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Dear giant eagle, i hope you read this. I bought some food from the hot bar earlier today. While i was eating the mash potatoes i felt something weird in my mouth. It was a damn hair tie. Not only was it a hair tie, it was half of one. A hair tie doesnt break in half and jump in someones food which means it was put there. I called the store and talked to the manager who didnt really seem to care. So ill be taking legal actions tomorrow. I bet that dumb ass is gonna care now. I can't wait to shut you guys down. Im making sure everybody finds this out.

Would you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider putting your store in Clarion, Pa. There is a vacant Bilo that would be perfect. Please give us an alternative to Walmart which in down by the interstate and a pain to get to.

Hi my name is Jacqueline Spillman, recently I was fired for attendance. I had only received one written suspension, never a warning and never any coaching. I was an employee for four years for Giant Eagle before being fired. I had had the same mananger Devin before he was replaced with Monica Brandon. Monica Braondon has practiced unethical behavior the entire time that she has been at my the Getgo on High Street. I was late to work on Saturday May 19 and I called the store as required to inform them that I would be late due to the fact that my alarm clock didn't wake me. I found out that Monica had mentioned to another employee that two people were being repremanded, one was going to be suspended and one fired were her exact words according to the source. I worked on Sunday as scheduled and called the Getgo on Monday to inquire about this seeing that no one had come and spoke to me about the situation at hand. Because although employees know that they are late they have to wait for superviors to administor the punishment. So when I called she stated that she didnt know whether or not that she should be discussing the matter with me on whether or not I was the one getting fired. She was hesitant be she said that she felt obligated to tell me that in fact that it was me being fired but yet no one had came and talked to me. I had also mentioned that I other employee had already told me this prior to discussing this with her. She seemed as though she didnt know that I was being fired that Monday, but I was a bit confused to as how she could leak information that she knew nothing about. So I called the store mananger Toni and he stated that he knew nothing about the situation either. He said that he would call me back, after about a hour had passed he called back on the phone and stated that I would be terminated the same day on Monday. Prior to these events transpiring I had been transferred from my home store to another store due to Monica's unethical behavior and returned. I had also went and discussed some of the problems that I had had with Toni was well upon him beginning his new role in the store. I also discussed how my avaliability had been overrided and that I would not be avaliable as many days due to the fact that I was a full-time student with three children working nearly full-time hours. I was told by Monica that Toni would only change my avaliability if it sufficed for Monica, so I didn't bother with the issue after that. I feel as though I was blind-sided with the whole event and that Giant Eagle did not stand up for me during the whole event(s) that had transpired. I have been in contact with Team Relations Specialist Amy Harr who is very familiar with this situation and we have tried to do everything possible from our end to maintain a good relationship with me and Giant Eagle. The right steps were not followed as to fire me, and I think that it was very degrading to be fired over the phone, especially when I was the one who had to call to find out whether or not that I was terminated. No one ever approached me about the situation and I was not given a proper exit on the event. I think that if this is the way all managers behave at Giant Eagle it is a unfortunate thing to work for Giant Eagle long-term. I sacificed my time and think that I was wrongfully terminated due to the fact that they should have shown me more respect when firing me. I think that my termination status should be changed because it will forever effect my forward progress in the future progessing past Giant Eagle and on to a new job.

