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Capital one---- Horrible customer service. I've been a customer for 2 years and my apr is 23%. really 23% Wow, so i call them to have it lowered and they say NO!!!!!!!!! I was late on 2 payments. Really!!! Maybe like 2-5 days late on a payment and thats there reasoning for declining me. DON'T GO WITH THEM THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU!!!

I had a card with Capital One in 1999, it was charged off and closed. I was unemployed. Recently in January of 2011, having not contracted me or my wife in 10 years, Capital One sen me a bill for $5,195 dollars say that is the interested on the account they are now allowed to send me do to the NEW consumer protection laws. (Some protection!) Even though they admit these bills were sent to a collection agency which they were paid for the account and it was close. Buyer Beware.

The poorest example of customer service I have ever experienced! I was cut-off twice; then the customer rep was unable to resolve a simple issue; and they waste time with the recordings; the memorized customer-speak; and frankly, who has the time to waste on a simple task that a well-trained rep could perform in 3 minutes or less. What's in my wallet? Not Capital One!

I NEVER even opened an account with Capital One, but started receiveing emails and mailings about a credit card. This lead me to check my credit report and low and behold there it was. I have never had credit issues and always pay off my balances, so I was of course concerned and contacted the credit bureaus, Capital One, and others to help correct the problem. To my horror Capital One is fighting cancelling the card. They won't talk to me and keep demanding personal information. I NEVER provided them with the information to open an account in the first place, why would I give it to you now. And, of course, there is never anyone without an overseas accent trying to "help me" I can't believe that they would rather have a fraudulact account then try to correct a problem. I know credit card companys are having trouble lately, but I never would have expected a company to act like this. Absolutely disgusting ethics.

Got all you beat... had my wallet stolen, and the scumbags took out $400 from an ATM machine, capital one charged a $50.00 processing fee all this after I reported the card stolen, and was told that they TRIED to use the card twice once for $50 and once for $100 but they both were denied. Card was canceled and to my surprise I checked my statement on line a couple of days later and there was $450. Called Capital One and was told not to worry about it. So in December Capital One put the $450 back on my card and a Fraud Rep named Jamie V pretty much told me I took the money myself, because how else would they know my pin, I don't even know my pin. So yes their Customer Service really stinks, do not get a Capital One Card, poor service all the way around.

Communications with your company is impossible. Multiple attempts (8) to talk with a representative in the United States could not be completed. We are from Missoula Montana, visiting Victoria BC, and all I wanted was to talk with anyone in the U.S. Canada, Central America, South America will not work, and no one could transfer to call to any U.S. representative. Furthermore, no one will accept calls Salt Lake City from Victoria, and no operators are available to communicate in McLean Virginia......... It would be nice to know if someone in Corporate reads this message mvsunbreak@gmail.com

Capital One is what's wrong with America, you have giant companies that forget who they are supposed to be catering to, not robbing blind with increased APR's and crackpot policies for their credit and transfers. I am transferring all my balances off these cards to other companies who don't make it IMPOSSIBLE to reach them. Go to Capital One's website and you won't find an address ANYWHERE, that should be criminal. I should be able to drive to their headquarters and yell at someone if I felt like it!

Capital One doesn't really want you to pay on-time. They refused to take my payment because I wouldn't give them my full SS# number over the phone. I have been a customer for years and they have my personal info. I asked for the supervisor last name and she said she couldn't give out due to security reasons....duh but she wanted my SS#. I hung up and called back got another rep who processed my payment.

I wish I could rate Capital One lower, like Negative 50 million. I recently found out that I have lost all of my "No Hassle" reward points. They supposedly sent me a letter stating that if I wanted to continue with the rewards program I had to respond to Opt-in. I do not recall receiving such a letter. I mean come on who would NOT want to Opt-in to keep a free rewards program? It makes NO sense. And how is that “No-Hassle?” Capital One is a joke. They have lost a customer in me, not that they care.

WOW does this companies CEO or anyone read these things I have gone through exactly what all these people have gone through my biggest problem is this WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY SAYING?????? my 10 year old told me to push the english button I laughed there isn't one! and on top of it they are the most rudest people i have ever talk to and no I'm not late! IN FACT NEVER HAVE BEEN as my pay days changed to two days later OMG ya would have thought I messed them up for years to come, I said I'm sorry I'm having a hard time understanding you she hung up on me who ever you are mr CEO or head of this fine company you must really not give a shit to have not one score higher then POOR SO TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE IF ANYONE IS FROM ARIZONA CALL 3 ON YOUR SIDE I DID AND THEY WILL INVESTAGATE AND PUT THEM ON T.V FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL AND CAPITAL ONE YOU ARE A SORRY COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am furious. When I received a call from Capital One to see if I could "make up a payment that I was behind on" I was more then willing to do this and set up a 3 month plan for them to take additional money automatically from my account. Yes very stupid thing to do!!! On the final month, they automatically took out two payments within 2 weeks. It ended up being $818. When I called to tell them they put my account in the negative, they proceeded to tell me that they can't put the funds back in until I do a dispute letter AND then it would take up to 3 buisness days!! All this was done on a Friday leaving me without funds for a week-end and then into the next week. Well I am here on that third day, with $130 in NSF fees no money for food and no money for gas. I have borrowed money from friends, and family and now my son is out of medicine that he needs and I can't get them! I filed a complaint with the Attorney's General office and I called my local news who does stories on consumers in trouble. So maybe I will be on the NEWS! OH this has been fun!

attempted to pay off my credit card. Manager in CC department had me on phone for almost 30 minutes....still not done as I hung up. I requested she connect me with someone above her as she could not complete the pay off, she told me NO. If you like wasting time, this is the bank for you.

