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Hi! Today I went to hooter ( fresh meadow,Queens NY around 7:35pm) with my husband, we ordered 20 pc wings, buffalo sandwich, fried pickles, 2 dessert cake n coffe n soda. My husband didn't finish his wings, so we asked the waitress her name is Kaitlyn, so after we paid we left, and after we got in our car drove a block down we realized we left the food, my husband goes back, the waitress tells my husband, that "it's the policy, your not allowed to take home food" he didn't argue, he was mad, now! You please send me' your company policy, stating about this policy. I will take this matter to a very serio level.


I recently visited hooters in smyrna ga. On a monday night I loved the service and the girls there attitude was awesome. but the managers attitude towards the girls was inappropriate and something should be done about this.barking amd growling like an old dog shouldnt be exceptable. the girls worked hard really hard

i recently applied at the hooters in destin florida, it took 3 weeks from the time of my interview to get my uniform... everyday they would tell me they havent come in yet and finally i went up there. the manager asked me to try the uniform on at this time i was already hired and waiting to be put on schedule, i tried it on and he asked me to show him how i looked. he asked me to turn around so he could see what i looked like in it and the next morning i was told that i was not what they were looking for. wouldnt a good manager and judge of character know this before the last second ? i turned down 2 other jobs because of my hopes that i had the job at hooters. ive wanted to be a hooters girl since i was little. this was really hurtful and unprofessional ! i will never again eat at this hooters ! they could've had a great server ! this service at this location is horrible !

I think hooters needs to look into who theyre hiring as managers more than the hooters girls themselves ! i am completely disgusted with the managers in the destin florida location ! many agree ! this hooters location needs to be completely turned around ! the service , cooks, food, the girls themselves, and especially the managers !

I live in Houston Texas and there are 3 Hooter in a 10 mile radias. I normally visit the Seabrook location. Recently there a Twin Peaks has opened up in the area and this has definatly giving Hooters a run for their money. The last few times I have visited the Seabrook location they have lost 80% of the Hooters Girls to Twin Peaks. The girls who remained loyal to Hooters are being treated like crap. The managers are telling them they have to deal with rude and disgrutly customers because Twin Peaks is taking all their business. The managers recently have been yelling at the girls for not flirting enough with their customers. Last night was the last straw. The girls were wearing bikni tops and a customer kept trying to untie their suits. The girls complained and the manager told them it was some harmless fun and to deal with it. Several customers complained to the management about this because girls were getting upset and he told the customers that the girls were fine and that they need to learn to have some fun. WELL--the customer finally got what he wanted and he managed to get a girls top untied when she was carrying several beers and her top fell down. The customer clapped, whistled and yelled for everyone to look. She put the beer down grabbed her top and ran to the back. The next time I saw her, I could tell she had been crying and the manager was saying that no one saw and it was no big deal. Well after I she left we left and so did several other customers. This Hooters is about to go under because it is not only losing Hooter Girls it is also losing customers. I will NO LONGER visit that location and would hope someone would DO SOMETHING about the manager at this location.

They are playing cash poker in Montgomery, Alabama at the Hooters on the Eastern Blvd. Several bars and undesired places have lost their liquor license because of the ABC board cracking down on these "illegal" activities. The State has a gambling task force out looking for this type of activity. How can they be so stupid to allow this to take place. It seems they are even taking money out of the game to profit for the location and giving away free drinks to encourage people to play. I am aware Hooters has a casino in Vegas.... but Alabama... where its illegal and in the Bible belt... C'mon how stupid is management at Hooters??? Guess in this down economy they will do anything to profit.. Cant wait till a drunk leaves the game to drive home and runs over somebody the lawsuits will come out of the woodworks then. Shuffle up and order a beer... Hooters is in the illegal gambling business!!!

I would like to let you know about a recent visit to the Jacksonville NC hooters. On sept 12 2010 we go into to eat lunch around 3:30 pm. We were placed in the far back where there are two TVs and where no one else was sitting with us. We asked our hooters girl if a specific game "steelers" could be placed on the TV. The manager told our Hooters girl no. I have pictures to show that no one else was around us and how we were treated. The games that were on the two tvs happen to be the two games on regular tvs as if you were at home. The two 12 yr old girls that were with us had to ask for refills as well as we had to ask for silverware once our food was received due to the fact tha we couldn't eat bc we had to Wait for this. I have never written to a corporate office; however, I am a former Hooters Girl from 4 yrs ago. I never seen such poor customer service at a Hooters ever. My family and I will be more than willing to drive the extra 30 minutes to go to Buffalo Wild Wings in Wilmington, NC than to step back into this specific Hooters. I truly feel that an observation or random visit as ifI secret shopping to this store by one of you from corporate will truely be an eye opener. Thank

