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Capitol One has some of the worst customer service people out there. When I called regarding my issue I was put on hold several times for lenghtly periods of time without anyone picking back up. When I asked to be given to someone who would actually speak to me, I was told I would have to wait. Finally I asked for a supervisior and was told there was not one. I let the tech know that there always is a supervisor around and that I wanted to speak to her/him. When I finally was given to Brett, he told me he there was nothing he could do on my issue (not my fault by the way - identity theft!) and that they would send me a letter. I told him I did not want their letter, I wanted the charges from the identity theft removed from my account - Capitol One has received written communication from both myself and my attorney on this, but Capitol One is choosing to ignore it. I don't know about anyone else, but I will not pay a bill for something I did not do, know about, or receive anything for. Capitol One was rude, unwilling to listen and to take this matter seriously. I have closed my account after having been with them for years. The worst company to deal with.

Capital One has the most horrific service and they are not tried and true but more like tried and not trusted. I have never in my life been given such run around, lies, untruths, gone back on their word and horrible service as I have received with this organization. It seems that there is no longer customer service available on the weekend as well. I'm trying to payoff an auto loan. I'm very close to doing so and will NEVER do buisness with this Capital One again and would never recommend anyone else use them as well.

OUTRAGE Of The Week: Capital One Rejects Hunting Photo for Image Card--"Express Yourself. Personalize your card with an image of your choice." That is the claim made by Capital One for anyone who wants to have a personal photo put on a Capital One credit card. You can even design it yourself online with a photo you upload. But you can't use a hunting photo. Capital One considers them unacceptable. To whom it my concern; The above OUTRAGE of the week came from the NRA web site that I and millions of other American hunters are members. I am a hunter and certainly am not any longer interested in doing any business with your company or affiliates because of your policy not allowing hunting photos on capital one credit cards, that is Un-American and a slap in the face to all the many hunters in the U.S.A. and the world.

I wish I could give your company a minus 5 rating you suck. I paid my Auto Loan off & have my auto sold. I spoke to a representative who stated good news the title will be sent in 3 to 5 days He also stated that if I open a Fed-ex account the title would be sent fed-ex. I opened the account and sent the fed-ex account # into Capital One Auto Loan Title Department. After 6 days I faxed 6 request to expedite my title before someone finally called me. She stated that it will take 10 days to send the title and it would be sent out on the 17th of April. Another lye as she did not even look at a calendar to make a statement like that as that is a Sunday. As of the 20th of April I sent a message into the title dept. per your secure message center. What a joke!!! I received the same form letter the 3rd time this site is worthless. They do not bother to even look up your information. Next I again called the title dept. this time I received a voice message that stated my title was mailed the 19th. What the h_ll did I bother to open the Fed-ex account. Still waiting so you say it's in the Mail!!!!!

Your customer services is very RUDE and NOT helpful at all. Very POOR service!!!! They even hung up on me! Prior to my travedls, I called to let them know I will be traveling to another country. The first time I used the card, they restricted it for fraud. What's the point of letting them know my travel plans if they are going to block my transactions? I have called the customer service 3 days in a roll and they would not assist me to clear up my problems using the credit card. They have left me stranded in a foreign country with NO MONEY & NO CREDIT CARD since they said it's going to be cancelled.

I share all of your sentiments. I too have had very poor customer service, they have garnished my wages and I have filed a petition for an exemption. The problem is with these people is that when you try to work with them on making payments, they start to demand all of their monies at once (NOT HAPPENING). Times are hard enough as it is; What I do not understand is if our President, bailed the credit card companies out of debt, well shouldn't the credit card holders of (Capital One Bank)debts be written off as well.

There is nothing in the english language that can ever the describe the nasty, low class, disrespectful people that work for this company. Nothing is too low for them to do. When my husband lost his job 2 years ago, we fell behind in our payments and although he did get back to work,it was taking us sometime to catch up on everything. Recently, capitol one repossessed the car and told us we had 10 days to pay the arrears and get the car back. They also required us to give them proof of income, a utility bill, 3 references(that could call and harrass) and proof of insurance. We provided all of that, paid what we owed ($1554.00) within the same week that the car was repossessed. When we inquired about getting the car back, we were told the car had already been sent to Orlando to be auctioned and that if we wanted we would have to go get ourselves and pay a fee upwards of $300. The person my husband spoke to was very nasty and rude and could care less, they had the money. They have no respect for the consumer. We just want our car back with the least amount of hassle, but that ship has sailed. Won't ever do business with them again and will advise anyone who will listen, to take their business somewhere else. Anywhere but capitol one