I haven't had my card for a good 2 hours when it was suspended. Was told that my password was set and I could use at an ATM NOW. Went to the Atm and needless to say it didn't work. Tried several times got locked out of atm. Called from grocery store (on their phone) and was was told that the pin would reset by midnight, oh no 24 hours oh no midnight. Then finally told some 45 minutes later that it could take up to 2 weeks for them to send me a new pin. I only had the pin for about an hour. Was given suggestions by a manager (HTC984) very nice and tried to help. Told me to try a cash advance with my bank tomorow. Came back home did the cash advace onlin and the card was declined. Called back in and spoke to "Mr. I am so bored with ths conversation Jeffrey (CSK411)" and was told by him my entire card has been suspened. That happen from thetime I hung up from the mangaer got in my car mad a 5 minute ride took another 5 miutes totry the cash advance be declined and call back to Capital One. What kind of crap is that. Now I have to send in my first born child to get my card unsuspended.

This is concerning an auto loan: Due to the economy I lost the ability to make a payment on time. I called Capital One Auto Finance (got a call center in India) and requested a deferment. I have had the loan for 4 years with NO late payments. I was told by the first representative that I did not qualify because of my credit score... what the heck does my credit score have to do with ANYTHING. I asked him this and his response was: it is the system that says we cannot do a deferment; I cannot override the system. I asked for a supervisor and he said there are no supervisors here. I wound up arguing with him for a half an hour before he told me he would place me on eternal hold I then argued that point; you cannot do that. I finally got him to transfer me to a supervisor. Guess what? He told me the same crap. I asked for a corporate number and he said he did not have that information. He asked if I wanted a call back in 24 hrs and I said no I want to talk to someone who can help me now. He said there is no one here above me. I finally agreed to a call back... you know the answer this one - No call back the next day, or the day after that. My husband called them the day after the call was supposed to come. He easily had the situation escalated to a manager and was able to get a deferment - for $35! Good and bad; the $35 is just that much more we have to save to make the payment. It makes no sense whatsoever. Capital One is not now a lender I would ever choose - they were chosen by the dealership where I bought the car. If you plan on auto financing, steer way clear of Capital One Auto Finance. For those who need it the corporate number is: (703) 720-1000 1680 Capital One Drive McLean, Virginia 22102 This was written by the husband of the woman with the car loan. To all of you dealing with Capital One Auto Finance; best of luck. If you want to file a complaint go to rippedoffonline.com

My account was closed by me the end of last month with a credit balance of over $8,000. I'm now having trouble getting my refund check back for the over payment. Now wouldn't you like to be in this situation!

When does it matter to the Corporation when you have someone in charge of Corporate Security Services using contract security guards as Security Consultants? Apparently, it doesn't! You may want to take a look at your Dallas/Plano location off of Preston Rd.. Even your contract security provider knows about it! As a prior "client" to this "contract security" company, I would highly recommend re-evaluating the quality of services you are actually paying for. Don't let "made up" claims be your guide!

Capital One is an extreme case of a credit card Company that has off-shored its Disputes Department to a Costa Rica call center which has personnel that are extremely not reasonable and not helpful in resolving a dispute charge.

Yes, the customer service reps are rude, for the most part. My strategy in dealing with them is to just hang up on rude customers service reps and call back until I get someone that is (a) competent and (b) civil. Just today I noticed that I was being charged a finance charge (and I pay my bill in full every month). I called to question the charge and hung up on two reps before I found one who was able and willing to assist me.

People need to start being repremanded for simple "mistakes". We have to talk to 500 different people before we get a correct answer. Capital one took out our entire balance form the bank instead of the minimum payment. We were told it would take 3 business days by TWO different people. Three business days passed, no refund. Then we get on the phone and they say it will take 3-5 business days. So we finally talk to a "supervisor" who says it is 10 business days!!! We have yet to recieve an apology for all the mistakes that have been made with our money!

This is the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. They hide all the access numbers and redirect you to other companies so you can't even call headquarters and complain. to mr smarty pants who said pay off your account in full stop complaining...the one month i had the money to pay off my account in full they CHARGED ME FOR PAYING OFF MY CARD!!! so ridiculous! what an awful experience dealing with this company and their bank is just as awful. never ever EVER again!

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