Hooters in Rio Rancho N.M. my son was seriously injured in a one car accident by someone who was served illegally. The driver was under age and the servers knew it! My son no longer has full function of his arm it is down to muscle and bone from the shoulder to the elbow. Of course he sued and my main/major complaint on the suit is Hooters thought the underage driver/drinker was worth more money than my son who no longer has proper function of a limb. I am infuriated that a corporation a human person that saw the pictures of what he had to go through. Breathing machine, skin grafts, physical therapy, loss of skin, loss of fatty tissue, all these things were documented via pictures and the lawyers for Hooters would not even pay out what more than likely their salary is in a year. Hooter no more....Hooters does not care for human life! Hooters is very selfish! Hooters is just plain rotten!

most people have a bucket list of things to do before they die. i have a foodie list and yes, hooters wings are on the list along with french laundry. woohoo! i finally get to cross off hooters as i have never eaten at one prior. assessment: girls with bewbies and big smiles. the low marks are for the slow service and useless male manager. if you want some grub and don't have a 2 hour lunch break then eat at the bar. the bartender is attentive and very personable. despite a snail paced kitchen, the bartender made up for the crappy experience by being very sweet and friendly. she went up to the kitchen to check on our order several times over... THE BLOODY HOUR LONG WAIT for a place with 6 tables filled. note to upper management: fire the lazy male manager and promote the female bartender to manager!

I work at hooters, and i wanna say that the manager nick is a prick, he has favorites, and hangs out with half of them at Randi`s house, they all might deny it, but take it from someone who has seen it eye to eye. Another manager who has favorites and rips the girls off and also gives them a horrible complex is Gary, they all need to be fired before 280 shuts down, they are not doing anything for that store but destroying it. They are jerks and you can ASK all the girls! Even conversations between customers or regulars say that the managers suck and because of them i have lost HALF my regulars. You will never see me there again!! I bet in about 6 months, that place will be closed... i am complaining.

I worked at Hooters in the past and now have a 1 year old son. I have taken him to Hooters since he was 3 months old and see nothing wrong with doing so...that was UNTIL I have personally witnessed SEVERAL times at the Gwinnett Place Hooters in Duluth, GA the GM (Sean Morse) walk up and pinch or continually flirt with one of the Hooters Girl there (a blonde girl named Whitney). The last time I was there, on Friday August 6, 2010 I watched as he walked up to her while she was standing at the computer and pinched her butt!! I was annoyed and angered! I do NOT take my child somewhere where people grope and behave like that. I take him there because it is a great place for a family. But I will be thinking twice before taking my son back to a place that allows that.

I have lived on the Gulf Coast for over 25 years, and I have always went to Hooters in town and on Pensacola Beach, but on 7/3/10, I take my girlfriend to the Hooters on Pensacola Beach, and was so pissed when I left there by not getting any kind of service, after asking a employee there seversl times to get served, no one even carried enough to help..hell the place was not even busy.. but each time I went in to ask for help I could see the waitresses sitting on their asses and chatting with others... What a joke it was to try to contact a manager there since I was told the manager was not there..... Bunch of losers...

I would like to contact you concerning your GENERAL MANAGER and STORE MANAGER and the Montgomery CO. Police Department and an incident that happened tonight at your new location. This would be GM: ALAN, AND KITCHEN MNGR: CAMERON TIFFANY, and a "new employee": ANDREW CHERRY. Andrew Steven Cherry is a HABITUAL marijuana smoker and takes Methadone that are NOT prescribed to him, this is to MY understanding that Hooters hires kitchen staff workers that are involved in illegal and NON prescribed drugs working in your kitchen on your staff. I asked Andrew Cherry about it and he stated the following: "Hooters does NOT drug test us, HAHA, if so we would ALL be fired on the kitchen staff, LOL". So again, I am BRINGING to YOUR attention that your "brand new store" is going to be ran by the kitchen Mngr, whom is letting all of this happen right under your noses, furthermore, the kitchen manager and GM drink and PARTY together outside of the work atmosphere and I find this very UNprofessional. I highly recommend that this matter be looked at further ASAP before further action is taken on this business site. Including some others, that have also informed me, that it could be taken to the BBB. Please contact me as soon as possible. Andrew Cherry is already in trouble with the law and has been STEALING tremendous amounts of merchandise from his previous job, Mattress Express: 931-905-1235(Jesse Brown, Tim Autry: GM) Cameron Tiffany also working in NASHVILLE, TN Brings home food from the Clarksville store(pre-flood) and does NOT pay for it: Inluding the following: FROZEN HOTWINGS, HAMBURGER PATTIES, SAUCE, ETC. ETC. I would drug test ALL KITCHEN STAFF because there is not ONE who is SOBER AT WORK, EVER. THANK YOU

