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Clearwater Beach

What a shame... when the place first opened it was ran awesome, guess there has been a change in management because now it is just horrible. The managers are rude, could careless and maybe if they looked around they would be able to tell the place is empty on a regular basis... sad, for such an awesome location Hooters can't find good managers to run it!

We were in the Raleigh, NC store and food was not as good as it used to be, service was nowhere as good ss it use to be such as sauces aren't as good.. Ordered medium but it was more like watered down mild..Plus the manager was running around behind the servers with a can of air trying to spray it up her shorts..We haven't been back since ...Just a thought but someone needs to go in and see how this store is being run... Been in different Hooters in different towns if NC & other states..

server praises

J would like to take a minuite of your time to inform you about one of you servers that I think should be noticed for the outstanding service and attention that she gives her customers! Her name is Martha and she is at your Ft. Myers Beach location (#375). Every time me and my fellow workers enter this Hooters she goes out of her way to come over and greet us. (as she does with every person that comes through the door if possible).She always makes sure that we are taken care of and never has negative things to say about anything. Since coming in we have really enjoyed the Hooters atmosphere and service. Just thought that she should get some praise for doing such a great job for herself and for Hooters.

Manager's Poor choice of words

My husband and I come to Hooters whenever the Green Bay Packer Game is not on Network, which is normally every sunday. We are stationed here as we are in the military. The waitresses are very professional and friendly. We normally have the same waitress. My husband and I were the first fans for the Green Bay game .We asked if we could get sound on the game and was told by a waitress that we could get sound . A little while later a lot of New York Giants fans came in and we noticed that all of a sudden the Green Bay game volume had been switched and Giants game was now very audible. My husband spoke to a manager and the manager responded with" this is a giants bar". Not sure if this something a manager should be saying in this type of business because all fans should feel as though Hooters is a place to watch the game . With a response like that , customers would surely patronize another establishment where all fans are welcome .What is the policy on hearing a game in Hooters? Is it first come first serve? Majority of fans rules? Or in our case, the manager is now playing both games at once with audio. The location of this Hooters is Two Notch road, Columbia SC. The managers name is Stan. Thank you for your time

gandy hooters service is HORRIBLE

Well... im actually sitting here in this particular hooters writing this review on my lap top. I wish there was an option to upload a picture here because id show you how empty this place is and yet I still haven't even been greeted. Its been about 20 minutes now. The manager wouldnt even help me find an outlet for my laptop. clearly he knows im here... why no service? I WANT A BEER!!!


Went to the Hooters in Medellin, Colombia and would you believe they actually charge you extra for Blue Chesse, Ranch, or any other dressing for your wings? Here in the states you dont get charged so why change the dining experience?

I went to hooters in Honolulu hawaii i thought i had a good time until i checked my account this morning... the bill was split i paid my half and my friend payed his when i checked my account i saw my charge pplus and second charge of the entire bill when i called to talk to the manager all i got from him was " oh we dont do stuff like that" no apology no nothing except in a few days the money should hopefully be back in my account well i need that $100 now today not maybe in a few days!!! They just lost a customer here im livid!!

they need to put a hooters in ruston la.i think it would make a good location for a hooters

I was at one of the Hooters resturantes a couple of years ago and to me the girls were very professional and the cooks were very appropriate folks. I think the food was out standing and the girls ohhhhh the girls were very pretty and did their jobs above and beyond their expectations, I am always a hooters customer and I hope your business thrives and the girls and cooks do very well. Thanks again and bless the girls for their figures, John.

I would give no stars if possible. My boyfriend is a cook at the Florence Kentucky hooters location. He started in march of 2012. Only weeks after he started we started receiving random text messages and phone calls. Turns out the general manager supplied my boyfriends phone number to several of the hooters girls who work there. Those girls have continued to stalk and harass me trying to get to my boyfriend. Even after several police reports and multiple arrests, not a single manager at that store has bothered to do a damn thing. When his store managers refused to help we went to corporate who has also refused to do a thing. After being forced to change or phone numbers and move his managers once again gave out my boyfriends information to these whores. The management of these stores is absolutely worthless and ridiculous. The moral of the story: if you want to pick up a stalker, feel free to visit hooters. Otherwise I highly suggest you stay away.

