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Customer service

Tired of waiting in line for twenty to thirty minutes to check out constant problem at this store tried acme and they had enough lines to take care of customers timely sorry giant eagle will not recommend store to anyone been happening to long there store needs to learn something bout customer satisfaction instead of profits. Didn't want to give even one star but won't let me submit without rating

tallmadge Ohio giant eagle

I tried to get gas and before I pumped I was asked to pay. Keep in mind moments before my friend was able to fill up no questions asked and then pay. upon my request for ten dollars in gas the teller lady carol told me that my ten dollars in quarters were not good enough for her and that I needed to go to coinstar. I then asked her how much change she.could accept and she replied its not your concern. I then went into the store asked to speak to manager and talked to him for over 15 minutes and I was never even offered an apology. I will make my entire friends and family about this incident and we all will no longer shop or get gas at giant eagle stores. I will also be posting about this on their Facebook page.


I do not know if you actually manage the pharmacy at GE North Towne Sq. or just rent out space, but we will no longer be filling prescriptions there for the following reasons: 1. Rudeness by staff on a phone call. 2. Rudeness at the drive up window 3. Long lines 4. Prescriptions not filled because "it was never received" I may have to wait in line, but I don't have to put up with rudeness. My husband and I have experienced this 3 times by different personnel.

Rt 40 Giant Eagle

I went in yesterday to pick up a few things after work, since its close to the holidays naturally the store would be busy all the checkout lines were long including self checkout which I decided to use this time, I was really disturbed that there were 3 employees just sitting and having a good old chit chat while every customer at the self checkout counter had to bag their own groceries, and ofcourse you cannot begin your order until the belt is clear, I went to the manager on duty Caroline, told her what I had seen, she had a complete blank expression on her face and then said ''I'll let them know'' and walked of, no apology no thank you for bringing it my attention nothing......its no wonder the employees do whatever they want look what example they have to follow, no customer service, no communication skills I guess you dont need a college degree to be a manager at Giant Eagle. Dont Lie and say customer service is a priority......its obviously NOT

Late Fees to force to online payment

Giant Eagle is holding checks that are mailed in until the due date and then charging late fees, $25 for the first, $35 for the second. This is deliberate to force customers to pay by automatic bank withdrawal or online which gets them their money faster. And we all know that we are really paying for those fuelperks and foodperks by higher prices as so many people here have written. There must be 20,000 products that no one buys and we have to search for the 25 things that most people buy, milk, eggs, bread, meat, and produce. If you get a late fee, call and get it taken off your bill. This is deliberate by the bank that processes the payments. Another American business that has gone bad. This system forced me to give them 1 star. I want to give them 0 stars.

have to go to emergency room

Rocky River ohio ... Pharmacy .. Last month whoever filled my diabites pills screwed it up ammount wise i only got like 1/3 of my pills so when i ran out way early i called..they fixed it... but now..., my last refill im out today and called. and pharmasist said you have no more....wrong!! im holding bottle 1 refill left... checked when i went to dr. should be one left...and she wanted to argue... and tell me she isnt filling it without script... no emergency to her!! after arguing for 10 min.. i called rite aide we will go there from now on.. even though there more money.....she said you will have to go to ER and get a script... are you kidding!!! i have had nothing but ptoblems with them all year!! i went there originally because metformin was free... what a mistake!!! im sure im not the only one with problems!!

Declining services

My wife and I have Shop the North Ridgeville Ohio Gaint Eagle for over 27 years now And had noticed in the past two years that customer service really going downhill. It took over a half hour for two clerks to figure out how to refund me a $1.64 I was missed charge the week before on wine purchase

I too was an employee for Giant Eagle. I had been with the corporation for almost 20 yrs. I was let go in 2008 due to complaints by one of my employees. I feel that Giant Eagle as my employer should have investigated into the accusations further. I am not a bad person and everyone that I knew or that had worked for me up until that point (with excepiton of this employee) would agree. The accusations within the workplace were false. I was put under investigation, but I feel that because I filed for unemployment, I was let go. I just want to let Giant Eagle know that thier HUman Resources officials need to do a better job when it comes to these allegations. As of now, I would not go back to work at Giant Eagle if my life depended on it. And if I were to grade their Human Resources department, I would definitely give them an "E" as to grade.

My wife purchased a T-Mobile phone from your store at McIntire Square....It did not fill her needs so we went today to return it and was told (rather rudely) that it would not be possible and we were to take the phone to a T-Mobile store to get our money back. Of course T-Mobile refused to have anything to do with it because "They" did not sell it from their inventory....So back to your store in McIntire Square....Your "floor Manager" a rather well fed, portly individual, who in my estimation needs much, much training in Customer Service (actually the entire team behind the Customer Service counter needs training on the subject) stated that he did not need to give a refund and again suggested that we speak with T-Mobile....Your employees are extremely rude, uncaring, and as far as I can determine are only there for their paycheck. Definitely not for customer service. I for one will never buy from Giant Eagle nor your affiliates again, and in reference, I am a part of a very, very large family in this area and I do not think that you can sustain the loss of income that is about to happen because of your employees actions or lack there of....

GE prices are inflated, wages of workers are driven down and unions are busted. The purchase of 40 CNG trucks is short-sighted and evidence of how PA businesses run in collusion with Gas and Legislators. I will be doing business at Kroger from now on.

I got gas on Friday, October 12, 2012. I paid $40 for my purchase and when I went outside to get my gas and the pump stated to get my refund. So when I went in and told the cashier that I did not recieve any gas, he stated that I would not be charged because I took to long. Then I got more gas, because I needed it. When I call me card company today, they took out the last gas purchase first and the $40.00 the next day to make it look like I bought gas on two seperate days.