Hello, I am 25 yrs old and live in Vermilion, Ohio. A few friends and myself went into your store to purchase alcoholic beverages for a small get together. The 3 of us shopped for sometime found what we wanted and one of us headed to the counter to pay while myself and a friend went to leave the store to find other items. The girl behind the register whose name is Tracey called us back into the store... asked us for ID's even though our friend had his. While we were all older than 21 I did not have mine nor did my friend I recently lost mine and the friends was at home. Tracey then said she could not sell us the alcohol and proceeded by being rude in saying this. As a reaction I to became bothered by her attitude and said I would have someone else purchase the alcohol. This upset her and she became loud and belligerent. Saying things such as "no you will not I donot play that shit" "I wont sell to anyone who comes up here to buy that type of alcohol" waving her arms in the air in a threatening manner. My friends and I went to the front to complain and we were approached by a manager who said she didnt understand why she behaved that way and for me to write something she could give to her superior. I did and asked would this letter I had written be in vain. Her response was no it will not and she was going to speak to Tracey right away for her behavior. We went home and send my boyfriend to purchase the alcohol for us since it's the only place in our city to purchase what we needed. He went in picked out the same alcohol and again was told by Tracey he could not purchase it because a female and 2 males had been in there prior to him and she would not sell to them and she would not sell him alcohol. She had the right to deny anyone by whatever means she chose. He replied you have to have a better reason than that and she responded "fine I dont like your tattoos" He said you cant do that. But apparently she can? Also the letter I had written prior she had in hand and asked him to put it in his phone to see if my name called up he said no and she said she would call the police and did. There is a complete police report on file while the police were there they spoke on the phone with our lawyer who agreed she was discriminating and the cop told our lawyer he was told we were not sold the alcohol because the 2 friends I had with me were "black and gay". We are discusted with the behavior of your employees. I hope you understand they represent your corporation as a whole. My family, friends, and lawyer have suggested we take legal action against Giant Eagle. While this may be an option for us we would like to see how you will handle this matter before that occurs. I will be in contact by phone as well. Thank you for your time Disapointed Customer email for contact: tskodny@yahoo.com

Wow. This is not the first time this had happened.. I shop at the giant eagle in montrose oh and I spend a lot of money there. Can you tell me why I always have o bag my own grocerys? I should just start shopping at aldis if that's the case. I think it's horrible. I even asked the manager last time I was there because I had 250.00 worth of food and had a baby and a 4 yr old with me and Boone to bag groceries and she said the cashiers bag the groceries. Wow... No thank you... Gladly go to acme or aldis.. At least acme has some customer service

Giant Eagle in Baden hasn't gotten any better despite the new smiling manager. They are almost always out of whatever the current batch of newspaper coupons \are available for the week. Certain bakery and deli employees are sullen and will ignore you to finish their own conversations. The cashiers, mostly the young girls, don't make eye contact, and certainly do not greet you or make conversation. There have been instances where individual employees have been helpful and friendly in all departments, but as a whole, it is rarely a pleasant experience. Recently, during an early morning shopping trip I came home from buying deli cheese and meat and found what appeared to be grease and or metal shavings on my cheese. They offered me more cheese. Oh and a 5$ gift card for my trouble. What a joke. One last complaint. You new register coupons are ridiculous. I have now been taken in by the twice. Once trying to use a coupon for dollars off of specifically pork products, not just meat. Another time, I ordered cupcakes for a birthday with plans of using my 4 dollars off coupon. It turns out that it had to be a $15 dollar purchase . Another joke on me, I guess, as in the past three days I purchased doughnuts, bread and a birthday cake at the bakery. The purchases were made on three different days in hope of having fresh products each day. So even though I spent the 15$ over a period of time, of course the coupon was no good. Who really spends that much on one trip to the bakery, outside of a special occasion? I have already stopped using the store for the majority of my shopping, and only go there for snacks and quick pick up items. It looks like I will be finding other ways to meet those needs as well.

