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I dropped off 5 perscriptions saturday and said I will pick them up Monday. Monday comes aand I have only 2 perscriptions. Rest will come in tuesday. Tuesday comes and I am told they had to order perscription #3 . Did not have enough to fill the perscription. Today I go back in the afternoon now I have #3. #4 will not be in until tommorrow. I said there is 5 perscriptions. The pharmacist said maybe I dropped one. Went home again and I always copy the perscriptions, went back and was told dont get upset We will fill the perscription from my copy. Now I will go back on thursday and hopefully will get all my perscriptions. Now as far as fuel perks for my perscriptions, it is 12.3 miles each way. I have traveled dropoff, Monday 2 times on tuesday and hopefully only one time on thursday. SoI have traveled over 100 miles to save 10 cents. MAKES SENCE TO ME

all giant eagle stores suck go to walmart all giant eagle stores should be shut down and the corp put out of business

Giant Eagle Express ----- Harmar, is the PITS! Prices are higher than regular Giant Eagle Prices. Staff is very unfriendly. Store just literally sucks!

Avoid the Giant Eagle Store located at 2032 Lincoln Way East Massillon OH Store #4152 unless you like to deal with rude people they call managers. Specifically a girl named MELISSA who was working on Dec 31st at 4:40 PM. I will be sending a letter to the Giant Eagle Corporate Office

My wife and I purchased a gift card. The card was given as a gift only to be returned to us because when the person whom we gave it to stated that they could not use it due to not being activated. It was total embarassmet as the person whom we gave it to had sung in our recent wedding. She told us that we could keep it and use it as a wedding present for ourselves. When my wife and I took the card to the Giant Eagle where we purchased it from we were told to leave it and the manager would take care of it, only after we had to go rounds with the associate trying to blame VISA for the mistake. I asked her if we purchased a Chicita bananna and it was bad would we have to go to Chicita to complain? They then agreed to fix the problem, but we had to leave the card and return once again to pick it up. When my wife had made the extra trip to pickup the card, she was then told the manager was on vacation and she would have to return once again. This is not acceptable. She informed the clerk who she unfortunately had to deal with, NO. I want it now the card was put into an envelope with her name on it. After much more needless discussion she was given the card back. I run my own business and I would not be in business long if I utilized the professionalism that this store used. We are totaly disappointed with this experience and will not return.

You have the worst management/employees I have ever encountered the way i was intimidated and actually harassed over a return i was told the person i was talking to was the manager only to find out it was not a manager at all i had told this person a few things i didnt feel a employee would of needed to know but to explain it to the manager was alittle different so to find out he was not the manager really shocked me and when i confronted him with the real manager he stood behind her making faces at me it was so unnerving then when i asked for the corp # everyone said they didnt know it then another man can to where we were and said he was the manager i asked if i could make a formal complaint he said you just did i said a writen formal complaint he said no good day and walked away this was the washington pa store

I am very disappointed in Giant Eagle because the service I received at the Giant Eagle located at 230 Rodi Rd. Pittsburgh Pa 15235. I was actually picking up a Western Union Money Transfer and the machine broke when the customer service agent was printing the check out. I tried my best to be patient while she contacted Western Union customer service but I was a little frustrated and irritated that after 5 minutes there was no progress and to make the situation worse the customer service agent begin asking me unecessary, irrelevant questions that did nothing but transform my agitation into anger. Instead of her explaining that she made a mistake and was working on fixing it she left me waiting for almost twenty minutes with a line behind me that began to stretch out the door. To make things worse another customer service agent came to the counter and demanded that I move out of the way so that he could service the other customers. I have to admit that at this point I became very unpleasant. I demanded that he be more careful with his tone and that I am a customer as well as everyone else and should be respected as one. I strongly reccomended that a manager asist customer service agent that was suppost to be handling my money transfer. A manager finally came to the front within a few minutes after my request and struggled with the machine and got it working within 10 minutes. In all, I was at the store for about a half and hour to 45 minutes for a simple process that should have taken three or four minutes. I was completely disrespected and didn't even get a apology for my inconvenience. NOTICE TO ALL CONSUMERS!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AT THIS GIANT EAGLE. THE MAJORITY OF THE EMPLOYEES ARE RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL. I DON'T THINK THAT THEY UNDERSTAND THAT YOU PAY THEIR SALARY AND THAT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS KEY TO THEIR JOB SECURITY. UNFORTUNATELY THEIR IS NO RATING FOR 0 STARS. THE GAS AND THE FOOD IS OVERPRICED. IF YOU MUST SHOP AT GIANT EAGLE SAVE YOURSELF A HEAD ACHE AND GO TO THE ONE ON FRANKSTOWN ACROSS FROM BP AND FAMILY DOLLAR. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE THEIR IS GREAT AND THEY RESPECT THEIR CUSTOMERS.

