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I was an employee their for 3 weeks, I had to go to a boring training for two weeks and the teacher was do ghetto . They only want to pay you minimum wage and I wasn't falling for that so I made it very clear that I wanted more money . The lady who was traing or mentoring me, she had me do all of her work while she just sat there .first of all they made it clear that they didn't like colored folks and that's a shame. One of the tellers acted like she knew every single thing and she threw the customer receipts at them , she was very disrespectful .i wouldn't encourage no one to work for this company all they want you to do is sell products to customers . A horrible company, if I was Hibernia I wouldn't have brought them out, the employees act ride to customers and fellow employees . I just quitt because I know I wasn't going to like that job .

I have been disputing a charge on my credit card for two months. I have spent hours on the phone at my expense. I have faxed the information and they deny receiving it. I have mailed the information and they still deny receiving it. I am closing my account and I advise any one else to do likewise. This company is nothing better than a money making scam in my opinion - they will treat you fine as long as you don't complain.

Capital One must have their head up their rear to hire this idiot, trasonous jerk Alec Baldwin for a spokeman. This alone will keep me from ever using this credit card due to using this moron for their spokesman!!!

I received an application in the mail that stated that I was approved. i went online and filled the rest of the information out that was needed in order to process. i know have received a letter stating that it was denied due to an altered name. When I called in I spoke with two agents whom both advised that I just use the name sent on the approval letter and not my legal name. When I advised them that this was fraud they laughed. PLEASE BEWARE!!!! This spells scam! I would never do business with a company that asks for you to change information and illegally!!!

i would like it if i could get a credit line increase. i have asked and asked and asked but all i keep being told is no.. i have been making more than the minimum payment due before the due date... but still keep being told no,no.no... nobody has ever had to call me to get payment made to my account... i believe i am worth being given a credit line increase at this time.i await your reply. Thank You

I just got told that their is only one call center manager, in Manilla. She does have a boss, but he doesn't have the tools to talk to a customer. I asked if he had a phone and a voice, she said yes, so I said what other tooks does he need...paper and pen? She said he only handles Administrative Issues such as complaints...when I told her that was why I was call...she said he couldn't speak to me because he was only there to watch out for her employement! The funny part....this is all over $32.00 and an opt-in choice. Capital One is a bank, and I thought fed govt mandated they give you the option to opt in or out for over the limit issues. I was told that accounts $500 or under do not get the option. DUHHHHH, my bank who does my checking does...they told me they HAD TO DO IT FOR EVERYONE! SO DOES ANYONE have access to Richard D Fairbank's corporate fax number? Here's his contact info: Richard D Fairbank President & CEO Capital One Financial Corp 1680 Capital One Drive MeLean, VA 22102 Email: richard.fairbank@capitalone.com bet this goes to foreign office who does not speak alot of english. 804-967-1000 was told this was direct line, but with 1000 as the last 4 digits I bet it isn't.

Account Manager lie constantly. MY wife a Heart and Lung transplant patient Went in to the hospital with severe abdominal pain the day my payment was scheduled to hit my bank account. So with out reserve I rushed her to the Hospital for treatment. My Co-Pay is $100.00 for the ER. So I knew I had to pay it so I did. After she was lying comfortable I went out side and called Capital One to let them know that I had to use $100.00 of the car payment and that the $499.00 wouldn't be in the account. I told the Account Manager that I could pay 355.00 by Money Gram the next day. She assured me that she would put a stop on the payment so I wouldn't incur any fees as long as I would call her back with the Money gram payment confirmation #. I said I would do that. So with my wife in the ICU from having emergency surgery that night I lingered off to the Wal-Mart and made my payment as promised and called Capital one with the information. Well to say the least I kept my promise but Capital One failed to stop the payment as Promised. I incurred $108.00 of fees from my bank because not only did Capital one not stop the payment but they tried to take it out twice from my account. I have called Capital one in regards to this on more than one occasion and they refuse to refund me the 108.00 dollars because on there computer the account manager did not put down that she told me she would stop the payment. Instead she wrote that she advised me that the payment would still hit the account which is a total lie!!!! I have called Capital one over and over and over and told them it is not about the $108.00 any more it is the Principle behind being lied to from the account manager. I'm sure they know exactly who the account manager was that i spoke with because they most likely have to put down there name on the notes but they refuse to even apologize for the unprofessional way it was handled. They keep blaming me as if it was my fault since I had made a promise to pay these payments on such a date every month until the account is current. Yes I did agree to make these payments but once in awhile there are unseen issues in ones life and you would like to hope that the other person on the other end of that phone is being honest when they tell you that the payment will be stopped. Thank you, Ken S.

