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terrible worst ever

never again, never again. worst credit card i have ever owned. had one in the 90's it was not that bad now they are horrible. can't resolve issues on the phone put you on hold for extended amounts of time over a hour in my case. transferred to 5 to 10 different people each time. Hate them!!! Theives

Bad customer service

I had online/automated payments that stopped as a result of an computer outage on their end. I was traveling and missed ONE PAYMENT IN A DECADE! They WILL NOT remove it from my credit files although the admit freely that that outage required a total restart on their online banking. Basically they LOST my routing information and have NOW Penalized ME for their problem!!! STAY AWAY FROM CAPITOL ONE!

Capital One is the worst businesses I have ever dealt with. Their customer service is terrible and every representative contradicts the other one. This is the WORST service I have had in my 60 years of life.


I called on sunday feb 17 2013 to pay my balance in full and now i find out that the operater only paid the balnce of 100.00 when she was confirming the payment she said that she was paying the full balance which was 507.00. and now they won't do anything to make it right


Capital one is the worst people to do business with, Made a loan for car and 45 days later recalled the loan and we had to take the car back. After we got rid of our older car first then they recalled the loan. Very bad company to deal with and poor business practice. I hope they go out of business and soon.

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we were approached to sponsor us and known up and comeback actress, singer from the war time struggles. where somehow they have breached and owe for the marketing sponsorship now close to $200,000 and also got snowballed in the credit protection cause she is supposed to represent them but now it seems since alex baldwin and the other guy getting the funds it has caused so much problem for the 501 3 and the small business card and now they owe a ton of money from invoice and also the class action settlement if they would of been loyal to her and the agreement she could help with damage control ..in part they are not thinking smart

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If I could rate -5 I would. I have read the previous statements from other customers and I am shocked what is happening within this multibillion financial institution. Last year I have opened a secured credit card with Capital One and I put down a deposit of $200. Later I wanted to increase my credit limit so I deposited $650 more as to have $1000 available including the $150 they offered. I have used the card during my travels in Europe and paid off balance as soon as I returned to the country. I have never been late with my payments and didn’t have an outstanding balance either. This year on April the 12th i have closed the account with 0 balance and when i have called when I should expect my check to arrive I have been told that the bank will withhold my money for 60 DAYS. After waiting for 60 days I have called again and I was told that it takes 10 to 14 days to print and send a check. I waited for that as well. I called again and I was told that the check has been sent which has never arrived of course. I asked for a confirmation number or tracking number but they didnt have one of course. After 3 1/2 months of waiting i called being upset and a manager called Michael told me that my case has become a fraud and that someone cashed out my check in Delaware 9 days after I have closed my account on April 21st. I was shocked to hear that because talking to at least 10 people on the phone not one has mentioned anything about that but all of them lied and mislead me with the 60 day story. This manager told me to go to local police department and file a case of fraud... Obviously he does not live in this country and as a "manager" for a financial institution is not his place to tell me how to file a fraud case that happened within their company. He refused to give me any information about the check that has been cashed out, where, what bank, check number, where by law they were supposed to send me a copy of the cashed out check within 30 days of cashing out. I didnt receive any copy to this day or any information about it. I have called several times since and all I get is just the runaround for 2 hours being on the phone and putting me on hold for half hours at a time. I would like to get my $850 deposit money back from the bank since they have been holding illegally for more then 5 months. The second complain is that Capital One had opened another account in my name after I have started the dispute about my deposit and in June they told me that I have another account with a credit limit of $500 which as they told me I have never used. Of course I have never used because I have never opened it so they asked me if I agree to close that account. I told them I do not have such an account and I never opened one. They went ahead and closed that account and reported the closing of that account to the credit agencies as "delinquent". I am very upset because they ruined my credit score and my credit, i couldnt rent the apartment I wanted because of a low credit score which really affected my whole life. I want them to take that report back from the agencies and clear my credit asap for illegal reporting of false information. I dont know how all these things are possible to happen in a national financial institution.I will try to alert everyone about Capital One Bank's action.

