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Don't buy!

Kitchen Aid is border line criminal in my mind. Dishwasher broke, Maytag before that broke, same corporation, same horrible products. Time for a call to our senator. New regs. are needed. Federal Trade Commission, could they help? Is there a law being broken when products are sold and break within 2 years and then the repairs cost hundreds? What happened to corporate integrity? Oh, and try to find the corporate heads. Impossible. They hide.

KitchenAid Dishwasher

Spending nearly 800.00 on a dishwasher ought to buy quality>not so.It always has run quiet and cleans well......when it runs. First of all the nuisance feature of lightly brushing up against it turns it on. Then it wont shut off. It goes dead almost everyday and never responded to reset codes, requiring a total reset at breaker box cutting power to house. Of course by the time we realized this the short warranty was expired. A repair cost nearly 1/2 of a new machine. Beware, this is a huge problem with these, do not buy one even though they have a 5 star cleaning rating.


Very disappointed with Kitchen Aid Electric Range. After waiting months for range to be delivered, the stainless steel range has a PAINTED DARK GRAY control panel surround. It makes this range look like a cheep product, very poor product. The range looks noting like the product picture. Will think twice before buy another Kitchen Aid product.


two years ago I thought I would buy good quality appliances for my kitchen, I am 80 years old, I thought if something happens to me and they sell the house at least the applainces would be modern. They are junk and I will not recommend them to any one. the sensor pad in the stove went bad and I all most had a fire if I wouldn`t have been right there, The seal on the dishwasher has fallen down three times. There is water on the floor at the corner of the refrigerator I keep cleaning it up and now I have a service call in to get that fixed. What junk I have bought.

KitchenAid dishwasher

I bought this KitchenAid dishwasher in May 2013. It is the worst dishwasher I have ever had. I have to completely clean everything from the dishes and silverware as I load it or it does NOT get cleaned in the wash. Even with settings of Hi-temp scrub, Sani rinse, and Heat dry, the dishes are still wet when finished. I would never recommend this dishwasher to anyone.

Pissed in PA

Our Kitchenaid refrigerator compressor died after only one year of ownership leaving a family of four with a refrigerator that only maintains 45 degrees, barely enough to keep perishables edible. We are devastated at what we thought was a high quality expensive American made product. Buyer beware...

Purchasing Asst

Horrible Customer Service

KA Dishwasher KUDS30IXSS4

Our model broke down 6 times since wepurchased it December 19,2011 to November 24 2013. Never again will purchase another KA product!!! The extended warranty states full replacement of a unit or compensation if any unit exceeds 4 brakdowns. We have nO response to our calls for making written promises a reality!!!

KA Dishwasher KUDS30IXSS4

This dishwasher broke di\own 6 times in 2 years. Eventhough the "extended service contract" bears the Kitchen Aid logo, Kitchen Aid claims the issue is with the extended service. In turn, the extended service says that only 3 repairs were done under "Their" contract they are not responsible for either unit replacement or compensation which is stated in their service contract. In other words fingers are pointed to one another and thus Neither is responding. Shame

Angry Customer

I purchased a Kitchenaid blender from a local Bed, Bath and Beyond and it went out on me, they graciously replaced the first blender and I got better customer service from them. The 4 successive blenders I sent back to Kitchenaid with their authorization "died" and smelled like burning electronics on the first day. I have had FIVE (5) blenders and they were all junk. They send out refurbished blenders as replacements and tell you they are not refurbished. I hate the day I ever purchased a Kitchenaid blender. I'm tired of returning blenders!!!!!!

Never again!!!

We bought all new appliances for our remodeled kitchen. JUST WISH I HAD READ THE CUSTOMER REVIEWS!!!! Oven was a lemon and corporate didn't care. Lesson learned. I will not ever buy from kitchenaid or their parent companies again. They should be ashamed!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!

I bought a refurbished kitchenaid mixer that has a 60 day warranty and that I thought was a professional 550 model. When I got it home and seen there was a issue with it kitchenaid sent me a refurbished professional 5 which is 25 watts diff on the power. Customer service told me that they would not send me a professional 550 model because the model # I gave them was for a prof 5 and that it probable was a cosmetic issue. But yet when I purchased it I was under the impression it was a 550 model and they will not make good on the product. So my next step will be the Better Business Bureau

Poor Customer No-Service

I called customer service to ask a question about my dishwasher. The woman at the other end was nice enough but really was not qualified to answer my questions. Kitchenaid should really invest in a top notch customer service group. They have lost all my future business.

FZ31-9 Rotary Switch

I purchased a Kitchenaid toaster oven a few years back, stopped working the other day opened it up found a burnt switch called Kitchenaid they do not support the piece I am in need of. Found the switch on Google impossible to purchase in the USA. Never will purchase from Kitchenaid again customer service is horrible.

Kitchenaid does not stand behind their product. My Kitchenaid oven was seldom used.The computer that controls the oven failed. Because my range was out of warranty Kitchenaid would not recognize the problem and I was told that they would not consider helping to fix the problem. I wish I had my 30yr old GE range back that I had replaced with this useless Kitchenaid.

kitchenaid modelKEBC208KSS04

Since I have bought the double oven kitchenaid, model KEBC208KSS04, (SCRAP), you can not clean the window door glass when it is durty. You need to have the service man !!! !! Ridiculous. after having paid a such big amount for this scrap oven !! Everytime, there is something wrong !! Now, I can not have my SELF CLEAN working. My garantie has finished. DO NOT BUY KITCHENAID !

Chilled Door Bin Control

Customer Service Live Chat could not provide any solutions as to why the chilled door bin control was stuck. Her solution was for me to (a) purchase another part or (b) pay for someone to repair/fix the part. It is hard to imagine that this company has never faced this issue before. We have had other mechanical problems with this KitchenAid refrigerator over the past 3 years and will not purchase another KitchenAid appliance.

Double oven

I totally agrie with all the dissatisfied people who buy Kitchen Aid. Do not ever buy a double oven! the glass window in between gets dirty, and can only be cleaned by a serviceman who needs to take the door apart. Of course you will pay for that every time you use the oven and you want it clean. A company in 2013 makes an oven that can not be cleaned!?

You don't warrantly your appliances correctly

I know you guy's really don't give a crap, but you should stand behind your appliances...I bought 5 different ktichen aid appliances for my new remodel kitchen. Three of them had problems, one still does. I WISHED i had check the review before buying from Kitchenaid. WARNING-do not buy the $1000 microwave, it has never worked properly and Kitchenaid does not have qualified people to repair it, they hire sub contractors that have no idea what they're doing. It sucks!

Refrigerator defective

MULTIPLE repairs starting within 3 months of installation. Defect in that excess ice builds up around door mounted ice bin. Due to this release button snapped off. Cannot remove ice bin to clear ice chute. Extended warranty refused to fix. Corporate was just as bad refusing to help. I will NEVER again buy a kitchenaid product. Customer service non-existent.

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