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The hooters in ky are run so poorly, I had a high school friend working as a cook @ Louisville location, & he told me they were hiring waitresses. So I went by and filled out application. The gm was working that afternoon, he was very nerdy, short with red hair, my guess he works in a place like this b/c it is the only way he can feel important to a bunch of cute girls.. anyway he told me to come back the next day to meet another mgr. The next day i go in & this mgr knew nothing about me & couldn't find my app, so i had to fill it out again. This mgr told me to come back the next day to meet another mgr..really?? 3 interviews for a waitress?? Went back 3 rd time thinking I had the job, WRONG!!! They had to have a meeting & discuss if they were going to be hiring & would call back. No callback, my cook friend said they hired 4 inexperienced girls 5 days after my interview, who are at least 20 lbs overweight all 4 girls,.... I am 5'4" & 100 lbs w/ 36 c boob size, get hit on all the time, so i was @ a loss,..then I figured it out, I will be turning 34 soon, but still get carded...so if I had lied about my age i would have probably got the job, they are very dicriminating to all women over 30,.... They keep one or 2 girls over 30 just so lawsuits can't be enforced, but my cook friend told me the mgrs were all making fun of me saying I should give it up b/c i am no spring chicken...funny short red head mgr is probably pushing 45, but funny he has a job...it should be based on the look and image not the number, except in pounds b/c nothing worse than a huge muffin top at your eye level taking your food order...BTW got hired at a downtown bar as a shooter girl making 150-200 a night...so hooters u can take your fat chicks!!!

My husband and I went to Hooters this evening to enjoy a quick meal at 41 County Place, Hackensack, NJ location. I have visited Hooters on many occasions and never had a bad experience. This evening was clearly different. When we entered, the restaurant was fairly packed but we were seated within 10 mins. Initially the service was quick and courteous. However, after placing our orders, we started noticing some discrepancies. My husband noted that the table of four that was seated after us managed to receive their waters, drinks, and food order in record time. Yet, we were still waiting to receive just our waters. (We were told that the cups we being cleaned but the table in front and to the right of us somehow received clean cups.) After 30 mins, my husband received his meal-cold-but I was still waiting for my meal. We called the manager and spoke to him and the waitress. The manager, Knoll, said that there wasn't much he could do-which is a poor answer for one in a managerial position- but he was terribly sorry about the situation. He tried to offer a free meal but we told him we were not interested in free food, just decent service. He actually had the audacity to insert a sly comment "I am going to overlook you guys sharing an entree, but you guys should know that sharing is not allowed." We responded that we were not sharing an entree, I was just nibbling off his plate because my food had yet to be served. Clearly embarrassed, he left the table after a quick apology. I became hopeful when I saw him speak to the waitress. How surprised was I when I saw her bustling from table to table bringing other guests fresh food, but my entree still had yet to reach my hungry lips. After another 10 mins of waiting, I told my husband we had enough, and left the table and the majority of his barely eaten cold meal. This was a disgrace. I was more disappointed with the so called manager than the slow waitress. If all tables were served equally slowly, I would have just chalked it up to a busy night. However, since the surrounding tables received prompt services and we clearly didn't, I could not overlook the disparity. My husband and I are generally big skeptics about racial complaints. This was a blatant, in-your-face, racism or prejudice. Yes, we are African and Haitian couple. The funny thing is that my husband went college next door (Fairleigh Dickinson) to this location and I, a physician did my residency down the street (Hackensack University Medical Ctr) from this location. Imagine if I treated my patients in the same manner Hooters treated us at your restaurant. A true shame.