I have been a customer of Giant Eagle for more than 20 years. I have spent countless thousands of dollars there and up until the other day my only complaint was that your meats where not the greatest in the world. I have no issue with that because I go to the local butcher for everything. A month ago I bought a bottle of asiago peppercorn dressing at the willowick Giant Eagle. Last night I ran out of dressing and opened my new bottle of yummy dressing. Half way through my salad i glance at the bottle and discover that the expiration date for for a year and a half ago. THe dressing expired 1/21/11 and I ate it on 4/24/12. I realize checking the dates before you buy something is a good practice and most of the time I remember to do so but the blame goes to the store for not check on its stock. Long story short I spent an hour in the bathroom getting sick before I decided that i do not want my money back. I want myself and everyone else i know to stop shopping there. SHame on you Giant Eagle. you can keep the full perks. Try spending some cash on training your stock kids to read..... Briand

Hello, My name is Jay Holmes, I have a coke habit - I drink 10 to 12 cans of coke a day. I first started shopping at Giant Eagle in PITTSBURGH, where I was Allegheny County Police officer until I retired. I shopped there exclusively for close to 15 years. I moved to Michigan, and though the closest one is fifty miles away I would make the trip buying 48 12 packs at a time when coke was on sale. When coupled with the other purchases I would get a 30 cent a gallon discount on gas and that made it worth the trip. I have been doing this for five almost six years. Now i go down and find there is a limit of 6 12 packs per day. I was lucky enough to find a front manager who allowed me 24 12 packs (half of what I went there for) but still not enough to make it worth the trip. If Giant Eagle headequarters cannot contact store #6536 manager and permit me to purchase 24 cases at a time when coke is on sale, (I will provide my name, address and e mail at the end) then please have the manners to inform me and I will no longer deal with Giant Eagle. I am, have been, and would like to continue to be loyal to Giant Eagle - but your new limit policy does not permit this. I am requesting an exception once every three to six months to come purchase the coke and other items I need from this particular store. The ball is in your court, I shall wait for a reply. I am sure you are aware Kroger in Michigan has the policy your company initiated of 10 cents off a gallon for every fifty dollars spent. Your company got me several years ago because of this policy, and I would like to stay loyal. Jay Holmes 1533 Paramount St Novi MI 48377 jaytoknight42000@yahoo.com - email I kindly request a response either way. Also please know the people at store 6536 have always been very nice, and treated me well. Once I called to make sure coke was on sale and the girl on the phone said yes, when I got there 2 hours later I found out it was not. There was no limit at that time and your manager gave me the coke at the sale price due to the error. The people there are really nice and should be commended, but they also have to comply with your policy. Please allow them an exception for me and I shall remain loyal until I die, which I would have had this policy not come into the picture. Thank you for your consideration. Jay Holmes.

I shop at the store in Bartonsville ,Pa. I buy my groceries & gas there.The only thing that really tees me off ,is the pa.intant scratch off tickets.You have the machines that sell the tickets,but you it seems you never have the money to pay them off.It doesn't matter what time of day you go in there,if you have a ticket more then $20.00 forget it!!!I just don't understand it,you have No Money to pay tickets!!!!Why do you even bother to sell them!!I take my tickets to another grocery chain to cash them in,now that's pretty sad !!!Its not like they are big winners.most of the people working the customer service desk,just doesn't care.Yesterday the girl knocked on the office door for money,& the other girl said ,she didn't have any.You got to be kidding me!!!Manager of this store needs to be more involved in what is going on.

To all giant eagle pharmacy prescription holders I dropped a prescription off at the pharmacy in German village Columbus Ohio it was late afternoon when I did I was told maybe 2 hours maybe well I thought that maybe I would pick it before they close or just maybe tomorrow well it happened to be the latter well today when I stopped by to pick it up the tech atcted like it was my first time that I were their well it was not I've been getting prescriptions billed their almost 5 years once the tech checked more she came back with the original copy of the prescription stating we are no longer filling the prescriptions of or for this doctor so I tell you if the doctor was still able to write prescriptions then I feel that they should be honored it was a waste of my time poorly managed you just can't make up rules as you go time is to short to be wasting on someones stupidity not ignorance stupidity you have a computer put the information in it for all your employees to see so then you won't waste your or the customers time or unless you don't care about your customer once I were able to speak with the pharmacist she was really rude explaining why this had taken place do not be wasting customers time

