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Today I watched the TV program on Hooters. I felt really good about what Colby Brooks has and will keep doing for his employees. After my father died a part of him is still with me, and I will always treet people with respect. Because there are things in life that you just don`t have control over, so the only way to handle is it is communicate with the people in your situation and make compromises. there are 3 ways to make life work, your way, thier way, and a compromise. I feel that Mr. Colby Brooks has an excellent outlook on life and his company`s future. Signed Craig Amaral

I am from Tucson, AZ. I use to go to Hooter, all the time to relax before I went to Iraq, for the second time. I was injured and had 2 hips and 1 knee replacement. I gain some weight and was feeling a little down. I remember the cool girl that I know before at Hooters, so I went over to have a nice, cold beer. I like to flirt and joke with girls, but not this time. The manager with a big mole on her face, and a girl named Nina, who just came from Atlanta, turned into womens lib protestor on me. So much for support the troop, after all the bull shit overseas just to come back and have beautiful young Hooters, girl to turn into old hags on me. The mananger told me to cool it. Thing were blew way out of porportion. I said " okay, well I apologize and I'll go not come back" She said "you can come back" I said "Why! I come to Hooter, because of the girls, food, drink, and to relax, not walk on egg shells". I won't go back...not with a manager like that. There are plenty of other girl to go flirt with that treat me like the old veterans I am. I thank them, leave them a tip, and they tell me bye and come back soon, and I leave happy. That mole lady manager, and Nina, from Atlanta, has a problem with men, and is abusing her authority toward men...or maybe just old fat men who she doesn't know nothing about. Will happy memorial day to you too Hooters.

I worked for hooters. I still have not received my final pay check its been 5 months. I saw the way they pushed girls who recently had given birth, to quit because they had some extra weight. Hooters is a mind fuck to work for. They tell you, you're only beautiful when caked with makeup and your hair must be flawless. It costs more to keep up with hair and makeup supplies than I actually made! Biggest joke ever!

The worst service i've ever gotten at the university and pines Hooters. The manager was a douche bag and the waiter service was horrible. To get drinks it took us 20 minutes the manager kept trying to move us to another smaller table with a group of 11. The manager giving attitude and sarcastic and talking down like if we were idiots. All I have to say is that it was the worst service I've ever gotten at a restaurant honestly. I would never go to a Hooters again.

I have never been to Hooters but have seen the restaurants as I am in Houston. They are everywhere. After reading the story on Facebook about what happened in Albuquerque, N.M. at Coors and Alameda location (which prompted me to search and led me to this site), and the many other complaints listed here...I can say I will NEVER visit a Hooters. I am telling all my friends and family to NOT spend one dollar in a Hooter's no matter where they are across the USA. I am very sure Hooters HQ does not care on tiny bit about their negative image, otherwise these issues would have been addresses long.....LONG before now. It is like Hooters HQ is saying, "we don't give a crap about the customer nor the girls who work there...just as long as you...the dumb public...continue to spend money". The ONLY way this corporation will ever take charge of their management staff will be when it cuts profits.

I recently viewed a story on your location in Albuquerque, N.M. at Coors and Alameda regarding the veteran and the service dog! SHAME SHAME on Hooters for not acting swiftly on this. Ok, so maybe the manager did not the law, don't you think once the police show up and the trainer for the service dogs with the law printed out that he would offer an apology and serve the Veteran, maybe comp his lunch? You would think so BUT he must be one ignorant person you have employed,,, he ripped up the business card and still after the local authorities sided with the Veteran he refused service. You should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing the manager to remain working there. That is the ultimate disgrace! THen to top it all off, the female manager who was raising such a fit and telling the servers to not serve him, has them write what SHE wants them to write when they filled their version of what happened. How do I know this??? One of the servers happens to be a friend of my daughter. The friend was afraid to loser her job and against her better judgement she ripped up her first version and re-wrote what the "female" manager told her to put. I am a member of a Veterans group in Rio Rancho that works with Veterans and the community.. I will be spreading the word of this restaurant and lack of care Hooter's show our Veterans not only by the lack of knowledge and ignorance in it's managerial team BUT also the lack of concern by allowing them to stay employed after the rude and unprofessional behavior they displayed. What a horrible example they showed as Americans and to their staff! We will no longer spend our money at any Hooter's location and we will gladly spread the word amongst our Veteran families and the many Military web-sites I am on. The word of mouth in this industry and financial times are sometimes the best method of advertisement or in this case-lack of advertisement!

the new shorts suck.