The absoluate worse company i have ever dealt with - my husband lost his job and we were having difficulty making our payments to our capital one loan and credit card i called every month asking to refinance the loan to lower the payment, asked for a forbearance to no avail - sorry cant help you its the terms and conditions of the agreement - didnt you read that? yes i read it and i asked what are they doing to help people is these economic times who are struggling to make their payments - the answer was they are feeling the same ecomonic times... REALLY.. i paid the credit card off and had a 37.00 balance and asked them to waive the accrued interest nope can not do - did you read the agreement and how they calculate the interest - OMG! they are awful to deal with and if anyone ever wants to know what's in my wallet it will never be a capital one anything ever again - THEY SUCK!!

I am a new customer and i have just received my card only four says ago. I am sooo upset that i had to waist my time with people in a middle eastern country who can barely speak or understand english having me on hold for longer than 40 minutes. A bill cam through on a statement of mine saying I made quite a large purchase at a wal-mart close buy. They had nothing to say about their secuirty of the card and made absolutely no effort to fix the problem at hand, as a matter of fact all they told me to do was to go back to wal-mart. Finally they agreed to waive the 40 dollar "new member fee" that I was never told about. But when it came down to paying a bill I had to take care of today it ended up that my card was not reimbursed and when I spoke with an Arabic customer service representative again, they told me they would not reimburse that fee. This company is extremely unorganized and I closing my account as soon as possible. When telling the Capitol One Representative they couldn't care less. What a terrible company... My advice is to get out or stay away because they will never treat you with the respect you and I deserve as customers. One other thing, I read above about someone who felt like they were running in cricles with the call center, I had that same problem about a simple question that no one of these sand niggers could figure out. Bring jobs back to America.

I have been a customer in good standing with capital for for the past 25 years. This past month my son in-law passed away of lung cancer at 46 years old. During this hardship I had neglected to pay my bill on time.I payed online right away and called them to see if they could please take the late fees and over the limit fees off since I had always been a customer in good standing. They agreed, then this month I received my bill and my minimum payment went from $25.00 to $48.00. I called them again and explained that I could not afford this. I am 64 yrs old on disability with a fixed income and have no way of getting the extra money. They said it was in my best interest to pay this. I explained that I cannot pay this amount. I just don't have the money and no way to get it I can hardly afford the $25.00. I explained that by not accepting a payment of $25.00 it would put me in default and they would have to take it to collections. It dosen't make sense that they would rather turn it over to collections then accept my usual minimum payment of $25.00. Now this came from one of the HEAD SUPERVISORS. I am a person wanting to pay my bill and they refuse to work with me. MORANS!!!!!!!!!! I will be calling the Coporate offices tomorrow!!!

My son went to use his Capital One credit card to put gas in his car....THe card was declined....He has two cards, Both had no balances on them, both declined. When he called Capital one to ask why the charge did not go through, he was told his account were closed due to fraudulent application filed. Well thats so bogus as the one card he has was a credit builder card with a $300.00 limit, and as he has gone on with that card for a few months, he was sent an application for a second card with them, applied as he did for the first, and got a credit limit for $700.00. Was late in payment a couple of times...but otherwise always managed to pay it off. When telling the Capital One rep that, all that rep could do was apologize as that was their policy. He proceeded to ask if he wanted to be connected with the lady who handles the investigation, he said yes (not that nicely) but of course she was no where around...How can you fraudulently fill out an application, when they supposedly verify information on it to determine whether they should give you the card or not....This is stuppid...If anyone does a class action suit on them...let us know...We are in!!! Burnt in Hawaii!