Greetings from The Brotherhood of Christian Law Enforcement Officers Inc. We are a 501©)(3), non-profit organization, comprised of law enforcement officers, and law enforcement Chaplains who volunteer their time to place bibles in the hands of the men and women in law enforcement, throughout the United States. Special memorial bibles, are presented to the families of officers killed in the line of duty. Also, memorial bibles are placed into the hands of the law enforcement officers who served with the fallen officer. This involves a great deal of travel through out the United States. BCLEO volunteers travel to deliver bibles at their own expense and during their travels, one of their most substantial expense is food. When traveling we frequently eat at your establishments and undeniably they are our favorites. We would like to know if you would be willing to partner with our organization by providing food discounts or coupons. This would greatly assist us in decreasing our travel expenses which would afford us the opportunity to purchase more bibles. Any assistance you give to the Brotherhood of Christian Law Enforcement Officers would be most graciously appreciated.. In Christ, ><> J.D. Nolin J.D. Nolin , Executive Director BCLEO.org 2344 Cincinnati Avenue , Panama City, FL 32405 , Phone-(850) 527-6643 , E-mail-bcleoministry@gmail.com

I have been living here in S. Miss. for the past 3yrs. and visit the Hooters @ Gulfport 3-4 times a month, as this may not sound like a lot to some this is time out of the house with my family in these hard times. On Jan. 3, 2001 My family & I had just finished a hospital visit and were wanting to enjoy a lunch at said Hooters. One of the boys wanted to eat McDonalds so Like numerous time before we stopped across the street so he could get hi Happy meal ($4), then went over to the Hooters. EVERY manager before has ALWAYS let us in and eat but on this day " LOU" the NEW daytime manager and obviously now student of business told us that we could not bring in our one son's food even though I told him we had been doing it for the past 3 yrs., I talked to him in a VERY courtious manner and was told that's the way it is and if I did not like it to leave. I WILL NEVER go back to that Hooters and I WILL be writing a letter or two to your Head office and hand deliver a copy to the head manager at the Gulfport Hooters. I am so very soryy to not go there again as I have been going to Hooters since the early 80's when I was going to college in south Fla.

My sister and I visited Hooters in Atlantic City located in the Tropicana Casino and why did we and another customer see one of the waitress curling her hair in the kitchen!! I'm not sure about anyone else but this kind of activity should not be going on in the kitchen of a restaurant. I have a picture of this act if anyone is interested.

If I could give no stars I would. Do not go to the Hollywood Hooters! I was at the Hollywood Hooters last night which happens to be a "Steelers" bar. I was at a table with Steelers fans and 49ers fans. The 49ers were winning, our friend cheered a little bit, actually pretty respectfully, and some other people took offense to it and started cursing at our table. One guy walked over like he was going to do something then sat down. The manager came over in Steelers gear and told us we had to leave, basically for no other reason than our friend was a 49ers fan. We then immediately got surrounded by about 6 people, one being the first guy from before, who then jumped our table. Everyone got out fine, but the manager helped exacerbate the fight. The manager created an unsafe environment for us and did absolutely nothing to diffuse the situation. We get jumped by other customers and we're the ones that get kicked out?! The people who were cursing at our table and who started a fight with us should have been the people who were kicked out. However, they were protected by the management because they were Steelers fans. that location may be a Steelers bar, but first and foremost Hooters is a public restaurant. We were discriminated against because we had 49ers fans at our table. It was the worst display of management oversight I have ever seen in a public establishment.

I work at hooters as a cook for 3 years, didnt care about women running around flirting, i was married with 2 kids had no ittention to mess around. Anyway loved my job for the first 2 years until we got some of the most coroupeted managers and GM that did not like me from the beggining treated me like trash, but he ws cool with these 2 other guys who were potheads and alcoholic 22 years olds who had no life but to hang out and party with the hooter girls and wannabe managers after work at a bar everynight.Me i just went home to my family.I lost my job because of that racist Gm and 2 wannabe gangsters that were taking over my job anyway. After i left 4 months later i here those 2 guys get in the car drunk as always and lost there lifes.A waste of to young lifes, but they failed to cause anything good while they were here so karma is a biatch.And the Gm left right afterwards, hope he has nightmares.

Went to hooters for dinner in corpus Christi. The worst service ever. Sat there for 45 min and the waitress kept coming out and said that they were out of what we ordered. Finally got tired of it and talked to the manager which wad rude theneft

I had to call the cops because of a problem that the staff caused with another constmer manger did not take of the problem I will not be back i am going to sue hooters for the pain and mental abuse they caused The hooters is in ohio

I watched Hooters Undercover Boss, and then seen online Jimbo was not fired because of the show. That just makes me sick that your company would hold onto this guy that has no respect for your co. And female workers under him. I will never let my friends or family eat at a Hooters establishment.