Dear Hooters , I never took the time to write any reviews and always thought that people who do have too much time on thier hands. My opinion on that did an entire backflip until I had the best dining / drinking experience at Hooters of Brunswick ( Exit 9 ) It was my first time this Hooters Location. I had been a regular at the Union location until it shut down . I took a walk around the restaurant and sat down at the bar. This location was pretty large and looked brand new. I was greeted by the bartender whose name was Sweet Caroline ! I automatically burst into song singing Neil Diamonds "Sweet Caroline" and she joined me in chorus. The service was fantastic. I had some of those little 10 ounce miller lites and the Bufallo chicken sandwhich , which sweet caroline showed me was in the shape of a heart . The lunch rush was starting to come in and the bar got pretty crowded. These girls run around so much ! I remember one of them had a pedometer on her ankle and had already reached amlost 2 miles by 2:00 ! I always had a drink in front of me , and even gave into the chocolate mouse cake . I didnt feel like a customer stopping in for the first time., its almost as if i had been tehre before because everyone was so friendly. Anyway... I just thought id take the time to write about my first time going to this new location and informing you that i had a lovely time . The food was great , the beers were flowing and cold , and the company i had by Sweet Caroline and the other girls made my rainy Monday into a great day . These girls deserve a lot more credit than they deserve They arent only bartenders, Theyre students, and working hard and to some people they may even act as a psychatrist or counselor . Ive heard some pretty interesting stories of people sitting next to me at the bar over the past few years. Never a dull moment. Again - Id just like to say thank you Hooters for a great first time at the Exit 9 location. I'll be stopping in alot more ! All the Best, Dan

Hooters Columbus, Georgia. On multiple occassions I have witnessed one of the floor managers, Paige, conduct herself unprofessionally and inappropriately. Tonight from across the restaurant I could hear her screaming at the kitchen staff. This is uncalled for. Then, due to her frustration she became very sarcastic and rude with another patron at the bar. She may be experienced at Hooters, but that does not necessarily qualify her to be a manager or leader. I have now witnessed her lack of self control negatively impact waitresses, other staff and finally customers. Because I am a gentleman I will refrain from using words which most accurately describe her; yet, I will say I am very displeased with her conduct and will easily dismiss myself from Hooters while she is the acting manager there. I have never written a corporate office before, but I do hope what I have written will be taken seriously. Thank you.

A bad experience at Hooters? It happened again, and for the last time I might add. Starting off with a piece of paper in my burger, apologies from the waitress as they were OUT OF CUTLERY!!! Really? Not a clean fork in the house? Baked beans is not finger food. 45 minutes to receive four burgers and four fries? The burgers were NOT what was ordered, but siding on time, we did not mention this as we were afraid that it would take another 45 minutes to get it right. The bill arrives, it was full of errors for food that was not ordered and tallied $75.00 and change! When the error was pointed out, the waitress rolled her eyes like it was our fault. Fortunately a Buffalo Wild Wings has opened up locally, they will receive my $$$ when friends or co-workers want to go out and grab lunch. Being a Florida boy, I try to support the restaurant that I held so dear to me back home... This is nothing like a little slice of Florida. Regards, Mike Fitzgerald - Charleston, WV

I know some Hooters Girls personally and most of them are struggling young girls with no Job skills. There is alot of prositution going on...One Hooters in my area was closed down because of it....One of the Corporate women from Atlanta actually told the girls to "make that extra money"...A disgruntled male manager actually brought the whole thing out in the open... There is a very high turnover rate of girls because they do not make that much money...The few that do are the better looking girls with great personalities and are good with people...most of the hooters girls I have seen do not have the people skills to survive and deal with some of the seedy managers and customers that go there. The place can be fun if you don't know what is going on behind the scenes but most of the girls really don't even want to be there...many are ashamed to admit they work there...and on top of that...it really does not look good on a job application either as the place in general has a bad reputation and many communities do not want the restaruants anywhere near them....much like strip clubs....and many of the Hooters girls are former strippers...Again some girls can thrive and make money..finish school and leave it behind..but for most of them it's a job they hate and does not pay well...If you add in the fact that many of the girls party alot...have lame boyfriends and husbands and are often lazy themselves then you really can't expect good service at any Hooters....That's why many of them are closing and the company is in finanical trouble...