The problem with capitol one is that they need to make sure their online system is up to date and accurate. School their customer service reps, acct reps and the like in cordial interactive and responsive social graces; especially overseas personale. If you make a statement and take notes on accounts, please put these in your records, whether online or in personal client files so that the next time customers call you have this on hand. I must say that some of the people there are ok, we must voice the good and the bad.

I have two Capital One accounts. Both have been paid in full since 2010. It is 2012 and I have not been receiving any statements. Since I am now housebound and in my 80's I decided to close these accounts. The customer service did not closed my accounts but rather has sent new statements showing I owe them a renewal fee. To make a long story short this is month four and they are standing firm that in order to close the accounts I must pay off the balance due (renewal fee + Fees and Interest Charged) and provide them with a notarized document with my current address, account number, Social Security number, date of birth and the case ID that appears at the top of this letter. I do not understand why I am being charged a renewal fee or why this information is needed to close my accounts and they do not provide a solid explaination for either. This feels like strong arm tatics to get me to pay them for closing my accounts.

Capital one on Franklin ave. franklin square, ny is the worst. Employee's attitude is very poor. They don't care about their customers. They shut their coin counting machine off more then an hour before they close to prove out and refuse to accept rolled coins. Only after an argument they accepted rolled coins but counted each coin in every roll and kept me waiting 15 minutes when someone was waiting for me in the car in the hot heat. Very poor service and attitude. They even refused to give me the phone number of their corporate executive office to call and complain. So much for government regulation.

Capital One claims that they have an "Early Fraud Protection Program." They must be kidding!! On 6/22/12, Capital One called me to ask if I had made recent changes and charges of over $18,000 to my account (my credit limit is $15,000). I told them "no" and they told me that I was a victim of Identity Fraud/Theft. From 6/11/12 to 6/22/12, Capital One had let someone change my address from my address in California to an address in Pennsylvania. Capital One changed my California phone number to a number in Texas. They authorized a user by the name of Billie Degeorge to my account. They activated and sent out cards to my so called new users. They let them charge $6354.70 to Lenovo, $4091.54 to HP Homestore, $4234.70 again to Lenovo and $3699.24 to Walmart. On 6/18/12, the Walmart charge was reversed because they had detected fraud. Capital One did not detect fraud until they called me on 6/22/12!! If Walmart detected fraud...how is it possible that Capital One did not detect fraud??! I rarely used my Capital One credit card and that makes it more suspicious. I only used my Capital One card about 3 or 4 times a year for purchases around $100 or $200. I don't know how Capital One did not detect all that abnormal activity on my credit card. Their Fraud Department claims that their "computers" did not detect the fraud. I kept asking them what is their "Early Fraud Protection Program" and they could not give me an answer. They let someone make all those changes and charges without once calling me or emailing me. They waited till someone charged way over my credit limit before they even called me to verify if I had made all those changes. What really gets me is that they waited toooo long and unfortunately the $6354.70 Lenovo charge for 4 computers were sent to an address in Pennsylvania. I had the UPS tracking number and address and Capital One did not care. They wouldn't even call HP Homestore or Lenovo to stop the purchases made on 6/20/12 and 6/21/12. They told me that they have to first assign an "investigator" to my case and then they would deal with HP Homestore and Lenovo and that an investigator would be assigned in 4 to 6 days. By that time the thieves would have received all the computers/electronics purchased fraudulently. I had to beg them for the phone numbers of HP Homestore and Lenovo and I called them to cancel the orders. I prevented the thieves from over $8300.00 in purchases. Both HP Homestore and Lenovo were thankful that I had called them and stopped the shipments from going out to the crooks/thieves. Capital One still has not answered my question as to what is their "Early Fraud Protection Program" because I feel that they totally failed at protecting me. I just want answers as to how and why Capital One can let all this happen and not be able to detect fraud. I'm beginning to think that it is a Capital One internal problem. I have other credit cards with $40,000 and $18,000 credit limits and those cards were not touched. The Identity Thieves only concentrated on my Capital One credit card for 11 days and Capital One was so ignorant at not being able to detect all that fraudulent activity. What good is their Fraud Department if they can't even call their customer to verify a change such as phone number or address change. I have another bank credit card and their Fraud department calls me every little change. Capital One lets address changes, phone changes, authorizing new users and sending out new cards and making charges over $18,000 without one phone call or email. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

I paid my account in full in Feb. 2012 to HSBC. Capital one purchased HSBC in Apr. 2012. Have yet to receive a receipt from either company. I have phoned numerous times, written letters etc., all to be told I need to submit a request in writing to get that information. I have already, today is 6 28 2012. No receipt yet, I thought it was thier legal obligation. Boy was I wrong. Capital One isn't interested in providing customer service. Once you sign on, they own you. You WILL regret doing business with these people. Hope this helps in your decision when you select a credit card company. Also, there isn't a low enough star on the rating board. I give this company a 0. Absolute worst.

