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Id like to grab habib through the phone n beat some English in em. Very rude, wouldn't or couldn't answer easy questions, wtf. Cancel the cards, orchard banks open as well, same interest n there not asswholes.

I have had capital one card since 2001. Used to be good company to deal with not anymore. After making a online payment at 3:15 central time . On the due date. They moved my interest rate to default 29.99%. I called them and they said payments had to be received by 4:00 eastern time so I was charged a $39 late fee and put on default interest rates. I paid off the 5000 balance in full because of this. Then then they billed me the next month for another $110.00 for prior months interest. I called to ask about this and to see if they would reduce the interest rate since I paid it off. They told me no I would have to wait 11 months then they would drop the rate. I told them yea right . I'll send them there last 110.00 they will ever get from me then close my account.

8/16/11 Capital One sucks! They have no interest in keeping customers or working with those of us who are having hard times financially. They save money by outsourcing their customer service department overseas(they do a "My name is Peggy") on you, and fail to try to work with their customers to keep them in good standing. They charge ourages late fees ($35.00)and will credit your account but they won't wipe a late fee out and allow you to pay the amount (minus late fee) on time, thus causing another $35.00 late fee. How does crediting my account but charging another late fee help anyone? Maybe in India or the Philippines it makes sense but not here. Chase on the other hand, makes every effort to settle your debt with them. They create payment plans that are workable. It's a pleasure doing business with a financial institute that really shows they care about their customers. Shame on you Capital One!

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Worse company ever - untrustworthy - Set up a monthly payment to be withdrawn from my checking account and they have helped them selves!!! Have taken several UNAUTHORIZED payment outs - some doubled payments in the same month - Can't get a hold of any one to get my money back - I say JAMAL (my rep) is paying his bills with my money -


Absolutely disgusting business practice. Capital One raised my interest without informing me and gave some B.S excuse why they can't lower it back to it's original rate... Word of advice, do NOT do business with Capital One. They want to know "what's in your wallet" so they can take it. STAY AWAY!!

This company scams everyone! They have a 800 number that disconnects you if you ask to speak to anyone. I am urging everyone to contact their State Attorney General's office of consumer protection so we can begin class actions against this company. I have seen literally hundreds of complaints on the internet about Capital One! Call your State Attorney General or visit the Attorney General's website. You can also call your Congressman or Senator but we need to get the government involved with this company or they will continue to scam honest consumers forever!

Dont have an account with this bunch , but keep getting collection calls. Never had one either

Capital One fabricated their reasons for lowering my credit limit by $1,000.00. They gave three - the first two are are completely invalid and the third, my 'balance to credit limit is too high' borders on ludicrous. Fact 1: My payment history is stellar. Capital One raised my credit limit to $5,000 in March of 2009, then, in July of 2011, sent me a letter stating these reasons for lowering my limit. Fact 2: Since my credit limit was raised, my debt obligations actually decreased with the payout of an outstanding $8,000.00 loan in December of 2010. When payments are made on time (obligations are met), the credit card company has no business in what or how much is on the card, as long as the payments are made. I have filed a complaint with the FTC. Capital One's customer service is cowardly and incompetent on a grand scale.

ok so i paid my car off by trading it in. they took payment out of my account, because according to them they didn't recieve the pay off until after the payment was deducted. then they proceeded to tell me my "overpayment" was more than they took out of my account. it would take 16 days to get a check in the mail. why can't they put into my account? HUM .>>> they have been taking it out for over a year now hum... and if they put it back into my account it can't be for the "overpayment" it would need to be for a full payment for a month therefore my loan would not be paid off and i would owe on the loan. So the choice is to wait for snail mail and 16 days of processing to get the overpayment? really in this day and age you can't get it done any faster than that? kicker is that no one seems to understand me. to cap it all off their ADVICE is to dispute the paymetn and get it back from the bank they won't fight it but the amounts are different ~ so wouldn't that totally mess up the whole thing? and i'd get less back? is this crap or what/

guess I'll join the crowd of dissatisfied customers. trying to enroll to online credit card tracking and it fails on three different computers using every type of browser, the 10 calls to tech sup got me no where, they keep running me through the same routine only to get the same result . . . isn't that the definition of insanity? well so I requested paper billing until this can be resolved only to not get a bill since I requested it. How the f**k am I supposed to pay my bill??? Im had cap one in the past, they sucked then and they suck now, I cannot fathom how they stay in business . . .oh wait saps like me.

