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Rotten produce

Just returned rotten lettuce from your store in Willowick Oh. Will never ever go to another giant eagle store again. Mgr said that it should have been cut out. It should have been thrown out. you should be ashamed to have something like that on your shelves. F

Swai Fillets

I had purchased Seamazz product Swai Fillets (fish) frozen fish which is an excellent product. However, I just learned that Giant Eagle NO Longer CARRY THIS PRODUCT. WHY? Later I discovered that OTHERS have inquired about the same product. I called Mazzetta Company for information and was told other callers have also inquired about the very same Swai FIllets. Please check to see if this product can continue at Gint Eagle. Thank You

My handicapped husband is owed 16.75 hr of pay from the GetGo at the Kennedy Twp. Giant Eagle. Part of these hrs he should have bene paid 4-11-13 and the rest on 4-18-13. The Getgo mgr. did not have time to input his hrs into payrol. I have also witnessed the headcashier Roseanne being very rude to not only customers but the handicapped people that bag and retrieve shopping carts at this Giant Eagle. I wonder if this is how Giant Eagle really treats their handicapped employees. Appears they hire them to degrade them. Why won't it let me rate less than one, they don't deserve any rating.

Poor Customer Service

Barberton GE has a very rude customer service rep up front! He told me "I told you to use debit and not credit" when I purchased a money order! OK??? Are you always this unprofessional? It's very convenient to buy GE but it's also very convenient to go to Walmart on the way home from work! I'm just as tired walking through GE as I am at Walmart!

Cuatomers like THAT

When you shop, you should really watch as thibusiness wing rung up, because YOU read the sign wrong 90 percent of the time. Match the UPC codes with the tags UPC, if you're too lazy to do that you deserve to pay a higher price. And don't act like its our fault because of where signs are placed, you're lucky you get the courtesy of signage showing things on sale. We don't owe you anything.

Pepsi Pricing

On Tuesday 3/19/13 I purchased 5 bottles of Pepsi, only because of the way the signs were placed on the selving and made me think it was only .99 cents per bottle. Later at home when I was reviewing my bill I noticed that I was charged $1.99 per bottle. I called the store to complain and was told that the Pepsi was going to be moved around on the selves to make the sign more discernible. I was also taken aback that Giant Eagle would even charge that amount for Pepsi, when it can be purchased for less at many stores. This is what added to the fact that I thought it was only .99 cents. I certainly don't like to feel like I may have been taken advantage of.


I feel that Giant Eagle pricing is so off the wall. I will never shop in there again. For example there is a product I buy and they charge almose $6 for it and I found it at Walmart for $3 less. Another product they charge $4.98 and I can get it at other places for $2.98. Produce rots fast. Grapes are old, peaches and nectarines are dry. Need I say more.


Hartville Giant Eagle is as they refer to it a small store, with that attitude it will probably stay small. They had a young woman there working in Customer Service her name matched her attitude and her smile when you walked in the store, Joy. The attitude of the store has changed with a recently transferred manager, a tense, heavy, feeling is enhanced with the too often sound of the new manager talking down to the employees in front of customers, the regular employees were like family but that small town neighborly feeling is definately gone now, and even the Joy is gone from the store. Really bad decision whoever made it, the only thing worse than a small minded store is a mean small minded store.

i love shopping at giant eagle but i am so sick of hearing their same commercials when they have specials on gift cards- the same people r in them and they are very annoying and childish- plus they use my family name which bothers me- please change to something else- its time for a change!!!

The Giant Eagle in Beachwood, Ohio is disgusting. The store is dirty and the employees uniforms are gross and so are their attitudes. It needs to be reconstructed and deep cleaned. I will never purchase food there again.


I went to Giant Eagle in Amherst, Oh yesterday to use my tresemme coupon which is a competitor's coupon and was told they don't take them because it was printed! I just used a printed competitors coupon on the 22nd of this month. I know the coupon policy and every time I go here I have a problem using coupons in general. I have heard MANY bad things regarding coupons at this store from many people! This store is the worst and has many RUDE employees! I don't think they like the fact that us couponers get things for cheap and sometimes FREE! I will NEVER shop there again! I will go somewhere else!

