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Capital One wanted to get rid of me so they wanted me to accept 17% instead of my current promotion of 5% then they sent out information printed in very very small print, that if I do not accept the 17% ,they would cancel my rewards accumulation. Ah yes.... the land of plenty, milk and honey and they could care less.

To the wise ol owl who suggested that people stop complaining....yes, if one could pay off each month that would be great, but there is no excuse for Capital One to be rude, and sometimes downright incompetent. There are so many complaints and you wll notice there is a pattern of rude and ignorant personnel. I suggest that is because Capitol One hired any one that can breathe and say no, rather than a person properly trained on how to speak to the public. Capitol One is rather pitiful. One can only imagine how much the top people steal per month as their salary....hmmm

there are such a thief, i try to open an account and they told me that they cannot, they made me write a check for $50, before the account was approved. They told me to cancelled my check, and at the same time they deposited a copy of my check to my original bank and i was charge. trying to speak to someone about this with all the information my bank provide to me, and they keep giving me the round around.

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Do NOT do business with Capital One!

Well I had financed a car in 2007 that I paid off at the beginning of 2010. When I paid the car off I did not remove the bank from my list of payees through my bank so I accidently piad them again in August (busy and not thinking). I figured since the account would be closed they would just send my check back, I watched it for a while on my bank account and they didn't cash. Until weeks later!!! When I caught it called and they told me they had credited it back to my bank account, however once I got off the phone and checked they did not. Now I am on the phone with them and they don't even know what I'm talking about and don't want to see a copy of the cleared check!!!! I am so frustrated. I did give them 3 stars but only because this is my fault for sending the check in the first place.


I am disgusted by the piss poor customer service capital one has. RUDE,impatiant, unprofessional.They added $300 in fees due to a payment they screwed up on processing. Now im paying my car off and they wont budge an inch on these fees. They do not give a damn about a 6 yr long customer. I will NEVER do business with these jerkholes ever again!

Your phone Advisors are some of the rudest, most arrogant ,individuals I have ever come across. Regardless of the fact that it was a long holiday weekend, I received 14 phone calls between Fri. night and Monday morning. Not to mention the calls began at 8:15am. Your practices are as ancient as the characters portrayed in your commercials. Exactly how many times is it necessary to repeat the same thing. My answer will be the same at 8:15am as it will be at 9:00 am. I gave you a payment on the 23rd of March. Why are you already calling for more? "Oh, I see, not the amount you were looking for?" Perhaps you need to go after the deadbeats rather than those of us who do our best to meet our commitments within the budgets we live on. I am an Adm. Assist. in a call Center. All I can tell you is if any Advisor on our team chose to speak to a card holder the way some of your loud mouthed badly trained customer service agents do, their heads would spin as they were tossed out through the Human Resources door. It is just as easy to catch flies with honey as it is with vinegar. Please do teach your agents how to document....By the 14th call I'm ready to spit bullets and have no time to waste with ignorant bad mannered people. If all of the above are your way of running a company, thank God I have already cancelled my card. I intend to report you to the Better Business Bureau and better yet, ignore Capital One calls. You ought to be ashamed of your practices!

Nobody is forcing you to use credit cards. If you don't have the money to use it and pay it off in full each month, don't bother! All of you people complaining have your life problems and it's not Capital One's fault you're just trying to make it their fault, that someone is sick or lost their job. You're all adults and in the real world so nobody can help you anymore, get over it! Also, interest rates have been raised industry wide, so again pay off your account in full every month.

Capital One made several hard inquiries on my credit report when I applied for the new card. As this negatively affected my credit score, I called and asked why? I was told a letter was sent to the credit bureaus requesting that the hard inquiries be changed to soft inquiries. I asked for a copy of the letter and was told by a "supervisor" that he can't send it to me. I asked if it was sent electronically or hard copy via US Mail and he stated that he did not have access to that information. I asked for the corporate address, again, no access to the information. You mean to tell me that you don't have the corporate address to your company??? Really? Capital One sucks! Their "customer service" is worse than Sprint and believe me that's really ridiculously poor!