The service that my party of 5 adults, and 2 small children was the "absolute worst" that I have ever experienced. Upon arriving at the Hooter's restaurant, located on Jonesboro Rd., in McDonough, Ga.,we stood around for approximately 45 minutes, while being ignored by staff. Bear in mind, their are 2 hungry children in my party. After several parties that arrived well after we did were seated, and served promptly,we finally got seated, only to be ignored further, as the server was more interested in another table because her boyfriend, and another co-worker were seated there, (I find this unacceptable). Well after an hour of being seated, we finally ordered. For the next hour, all we received were excuses about why it was taking so long to be served, not only from the server, but also from the manager(Lenny), five visits from the server, four visits from the manager. I give this particular Hooter's a failing grade, not only for serving parties that were seated well after my party, but also, for lack of a viable remedy for the problem created through poor training , and management. Bottom line here is simple, treat your customers without respect, and they will go elsewhere, henceforth, loss of income revenues,and loss of jobs. Wake up Hooter's, I may be only one dissatisfied customer, but, if this is being allowed to go unchecked, I'm sure there are others that will talk Hooter's down. It is the customer whom makes, or breaks a business. If you want my money, you're going have to do a better job to earn it.. Business 101, customer service, it just was not there at this location.

I live in Valdosta, GA and on a whim went to the local Hooters restaurant with my friends one night. What I witnessed while eating was absolutely horrible. I happen to look over and see one of the Hooter's girls speaking with her manager. I couldn't help but overhear how she didn't have the "look" they wanted and her body wasn't up to their standards. This girl was flawless. Not fat, naturally thin and beautiful. She began to burst into tears as the degrading manager ripped her apart. This was the worst dining experience ever. Instead of having fun, my thoughts concerned that poor gorgeous girl, who was now sobbing. This prick's name is CHARLES GREER. I repeat, CHARLES GREER and he is a rotten excuse for a human being. The girl told me that he has been verbally attacking her for months, and this was the final straw. I will be calling corporate to complain tomorrow morning when the office opens, and I will be repeating this story til someone does something about Mr. Greer. I think he should work in a place far away from women since he treats them like objects.

Hooters of Maple Shade, NJ was closed down. Now the closest Hooters is an hour away. I suggest you look into opening a new one in the deptford, NJ area.

Hi i went to a hooters in Newport News, VA last night and our waitress, Jackie, didn't come to the table for over 1 hr and 30 minutes. and hooters was sponsering a UFC fight but doesn't show it on TV...that is bull!! because right down the street Buffalo Wild Wings was showing the fight that hooters was sponsering. and the manangement there sucks!! i have worked in a resturant and i know how that stuff works and it was pretty crappy!!

a great place to build a hooters is in westlake ohio across from the new mall crocker park !! upper class section of the clean westside of cleveland

Both my adult children work at the hooters in Downers Grove Ill. 1 male 1 female they invited dad and I to come in for dinner I was appauled at how the night managers talk down to the girls and how disrespectful they were to them and the clients. They only got nice when they learned we were there parents. I am inbarassed to say my children work there. So girls please check out and talk to other employees before applying to any of these hooters, none of the girls like there managers.

I contacted hooters headquarters because I was in the store and found That a manager was vein very touchey feely with an employee. I called the hooters head quarters and they said they maybe good friends. I then went back about a wk later and found a manager yelling at a girl that I believed to be a guest but later learned she was an employee. Its a joke that people do not see problems with stuff like this you are running a family business I don't believe thy at all.

I went to Hooters located at 6345 N. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 on 1/14/11 at 10:30pm. My server was Vanessa and the serve was so horrible!! She was more concerned about her co-worker that was on break. I guess her co-worker was on break and they were talking and the customers couldn't interrup. I had to yell across the bar several different times to get her attention. I had to yell across to place my order, to refill my beer and to get my check. She was not friendly. She was the worst server ever!! Please handle this matter. Your customer's deserve better!!

I have visited many Hooter's during my lifetime and found them to be a fine dining experience. However, I recently moved to Ocala and have to say the atmosphere at the Ocala establishment is lacking. The girls are not as friendly and seem to be more interested in their shift being over. I have talked to some of the girls and there seems to be a general sense of disinterest. In contrast, across town at the Winghouse, the employees are much more lively and seem to be enjoying themselves as well as their jobs. They have a larger clientle than Ocala Hooter's and it is easy to see why. Although they can not match Hooter's delicious wings, they do have daily specials during the week which enhances business. All in all, I hate to see Hooter's losing out as it has been a fine place to eat. But if something does not change, I could see all the business going to the Winghouse. And rightly so. Someone needs to revamp things at the Ocala Hooter's location.

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