The service I recieved on last night was so unrealistic. I understand that people in foreign countries need employment, however to provide the care the reiceved last was ridiculious. I was ona call for 47 minutes going in circles about a simple question "do i recieve roadside assistance" and no was able to give me a direct answere of yes or no. This was unbelievable that they could not provide me with a simple answer nad to connect me to different calls was most irritating that I almost lost my mind. I tried my best to remain calm, but after a while I was done and hung the phone. After being placed on hold numerous times by reps was to much for one to grasp. If i could I would rate the service with a 0 star but that wasn't an option. We shall see how business goes with capital one, may have a change of heart and go to another credit card carrier!

The problem with Captial One and many other credit card companies is that you never get to speak to an educated and halfway intelligent person, it's always someone like the jack-off in this post that refers to them self as "Sick of these People." All you had to do is read the entire post and it's grammatically incorrect text and you quickly learn that these companies are hiring the most moronic cheapest possible individuals from foreign call centers to handle educated american individuals. This is not to say that all foreign people are uneducated and/or moronic, because that couldn't be farther from the truth, but in the case of Capital One and many other companies; Sprint, ATT, Verizon, HSBC, etc. the dumb asses they are hiring only further punctuates the problem. Try hiring someone who at least "understands" what's being said to them is probably a good start! It's just soooo unbelievable how stupid and clueless some of those people are, WOW!

To Mr. "I'm sick of these people". My initial advice would be to learn to spell and use the English language properly. It is apparent that you are a customer service rep for Capital One. If you represent the consensus of the work ethic amongst all the reps; I can certaintly see why in their 28 million customers youv'e probably personally pissed off 27 million. It is surely not your job to pass judement on anybody. Do your job and focus on trying to provide the service the company hired you for. Your own personal bias comes across loud and clear. I am a Nurse in the Emergency Department. Often times patients have responded to me in a less than pleasant manner. However, I have what you can refer to as "professionalism". I do my job and make an effort to provide outstanding customer service at all times. This is likely a foreign concept to someone like you. If you are so "sick of these people" find another job. Unlikely, a low level, whining, unprofessional scrub like yourself could do that ....pity. The world would be a better place without you!

Try having them hold your money hostage .. a $4,500 paycheck.. They held it for two weeks while in the mean time.. my bills are due. They are making money off of holding my check while my credit score goes down the tubes..

I have had a Capital One card for the last 2 years. I have always made my payment on time, and have always made over the minimum due. After 2 years I still have an APR of 24.9%. They were more than happy to close my account instead of lowering my APR. I really think that this is horrible as I really didn't want to close my account, but when I'm getting other offers of 9.9% that's a huge difference. I can't believe Capital One would rather close customers accounts than lowering the APR if the customer has been in excellent standing for as long as I have been. They had no problem raising my credit line which I did not ask for. I will strongly advise against anyone I know who is looking at a Capital One card for their lack of caring for and taking care of their loyal customers. They obviously don't care, and would rather lose customers.

i have been trying to get my card straightened out for two and a half hours but since i am an american thats too bad for our phillipino friends you would not believe the insne things that go on a`10 minute job and i have bea my head against that wall for two and a half hours i am stranded 300 miles from home made payment on card but for them that means tough stuff instead of trying to help their customers they like to hang up on them or put them on hold for 15 minutes before they hang up on them capitol one treats their customers like

I have a credit card, a bank account, and a car loan through Capital One and I will be paying the card off and getting my automobile refinanced as soon as I can. I will be closing the bank account right now. I do not trust the company as a whole. I guess I am a glutton for punishment. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THE BANK!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to say how does Capital One get away with cheating all of it's faithful customers with taking the "PROTECTION PAYMENT" each month from us and yet when you need to use it (like out of work no fault of your own, or disability), they say it does not pertain to your circumstance.... There was a class action suit in California in 2010 on this very problem of "Protection Payment" not being honored by Capital One Credit Company... We need a new class action suit to start up again in 2012... how do we get it going again?

How does a supposedly "Good" company like Capital One Credit, treat it's customers with no respect and charge all of the late fees (they did not post it in time, the payment was sent in plenty of time). Capital One charges late fees, over the limit fees, doubled interest fees etc. etc. And if you try to talk to anyone of there customer service people... they do not give you an answer for how to resolve this unfair charges (when you really did pay ontime and they made the mistake and they charged you). Bad company to deal with... I will close my account... my family and friends will too... Keep it up Capital One you will lose all of your customers sooner or later.....

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