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I will never open a capitol on credit card in my life. Did you know that the customer service staff are actually trained in how to fustrate the customer so that the financial agency can gain. They find individuals that speak little english, and use poor phone lines so that you can't hear properly and in the end you give in! They constantly disconnect you and pass you along to other departments 10-12 times. All is part of their plan, that is crazy! I hope as consumers we can put an end to this!

Held for 50 minutes. Called 3 times before this and kept getting customer service agents that hardly spoke English. What a horrible system. I am in the process of canceling four (4) credit cards

I applied for a capital one secured master card.... they took out my whole checking account of 2,221.00 and i called them to get my money back.... they said that in 5 days max my money would be returned to my account. its the 5th day and it has not been re-deposited into my account and ontop of that, I am trying to contact them as of right now and noone will answer and the phone keeps hanging up.

I tried last year to make payment arrangemts with Capital One and to noavail. Then I get harrassing calls from an 800 number who does not leave their name. I finally called them back and the woman was so rude and demanding. I explained to her that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES give out my information to a a 3RD PARTY. Then I made several calls to Capital One 800 number and spoke to supervisors who had an attitude that, this is the way it is and no way around it. I then call Capital Corporate Office and get a Senior Acct. Manager who then connects me to someone in Recovery, who automatically sends me over to 3rd part collection agency. After I explained more that once I will not deal with a 3rd PARTY. The Acct. Manager gets a 4 STAR., for willing to help. I then call back AGAIN and get a wonderful Senior Acct. Mgr. and gave a payment to her. But it all boiled down to that I must speak to thie 3rd PARTY. I told her in no uncertain terms I would not. SHE GETS 5 STARS and Kudos for being the only human being willing to work with me regarding my account. She called the Recovery Dept with Capital One and the 3rd Party and of course to no avail could she rectify my problem, so I could deal with CAPITAL ONE ONLY. They must not want their money, or they would listen and read what customers have to say.

If I could give 0 stars I would. The customer service is a joke and I agree with what others on here have said. They do not give you the information you need. The responses are like they are being typed or read off of a script and no matter what you ask you get one of those answers. Also cannot understand the customer service person so still do not know what my pay off is? I even asked for someone else and still got the same thing. When you try to pay them off it just goes on and on. I have never seen such a mess especially from such a large corporation. HorribleX!

for all you upset with capital one...i find cash(a hobby)and located $20,000.00 due to capital one.tried everyway i could to get contact number for corporate office.they are really bad at giving any good info. maybe a blessing they wont see this $$$...probably don't need it as they overcharge on zero bal.accounts....:>)

I have been with Chevy chase bank which now is capital one bank for 9 yrs I have never had a problem until capital one took over. I went into a branch because I knew my check was going to bounce so I asked to put a stop payment on it , la'chain the bank manger tells me I can not put a stop payment on the check because I know there is not enough funds. instead of being able to cancel the check for $37.00 I am now up to $600.00 in over draft fees, this is the worst bank to had to deal with trying to get anywhere with them is like becoming a millionaire you keep trying and get no where. I have never heard of not being able to cancel a check, this bank is a total rip off, I couldn't even afford to get my son's seizure meds because of this jackoff telling me I couldn't cancel the check. I will be closing this account ASAP!!!!!!!!

Customer service is terrible, they put you on hold and never get back to you. Or you get their answering machine. I have an problem with the IRS and need to get it cleared up, but all you get is the run around I cannot wait to pay off my loan so I can close all my accts. I will have my whole family take out their money from Capital One. Then maybe they will start listening to their customers

So Unprofessional human being. This is my first impression of Capital One Branch on 33rd and 7th avenue.I am very upset how the Representative treated me. The appointment was Wednesday, May 18,2011 @ 9;30am in our office ,the representative send me an email which I will send a copy to the Corporate Office,asked me if the President of the Company will be in the meeting,I replied no.Got 2nd email, rescheduling the meeting on Thursday, May 19 and we will meet at the Branch not in our Office which was the original arrangement, then it got better, Thursday, May 19 I arrived around 9:20am,Lisa @ the Bank who made the appointment with the Rep, spoke to me and said the meeting was cancelled because one of the Rep can not make it. On the day of the meeting......I did not get the email nor the phone call before I left for the meeting, what a waste of time, more to say but I will just write a letter to the Corporate Office for them to know the kind of business practices the Branch at 33rd and 7th avenue, New York City.

fortunately, my experience is that personnel were very nice, results however, disappointing - i just want to open a donation account for a dear friend needing unaffordable surgery - friends all over the state want to help but so far two attempts to open the account have not produced results - hold a good thought everyone, i plan to try one more time.

