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we need a hotter in canton

We need a hooter in canton Texas please johnathen tribble 228

hooters in Wayne NJ is by far the worst place to work/eat at. The managers especially the general manager is very rude and disrespectful. Not only do they not care about their employees but they don't care about their customers either.

The Reviewer

Augusta Ga location is filthy. Employees have enthusiasm of mummies. Parking lot littered with trash, pot holes and cracks. Waitress visited our table once in 90 minutes. The only thing this is more, are the prices. Place needs up dating, and overhaul of employees. All TVs on news channel. Looking at the reviews, the CEO must be throwing in the towel. Twin Peaks is new, time to spend over there.

no respect

My girlfriend works for Hooters in Birmingham, AL. She has been there for six weeks and has been on the floor once for a total of 22$ in tips. We have bills to pay and the managers just rail road her. They have no respect for there employees. This location is a joke.

Service Manger

Whys does a Manger drink Beer while working his shift and put on a table beside the bar??? And the sit down and eat and drink the same beer!! Date 10/19/2014 time 7:45pm location lewisville tx , I am am a construction superintendents for a large construction Co, and never seen this woo what they can get away with.


Recently visited hooters downtown dallas . Never have I had bad service like this (at the WORLDS LARGEST DALLAS TX) . Managers are not focused . Hooters server checked on us once , . Didn't even get coasters! and went on to flirt with "friends" . I have insight connections from one of the servers(ex girlfriend) this hooters has served old wings in order to push them out the window and still profit! What a dam shame..

Wha!, Where is the other part of the Wing???

I recently ordered to go wings at Hooters, all flat or flaps, when I open the box I was surprised and disappointed that I did not see whole wings, the reason I go to Hooters. I contacted the manager and the manger claimed their distributor made this change. Then Hooters need to make a distributor change. I will be taking my business to the Wing House, they may not taste as good as Hooters but at least I will be getting whole wings. Not happy!


What's up Hooters, what happen to the whole wings?

Whole Wings, not winglets

I am complainting about Hooters in Tampa, FL who have decided to serve freaking winglets instead of the whole wings. As a 20+ year faithful weekly customer of Hooters, I will be boycotting them and taking my business else where until they bring back the whole wing.

Hooters is obliviously failing. They keep buying smaller wings and selling them for more. I looked at my plate tonight before I ate it and got pissed! 20 years ago the wings were much bigger and they didn't nickel and dime you to death. I have eaten there about once a year for 20 years and will not return. There was less than a bite in each wing. I'm done...

Understanding of all you eat wings

Hooters in Williamsburg, va Pay for 30 wings and can't get a take out box. The female manager their is a trip. $9.99 for 20 wings And $3.00 for ten more wings is 30 total. Myself and A friend order this and she tossed over 25 wings Go figure.

never going back

The management at the cartersville hooters is terrible especially the blonde short haired lady me and several friends and business associates have decided to spread the word and never return until she is gone. By Charles Townsend


The hooters of Cartersville needs to find a new manager because the tall short haired blonde lady acts very immature for her position. You would think she is working for tips the way she hugs and hangs all over the male patrons.I have seen several customers walk out because of her actions and obscene langauage and gestures. By DOUGLAS T

I bought my husband a calender for Christmas in chattanooga and we just looked at the fine print on the food coupons. These can be used during lunch hours only! Sooo disappointed this year. we usually spend $50 a trip and this was really nice to have an appetizer for free. Looks like we will not be going near as often..and no calender this christmas. :-(

When we checked into our room in Las Vegas the sink in the bathroom had long black hairs in it. The tub had pubic hair. The carpet obviously had not been vacuumed. There were small pieces of debris on it. The sheets had been changed and looked clean. The blanket between two sheets had more long black hair on it. Yuck!!!!!! When I called housekeeping they did come and clean it up But having been checked into a room like this when it supposedly was clean and ready for occupancy gives me the creeps. Will never return to this or any other hooters. Housekeeping is sadly in need of major overhaul.


Here at the Long Beach Hooters and the service Sucks! Piss poor management! Waitress keeps walking past our table without checking and when we asked about our food they went and sang a stupid birthday song. Worst service I have ever had.

Terrible Atmosphere, Horrific Food, Disgusting Management

Been to Hooters several times trying to give them a chance but this will be the last time. Went for veterans days and once again everything was a disappointment. Had to tell the hostess where I was going to sit because they were clueless, the food was cold, and end up paying $17 a drink!! Regardless it being a double shot, $17 a drink, REALLY!! The waitress knew it was ridiculous but said there was nothing they could do about it. Spoke with the manager and he took $7 off with an attitude. Waited 30 minutes for the check while watching our waitress talk behind our backs to the whole staff member. This hooters location was 1st st. Austin Tx.


I've been to the Hooters, on Wells Street, in Chicago, many times, but will NEVER go back there again. Me and some friends went for my teenage boys' birthdays (their choice!) It was NOT packed, waited 25 min for our food, all the fries were cold, one of the chicken sandwiches was cold (they took it back, made a new one and brought it out when we were ready to leave), asked for blue cheese dressing three times, got ranch all three times AND to top it off, they asked if they could "combine" singing happy birthday to my boys and someone at another table! Seriously? When we expressed our disappointment to the 12 yr old male manager, he asked what he could do for us? You have to ask? Thanks for the $20 off (which he did figure out on his own) the $100.00 bill! And the sad thing is....the two women sitting across from us complained to the manager for the slow service and cold food! SEE YA, Chicago Hooters!

niagra falls canada

Well i just want to say we had the best customer service from Becky in Hooter's niagra falls ... on aug8th/2013 we went for a couple of days with our friends and Becky made our trip to Hooters most memorable, she joked with us our orders were excellent and she was very attentive... thanks Becky for the great service...so often everyone talks about bad service they forget to comment when they get excellent service..........will come back when visit next time.........kingston ontario friends


upon a visit to Hooters in Farmingdale NY where I visited with a friend and my two friends. when we got the bill after terrible service we paid our bill by splitting the bill in half. well I got ny receipt for the right amount and the other girl got hers. When I returned home I found I was charged for the whole bill. So as I figure it we were charged double. there was no reason that if it was paid for with two different charge cards one should show the whole amount. When calling the General Manager He said it was only an otheration that my bank gave . Now I have to wait three days to see if they can straighten it out. I wonder if this is how they would like to be treated . Besides the service was horrible I would not recomend this place to any one. I think they should train their managers to know what is going on !!!!!!!!!!!

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