Today I received in the mail my new Capital One credit card. Needless to say, I'm supposed to activate it, so I called the number. The computer asked me for the number, last four of my social sec.#,etc. I was waiting for 5 minutes, when someone came on the line, and proceeded to ask me a bunch of questions, short of asking what I had for lunch. He put me on hold, and 10 minutes later I was disconnected. I called again, and went thru the same ordeal, only at the end the lady I was talking to asked me for my s.s.#, and very fast asked in what state I got that number. I was told, when I asked for the reason for that type of question, that they ask that question to "some people"... Amazing. I guess that's the way they treat people if you talk with a slight accent or your last name is not "Anglo". I asked to talk to a supervisor,very difficult to understand, who proceeded to give me a number when I asked for the department handling complaints. When I called that number, the only thing I got was a noise like the one I used to hear when trying to connect to internet thru the dial-up system. If a company is measured for the customer service they have, in a scale of 1(the worst) to 10(the best) I would give this company a minus 1. The worst customer service people I had the displeasure to talk to.

I would like to just once get someone who speaks english not someone in a foreign country. I have a serious breech in security and no one seems to try to correct it. Yet they want me to pay for inactive account that was closed years ago what a company! will never consider doing business here again capital one sucks!!

trying to cancel my online application and they transferred me to someone in the philippines. They wont tell you the virginia number! NICE LOL You need to provide your social Security number. Hope they can do it because they were going to charge me 19.8% for a transfer APR, that is ridiculous! I suggest not doing business with them. Their customer service wants to try to get rid of your asap if they can or send you to the phillipines!

The customer service at this company is the pitts, they are very rude, refuse to offer any assistance. I would encourage you to contact their corporate telephone number I called (703) 720-1010 Spoke with an Elliot Buettner he is also very nasty..... The only way this company will ever change is to call everyday flood their switchboards until they learn how to treat customers with respect.................

7/22/2020 I called Capital One and spoke with Curtis Rep #SGD 776 senior account manager about a finance charge that had been charged to me and taken away from available credit and put back into my current balance. Curtis Rep #SGD 776 senior account manager informed me that the interest charge was just like a purchase charge and it taken away of my available credit. Curtis Rep #SGD 776 senior account manager bandy this point back and forth for over 10 minutes trying to get this straight in my head. How Capital One can charge interest as a charge but yet it is not a charge because I did not purchase anything to me that is dirty financing are that is how President Obama put it in the new bill he just signed into law. Does this make any sense to anyone out there about this interest charged as a purchase but it is not a purchase but I did not make a purchase but Capital One classifies it as a purchase. At this point Curtis Rep #SGD 776 senior account manager arrogantly stating that it has been that way from the dawn of time. I was then informed that my interested rate had gone from 10.0% to 17.0% from February 2009 to 2010 I went through the ceiling that is a 7% increase in just one year that is ridiculous and Curtis Rep #SGD 776 senior account manager told me that they were not lowering interest at this time. I ask Curtis Rep #SGD 776 senior account manager to speak to someone above him and he said there was no one above him. I told Curtis Rep #SGD 776 senior account manager that everyone has someone above them and I badgered him until he told me that his supervisor was Gloria and I ask to speak with her and Curtis Rep #SGD 776 senior account manager told me she does not get involved in the day to day operations of speaking with customers. I ask Curtis Rep #SGD 776 senior account manager if Gloria had a Rep number and Curtis Rep #SGD 776 senior account manager said no. Capital One has got to have some of the worst, NO the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I told Curtis Rep #SGD 776 senior account manager that I was going to write Capital One Headquarter and that is when Curtis Rep #SGD 776 senior account manager really got arrogant and asinine “you do what you want but it will not help”. People out there it is time for the people that have credit cards to put a stop this blood sucking from the credit card industry write your Senator’s and Congressman’s to put a stop to this.

