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Hooters in Beaumont Tx. Needs a new general manager since the one they have always takes off early or don't show at all to do things with his girlfriend a former hooters girl hmmmm how did that happen

went to hooters at tyrone square mall in st petersburg. walked in and stood there for five minutes because there were no hostesses. noticed there were a few girls at a few tables socializing and not paying attention and when they noticed my cousin and i, they told us we can seat ourselves. we picked a table and sat down and our server decided to take our drink orders five minutes later..she took our order and repeated it to us, and when we got our food, it wasn't right. She acted as if it was the kitchens fault but she didn't press the right button. While we were eating, she came up to the table a couple of times and kept taking stuff away while we were still working on it..we asked for a box and our check and we still had our drinks to finish. She grabbed my cousins beer without asking if she was done and took it away. this server didn't know what she was doing and she obviously didn't care because she wanted to get us out because her shift was over. OH, and the manager was nowhere to be found. I didn't see anyone walking around and checking on tables like a manager should supposed to be doing.

Comments: First of all I want to let you know I never write nasty letters but this is the exception. On Saturday April 14, 2012 our family went to Hooters at 274 Eastchester Drive in High Point NC 27262. When we walked in we were greated by a very nice and friendly employee. She took us to our table. We were greated by our server Rhonette she took our drink orders immediately. Rhonette came with our drinks then took our food order. Everything went Down Hill from that point on. We had our 2 year old Granddaughter with us. We waited 10 minutes when Rhonette came back and asked if we needed any refills we said no. We waited 10 more minutes when Rhonette came back again asking if we needed drink refills, we said no. 20 minutes later our Son-in Law went to her and asked about our appetizers. She said she forgot to place the order and giggled. ( not acceptable ) In the mean time the baby was crying from being hungry. We were not offered anything to settled her down. When we finally got our appetizers our main course came at the same time. Our food was cold and both my daughters orders were completely wrong. I understand if you are busy and you have several tables but we were her only customers that late at night. Rhonette was TO BUSY MAKING OUT WITH SOME GUY to pay attention to her customers. I think she completely forgot she was working. She was sitting 3 tables in front of us that's how we know what she was doing. The manager never came over to check to make sure we were satisfied. If he had he would have known how long we were waiting for our food. The service at this restaurant was the most disappointing I have ever experienced. The manager should know ONE BAD REVIEW from a dissatisfied customer goes a very long way. Sincerely, Mrs. Chris Bergin 6234 Abercorn Avenue Atlanta, GA 30346 770-392-9819 ** End of Comments ** I got a response from Hooters and am not happy. First of all the letter was written by Mrs Chris Bergin not Mr Bergin. This showed me the letter was not read by a person who cared what I had to say. I also never got an apology from one of the following people the General Manager, the Area Supervisor, the Divisional Vice President or the Manager. A response from someone would have been great customer service. I am including the response from Hooters. Dear Mr. Bergin: We at the Hooters Hotline received your comments regarding the poor quality of service you experienced at our restaurant in Greensboro, NC. We genuinely apologize for the disappointment your Hooters visit caused and appreciate your taking the time to write us. Feedback such as yours helps us identify ways to improve in our continuous quest to deliver the ultimate Hooters guest experience. Because we want to share your remarks with our restaurant, we have forwarded your message to the General Manager in Greensboro, the Area Supervisor, and the Divisional Vice President. Our desire is to make Hooters your choice once again for terrific food, beverages, and fun. Thank you, Mr. Bergin, for sharing your comments. We apologize again and look forward to making your next Hooters visit a pleasant and memorable one. Should you like more information about us, please visit us on the Web at www.hooters.com. Sincerely, Tamanda Hooters Hotline...We give a Hoot! P.S. Please retain the ticket number located below. This will help us locate your information should you need us again. 8001375199

My daughter works at Hooters, I am appalled that the manager makes them line up, turn around and then checks their bras to see if their white. Really, could you be anymore degrading. She has bills to pay but is feverishly looking for a new place, one that respects their employees.

I ate at your Hooters in Bensalem, PA last nite, after using the women's restroom I will never go back, they were "filthy" ...which made me wonder if and how your kitchen passes the health inspection??????