I am so devestated, yes devestated, that giant eagle has changed theit diapers!!!! Before giant eagle diaper I tried all the name and some off brand diapers but nothing worked to my standerds. I bought a pack of giant eagle diapers exactly 10 months ago on the 11th and was hooked. Ever since then I've been buying two to three cases a month. I just bought a case three days ago assuming they were going to be the same and was shocked when I looked in the box. I could tell just by looking in that they were much thinner and had a different shape and also different tabs. My son used to be able to sleep all nigh with out wetting his bed, now he wets through his diapers three times a night. And complains about the fit. Now I get to have the awful experience of finding a new brand of diapers we both like. Major let down, I would have used their diapers when my other son is born.

I have shopped at Brookfield Giant Eagle forever people are dealable but recentley two ofntheir cashiers would have to be described as only the BEST!!! Sweet girls forever a smile, helpful ask how i am, remeber me, they make me feel special everytime i see them with their amazing smiles thank you Amy and Angelique you two make Brookfield Giant eagle an amazing place to visit, i have had really bad days and both of you light up the town,

Applied for a job for the new location in Broadview Hts, Ohio - had a phone interview and was told i would be going to the group interview on 1/20/12 from 10:00am-12:00pm and that i will be receiving a email as to where i need to go. Well no email, no phone call, nada. NOT NICE GIANT EAGLE!

I have been shopping at the Beacon Mall Giant in Alexandria, Va for 12 years. I have done so mainly because of the customer service provided by Jodi at the front desk. She is easy with her smiles and laughter, and I have NEVER seen her be rude in any form to a customer. She has helped me out with all my money orders(and there have been many), and she has been able to tell me when Giant ABRUPTLY stops carrying something I have been buying for a long time so that I don't run all over the store in a frustrated search. For the last year since Jodi has been gone, customer service for the most part has been" hold on a damn minute, I'll get to you." That's a problem. My church has discontinued shopping for our events at the store. Speaking as a competent, professional woman, I want to see more "Jodis'" in the workplace. I do not want to see more female managers who behave like Lena. I have not been able to figure out how she remains employed at Giant. She is RUDE. Asking her a question of any kind gets the same irritated responses. She appears to have no customer service abilities, and the way I have observed her speaking to staff members is not only unacceptable - why would anyone want to shop at a store that treats their employees without respect? My favorite store lost its most appealing virtue - excellent customer service.

1/14/12 - I waited in line 20 minutes to drop-off a prescription because the drop-off window was closed. I was told it would take an hour to fill the prescription. I returned in one hour and waited 20 more minutes behind a line of 7 people only to be told the prescription was not ready. This is not an unusual experience for this pharmacy. There are 3 registers and only one person ringing whenever I go there. It is poor customer service to waste people's time and a poor business model to under staff any department in the store. I pulled my prescription and transferred it to Target, who filled the prescription within 20 minutes. You've lost me as a pharmacy customer - you lost me years ago as a food shopper due to rotten produce and expired products left on the shelves. Good luck with whoever you have still putting up with such poor management. - 7939 Day Drive, Parma, OH(440) 888-7392

I was recently terminated for something that I did not do. I was a very hard working employee who received many praises for my work ethic and abilities. Another employee saw me doing something, that to them looked bad, like I was doing something ethically wrong. I understand that at their point of view, it did look bad, however I was not doing what they thought I was. I was immediately told to leave the store without given a chance to explain or defend myself. I was told not to return to work until I was contacted. Five days later I received a letter of termination. Not a single person either in management, human resources, team member relations contacted me to ask me what was going on. I was never once given a voice to explain or defend my actions. I was merely just terminated. I tried numerously to contact my own personal manager to explain and defend myself, and his only response was that it looked bad and that I would be contacted by HR. Is this how this company works? If if appears you are doing something wrong, you are immediately guilty and terminated? I have never seen a company handle employee firings in such a manner. At every other place I have ever worked, the employee was brought in and a discussion was held. I don't even care that I was terminated because I don't want to work for a company that handles such things in that manner, but I am extremely angry that I was never given a voice! Hell, I didn't even get a phone call to tell me I was fired, just a simple letter of termination. This is an extremely unfair way of handling employees, guilty or innocent. Well, in my case apparently guilty since I wasn't given any chance to prove otherwise.

