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Hi Lottie,Not managed to see the slide-show yet but the piectrus are just fantastic. So many people have commented on how calm and charming you were and also how wonderful the piectrus look. You put up with lots of mayhem (Rich and I just couldn't stop chatting to people!) but you handled eveything with such professionalism and a really friendly attitude. Thank you for sharing our amazing day and for capturing some wonderful memories on film. We're so pleased we found you and just need an excuse to bump into you again!Speak soon,Lauren

I am saddened that giant eagle has decided to put corporate interest above the customer. The bathroom tissue and paper towels labeled house brand has changed companies and is selling a far INFERIOR product than the previous company. I am always leary about purchasing a house brand not knowing what I am getting. I actually went out of my way to go to giant eagle store for these products. I apparently will have to find another brand. I will still shop at GIANT EAGLE but I will not be purchasing the above products. "BUT ONE PERSON"

I was there on Sat, not the greatest place on Earth I'm sure. The caisher couldn't do her job and the folks in line got very testy. Really, if you don't know the difference btwn an avocado and an artichoke you shouldn't be checking people out.

I have NEVER seen anything like the Giant Eagle Pharmacy in Uniontown! I will call in at 9:00am and go on my work lunch break at 1:00pm to get the prescription, told to wait 25 minutes and go back, just to be told tocome back at 5:00pm! Also they have NOT charged me correct prices time and time again. MANY times I go one time the SAME prescription will be a different price. IF I call and ask the total price on the phone, when I get there it is not the same and usually MUCH higher. I had a three way conversation with the pharmacist, myself and my insurance company to see why this is, just to be told "OH we did not run her prescription through her insurance". When asked why, they answered because she could only wanted half of it at a time!!! I absolutely hate GIANT EAGLE PHARMACY and told the store manager that today, he could have cared less. Only go there because they hae the $4.00 generic program (SOMETIMES THAT CHANGES DAILY ALSO)and it is close to work! WHen Wal Mart constructuion is down in Brownsville I am switiching!!! Giant Eagle Pharmacy does what ever they want, with NO accountability!!!!

My son and I were at the Giant Market District on Centre Avenue last week. My 15 year old son asked one of the butchers if a certain creature in the display was actually a form of fish. My son then told me that the guy (Brandon) said in a low voice get the F$%^K out of here! My son was very upset. The meat guy disappeared. I requested to speak to the manager and a woman shows up. I explained the issue and this woman repeatedly protected the employee. Found out she was not the manager but instead a team leader. Never spoke with the Manager. The Team leader said she would get back to me the next day over the phone. Never heard from her or the manager. Filed a complaint online. Never heard from headquarters either.

I shop at the North Hills location,I am very pleased with the quality of their fruits and vegtables. I have shopped at other retailers,but the quality is not as good. I would rather pay a few cents more per pound then having my produce go bad within a day or two. I wish our schools provided the quality produce Giant Eagle has. Hey, maybe we can work out some kind of deal Giant Eagle.

This rating comes after a multitude of bad experiences with the pharmacy in Salem, Ohio. I have withheld the bad rating to allow for issues to be corrected, but it has only seemed to continue, and lately even get worse. The continuous long wait times are understandable, but don't keep telling us over and over again that it will be twenty more minutes just to keep us in the store. An hour later and we still don't have our prescription. After this happening for the last 3 prescription fills, I have had enough of it. With our last two prescriptions, we then are told that our prescription can only be 1/2 filled per our insurance?!?! This means I must pay a double co-pay for my prescription! Our doctors, and the kind pharmacy reps at Rite-Aid have never heard of this. I believe it is just a ploy to get extra money out of the consumers. Rite-Aid kindly filled my entire (not half as Giant Eagle said HAD to be done per our insurance) prescription in under 15 minutes (including the time to transfer the prescription)!

Your prices are too high. Fuelperks and Foodperks do not make up the difference in your prices compared to Walmart and Bottom Dollar. Customers no longer want to play these games just lower your grocery prices or continue to lose customers.