Today I called customer svc and told them that I wanted my name removed from their mailing list because every time they send me advertisements I get 2 or 3 of them at once, when I was finally connected I got a man who was polite at first then when he found out what I wanted he said "hold on the line" at that time I heard a voice say "Your a mother f*cker, F*ck you" he came back on and said that it would be a minute and "hold on the Line" again a voice said "Your a mother f*cker, F*ck you" when he can back on the third time I told him about it he laughed and said it was a joke that was being played on him, I told him again to take me off of the mailing list, which he said was done and then I hung up. I don't think Capital One cares about this, and according to the other comments on here, about how their rep's do their business on the phone, I have not or will not use any of their products and after this would not recommend them to anyone...Thanks, probably, for not listening.....

This is about a credit card Member fee of 5.00. I know this sounds trite, but when I saw the fee online I called to ask why. The answer from a "supervisor" was that it could never be removed, would stay as long as I had the card, then read me the "benefits" which had to do with travel and in case of an auto accident. I told him that I do not have a car, do not travel, so there are no benefits to me. At this point, he was getting testy and wanted to get rid of me. I also told him that I was not going to pay for this card any longer, and when the collection agency called, I would give them his name and employee number. His attitude was - Go ahead - I don't care. This is the way Capital one treats a person who does not have a five hundred thousand limit. It's all in the money. Money talks, and you know the rest....

Here's something you may not know regarding Capital One credit cards. If your payment is due like on the tenth of the month, and you live on the West Coast and pay it on the tenth you will be charged a late fee of $39.00. It's called RIP OFF. The answer I received was that their offices close at 2PM eastern time, so your tenth payment is really due on the ninth because then the tenth payment is made on the eleventh of the month! Did you get all that? How's that for good Customer Relations? This is way beyond Rip Off. More like SCAM.

Was charged BOTH $80 and $800 on the same day for a lunch at the same venue. Manager of restaurant contacted Capital One Visa to say that this was an error. Amount was deducted and reappeared two months later. When manager contacted Capital One Visa again, he was told that they wouldn't deal with him because he wasn't the card holder. My numerous phone calls, emails, and faxes were not answered. No apologies ever. When I finally spoke to someone on the phone, she was rude and acted as if I was trying to rip Capital One off. I have excellent credit and have never been treated so badly, for so long. When I said that I wanted to shut my account down because of poor service, my account was immediately shut down with no access to my points----that was the first time they responded to me, so I suppose I should be happy. Horrible horrible service.....

I am trying to find someone at an Administrative Level that I may write to regarding Capitol One's poor customer service. Have any of you succeeded in contacting someone who could or would receive your complaint?

I just returned from visiting my 82 year old mother who resides 2.5 hours away. While helping her sort through her bills and paperwork, I found a Capital One offer to her for a charge card on my company account. My mother has never had access to my company finances charge cards or anything else that has anything to do with my business. A call was placed immediately to Capital One. Tony apologized and said I probably had her on my account at some point in time, which is not the case. Nice guy, but terrible customer service for this concerning issue. Not only was this completely inappropriate for Capital One to offer someone outside my firm a Visa Business Platinum Card, it’s highly alarming. I wrote a letter to the CEO, Mr. Fairbank, May 17, 2011 with questions - as of today, I've not received a reply. This company is dangerous.

There's not enough --- to put in front any number. 120 days later still have 3 credit inq for 1 app. I'm a harass the crap out of the idiots in corporate till oneof these fats asses do something

They have the worst customer service. They are full of surprises. They do not do what they say. I have been on the phone with customer service 3x for 1 hours each time and have gotten nowhere. I hang up the phone frustrated. They must not pay their employees much. They blame everything on the system, they do not have any authority. I am canceling my card due to poor customer service. Even the supervisors blame the system. They do not represent themselves truthfully. It has wasted so much of my time and energy. It is not worth it.

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