My name is David Chick I'm a navy veteran. Last night "veterans day" I visited your hooters in daytona beach, FL and I received the worst service i've ever had in a resturant. Four tables received there food before me and all of those tables got there after me. The manager was rude and would not take responsibity for his servers.Thanks for the great veteran's day.

I am a US Army Veteran and the flag that is displayed at your facility on Franklin Rd. in Boise Idaho is in dire need of a replacement. I called the store and the manager told me that it was broken and he could not have it replaced. I suggested a local equiptment rental store for the task but he said that it could not be done. A lot of Hooters customers I know have served that flag and even died for it. PLEASE, correct this negative image of your establishment.

Hooters restaurant Vista Way Oceanside, California. This was my first experience eating dinner at Hooters. The first impression after walking into the restaurant was the obnoxious loud music followed by a group of immature young women acting very unprofessional parading around hungry for attention. The food ordered was a 10 piece chicken wing dinner. When the food arrived, it was so greasey and poorly prepared, I just left and paid my bill. I belive the clientale they try to target and market to are un happy married men and low self esteem men who patronize because this is as close thy will ever get to woman with an over inflated opinion of herself and her looks. Try selling good food and not mediocre looking woman with low self esteem.

PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM THE HOOTERS IN OCEAN CITY MARYLAND... 12207 COASTAL HWY O.C. MARYLAND The general mgr Jason Ortt will physically assault you and threaten you if you walk into there restaurant with a drink not sold in there establishment.. The owner also has a very bad attitude and dosnt have and understand customer relations and how to conduct himself.... Do yourself a big favor and stay far away... SHAME ON YOU HOOTERS......

My husband and I like hooters very much but we live in oakridge tn And the closest one is a half hour away. I believe that bringing one to oakridge would be great for business and the community. We do not have many sit down places to eat except ruby tuesday" and applebees. But have lots of younger people who need a place to watch the games have good food and a good price. I am a server for a living so I know what I am talking about many people have said to me that it would be great if we had a hooters.

I use to go to Hooters very often, that was until one of the waitresses started sleeping with my husband! It's not all her fault, but everyone that worked there, including managers, knew she was using her job to get with a married man, and they allowed it! I will never step foot into another Hooters EVER again!

Hooters should really think about who they use as their corporate trainers michelle corporate trainer at lakeland northside hooters was horrible she did not check on us other servers did the one time she did she never brought back my refill on my drink

To the lady whos son was served illegally.. That happens any where not just at hooters. I was served illegally at a bar and almost died from posioning I was in the hospital for 2 days...But im sorry for the condition hes in. that is tragic. Ive worked for hooters in arizona center for 4.5 years and I have to say how dissapointed I am. I loved my job more than anything but since we got a new manager at hooters and a new regional manager the place has been going down. They started cutting my shifts down to 1 a week.. All bc they think im fat. Mind you I am 5'5 and was 125 when they said this. So they said if I lost weight I would get my shifts back. I worked so hard and got down to 115 and they still had enough nerve to say Im still fat. I got really depressed and started starving myself and doing drugs. Till I realized im better than that. Its just really sad that its ok for them to say stuff like that and they completely screwed me over. Why doesnt anyone do anything about it! Its sickening!!! So im putting my foot down and attempting.

We planned our day to have lunch and watch the Tennessee Vols play Montana @ the Rivergate restaurant in Nashville, TN.... We asked if the game would be televised there because it was on pay per view. After ordering, we were told that they didn't pay to have the game on. Needless to say, we were very disappointed, maybe to the point of never going back. The restaurant lost a lot of revenue from angry patrons. WE WERE IN TENNESSEE! Sorry your restaurant can't afford pay per view for it's loyal fans. Are you all planning on closing in the near future???

Your manager at Hooter's of Fayetteville Eric has employees working in the kitchen that are using drugs and smokes marijuana because I've smoked with them.If you were to give them a drug test upon them not knowing about it ahead of time, some would surely fell and Eric knows the employees that use. Sometimes it is brought on the company parking lot. Some of the employees that use are the same ones that worked at the original location down the street.Your business is not drug-free!!

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