the call center in a foreign country! Of course they don't employ their customers and people of the USA! Customer service has ignorant people working there. They also have a deal with the credit card companies that when they are in the wrong you are stuck! NEVER GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY.

merging radios

i have 4 radios,but get billed for having 3 different start-up dates.how hard is it to have all 4radios put on 1 invoice and make 1 payment every 3 months.apparently these people have had previous work experience in the us congress.they keep saying that that proceedure is not allowed.love the variety;but hate talking with the fools


Dysfunctional incompetence is the only way to describe it. Even when the email for corporate officers is used in addition to contacting "Listener (Don't) Care, their responses are canned, nonsensical, and illiterate. How do they stay in business?

Mercedes Owner

This Company should be aware that they have a lot of training opportunities. While the recorded voice which answers the phone is most pleasant (and if I have a good ear) is the SAME one used by Time Warner, this ceases immediately when you get an employee (at least the ones I have had) on the phone.. Untrained, poor speech and tone and keeps you on hold forever. Don't even get me started about the lack of ease with which instructions are given or the lack of some programming that the target demographics of my car owners want.


I paid a family member's account as a one time gift, when it came back for renewal they charged my account $597.63. I called the xm company and like many other people waited on line forever. When a person finally answered off course after explaining what happened I got cut off and had to start all over. Next person was in a different state but seemed very helpful and assured me the money would be refunded. After waiting a week I called again this time I got a third state and was told it takes two weeks excluding weekends. I called again today since the two weeks are up. This time I got a person in a different country and was told it could take up to a month. It only takes them a few minutes to take your money but forever to give it back. When I get my money back I will up grade this.

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