I manage/coach a softball team in lewisville texas and we eat at hooters quite often, the food is always good as well as the service so I am not bad talking the product or wait staff. My issue is that we participated in the competition that hooters advertised for softball teams to come play against each other for the opportunity to win a sponsorship from hooters to the winning team. We won yah! so I was told we would receive a letter and check from the Corporate office to use toward team expenses. Our season was kicking off so I ended up paying for the teams registration and jerseys because I figured Hooters would be good for the money we were suppose to receive from winning. Not the case, here we are almost 3 months later and I have yet to see a letter or check and I am out $300 because I paid and my team thinks Hooters covered the bill. I called 3 weeks ago and talked to the general manger who said he would check into it but guess he forgot or didn't think it was a priority. They don't call, they don't write, they don't send a check. Not one call back from him or the corporate office and definitely no prize check for being the proud winners. So I'm out all this money because they don't follow through with their commitments. Needless to say this will be rather disappointing to my team after we were so excited to win the sponsorship and have our fees and shirts paid for only to find we actually won nothing and now I will have to collect money from them to pay what they thought Hooters paid. Way to do business with regular customers that support you Hooters.

I travel allot for business and I have ate at Hooters from coast to coast in about every state and many different cities and this was the worst service I have ever had. This includes any restaurant that I have ever ate at. It took over fifteen minutes to even get a drink order. An hour and fifteen minutes after we ordered I complained about not getting our food the waitress confirmed our order, then after 30 more minutes we were about to leave and the manager came to our table and wanted to no why we were leaving because our order was just put in 13 minutes ago. She said she would go get our wings, give us a discount, and apologized. I put the wings in a to go box because I thought two hours was too long to be there. I got back to the room and my medium wings was not even mild. I guess I should not complain about this service. I was the dumb ass that put up with it.

Very upset with the trashy bartenders in the East Brunswick,NJ Hooters....I was sitting at the bar with my husband and a group of his guy friends, not sitting next to my husband, but sitting on the end so the guys could watch the game on the tv....when my husband ordered a beer the bartender thought if was a good idea to caress his hand while flirting....like she was working at a strip club....when she was told that I was his wife...she apologized and stuck to serving the other end of the bar

Food is horrible. no flavor. also girls bend down pointless. very unprofessional. will never go back, i hope they all close down!

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I've been working for Hooters since April of 2011. I started working at Pelham, AL which is an amazing store to work for. Unfortunately I transferred to Tuscaloosa because I go to school up there- ROLL TIDE. Well the managers treat you like crap! They yell at you in front of customers, don't give you breaks, are rude to guests, don't take responsibility for their actions, when you need them they are no where to be found. They play favorites. They don't fire the ones they need to fire, they fire the good ones to set examples. One incident happened when a girl went to the window and asked the cooks for crackers with the soup she just rang in and 2 of the cooks working that day cussed hooped and hollered at her so loud the entire store could hear every disrespectful word they said to her! The manager working that night didn't send them home, didn't write them up, didn't do what a manager should have done except sit back and let it happen! We are also forced to tip out the bar tender, host, and staff guy even though the bartender makes more than us back there than we do on the floor, the host and staff guy actually see paychecks while we work our butts of working on tips and a $2.13 paycheck that we rarely ever see! Also if you are required to wear a certain uniform for work you shouldn't have to pay for it unless you get excessive amounts of outfits! We started picking our sections by this chart someone came up with on our sales, merchandise sales liquor sales, scores, and whatever else they want to add in there.. well its different every week so you could be like number 1 on the chart and get the best section and change what they go by so you get stuck in a crappy section that no one wants to sit in! They cut the floor by sales or their favorites. Our GM is so rude and OCD the guests cant even enjoy their visit with us because we cant sit with them very long before he makes us do something else. Our GM doesn't give us breaks, when we finally beg for one after hours of working even on doubles we have to clean our whole section and then he rushes us so we cant even have a decent 15 minute break. I'm just waiting on one of us to pass out and have a law suit out on him. This is the worst job anyone could have. The money is good, but so not worth it. Strippers get treated better than us!!!! I wish someone from corporate would step in and do something! Every review I've read on this site has been complaints about the managers, whoever is hiring them from corporate needs to do a little checking up on if they are going do hire people like this because it's ridiculous. The only manager we have that actually cares about us just recently put her 2 weeks in because she's tired of all this mess as well! Something needs to be done.