I think I have read enough and shopped there enough to make an observation ; Giant Eagle wont be in business for five more years. From what I have seen in the store the Management has more head count than workers. They always want you to check out yourself and when you do they think your stealing something; so its a no win situation with that. Also I had to make a trip in the store twice in the same day because I forgot something ; By one employee saying this looked suspicious that "I had been in there twice in the same day " told me something about these stores. They are not interested in what the customer wants but only to get rich quick. I find it strange that Grocery store would place so much energy into why I came in the store twice that day . So I wrote the CEO and told him he should go in as an undercover boss in a few of the stores and do some work . And find out why is Whole Foods making the same revenue as they do with a lot less stores . Really strange . Maybe its the way Whole foods places items , maybe its price or maybe its really customer treatment. Like saying things like why were you in here twice this week , my answer " Is so I dont stare the next two days" HAHHAHHHA Anyway Giant Eagle " what do you want on your Tombstone" get it HAHHAAH PIZZA

Please explain how a ONE ounce bottle of McCormicks Pure Almond Extract sells for $7 at GA ; and at Sams Club a McCormicks Pure Almond Extract SIXTEEN ounce bottle sells for $12. You should be embarassed to have people point this out to you.

I recently went to Giant Eagle Pharmacy to get a flu shot. The hugh banner in the front of the store advertises 20 cents on your gas card if you get the shot. The large advertisements in the store also say 20 cent in fuel perks for flu shot. Unfortunately they fail to tell you that if your insurance company pays for the shot that this negates the 20 cent fuel perk. I complained to Corporate and they tell me that government assisted payments do not apply. Now my comment to them was does that mean that Giant Eagle is giving us a shot out of the goodness of their hearts and not being reimbursed...I think NOT!! This is FALSE ADVERTISING. The pamphlet they have BEHIND the counter states in tiny print, no fuel perks for government assisted flu shots. That is fine, however, if this is the case, lets get in on the banner and posters so you can see what is what. I personally will not be shopping at Giant Eagle ANY MORE, Walmart is right down the road.

I use to love the car wash at Giant Eagle on Butler Rd in New Castle. I went today to get the new $4wash. The attendant explained that there is no soap only a rinse for this wash. So I bumped it up to the wash I normally get the $6 one. Well it was not the same wash. I could not see any soap hitting my car so after I was done I drove around to the attendant to see if maybe the soap had not run out. No it didn't Giant Eagle has changed that wash. He said that there is clear soap in my wash now not the multi color soap. So it looks like they have added the cheap $4 wash to suck us in and reduced the quality of their existing washes. Another company giving us lesser products for the same price and we get less for our money. I will not be using Giant Eagles car wash any more unless they bring back the wash quality we had before.

my name is nicholas perkins i was recently fired from giant eagle under false accusations they said i sexually harassed a employee but i did not just reporting that and i recently saw a manager making out with another employee i was wondering if i can get corporate to defend me also he said that i called him a bad name which i did not i need help defending

I was recently in the Reynoldsburg Ohio Giant Eagle, shopped for groceries got to chek-out just to be told my check was denied. Well to make a long story short, my son who has his own checking account was once and my GE card, but it was supposely separated 6 weeks ago from my account. So he had some outstanding checks on his NEW card which I had nothing t do with, so why are they dishonoring my checking account which has no unpaid checks on it. I called collections, and frankly they acted like they didn't give a darn. To date this matter (2 days ago, business days) has not been settled. I was told a Mr. Ron Schechler would respond to me Thursday later that day or the next day. Still have not heard a word. If this is the courtesy Giant Eagle gives to their customers I want no part of their products and I am pulling my perscriptions out also.

I just called a manager at the new Giant Eagle in Erie, PA at Eastway to ask if they deliver as my sister is disabled (he was going to check). She lives about 5 minutes away but can't easily get there for groceries or her medications which she has gotten from the GE pharmacy. We have gone to Giant Eagle for many years, and I thought that the new GE store might deliver but they don't. I would suggest that instituting a delivery service would help get and keep customers. Here in Massachusetts, where I live, Pea Pod delivers online orders and it is great. I would encourage the new GIant Eagle CEO, Laura Karet, and new COO, John Lucot, look into putting something in place to help disabled or house-bound community members.

I am very disappointed in your FALSE/ MISLEADING sales. This is not the first time this has happened at your store but will be the last because I don't have to shop at Giant Eagle, and I won't again. We have a Walmart Super Center closer to us and a Martins and 2 local owed grocery stores that are just as close and the prices are comparable or cheaper. This week the hugh window posters in the store shows frozen products, buy 4 for $10 and get .20 cents off on gas, another one for different iteems says buy 5 for $10. and get 20 cents off a gal. We bought 4 of the one and 5 of another and didn't get any discount!! The little markers at the items didn't state (you must buy 10!! No where did it say that when it quoated the price, it was prited along the top of the posters away from where the product and sale price and .20 discout was shown. Thanks for misleading customers, and we will be sure to alert our friends to the misleading advertising.

I am aregular shopper ar your Strongsville store. I have accumulated .40 in gas savings so I drove four miles to your nearest Get Go location; however the price of your basic gas was priced at 3.95 per gallon which is .27 higher than any of the local competition(3.68/gal)...so my savings is .13/gal. This hardly makes it worthwhile to shop at your store if you are not competitive in this area. In addition to being aggravated I drove to another station in Brunswick (same town that your Get Go is) and bought my gas there. This makes me consider changing my loyalty to anothe supermarket. I haves shopped at Heinen's and find some very positive things. First if lyou need help they will take you to the product, second some of their prices are very competitive, third they will put your groceries in your car and NO TIPS are allowed. This makes me wonder of the value of shopping at your stores. A reply would be appreciated unless this goes into the junk pile.

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