theres no sense in contacting hooters hq with a complaint cause they jst dont give a damn bout nothing but their own ass. i was a cook for the savannah ga. location and immediatly realized this company is a joke. my first week there hell i didnt even get paid for,not only that i wasnt in the computer as even being employed there. i wnt to my GM (BILL MALETTE he said he would send in my time and get it straight. The only thing he sent was his ass on vacation. i contacted corporate and jst like the store i was given a runaround until i finally got sumone who could help. well almost two weeks into not receving a paycheck i was told by corporate said they were fed-ex'n me my check overnight to b picked up at the sav. store 2 days later still no check on top of that they put me on the macon store's payroll to keep from having it mess up the sav.store. i havr 12 yrs. in the restaurant industry and this is the sorriest excuse for corporate and company mgmnt. so many labor laws are being broken but no1 has the courage to step up and contact the labor board guess what hooters I DO. If it wasnt for ignorant employees and and riding the border of prostitution this company wuld b belly up. cause it aint mgmnt that is making the company what it is today its the overwrkd underpaid and neglected employees i put 1star cause there isnt a 0

We love Hooters. We go every Friday nite. BUT my husband and I asked for a sample of boneless chicken while we waited for our order and I was very embarrassed when she brought out on a 16 inch plate a piece of chicken that i could barely even see. My husband is 6'2 230 pounds and we frequent this particular Hooters EVERY Friday nite. Are you kiddin......I am in Customer Service... having owned my own for 18 years, and I said Never mind...,. don't even bother. You would think that at the VERY LEAST, she would have brought two garpe size nuggets. Am extremely disappointed and am contemplating not going back.

To Whomever This Concerns; I would like to bring to your immediate attention of the misconduct of one particular manager of the Hooters restaurant in Morehead City, NC. Some of my business partners and myself had the opportunity to visit the Hooters in Morehead City on numerous occasions to only be humiliated by the misconduct of the manager (Joe Blacking) on duty. The man reeked of alcohol when he presented himself to our table. The way he flirted with the girls is very disgraceful and distasteful. I also had the opportunity of meeting someone that knew Mr. Blacking that stated he made the comment to several people in the restaurant one evening that "the way we hire our girls is if they don't put out then they get out" This man should be terminated immediately and these poor girls need to have their self esteem built up and not ruined by some pervert that they work for. Maybe Hooters should have someone go in and make anonymus visits and catch this jerk. This is a disgrace for our community and county to have such a person in a management position. We will never ever go to Hooters again until this man is removed. I sincerly hope something will be done in regards to the behavior of this man. Thank you Concerned and Humiliated Ex-Patron of Hooters

I was at your Jacksonville Hooters (San Jose)Cindy Ingram took down my name and email address. A bikini contest was going on in the next few weeks. Well she finaly sent them. all of them, over 1,300 of them. I just wanted to express my deep apperication for her hard work. Alot of down loading. She truly went out of her way to make sure I got what she had promised. She really is an asset to your team, and goes way out of her way to satify a customer. Your estabilishment is one that Everybody has heard of or visited. Most people don't get the customer service that My friends and I have received from your managers and waitresses. I just wanted your office to take some reconition for a great job well done. Anything you can do for Cindy, even if it is a phone call, saying great job. Or something a little extra in her pay check, something for her extra hard work. Thank you one of your most loyal customers Paul R Staeps (360) 672-1122

I never was a big fan of Hooters but to each there own.I watched the CEO on Undercover Boss and was wowed. I was so impressed how he really cared about the girls. I was so mad about the reindeer game but was so impressed how he handled it. Than that all changed I live in Michigan and was watching the evening news on 5/ 18 /10 when a story came on about a hooters girl in Redford, Mi that was told by headquarters and others that she was over weight at 5"7 132 pounds. This is so wrong on so many levels.They say eating disorders are on the rise maybe you should think of this before you order girls to lose weight. God made us the way we are and no one should tell us to change what God made. Sincerely Melissa Wangler

The CEO performance on undercover boss was a joke. If he really cared, and he doesn't, then the mamager of the store making the waitresses do the "resineer game" should have been fired on the spot! Did you check out the manager of the store where the lady works that is over weight at 136 lebs. He is a fat slob and would be rejected for biggest looser. This company exploits women, always has and always will if you support the kind of action they have been able to get away with in the past.

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