Upset Pharmacy Patient

Giant Eagles is the worst pharmacy that I have ever dealt with , from their stupid drive thru that has room for 2 cars or 3 if you want to face traffic head on, to waiting 1 to 2 weeks for a narcotic perscription that can send you into withdrawal time after time, not to mention can't get it right with the insurance company at the Mentor- on the Lake Giant Eagles on Andrews Rd. Poor poor service. Go to Walgreens, Rite Aide, or CVS and save yourself the discouragement.

I am reviewing the Giant Eagle on Rt 8, If your in the need of a prescription this is NOT the place to go.They are the worst in customer service and never have a full prescription in stock so you continue to waste your time to make return trips. Better to go elsewhere. If there was anything lower then one start that's what they would get.

Discriminating against the deaf

Gibsonia pa Giant Eagle manager is discriminating against deaf applicant. Recommend you investigate before this information goes viral.

Long wait

Giant Eagle Pharmacy in Brentwood is slow, slow, slow. Extended wait time nearly always to fill anything. When I complained to the pharmacy tech, she insincerely apologized to my face and didn't even wait until I was out of sight to talk about me to one of her co-workers. Terrible customer service.

FoodPerks No More

Very upset that you have decided to discontinue the FoodPerks. Need to tell you and the govt. that GetGoGas does Not work in my fairly new car. Had to take it to the dealership to have the "engine light" turned off, due to using this gasoline. My FuelPerks will be wasted. How about choice of FoodPerks or FuelPerks??? Otherwise my food purchases will be made elsewhere. P.S. The code words to be deciphered are the pits. You need to have another access to send messages.

Waiting for over 25 minutes

This morning I was at your North Ridgeville store. I was attempting to purchase Ohio Lottery tickets, and the woman behind me was attempting to purchase a carton of cigarettes. We both were amazed at the amount of time spent waiting in line so employees could get and cash their paychecks. We waited for over 25 minutes for the 3 people in front of us could gossip and cash their checks. I gladly imformed her of how I go there every week and it has never changed. Is this your policy at all of your stores? To keep paying customers waiting so the employees can get together for a little chat session. Wouldn't it be much better customer relations to have a separate window or other such area (ie: At their dept. or in the back room) that they could carry on as much as they want without having the customer suffer. I can't believe how naive companies can be when it comes to customer service. Perhaps you should consider creating a position of Customer Service Specialist.

Expiring FoodPerks

I think it's a terrible idea to end FoodPerks!!!! It was the perfect catalyst to keep me buying all my household needs at one location. I will now go back to shopping at other discount stores for my non-food purchases. Very dissatisfied!!!

bad experience

I dropped off 2 prescriptions and asked how long it would be till they would be done and went back 5 hours after they said they would be done to get them.We waited at the drive through for 15 minutes for them to figure out where the medicine was and then was told that one was out of stock and no one called to tell me they would not have it when I was promised.This was in barberton,oh.

Impressed with Giant Eagle's Gluten Free

I have shopped at Giant Eagle off and on for years. I also shop at Wal-Mart, Weis, Giant, Mom's Organic Market and Wegman's. Giant Eagle prices are high compared to other grocery stores, including Mom's Organic Market, which totally surprised me. The fact that you get fuel perks and foodperks that add up as you shop is an attraction. With the money you save there I think their prices are fairly comparable. I am impressed though that they sell so many organic and gluten free products. I just started eating gluten free and was shocked I was able to get everything I needed at Giant Eagle, except for the different flours. As for waiting in line, you wait at every store if they're busy. I do like the idea of the self-check lanes they have. The best and easiest way to shop was the way they tried several years ago. When you could grab a pricing gun when you arrived and ring your products up as you shopped!! That was the most convienent way to shop. It's a shame people can't be honest so they could have kept that up.

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