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Poor customer service

Painesville ohio. Bought cake. Girl smashed the top in with the box. They wouldn't fix it. Supposedly no manager in the whole store to talk to. Taking to another store to see if they will fix it. Horrible day


If you like liars they can surely give it to you, Nothing they say is correct and lie lie lie right to you. don't work there.

good place for a giant eagle

Downtown Indianapolis would be a perfect place for a Giant Eagle Market District.Indianapolis gets 22,000,000 million visitors to its downtown sporting events.Downtown Indianapolis has an interstate in it.

Best Bakery

I have always enjoyed the fresh bakery selections at Giant Eagle. I do not have this brand in my home town (Knoxville), but when we visit the Pgh area, we always seek a Giant Eagle for the bakery.


Went to Giant Eagle to buy Bob's Red Mills almond flour paid $12.99 a bag then come to find out all the other stores are selling it for it $10.00 they are making a killing on this go to Wall-Mart,Marks or Rhuli Brothers

Giant Eagle Doesn't Care

Valuetime Honey costs $2.00 less per jar` than the Giant Eagle brand. Giant Eagle stopped carrying Valuetime Honey. Food prices have risen exorbitantly over the last 5 years, aready. Adding this $2 price jump is inexcusable. If Giant Eagle cared about its customers, it would work to secure quality products at the lowest possible cost to us, the consumers. They have fallen prey to corporate greed.

Application process for a job

Since 2011 I have try to applied for positions for giant eagle, have applied for job fairs pre-application, all I get in response is they have chosen a candidate with closer qualification skill for the position, I have 10 years expense as a bakery manage, 2 years experience in bakery at a casino, I don't understand what hiring processing the company have, do they actually look at people resume when they post online for the position, I'm very qualified candidate for the bakery position,

Meat from China?

recently bought "steakburgers" in the butcher section, cooked and it was so greasy and fatty, I took the other one back. Now today I bought chicken at a BOGO price. The chicken must have come from some old hen on a slow boat from China. The driest, most tasteless chicken breast I have ever eaten. Yuck! I'm done with them.

Expired items

Yesterday I had to take chicken back because it was spoiled!! And the sell by date was 7-15 Today my milk is already spoiled and the sell by date is 7-17!!!! I bought both these items a few days ago. They allow me to return for exchange but what a hassle!!! The chicken was 6 cents more than what it was originally and they charged me!!! GE , O'Neil Blvd , McKeesport Pa

False Advertising

Beware of the signs you see in Giant Eagle and check your receipts. At our Giant Eagle they had a sign saying "Coca-Cola 4 for $10". One 12 pack would be $2.50-right? Not so. Customer service says you must buy 4 12 packs to get the price of 4 for $10. No where on the sign does it say that. I wonder how many people never check their receipt. this is false advertising. Posting on Facebook next to let the public know what is going on with their advertising.

horrible to work for

Complete chaos in the pharmacy.

Worst company ever.


people need help

im in eastliverpool ohio, and at our local giant eagle the cashiers are putting some very rude comments on faceboook about people who are on government assistance. I think that this is rude and should be dealt with, they even say rude things to the customer. That's not how a store should be up and running, if you want customers to come back. I think that something should be done about it .

Complaining on customer servce reprsentatives

Hello I am a customer who shops at giant eagle weekly. I came in the store actually two locations in cleveland ohio, rocky river and north olmsted and I neede to cash a lottery ticket for 250.00 each I was told "no we don't have money to cash lottery tickets" but this is where your supposed to cash tickets the Gas stations send you there, but the service reps were so unfriendly very rude an I am pissed. I spend hundreds of dollars weekly and this is the service in return,respond to me asap please , thanks an unsatisfied customer.

fresh fruit snd vegetables

If you are going to advertise you get shipments every day of fresh produce then you should do it. Same tired produce, workers pulling off the old outer leaves, mold on equipment in produce, mold on fresh? Carrots. I shop at the Hilliard, ohio store seversl times a week and see what produce is not being replaced. Please do what you advertised

Hello Heinen's

If I have to wait as long to check out as my last visit to GE, I will gladly not come back . I will NEVER use those self check outs! Further more, What is up with the management at the Streetsboro , Ohio store , who a) crams TOO many tems in the isles? And b) tells employees to stop getting too chatty with customers when all we really want is pleasant service? Hello Heinen's

Express Checkout Sucks

I was buying one item. So I thought I would use the empty express checkout self checkout machine. I find out that the machine won't let me check out because I don't have my giant eagle card on me. I was thinking this must be crazy why would you require someone to have a giant eagle card to do express checkout but apparently the do. Big thumbs down. Won't be going back.

Poor Check Out Management

I am a retired 68 year old retiree and grocery shop at GE with my wife. There are three GE stores within equal driving distance from our Stow, Ohio residence and shop any time any day. My peeve at all three stores is there are very few manned registers at any of these stores and I refuse to use the self check out registers. Why doesn't GE employ enough people to handle the cash registers and baggers? After all, customer service is where you 'seal the deal'. I am sure that many people have been disappointed too often and are now going to Wal Mart or other grocery stores and GE is totally unaware of the loss of these customers and we will be one of them.

Accessibility GE Hermitage

I have always liked to shop at GE, but unfortunately , I will be unable to give them further business. My mobility is very poor and I need the use of an electric cart upon entering the store...however usually none are available. Today I had a prescription to pick up and since there is no outside pickup I had to go to the counter inside the store. No carts! I fell my way to the counter...I just can't risk giving my business to GE any longer.

Fresh Produce

I see the CEO of Giant Eagle on tv commercials on a regular basis. She always states "why would you buy produce where you buy a tv" Well it is quite apparent that she does not visit her stores. An example is the so called "fresh" green beans at my Giant Eagle, they look older than my mother!!!

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