I used to get my prescriptions filled at the Giant Eagle Pharmacy on West Fifth Avenue in Columbus, Ohio, but transferred them elsewhere due to the bizarre practices of the staff. When you drop off a prescription and wait for it, they call your name and ask in a loud voice for your address, date of birth, name of drug, etc. Other customers are sitting right in front of the counter or in line behind you and everyone can hear your personal information. So, I tried getting a prescription by showing them my driver's license with my name on it and the name of the drug and they read it outloud so everyone could hear it. I told them I did not like this practice and they said they are required to do it. They also claim they will match the price of competitors, but then that is only on selected drugs. Doesn't the corporate office care that they could be endangering the safety of a customer by sharing your personal information outloud to whoever is standing there?

I think its horibble that I sepnt nearly seven years of my life working for this company at the Failrawn Ohio location, yet I am not able to get re-hired. I loved my job, customers, and fellow employees. I left 2 years ago and 10months later began trying to get rehired.I have literally put in over 50 applications, those of which I am certain I qualify. I simply received automated messages telling me that they chose other canidates. There were times when I was up at 730am so I know I was atleast one of the first people to apply. OAt one point, I even opened up my availability to make it limitless, yet a message was sent saying they were going to go with an canidate who "matched their needs" more closely. I had an open availibility how much closer could a person get? I think that this billion dollar company doesnt want to hire me because they'll have to pay me a little bit more than the inexperienced. Either way, This is very unfortuante, and makes me wish I had not devoted so much to a job that couldnt care less about hiring back good workers. (saphireez@yahoo.com)

Why do Corporate Office keep canceling the contracts of some of the most popular and loved banks? You cancelled First Place in the Giant Eagle branch on 478 Boardman-Canfield Road, Boardman, OH 44512... luckily they were able to build a new branch, with later banking hours, within a reasonable driving distance for people to go to, and they also had other banks in this area. Now you're ending US Bank contract in the Giant Eagle branch on 1201 Doral Drive, Boardman OH 44512 to replace it with Huntington Bank! Are you people crazy!!! People are always complaining about that bank!! Don't you care about your customers preferences?? Why didn't the Corporate Office at least do a survey with their CUSTOMERS, to find out "what bank" the majority of us wanted?????!!!! Many times I went in their for banking purposes, and ended up shopping, and I'm sure there's many others who do the same. Give us back our US Bank... PLEASE!

I've been a loyal shopper at the G.E. located on Andrews Rd., Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio. Repeatedly the shelves are not re-stocked. When the store runs a buy one get one free campaign, there usually is only one item, or none on the shelves. The answer from personel is always, we get another shipment later today or in a few days, come back then. People don't have all day to shop, or all week either. I'm shopping now! Products advertisied on sale are hard to locate, they remove them from their usual place on the asile, and move them to an area that makes no sense, or-the item is not available-no one shipped it. But yesterday was the biggest problem. In this economy using coupons is essential. I average at least $15.00 worth of paper coupons, and shop because of the sales. I had no more than 20 paper coupons to pay for 40 items. The cashier spreads my coupons out on the convayer belt, and looks up at me with a scowl and states- We do not allow "extreme" couponing. I looked at my items and back at her, and stated-Where to you see extreme couponing? Do you see, 110 boxes of cereal? 89 jars of Ragu? 220 packets of gum? I have 40 items and 20 coupons. Every coupon was for something purchased. She huffed, then rang up my items. I'm finding somewhere else to food shop. No longer will you be getting my business, which amounts to $150.00 PER WEEK!

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