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I am outraged that almost every cook is alway under the infulance of somthing but is apperant, also the Gm there Kim takes advantage of her job letting these people drink on job and show up and work high on weed and pills, she even sent down a manager and a cook to another store for barstools just so they would not the the money out of her bonus her husband is a cop so she thinks she can drink and take hydrocodone and not b touched makes me sick. I know I ust to work for her 1 night she was drunk standing up on a stool and fell and people pitched in buy her a helmet and most resently fell again and broke her arm. If this is the type of people you pay great money for to work and act like this my next compliant will b to the B B B, Please act on this me and my family will never go to 1 ever again in or out the state

Hi, I am a regular every day Hooters customer at the Hooters in Pensacola, Florida on Bayou Blvd and it saddens me to say that they have lost me as a 5 year customer as of two weeks ago. Like i mention before i am a regular and i always sit at the tables along side the bar so I'm pretty familiar with all of the workers, managers, and hooter girl's names. Well, two weeks ago when visiting like i regularly do at 11 o'clock (which is opening time) I sat in my regular seat but on this day i had my daughter with me. Before we had showed up my 11 year old daughter was stating how wants to start doing pageants and you know allot of different girlie things and i said, well I'll take u down to hooters to see their calender girl who also does pageants, Miss Allison Baker. So i went on and on about how beautiful and sweat she was while we sat at the table and waited for our wings to come back. Being that we sat at the tables alongside the bar where the food comes out, we could hear all of the conversation going on in the kitchen. one of the hooter girls name Stephanie that was waiting on her wings as well was fussing at a kitchen worker because he had burned the wings. She was cursing up a storm and i just could not believe that these sweet and lovely girls had foul mouths like this. The kitchen crew member went on to tell her that he would remake it and that it was something going on with the fryer and the grease. She didn't want to hear what he had to say and continued to curse him out. The hooter girl went to tell the manager Mike and without asking the kitchen crew member anything or pulling him to the back to speak with him, mike also started to curse him out as well. I had just finished telling my daughter about how lovely and role model material the hooter girls were and she had just witnessed all of that. But that was only one of the two incidents that happened that day. So Allison started to come back over to the table and I told my daughter who she was and that she was the calender girl. I looked at my daughter's face and i didn't like the look she had so i knew something was wrong. She handed us our food and excused herself to go assist her other tables. When she was out of sight i asked my daughter what was wrong and she said that Allison had a bad smell about her. I asked her what kinda smell and she said the smell that mommy use to have before child protective service took me away from her. So i knew she meant marijuana. I couldn't believe it so i waited until she came back over. She finally came back over and i asked could i have a hug and i smelled it very loudly on her. We payed for our meal and left. I have not returned to that hooters at all since then. I just could not believe the two situations i had witnessed. Someone should really do something about this Hooter's Store because the manager Mike handles situations poorly and in front of customers and so does the hooters girl Stephanie, and Allison being a calender girl and an idol to young girls should never be aloud to smoke marijuana undercover, get away with it and still work. She was my favorite hooter girls but after that day i have not returned.

I had a party of 5 go to Hooters in Port Richey Florida last night. The service and food was nothing like it use to be. The wings were served in a small bowl and just sitting in a circle of grease. Our server, Kaylee was rude and not paying any attention to what we were ordering. She was too busy looking everyplace else. When she got to my 4 year old granddaughter, her exact words to me were "Was does the kid want?" I have never had a waitress refer to my granddaughter as a "kid". My moms vodka martini came in a plastic broken martini glass and rough on the edges, it tasted like a glass of olive juice. They did bring us a new one. My bloody mary had celery in it that was soggy and weeks old. I watched the table alongside of us complaining and not wanting to pay for the meal. I knew we were going to have a bad evening. Something has changed at Hooters. We've been going there for 20 years and I know I won't be back.