I wish you could subtract stars. I would give the giant eagle pharmacy in Meadville, pa minus -5 stars. My daughter is very sick and needs her medicine. I pull up to the drive thru window (which by the way is so slow I hope you bring a book to read) line. Two cars in front of me. 25 minutes later I reach the window. 25 minutes for them to help two people. And both people dropped off. That takes no time at all...at a real Pharmacy! !!! I was told to come back in 30 minutes. I did not tell them a time...they told me. So I come back 45 minutes later. Wait in line 15 minutes...so now an hour has passed. The rude lady does not greet me. She blah blah something...so I gave my last name. She says its not. ready yet. I asked why she answers...because the pharmacists says so....I am sure that is pro tocall to speak rude to customer. She tells me to pull around and get in the back of the line. I just waited my turn...why should I have to wait again when she says the pharmacists just had to shake it up. I saw The pharmacists set the bottle of medicine on the counter. Saw my daughters name on it. The rude smart mouth kid working the window says..well it ain't ready . Then she says "now pull around to the back of the line..7 cars are behind me. There was no way. I parked went inside. The fat short lady helped everyone there but when my turn came she tried to go to people behind me. They even said my turn. I asked why I had to wait when it was done. The short fat lady said. Because we said so. And if u want the medicine for your daughter u will do as we say . Then I signed my name and just kept my mouth shut. Then that short fat lady says you need to sign that right. And snatched the medicine off the counter and out of my hand! !!!!! Omg!!!! I. Grabbed my drivers license and showed the short plump lady that was my signature ....WHO DO I FILE A GREIVENCE WITH ........this is not the first time...this is the 8th time I have been treated bad. But this time my kids were along. You give these people a little power at these dead end jobs and they think they are god. There are plenty of other pharmacies .....but this one is only 1/2 mile away. Something needs to.b E done to repramand these rude employees ...I can only imagine how they treat the elderly......... Very concerned citizen in Meadville, pa

I had the experience of witnessing a supervisor or manager grabbing an employee by the shirt collar in front of me and other customers at the store in Columbus,Ohio (Sawmill Rd).I was there at a later time and the person still had a job.If I would have tried that where I work I would have been terminated on the spot. Poor management that doesn't care about it's employees. I will never shop there again.

Just curious as to where your chickens are processed. Bought a G.E. whole chicken the other day & I really got the whole chicken. Never have I had to clean the whole chicken the way I did this. Glad I only bought one. Pinfeathers & inners were over- whelmingly evident. Have a feeling the chicken pickers were in a contest to see who could do the most chickens in 5 minutes. It was disgusting.. Took me 1/2 hour to clean. I have bought your whole chickens many times & NEVER have I been disappointed until now. I purchased this at the store in Heath,Oh. The plastic bag said it was processed for PA. Giant Eagle.

I had a great experience at the Lancaster Ohio pharmacy. The pharmacist went out of his way to order a generic brand from a diferent manufacturer that was not normally stocked at Giant Eagle. The situation was handled wonderfully. Thank you Eric. I will never use another pharmacy or pharmacist.

This a complaint and maby a Heads up for you. I have noted the last several times I have visited the Greensburg Store in EastGate Plaza, there are several of your employees sitting outside the store smoking ciggs. I have to ask you, Why do you permit this? The stale smell of the smoke distracts from the wonderful smell of your bakery,what a shame. It seems to me that is this day of age one would provide a smoking area away from the building for the smoking employees to sit and injure their health. Giant Eagle has very nice stores, I would think you would incourage non smoking by your employees. Maby you could provide some incentive for employees to stop smoking.

the new store in Pataskala Ohio needs to have someone in charge who cares..I have stopped going there..one day eggs were piled up high with a do not use date the next day..the manager is never seen and shelves are not kept stocked..you have to stop and check dates on everything you buy.. there are bare shelves..it won't make it the way it is being "run"you have to check dates on yogurt each one...choclate mile was outdated etc...

I am sure glad to see that your store will survive without my business. Remember the $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 worth of prescriptions, well I transferred them to another pharmacy. On 8-24-10 I was at your pharmacy 3 times, let me explain. The 1st thing I did was call in my 3 prescriptions, 5:00am. Then @ 11:00am dropped 1 off, to be picked up later because I had 1 more doctor appointment to go to. Then @ 2:00 dropped the last 1 off, the girl that received this was even nice enough to ask for my phone # in the event of a problem. Then at 6:00pm I went to pick up my prescriptions and the pharmacy said that my insurance did not go thru so needless to say I did not get my prescriptions that day for my asmtha because my insurance company closed @ 5:00pm. To make a long story short all the pharmacy had to do was call my insurance company or myself, and it would have been cleared up. But you probably could care less as long as you and your family are making enough money, why care about the customer who your people there think less of as it is based on their statements to me at my previous visit.

the Gibsonia store is very poorly managed, stocking is poor, salad bad apperance and up up keep is terrible , I go to buy salad and is looks terrible and very poorly attended to , I have to ask many many times if they would FRESH products in it , Doesn't any one from your corp office ever check on these places, I can't wait till the new Glenshaw store is bulit!!! Please do something about Gibsonia

This is why I shop elseware for products, and if your pharmacy treats me like this again I will take my perscriptions elseware. I buy $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 dollars worth of perscriptions a month. Today they only cost me $8.00 for a (estimate) $1,000.00 worth and the woman waiting on me told me that I was not eligible for fuel perks because my perscriptions where paid for buy a government program! 07-27-10 I work hard for the little money I make. I did not ask for these health problems, they just happened. I lost my job and my Blue Cross when my employer sold out and sub-contracted to Mexico. I live on $216.00 per week and struggle every day. What business is it of hers how my perscriptions are paid for, Giant Eagle gets all the money for these perscriptions, so why is my co-pay not good enough for fuel perks, I struggle as it is? I never felt so humiliated in all my life! Not to mention the perscriptions I recieve are higher priced as compared to other places. Why would she treat me like that, and not to mention embarass me in front of her co-workers and others who made of heard her in line. I have been a loyal Giant Eagle customer for 30 years and have never been made to feel like she made me feel. I have had many different insurance carriers, and the $8.00 dollars I paid for I earned it was not given to me by the government, I was fortunate to get this medical card because I do not make enough where I work now because I had to take a cut in pay starting over and my perscriptions are for illness's I have had all my life. Respectfully, Andrew F. Andros 412-771-5395

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