I am a 63 year-old on Social Security Disability. Attempting to make a withdrawal from my Capital One Checking Account, I found to my chagrin that a lien had been placed against my account by the NY State Tax Department for more money than what I receive in disability benefits in an entire year. Because it was an error, the Tax Department instructed the bank to remove the lien,, and as instructed by the legal department of Capital One,if a second letter was forwarded to the legal department acknowledging the lien was placed in error, that the $100 "processing fee" the bank had debited from my account would be returned. The tax department sent such a letter, and Capital One then reneged on returning my $100 fee--reversing what they had originally said. I needed the money to pay for medications for a chronic disease, and am stunned at my inability to directly speak with anyone in Capital One's legal department, but more so at the evident lack of public relations and sensitivity to the real-world lives of Capital One customers.

Recently I sent a secure email to Capital One suggesting that they stop putting a bunch of links in their email notification. I explained to them that this may induce clients who are not so clever to fall for a phishing (yes with ph) scam and click on a link inside a legitimate looking email. I also took the time to explain to Capital One in my email that Canadian banks do not put any links on any email notification they send to their clients. The reason is that if the clients are receiving an email notification is because they are Internet savvy and know the URL of their financial institution. What was the response from Capital one to my concerns? See copy of the email they sent to me below. It is incredible the level of bad customer service and outright stupidity. ***************************************************** Beginning of first email from reply from Capital One Hello J F Jr. Thanks for your recent message. To see if the e-mail you received is valid, please forward the complete e-mail to abuse@capitalone.com. If you’d like to check the validity of a Web address you visited, please forward the complete Web address to abuse@capitalone.com so that we can validate it. If you can’t forward the information, please know that your personal information remains safe with us. When we identify suspicious e-mails or Web site, we work with law enforcement and other agencies to shutdown these fraudulent activity. Please do not include attachments in your e-mail to abuse@capitalone.com because they will not be opened. Thank you for helping us identify and prevent fraud. Sincerely, Capital One ***************************************************** End of first email from reply from Capital One I then emailed them again saying that I didn't had any issues. That I was only providing them with a suggestion and that I didn't want to receive 8 ugly looking link in my email notification. Their response? See below. ***************************************************** Beginning of second email from reply from Capital One Hello J F Jr, Thanks for your message. We'll be glad to assist you. Please call our Online Technical Support Department at 1-866-750-0873 and say or choose the corresponding option number from the following choices: Unlock Account or press 1 Reset Password or press 2 Mobile Banking or press 3 Technical Support or press 4 General Account Questions or press 5 Our representatives are available 24 hours every day for your convenience. Thanks for being a Capital One® customer, and please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you in the future. Regards, Capital One Hello Jair Ferreira Jr., Thanks for your message. We'll be glad to assist you. Please call our Online Technical Support Department at 1-866-750-0873 and say or choose the corresponding option number from the following choices: Unlock Account or press 1 Reset Password or press 2 Mobile Banking or press 3 Technical Support or press 4 General Account Questions or press 5 Our representatives are available 24 hours every day for your convenience. Thanks for being a Capital One® customer, and please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you in the future. Regards, Capital One ***************************************************** End of second email from reply from Capital One I could not believe my eyes. Being a Canadian I'm used to get a direct reply to my inquiries when I email my bank. I found it actually very funny, entertaining and stupid at the same time. Obviously Capital One does not care and they just copy and paste a reply and just go to the next email. My last email to Capital one was this one below: ***************************************************** Beginning of my last email to Capital One Hi, is this for real? I was making a suggestion, why do I've to call Customer Service? Do you guys read the email or this is just a way to brush it off? Interesting for sure, very funny! Thanks ***************************************************** End of my last email to Capital One They just replied to my note again with the same crap to call them. So if I need to call why is that they have a secure email system in their website? Yes sire, this company sucks. So if you get email notification from them be prepared to have to read a long stupid list of links at the very top of the email. This list is not only ugly, it is also a hazard, because it legitimates email links inside Bank Notification email and it may predispose you to click on a link inside a fake email. So my advise to you is: NEVER, ever...click on a link on any email that proposes to take you to a bank site. Just type the URL in a browser yourself or use a link you had saved previously. As a computer expert with a large Canadian bank I've seem my share of people getting their account compromised because they click on a fake link and got directed to a fake, but legitimate looking website, where they provided their bank credentials. The bank refunded the money, but some of the clients had so many issues with their accounts and mortgage and bills went unpaid and they had to waste a lot of time to clean up the mess afterwards. As for Capital One: SHAME ON YOU. YOU ARE THE WORST FINANCIAL COMPANY I'VE EVER DEALT WITH IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. BECAUSE OF THIS VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND STUPID ATTITUDE TOWARDS INFORMATION SECURITY I WILL BE CLOSING MY ACCOUNT VERY SOON. Thank you.

