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Hooters boneless wings are a joke, ill go to roosters next time where i actually get a bite


Ordered to go. Asked if I could pay over the phone was told yes. I gave my card info and was told that my card expired. I repeated the #'s back and she had the wrong year. After getting the correct info she ran my card. This time it went through. I sent my daughter up there to pick the wings and they told her that the card expired and she needed to pay for it with her card. Now they have charged two cards. After waiting 10 min the manager said that they dont take cards over the phone and they will return my money. Unfortunately it takes 3-5 business days to get my money back. This happened on a Friday. How would he like it if I held his money?? If I didnt call they would have double charged us.

Nutrition guide

Walking into your establishment in Lansing we asked for a nutritional guide an the waitress looks at us like we're stupid to ask for that kinda thing. It just shows some of these waitress are just here for a check an not to honestly serve there customers properly.

never again

We made the trip to see a ufc fight only to find out it was not showing at our location (who decides this?). When we asked the server why it wasn't showing she looked at us as if we were crazy Hooters is not what it use to be and I would be deeply concerned about the amount of buisness soon to be lost. On top of this our order was wrong and items forgotten.


McKinney tx- I waited for 10 mins while the bartender flirted with regulars before taking my order then I told her the gentlemen next to me needed to be cut off because be was slurring so bad you couldn't understand him and he propositioned me as a hooker. She blew me off until he almost fell off his barstool. Then she charged me for extra stuff and blew it off when I brought it to her attention. I'm a server and I'd never tell a customer 'didnt expect much anyway' from them!

long beach ca

first time in a hooters it was terrible i had chicken sliders dry tiny bites of what i think was chicken on dry buns when i say tiny i mean small the size of a half dollar poor service the girls were busy talking to them selves and not customers never again ......rtswa4G

Hooters Lake Norman NC

While attending the UFC event last Saturday I noticed a couple of the Hooters girls were drinking on the job. Very trashy. I also overheard some table talk that the on duty manager is having an affair with one of the girls working that night. I'm sorry but this really degrades the nature of your restaurant. I won't be back there. What's next prostitution?

Workers handling food wrong

I've noticed a few of your employees handwringing food with out gloves and the sad part is I enjoyed coming here and eating , after seeing the same two people that handled the food scratched at thier beard and adjust food on a plate right after wards and pull out thier phone and write a text and go back to work I'm sure you saw a report o a young child saying a phone face is grosser than a toilet seat , I've been watching one main guy attended to the food for more than an hour with out unwashed hands or gloves this is really sick who knows how much bactieria we have ate here.

dan allen stag doo in Nottingham

I hate to say this women was ok. Food was terrible some over and under cooked. The beer we had was budwiser the lads favourite beer taste disgusting and was terrible. We was over charged on 2 burgers which we had the same type then was charged a high price for one we didnt have. When spoke to staff they were rude and was told us to pay and leave or police would get involved. I want to speak to the directors in this company about our terrible service and will go through higher routes if nessccary.

Nice Place!

Recently went to the Hooters outside Princeton nj. Have never been in one before. I was with another couple and their two young girls. Everyone was so friendly, even the Bartender called out a nice greeting when we walked in the door. The food and service was good, and the manager Teresa was super nice. When we went to leave we got a take out soda from the bartender Ashley and she was so sweet about chatting with the girls. Nice, nice place - even the other customers seemed really comfortable and happy there. We'll be back!


hooters of Concordville is pathetic..... you should really review that as a restaurant , and should be ashamed of the people you put in charge of that place

Costa Rica beauties-horrible meal!

