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sugerbowl endorsment

I can not believe watching the sugar bowl you would have an actor representing your company(Samuel Jackson). A person that sides with criminal's and endorses acts of violence against this country's Police forces. I will never be using any of your services again.

Unlawful collections

Capital One does not abide by Public Law 111 of 2009 with regard to application of payments. Notably there are other consumer complaints about Capital One.


no respect for the consumer. the total runaround in financial services area. DON'T USE THIS BANK FOR INVESTMENTS!!! This doesn't even rate one star. but because it won't take my review unless i put a star i'm giving it one

Your outsourced call centers are awful

Stop putting profits over customer service ! Your outsourcing causes loyal customes to close there accounts. On multiple calls it required 14 to 16 phone calls. Totally unacceptable. Whats Not In mmy wallet? CAPITAL ONE

Just closed my account after I received balance transfer checks for my account and also in my envelope were balance transfer checks to someone else's account. Customer service couldn't care less & the alleged supervisor was useless!!

what happened to knowing your customer?

I'm closing my bank accounts. You would think that Capital One would separate themselves by the competition by providing better customer service at the branch level. Obviously they don't. After 7 years of coming to the same branch they still don't know who I am.

Worst Bank Ever

This bank just ignores its customers. Their "secure message" doesn't respond, no matter how many emails you're sending them. Will close my two accounts with them as soon as I'll be back in the country.

Waste of investment fees

Having Alec Baldwin & Samuel L Jackson as your pitchmen is a waste of the fees you charge me for investing with Sharebuilder. I knew when Capital One bought Sharebuilder the standing of Sharebuilder as a great Company/Product would suffer. Sad!!

Shame on Capital one Representatives and Management

After 9 exhaustive phone calls with Capital One fraud department, my wife and I have decided to cut our cards and transfer all pending charges (approximately $13000.) to a different card company as a result of misinformation, lies, and utter rudeness. With the exception if one gentleman, the others never took the time to listen, despite the courtesy I extended to each of them. One would think that mass compromise, misinformation and rudeness, along with a very poor rating on a survey received from Capital One and returned to them would be enough to get someone's attention. Evidently I have been with the wrong company.

I have decided to end my relationship with Capital One because of your spokesperson Alex Baldwin... I will do my banking elsewhere..

No longer will I use their credit card because of their support of that bigot alex baldwin

A. Baldwin

I can't believe a company of this standing has Alex Baldwin as a spokesperson, I will take my business elsewhere.


The CC division lied to me about my credit card use capabilities and then denied me that capability. Additionally, the wouldn't let me use the card once I paid it off in full (they said I had to wait 24 hours for the check to clear)! Wow, talk about trust... And everytime I tried to talk with a superior I was sent to El Salvador, where I felt the managers had no power to work outside the box, sort of speak. Not a happy camper...

Poor Representation

I am (soon to be was) a customer of this bank. I can not believe that this corporation has a personality like Alec Baldwin spouting off homophobic rhetoric and still has his face across the TV doing ads. I will be paying off my loan with this bank and ensuring all my accounts are closed. Removing money from an account is one thing, but to use my money to pay off a loan early says "I want nothing to do with this institution." It is one thing to be insensitive 30 years ago, but this is current. I am retired military and will defend Baldwin's rights to say or write what he wants. But thousands of people look up to him and we need to hold him to a higher standard. He needs to ask Sheen, who he went to see for anger management.

Alec Balwin

Why is it that Alec Baldwin can shoot his mouth off constantly and noone opens their mouth about it? Paula Deen on the other hand says something 32 years ago when her life was in danger and they crucify her. Ya think it's a double standard?! I think Alec Baldwin needs anger management classes and sensitivity training. I would not want him representing my company for fear that people would think that I condoned his behavior. DUMP HIM!


Paula Dean made a mistake years ago, she has apologized, but is being crucified by Home Depot, Wall-Mart and others, Her only real sin is that she held her ground, and refused to have money extorted from her company, otherwise this would have never happened, but Alek Baldwin, a true loon in every sense of the word is representing Capital One? really? after his homophobic rant? Shame on the lies and hypocrisy.


I have paid these people ahead of time for well over a year. Not only was my rate increased to 16% (from 12) but I was sent a pre-approved credit card of 25%. They even offered my son one for 23%. I guess they figured we were desperate so they would go in for the kill.

Capital one is one of the best banks I have ever dealt with. There is never a problem, the manager, Ralph, is one of the best managers I have ever spoke with. He makes everything simple and calming. I will never leave this bank. Highly recommended.

Worst Customer Serivce

I have been trying to reset my pin on my account for 2 weeks and NO ONE WILL HELP ME - WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I could give them a negative rating I would

Terrible customer service

Because of an unexpected divorce, I was forced to file for bankruptcy. I did not want to include my Capital One credit card in this because I was never late with my payment and I wanted to continue paying as I always had. I was told by a "supervisor" in customer service that Capital One does not participate in the reaffirmation program for bankruptcies, and I would just have to let the card go. I can't believe that Capital One would not want to keep a customer who intends to continue paying on their account. The "supervisor" was rude and pretty much hung up on me. i can see that I am not taking much of a loss by not continuing my relationship with Capital One.

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