Capital One's main goal is to make your credit look bad so they can charge you higher interest rates period. Last year they automatically slammed my account into a e statement category without my consent. The account ended up being 1 day late allowing them to charge the default interest rate of 29.9 % which then securitize into groups of accounts which are then sold to investors . It is now impossible to get your interest rate lowered.The only way to fight these guys is by shaming them in public and file multi-million dollar lawsuits.

As I am on ss and unable to work any more. I am trying to cover my bills the best I can. I have been told by the company that I have to have paid my full amount owed (apparently)with rediculous interset rates 12 months in a row--even tho the people I contacted gave me consessions, apparently this doesn't count!!! Now I must pay what is owed (God help me if this is not the right amount that they have listed on their bill)-- for 12 months!! I will never recommend this credit card to any one and am not sure if I am paying this one!! I dare you to turn this in to your CEO if you have one---as he or she is invisible!! That is a smart way to keep it!! Maybe the US attorney general would like to see this???

Too bad you don't have stars for "they suck"! Take everyone's advice and NEVER do business with Capitol One. It is really too bad Capital One Corp Hdqrtrs doesn't see this. Maybe it would prompt some changes to the way they do business. Not sure how they stay in business as they are very secretive when trying to contact them, pass calls from person to person, don't let you speak with a supervisor nor anyone from headquarters. Perfect, awful example of corporate bullshit at its finest.

Worst credit card company ever. I applied for the card because of the 1% cash back. I paid the card in full the first month via ACH (electronic payment from by bank's online bill-pay). No problem. I paid it in full the second month. A few days later I found I had no available credit. Why? The amount of my electronic payment exceeded the amount that Capital One will routinely accept, so they put a 12 day hold on it. And denied access to the rest of the available credit. So get this - if I pay each month, I can't use the card for the first 12 days after the payment is received. Confirmed by the CSR. BTW my credit score is 825. I have significant income and my spend may be $5k+ in some months. But clearly won't be at Capital One. Useless.

Capital One does not report to the bureaus the way that they should. My account was over the limit due to a mistake of theirs. They reported that amount to the credit bureau immediately. I have since paid that card down to $0, guess what...Capital One hasn't reported that to the bureaus and it's about time that they report that info. I knew someone that worked for Capital One in Virginia and she said that she left because she was tired of their unethical practices and the shadiness that they did with customers. She advised me that Capital One has had a negative effect on alot of peoples credit scores even those with good credit. To sum it up, Capital Ones wants your credit report to look negative to other lenders so that they can try to keep your business for whatever it is worth. Do bad, they quickly report, do good, they take their time reporting. BEWARE: IF YOU DON'T HAVE A CAPITAL ONE CARD, PLEASE DO NOT GET ONE AND IF YOU ARE STILL AN ACTIVE CARDHOLDER, PAY THAT BALANCE OFF EVERY MONTH OR AS CLOSE TO IT AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!!! The government really needs to regulate these credit card companies and change the way FICO is scored because that too is unfair how scoring is done. STAY AWAY FROM CAPITAL ONE!!!

Shame on you Capitol One! You advertise "Hassle Free" and that is not the case. They may as well be "Peggy" in the frozen tundra.

hello to whom is the brains behind designing the new banks in n.y area you get a big fat zero that is "0" that is rite i live in community of east rockaway l.i. ny u know where that is you just did something so wrong with my bank i am leaving your bank for stupidy on re doing this bank on modernizing, sorry you forgot about the coustomer, and in valley stream you really, messed up 2 flight of stairs atm downstairs never works you should do your banking there also. ohhhh again you forgot about the coustomer, very sad somebody that has a degree in common sense shoud go around and ask what you should do to make it right , i am going to different bank

Worst experience with a bank thus far! I called to get a ONE-TIME increase on my account to book a summer vacation. I was told, I had more than enough money in my account for the charge and no holds or over-the limit concerns--however, the amount of my trip exceeded my daily allowance and therefore they would not be able to allow the travel amount to be charged. I asked to speak to a general manager and he too agreed that all my funds were in order, but there was nothing he could do to help. When I asked to get a number to speak to a corporate manager, he gave me the name of Lynn (the VP of banking operations) but stated she would not accept calls from customers to discuss account matters. I stated I would like to discuss a concern reagrding operations in these circumstances, and he stated..."well, we have no need to ever contact corporate, therefore I do not have a number to give you." I asked if the call was being recorded so I might could have someone reference this conversation once I did reach a person in the corporate office, he said--yes, but I answer your questions, just not help you with your request at this time. So frustrated--closing my account tomorrow! DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY--go to Bank of America!

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