I called Capital one and asked for a credit card with a limit of $10,000. It was declined. However a few weeks later I get a call from them and they say Congratulations we just mailed you a card for a credit limit of $3000. I NEVER ASKED FOR THAT CARD WITH THAT LIMIT. The customer service lady basically said too bad now you have it. I told their manager Emily( who didn't provide me with a last name nor badge number) she said you can always close it. I told her it will affect my credit score, she had absolutely nothing to say to that. Capital One is a nightmare.

i called capital one after i paid off my credid card to make sure the account is going to close and they told me that i still have un-paid interest charges they will not tell me the amount the customer service guy actually laughed at me when i called and rudely told me to call back on the 23rd so they could tell me the amount and he said it would be higher than what the last representitave had told me i will never ger another card through them they are rude and they are very hard to understand they don't speak clear english and they need to be better trained

Capital one Sucks! They took 200 out of my account when I told them to cancel my payment as well as my applicattion. They still took money out of my account and refuse to put it back in my account. They said it will be april 4 before I get my money back.

Called Capital One to ask about the transactions i dont recognize. Service rep is very helpful and eager to help me. I found out that $100 charged on my card is just a preauthorized payment from the gas station and it was put back in my available credit after a few days. Not true that theyre rude, i felt their effort and sincerity to really help me out and satisfy their customers.

Capital one is worst rating ( -10) send out false 1099-c on collection on debt already paid off. Then if you try to speak to someone to prove yourself the pass you on on on to end up with nobody...Well, will see I send the copy of part of documentation of said pay off to them..That rude capital one is need to pack up it bags and get out of the state of Virginia..go leave the United State of America for false method of try to collect in debts. Then trying again several years later even after it been paid off...Look for any and all class action sues against capital one to help any and everybody..and the C.E.O. should be imprison wiht Bernard McDafee

The customer service is awful, as they have asked me for the same documents 4 times. I cannot obtain a secured credit card what a joke!!!

I Hate Capital One. Your CSR's call my boyfriend 20 times a day everyday and they call me about 5 times a day every other day. I wanted to put my Dec and Jan payments at the end of my loan, but when I called customer severs they told me NO I could not. That my money problems has not changed. I asked to speak to a manager higher than the supervisor I was talking to and he told me NO. I just do not know why someone starts a business and than get CSR's and supervisor's in there call centers and mess up how we all feel about Capital One. Something needs to be done. I am going to do the next step.


I was issued a new card as mine was set to expire. When I called the activation number, I spoke with Lacy. She was very nice as she asked me a few confirmation questions. I then asked her if I could get my interest rate lowered as I've been a long time customer and have always paid on time and over the minimum. She transferred me to Stephen, a senior account rep. He also was very nice but didn't have an interest lowering program he could put me into at this time. He suggested I make bi-weekly payments that would equal my total monthly regular payment. This would apply more money to the principle and effectively lower my interest rate. All in all, I was satisfied with my experience today.

I wanted desperately to manage and pay off my cc debt, but your people would not work with me. I had no choice in the financial hardship I am going through, but was still trying to be responsible in paying my debt. If Cap One had worked with me, they could have been payed by now, instead of selling the account to collection. To be so very greedy and purposely try to keep hard working people in debt should be a crime. By the rest of the postings here, I see this is just business as usual.

While thinking I was speaking with a helpful customer service person, after I had dialed the wrong Branch (I was looking to be connected to someone in particular from the marketing department), I was placed on hold--THEN given a number to some sort of sex hotline or some kind of adult phone service. I found this to be very unprofessional...What kind of business do they have running over there?

Capitol one online banking system is one of the worst out there. I am very familiar with online payments and sick of the errors with online payments not posting, incorrectly reflecting balances due, and poor customer relations in the bank taking initiative to take action! They excuse it by saying maybe you're not use to our system. Captiol ONe is stuck in a time warp in the 80s and need to realize that is it the year 2011!! Online banking should be seamless but it is not with this bank. the interface is archaic and takes way too long and is inaccurate! Paying bills should not be this difficult. I am switching to Wells Fargo or Citibank --both have excellent ratings for online bill payer options. What's in my wallet? Hopefully not a Captiol ONe Card!!!!!!!

Is there such a thing as 0 stars?? Capital One WILL win the award for giving you the "worst banking experience of your life". MR. FAIRBANKS are you even listening????????

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