The management at the New Castle, PA Butler Rd. giant eagle are terrible. DLB

I have always been a loyal giant eagle customer. Never a bad Or returned check, last fri 8/10 I came through their line with a armload of groceries and was told I couldn't wrote a check til my last one 7/29 cleared. And they had shut off my card priveledges. After calling customer service I found out that the store requested that my card be shut down. If this is the way that they treat their loyal customers just never in a bad check at hate to see how to treat the ones that have on occasion on mistakenly passed a bad check to the store before. I was basically told even with my past business with the company top lock to call back on the 24th and if the check cleared they can't clear my cardinal out me to continue using my privileges. I will never shop with this company again and I will make sure that everybody I speak to know is how they treat their customers.

Stacey, the pharmacist at Giant Eagle on Scioto-Darby Rd/Cosgray Rd is incredibly rude, unhelpful, and plain nasty. Have had nothing but bad experiences on all occasions with this pharmacy, all due to her. Prices of medications, wait-times, information, & service are all poor. There is no waiting area, and I have often been disappointed with a lack of selection in the over-the-counter medications. Again, warning to any and all customers of this pharmacy or potential transfers: transfer your medications somewhere else! This is one pharmacy that clearly does NOT value it's customers.

Giant Chicken needs to get their wings on and fly back to Pittsburg. what happened to you Walmart , whole foods and aldi scare you into harrassing customers . just look at all the complaints and I have had some of the same experiences. Giant eagle that kimd of stuff dont fly here in Ohio.

I am a mother of 3 and use to shop at the giant eagle on Shakespeare. However within the last month or so I, have been harassed by jittney drivers constantly blowing their horns and yelling at you as soon as I walk out of the store. 2 weeks ago my mother was towed from your lot and was told that her picture was taken by your staff. I hope that someone, anyone, please get control of your store and while you are there please have someone clean the restroom. thank you for your time

I feel your prices are getting so totally ridiculously high. Everytime I go into the store, which I do almost 1 a week, your prices go up at least a dollar an item. I went in today and found that pop was supposedly on sale for 3 for 14.00. It was just raised to 3 for 12.00 just a few weeks ago. I think this is price gouging. I am not going into your store anymore. You don't raise the prices fairly. DONE WITH GIANT EAGLE. I don't like being taken advantage of so blatenly. Everyone I know feels the same way. I will post my feelings about your company on Facebook and warn people also. It is time for your stores to stop gouging us. I am going to start a campain tomorrow, so look for my postings.

I have to comment on Terrie Dylan's email sent on 6/27/2012. I couldn't believe what I was reading. This man has no love or respect in his heart for anyone if he could criticize and blind man for bringing his seeing eye dog in the store to help him shop. Did this man ever stop to think that maybe there is no one to help him and he is completely on his own. He may have lost all of his family and has no support system except for this dog. Not only are you a heartless human being, you don't have any caring at all in your heart. Just remember God teaches us things in strange ways and he just might make you blind and let you see how hart it really is. Don't be jealous of someones disability, you wouldn't want to trade places with him.

As an IT person i find your pharmacy site to be more than a little screwed up. Recently i changed all my prescriptions over to you from a competitor and as i do with anything i signed up to do refills online so i don't have to deal with idiots. This would be fine but i learned that whoever issues PIN's for your security probably should pay attention when he/she is imputing that info into the system. MINE DOES NOT WORK and your store people are about as much help as customer service people in a prison. So who do i need to call to get this stupid problem fixed your website must have been designed by a monkey, no wait monkeys are intelligent. I'll be glad to make you a corporate site that you can actually navigate around but its gonna cost ya big time.