I had both a credit card and a loan with capital one. I called to tell them that I could no long pay the payments due on each due to the illness of my husband and some health issues for myself. capital suggested lower payments for a short term. I agreed, this turned out to be for 3 months. I paid the three months under duress (medical bills take precident). AgaIN.I told capital one that I could no longer pay. Now I am being harrassed by telephone calls (19 calls in a day and a half). this after I asked them to contact me by mail. Now I am going to report capital on to the Better Business Bureau and to the NYS Banking Commission. These continious call have stressed a sick man aged 81 and IT MUST STOP.

I closed my account on 6/27/10 was told other charges could go though. Well one went through on 6/28 and another on 6/29 paid those quickly and spoke to stepanie(TSW789) on the 29th and Cheanne(yzn587) on the 30th. Cheanne assured me my acct was paid in full and closed. I could just call if anything else came up. I went online 7/1 to see a .03 credit spoke with jason(CTb653) reguarding that and he assured me everything was good and the acct was closed. AS we all know that was a line of crap.They charged me 59.59 interest on a zero balance and said this could happen for 2 months according to jeff(RAB492)who also stated there was one else to speak to.I hung up rudely with him and decided to file a dispute. Apparently you can not do this on interest charges as i was told by Melanie(ABM492)so she put me through to a sr.acct manager Jennifer (DWL475). She left me on hold for a few minutes.When she came back she sadi it was taken care of i should see the balance retracted as of 7/10 the latest. Of course the trust factor is lost. I believe there practices are very deceptive.And keep in mind whenever you call them its a canadian exchange. All the people listed above were working in canada.Please stick to your guns call your local attny general and tell them. They are a very shady organization. DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!

If there was a rating that I could give that's below -0 that would be my rating. The customer service is poor the representatives are rude and they place you on a blank phone line when they no longer want to talk with you about your situation. After having a car lon (paid off) two credit cards (one paid off the other to be today) My office phone with several lines has been on hold for an hour and 12 minutes now when I asked to speak to a supervisor. I spoke to "Julien" and "Nick" if that's their real name. A similar situation happen a year ago. I paid my balance off to my account and in that billing cycle after I was charged a $59 finance charge. When I disputed the charge I was told that the only way that it would be taken off was if I closed my account. A long standing customer and my account was closed over $59. (Do the math) you would have earned that and more if the account was active. This situation (other card small limit)I couldn't access my account online, after being told that I had a balance by a representative who called me last night. I submitted a western union payment to pay the account off in April. When I called in I asked for technical support, and the representative began arguing and demanding that I make a payment. I told him that I was not making payment until I access my account and check it. When he continued I asked to speak to a supervisor and that has been 1 hour and 37 minutes ago and counting. No one has picked up the phone. HORRIBLE, DISRESPECTFUL, you do not value your customers and you will continue to lose customers if something is not done to train, revamp, and clean out that sewer that you have titled customer service.

I paid off my Capital One Credit Card because of the increased interest rate from 8.9 to 17.9. I then was given a promo of 10.9. However before the due date my balance due was paid in full and I was still hit with a finance charge of $79. I was told that they could give me a reduction of $20 on this charge if I opted to take the Rewards card. I asked to close out my account and return my credit which is now lowered to $221 and I was told I would get within three business days. Now its two billing cycles before I get it since I closed out my account. I want my full credit. Very Poor treatment for being a customer of 12 yrs with good credit.

I have a trust with Capital One and I have spent 2 days on the telephone and the computer trying to talk with someone on a coporate level concerning a very severe problem with the trust department. I have not only gotten the runaroung for 2 entire days but I am no further than I was when I started. They have my money and refuse to release to me what I requested with proper documentation I guess one has to go to the media to get a response

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