I after just getting the credit card(my first ever)...to set up the online banking, then paid my annual fee of $29.00 with my savings account... a few days after, I logged on and it was restricted. I faxed them everything they asked but all they did was ask for more things that stopped the process of proving it was me who made the payment. Crazy, too think anyone else would pay my annual fee but me...if it is my credit card. Customer service and fraud people on the phone were rude. I DON'T RECOMMEND capital one to NO ONE!!!! Capital One will not let me close the account, so I will just let it sit there...until they cancel it themselves.

On June 15th I made a payment of 606.34 to pay off my credit card. Before I finished processing this, with the acceptance of terms, I popp up occurred that said they were having technical difficulties and try again later which I did. The second try went thru. However when I checked my checking account they took out 2 payments of 606.34. I contacted consumer services twice and was told the over payment would be back in my account in 3 days. The second time I contacted them because the money was not put back in my account they said it would take 5 days. I am now on day 8 and the money isn't there. This is definitely theft. When someone takes your money without the authority to do so it is called theft, because I never got to the point of agreeing to their terms. My next call will be to the States' Attorney General's office. It would also be nice for the person who is supposed to assist you lives in the US. After this experience I will be cancelling my 3 accounts and will never use them again. They don't care if you have bills to pay. They just take your money they are not entitled to take. I need to say in all the years I have had these accounts I have never ever been late and also have a money market account.

I have a business card with Capitol One. They told me when I signed up that I can go over the limit without any fee and there was no cap of what I go over. Yesterday, I needed to charge knowing it would exceed my limit, and it was declined. I called Capital One and they said, the limit can vary and is not a set limit. I said if there is a limit I need to know but they cannot tell me. I paid off my card yesterday and was able to charge what I needed. I have never kept a balance on any credit card not ever late though they will not give my credit limit an increase. I need to charge ten thousand more today, but they have no way for me to pay them until the other charge is posted. I offered to send them extra funds to cover any amount I need to charge but they said I cannot. I offered to allow them to put a hold on my checking which has 10 times the amount I need to charge, but they said they cannot. All they said is I cannot get an increase and will have to wait until my charge yesterday posts and pay it off, then I can charge more. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING CAPITAL ONE FOR A BUSINESS CREDIT CARD!!!!

capitol one has called several times each and every day with an "unknown caller" id starting at 8am every morning and a few more times during the day to tell us over and over that they bought out HSBC. We have called them asking for them to stop these calls to no avail. Then when we were late on a payment by a week they started with more calls harassing us to pay the money now or they would attack our credit score. after a week. That is an illegal practice and we are currently talking to lawyers to hit them the only place they understand, their pocket book.To my understanding Capitol one will not only pay our lawyers over inflated bill but may end up paying off our account so we can close it from this capitol one ethics free company.

ceo Fairbanks is resonsible for alec baldwin to be the spokesman for the company. He called republicans liars and thieves. I guess all these big corp. are all leftists like baldwin. Shame on you for using this creature as your front man. I have the capital one credit card for ten years.

I had my hsbc mastercard card for two years paid off monthly, never late, paid annual fees. When capital one took overin May they not only took amy annual fee but closed my hsbc account a week before the annual fee payment was even due! As i said i always pay earlyand pay my cards off and now im out $59.00. I guess the lesson to learn here is close any credit accounts with a 0 balance before a credit card merger. If they are gonna close it you might as well do it first. By the way my credit score went down due to their actions. I made sure to file an ftc complaint. If enough customers have the same problem the ftc will eat that company alive with fees and refunds to screwed customers, that is my hope anyway!!

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