I have no complaints, except there is no Giant Eagle close to me for convience. I LOVE your store but need one in the Circleville/ Chillocothe area. Your store is the best I have EVER shopped at.

a complaint to cranberry giant vagina...er, spread eagle...er, giant eagle: there was a DOG in your store yesterday. a DOG, for crying out loud. i suppose the womb that he was with was blind, but giant eagle should not allow blind people to bring a dog into the store if they don't allow everyone to bring a dog into the store. blind people have a disability, a disability that they should not be trying to compensate for - if someone is blind then they should learn to accept reality rather than trying to compensate for reality. blind people don't need a dog, they need to hire a gopher. i don't care if they use topher grace to "go for" their errands, they just shouldn't be compensating for their lack of a "seeing eye" with something to give them a makeshift "seeing eye". that's as ridiculous as "men" who are trying to compensate for their lack of gender-identity by using a naked member of their own gender as a "seeing eye" - or as a "discovery zone". if gays wanna believe that they're NOT makeshift men - if they wanna believe there's nothing detrimental to a masculine soul about finding security, fulfillment and something excitably taboo in another one...it's their loss. either way, gay "men" are not real men because their curiosity of men justifies a void for men and a personal feeling of incompletion that can only be rectified by other mens' rectums - likewise, blind people shouldn't be lying to themselves as if they're eddie murphy in "trading places" - "i can SEE! i can SEE! praise jesus!". blind people, whether their blindness is an eyesight-dysfuntion or a mindsight-dysfunction (gender-dysfunction), should not be compensated for in an effort to make them feel normal. THEY ARE NOT NORMAL - but then again, we live in the "a woman can do anything a man can do" world, so i guess giving people a false sense of reality is, in the words of the white house-negro, "the right thing to do". of course, we live in a world of placation, from "strong woman" to "peaceful muslims" to referring to gay males as "gay men" (as if self-realization and gender-realization exists in the mind of a masculivoid), so i guess it'd be wrong to push for blind people to start accepting reality if we're taking pity on all the other lesser people of the world by maintaining that they aren't lesser. i still would maintain that disabilities shouldn't give lesser people any rights over better people - it is bad enough that giant eagle has parking spaces set aside for the disabled gender, but a dog? a DOG in a grocery store? that's preposterous. i can't believe blind people, trying to hide their disability with a dog - they NEED a gopher! let me quote nanny fine: "did you really think that you were gonna hide a hickey from me with a little pressed powder? you NEED oil-based concealer". now, i have nothing against dogs...dogs have been my only friends for 20 years...but i know that they don't belong in grocery stores. i don't think that llamas would be allowed into stores, no matter how rich and famous the owner of the llama is (or was) - maybe "affirmative action" would sue for tolerance of llamas if the rich and famous owner of the llama was a negro, but why should dogs get special rights over llamas? and it's not a matter of dogs being blind peoples' "seeing eye," it's a matter of respect for your customers - how many people must leave their dogs in their cars on hot summer days because they can't take them into your store? they'd be able to take their dogs shopping if they were fortunate enough to be blind, am i right? stop giving special rights to the dysfunctional, stop giving parking spaces to the shorter/meeker gender - stop giving a dog-pass to blind people - stop maintaining that there is nothing self-compromising about staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed at a naked member of one's own gender. in my heart-of-hearts, i sincerely hope that an organization based in equality will someday sue giant eagle for its' tolerance of lesser people and intolerance of better people. and, yes, there is such a thing as "better people" - i think daniel tosh said it best: 'nana-nana boo-boo, i'm better than you-oo". i do share the same initials as daniel tosh, as well as donald trump, and we all belong to the "i'm better than you-oo" club. even if only one of us is actually justified and accepted by society as "better than" most people. then again, is donald trump better than most people if his "blonde ambition" has spawned the gambling addictions of many people? well, i'm not talking about myself...i can stop whenever i want to. dylan terreri, i www.jaggedlittledyl.com, LLC

Giant Eagle's managers (Pittsburgh, PA stores) treat their female employees like dung. They micromanage, harass, and berate females employees in full view of customers. Management does not display an attitude of customer service, professionalism, or respect to its own employees. They have been getting away with this type of conduct for some time. Where can we go to file a formal complaint other than the HR department. The HR departments automatically sides with management without doing due diligence to see what the other side of the story. Please advise.

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