Picture the money you're losing. You have 3 Managers on duty, 2 people at the bar plus myself, and 8 people in the restaurant. It's 10:15 at night. Your GM Jason is standing at the service bar drinking with the employees doing shots. You have 2 girls behind the bar, at least 6 girls on the floor plus a barback with nothing that couldn't be done by the bartenders. You're leaking money, and you deserve to. I asked a number of questions from the employees concerning who was who. For that your GM (if you can call him that) asked me to leave. I did because I saw an operation that in my 40 years of working in the restaurant business in Ocean City was so guilty of "absentee ownership" that I know it will fail. I can tell you who was successful at that location since 1969. With your present management you will get raped and you deserve it. Jason is a doorman who epitomizes the "Peter Principle", elevated beyond his level of competency. You will fail and Mr Gibbs will benefit and I will use all my 40 years of being a local to see that you do.

Very bad service at the hooter in st.thomas,Manager peter is not nice and very rude he ignores the customers and doesn't show any repected. Never going back!! The customers who i spoke to told me the same thing too. I don't think he needs to be a Manager. I work in a resturant as a supervisor i knows what is service!

Man, this is so wrong on so many levels. If the poor woman didn't get those kids to any kind of rtrnausaet to eat, she would've been suspended for child neglect. But, she went to Hooters and now she's out in the cold with a pension. That's just stinks! I remember reading an article about a guy who took his kid over to a Hooters to explain sexual harassment and the stereotypes women are put through. Wrote an enlightening piece to defend his position. Nevertheless, a few people got pissed about the incident. I will not rank this event on the same lines of that hot lesbian teacher sex tale because it's simply apples and hard apple cinder. The woman who took her kids to a field trip simply picked the wrong joint to have a meal, nothing more. Not worth the early retirement. Perhaps a written reprimand and a course on sexual harassment, but nothing more after that. The women who had themselves the nerve to have a tryst while the kiddies were watching a talent show should have their asses canned. I don't care if they were consenting adults, school grounds are not for orgies of any kind. If they want to get good and dirty with their lesbian fantasies, there are plenty of nice clean hotels to indulge themselves. School property is not for that kind of horsing around. (And as for the atomic genius who thought doing a line or two with a student would make for great student-teacher relations, I have a fair length of rope with a tight pretty noose and an angry mob that would deal with that scholastic theory in a heartbeat. Bad enough the bastard actually did drugs with anyone on school grounds, but with a student? Might as well be doing coke ON a student body while he's enjoying himself. I'm surprised that incident didn't affect, Ms. David.)If this is the state of American education when one honest mistake is overly punished while outright murder is given a slap on the bum and a finger wave, it's little wonder why this country's going to the toilet and home schooling is riding a wave.


The owner of your West Ocean City store is lucky to be walking this morning. After riding my super clean 1997 Honda CBR919RR an hour to joint "Bike Night" (HARLEY NIGHT) I was directed to park my bike on the side while ALL HARLEYS where saved spots in the front lot and main show area. I simply approached the Manger about this and the owner in plain clothes shoves me in the chest telling me I had to leave. Number one in Maryland from the moment he lay his hands on me I had the right to defend myself and did not. Should this happen in the future he may not encounter someone as calm as myself and pay a dear price. I after this will never patron any Hooters or support they're so called Bike Night nor will my friends...Then again a thousand street bikes there in September could be fun. Train your people about state law before one of them get really hurt or worse. Jason Skinkle Maryland.

I use to work for Hooters a few years ago. At first i was a bit nervous due to the fact i was the only person of color working there, and just as i expected i had to deal with quite a few racial comments...Not only from customers but sadly my coworkers. When offered a job elsewhere i was quick to leave. I felt bad for not properly leaving a two weeks notice but after dealing with the negativity there i didn't seem to care at that point. On a good note the food was great!!

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