Hooters Corporate March 10, 2012 Re: Employee misconduct/misappropriation Sirs or Madams: I’m in town from Arizona for the Pac 12 tournament and staying a local hotel. I am compelled to write to you about my 2 visits to your West Covina location. Sadly this letter will explain something you should be made aware of. On my first visit I sat at the bar, ordered a large beer and struck up a conversation with the gentleman sitting next to me. We spoke briefly about this Hooters, he then proceeded to tell me who the best girls were and how he gets “taken care of”! I smiled and shrugged it off not really knowing what he was talking about. I then ordered another large beer from the bartender Monica and watched her continue to give my new acquaintance beers and shots. Apparently it was time for her to leave and I was given my bill, just happened to glance over at the gentleman’s check and let me tell you I was shocked to see that his tab was several dollars less than mine while he was there drinking feverishly for much longer than I. He had at least 5 beers and shots, while I had 2 large beers!! He wasn’t even ordering some of the drinks and she just put them in front of him!! My second visit, this same gentleman was there with another fellow but the bartender was different, a gal by the name of Stephanie. Curious to see if he was getting the same treatment as on my first visit I watched them both do shots and beers at a furious pace. This bartender was doing basically the same thing as Monica was doing….pouring shots and beers without even being ordered. Not once did this girl go over to the register and ring up the drinks. I sell equipment and if I stole something from my company and sold it/gave it away at a very discounted rate for my own benefit/profit it’s theft and punishable by law. So knowing full well these girls are giving drinks away, charging a minimal amount or nothing at all and getting huge tips for doing this they should be reprimanded. I suggest you send someone from your regional office or have your managers randomly check customers tabs without warning and examine these actions your employees seem to being doing regularly. I’m quite sure that this letter will land in the wastebasket but I believe in honesty and if I have to pay your inflated prices then so should the next guy. So in closing I now know what was meant by being “taken care of” of means. This letter and e-mail will probably not make it past your receptionist by I needed to write to you as I’m an honest man and frown upon the bold disregard some of your employees show. Joseph A. Goss joeagoss2010@gmail.com

That is apparently my name, because the mass mailing 5 1/2" x 11" postcard mailer I received in today's postal mail had that "greeting" -- along with my mailing address. I want nothing to do with any company that uses parts of a person's anatomy to hawk its wares. If a woman's breasts are the only way you can market your food product, you have no business being in business. Rest assured that I will never cross the threshold of any of your "establishments" for any reason. How insulting. I've been on a national do-not-mail list for years, yet your junk mail still managed to find its way to my mailbox. I phoned both the corporate headquarters and the "local" location's number provided on the postal mailing to tell them this same thing. It will be with happiness that I learn of your company no longer being in business. It is not only demeaning to all self-respecting women, but it is a blatant temptation to foolish men who are somehow convinced that they still have morals/scruples, yet still frequent such a business.

Women frequent Hooters as well as men. In the commercials on television, why beautiful waitresses and ugly male customers?

I am rily good in the badroom

No hostess had get my own seat they we not even busy 9.30 pm the waitress was rude my food sucked the store was making daragetory commits it was a very bad experience never goin to hootors again. Hooters hwy 280 birmingham alabama

Apparently a Regional Trainer named Alicia Shackelford finds it ok to hand out her professional Hooters Card to women's husband's with her hours and phone number on it in MI. No, there were no complaints & my husband is not a regular. This is not professional & maybe this whore needs to go work at a strip club! I hope management puts a stop to this before more women find her card in their husbands wallets!!!

I am a former employee of hootera at the legends in Kansas city. Management was awful! The managers woul come to work all mad and expect us to be in a good mood when our mentors for our work place were not. We are told in orientation leave your problems at the doors well guess what managers need to do the same. I left hooters in January and have still YET to get my w-2 Back so I can file my taxes. I am also in the military and my mangers would write me up if I missed work and tellin the ahead of time that I have something going on with the military. Management is awful there like I said now I will leave all this alone after I get my w-2

cheap company and stingy too and falsified menu ( their was no mistake ( i ordered a big fish sandwich and it is a catfish or fillet of sole i ask for grilled and it was fried. will not go back again

I am a frequent (very frequent) visitor of Hooters. I am there anywhere between 5 and 6 times a week. (just ask anyone that works there from the GM, Asst mgrs. and every server working there. I have always been very satisfied with the exception that now all of sudden the servers cannot eat with a customer when they go on their 13 or 35. After going to Hooters for the last 4 years and being able to sit and talk while they are on THEIR BREAK...they have to sit in the back locker room to eat. I have been considering going to other establishments due to this sudden change. I really love going to Hooters and I spend alot of money, but there are a couple of new similar restaurants very near to Hooters that I may soon try. There is only one Hooters in the Fresno area, but there are hundreds with the same simularities.

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