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s far as Alexis Aleshire, the Public Relations Mgr's statement about the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and compareing them to Hooters girls, you, my dear are an Idiot as well. You had better leave this girl(Cassandra Smith) alone and put her back to work. If this is the way Hooters is going to be, you're doomed!!!!!!! Johnny

My friends and I will never set foot in a Hooters again, if this girl from Michigan is let go. We all dont like skinny girls and the ol biddies from Atlanta that called her are Idiots!! The fat slob mgr. is the one that needs to loose weight, not her. She looks darn good!Different people like different builds on girls. You people are a joke. Leave this girl alone!!!!!!!!!

I saw the news program regarding the lady who has to slim down. The funniest part is when a very obese and I do mean OBESE manager or possibly a human garbage disposal told the reporter that she can't video inside the store. Do you have a program for this very fat representative that made a laughing stock of your corporate image. If and when we visit I will take a photo of this pig and distribute them in town. He would make most people vomit prior to eating. How many FAT men work in your organization?

Most everyone around Ahoskie, NC wishes it were true, you may want to look into bring a Hooters to Ahoskie, NC.

The ACE Hardware in Ahoskie, NC has a sign up with your logo saying hooters coming soon! I feel that this is only to draw attention to his store! May want to check this out!

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