Yes, I am writing from Costa Rica, where I had one of the worst meals I have ever had in a U.S. franchise restaurant, in my 19 years in Costa Rica. A few days ago I went to the Escazu Hooters, the first of four Hooters that are now in Costa Rica, I am a former restaurant owner from California, and this is the experience I had. 1. no one greeted us when we entered. 2. nice waitress, finally offered us a place to sit. 3. My friend ordered a bottle of water and I ordered ice tea w/out sugar. We were told you had neither. 4. My friend ordered the "giant" fish sandwich and I ordered the Chicken Philly, which I was impressed you had. 5. Sandwiches came with slaw, but no beans. I asked the waitress and she said, the beans were an option.I pointed out on the menu that it said came with both. So you brought it. 6. I asked for mayonnaise and was told you had NO MAYONNAISE. There is a Priceclub/Costco type of store less than 4 minutes from this Hooters. 7. The "giant" fish sandwich was not giant, and was very ex-frozen and my friend hated it. 8. My chicken Philly was pretty small for the price, $10.70 without tax and tip. 9. Curly Fries were lukewarm. 10. Girls were very friendly, but we will never go back, until you fire the current manager. Hard to believe no mayonnaise when the restaurant supply section of the Costco type of store was so close. I did notice that you stopped charging for extra sauce and vegies. Also, how come there are no ceiling fans in the center? Fire that manager!

Wasted Time

Hopefully all the time you spend on hold trying to get a complaint through means something to corporate 35minutes on hold and still no one answers In the 80' this was a good business with or without franchises now your just a dollar instead of a person.

Terrible Managers Citadel Colorado Springs Location

We have been going to Hooters for over 10 Years! We have never had such a terrible experience! The managers at the Citadel Location are so rude and unfriendly! They made me leave my stroller outside in the mall and someone Stole the stroller. We told the waitress who told the manager and there was 3 there and not one came over to the table to apologize! I can not believe there customer service! I will never go to Hooters again! I am always leave a 30% tip - I am just Flabbergasted on the customer service.

Terrible manager

Just left Hooters with my friend. Hooters in Houston at 1960 and 45. Waited over 30 minutes for our order and the restaurant was maybe at 40 percent capacity. The manager (Brodene) didnt even bother to come out and apoligize to us. The girls seemed like they were owning the place with boyfriends hanging around and not giving any customer decent service. Our food never arrived until we canceled the order and got ready to leave. No sign of the manager, ever the Hooters girl didnt care that we didnt get service. NEVER going to this place again. Went home to peanutbutter and jelly sandwich.


I walk in the door and the girl has her back turned to another girl talking to her. I stand there for a sec to see if they're even going to seat me or even ask was i going to the bar..... nothing was said. The bartender was ok but she seemed to be extremely nervous or uptight. The manager was pretty cool. The other girls didn't seem to give a flip about anything ... or anybody for that matter. I spent $20 for bad service and sub par food. Hooters used to be fun fun, energetic and friendly, wtf happened?!?!?!

Shocking...treatment of employees

Watching undercover boss....when the power hungry pig of a manager made the girls put their faces in the plates of beans....I was so appalled. Would you expect your daughter to be treated that way? I would of done the right thing, and revealed myself immediately...in the name of respect for the individual. ...I was hoping you would...but you bowed out. That power hungry pig should be terminated immediately. Shame on you as a CEO, for not doing the right thing. .

I was extremely disapointed at hooters tonight when i went with 3 other friends! We had all ordered something On our own, and i had gotten the $10.99 monday all you can eat wings and i gave literally one small wing to my friend cuz she just wanted to try it. Next thing you know we had to pay 40$ for an extra 10.99 all u an eat wings at the end when she didnt even eat anyoff The wings nor did she ordered them. She just ate one! Also the waiter was being so rude when i was being so nice! I needed water and she didnt even cared! It was just awful.

trussville alabama

Last night me and some friends dinned in at the trussville alabama location every time we go their food was great and so is service but this one time not so much, to be blunt our server did not match the discription of our usuall hooter girl i felt uncomfortable the girls name is faith and she looked 11and she was not a very good server either i was afraid to look at her it was very uncomfortable for me and my friends. You guys need to hire like yall used too untill then i wont be back.

Worst experience ever

Absolutely horrible service today at the Hooters across the road from Daytona Speedway. I think the waitresses getting into a pissing contest because we changed tables! I heard them snap at one another. Our food took over 30 min to get and half of our plates were cold when we got them. I had them take mine back and went and ate elsewhere. I'll never go there again.

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