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I work for Giant Eagle Store #1842 and I've been asking them for my summer works and I suggested 7am-11am or 7am-1pm M-F and they said "no we don't like those hrs" .......that's so stupid, if they don't give me my hrs I will quit and find a better job

Greetings! I had a rude in encounter with Giant eagles managers last Friday. There names are Randy, he is the store manager. Lyn, is the office manager. They are located at the store in Montrose Ohio. I am a Pastor one of my member was paying there tithes. She purchased the money order from the store in Montrose. I went to that same store to cash it. They told me that according Giant eagle policy they couldn't cash it unless I I had a receipt. My mother was present with me she asked her could we see the policy. Lyn said no in a very rude way then said she was off the clock. Then we had her call the store manager which was Randy. However Lyn is going to say then young man had a question. I am far from being young which was condescending. Randy tell me, and my mother thats Giant eagle store policy.There nothing that can be done about it. Then I called my member her name is Willet. She came to the store told him that she called the other store they told her that it wasn't Giant eagle policy. So we recorded him telling us that it was store policy. Then he had another manager tell the cashier to cash the money order. I felt like I was being done this way because of the color of my skin.

I see all these complaints about Giant Eagle & wanted to respond. As a former Manager myself, it is not that the employees do not care, they are not given what is needed to properly do their jobs. Giant Eagle is a blemish on the grocery store industry. They over work their employees. Manage by intimidation. Before Giant Eagle bought out my former employer we always had the help needed to service the customers properly. Now all they care about is cutting hours. They spend tremendous amounts of time at needless meetings. The bottom line is they try to make things to complicated. To much paper work, signs, programs ect. They have way to much managment & not enough hands where it is needed ,helping the shopper. All these so important people at the top making busy work to make themselves look needed. It was a nightmere working for these people. I wanted so bad to be able to spend more time with my shoppers, but they make it impossible. I wanted to give my workers better but the company sees them as a liability. They are callous & cruel ! Myself , my family & many of my friends will never step foot in another Giant Eagle again. Id rather starve ! They should go back to pittsburgh !

First, all their products are OVER priced, Second, their pharmacy is the PITS and number three: NEVER buy any gift cards from there - they are NON EXCHANGEABLE.

I was at cedar ave Saturday April 16th at 3:30pm. This will be the third time This Year !!! I have returned my basket or left our buggy because we couldn’t get what we wanted or you were out of it. This time there was 4 zucchini left in slot which were the worst in my 45 years I’ve ever seen. Brown and shriveled up I can’t believe a manger of produce would even let them in the slot to begin with. So congrats the store has been named by the locals as third world shopping because we believe there is a better product coming from a third world country then your store on the north side.

I would like to share my thought on Giant Eagle selling PROM CORSGAE. Why are you taking our livelyhood away from us. We do not sell milk, bread, eggs, cheese and meats. I customer just brought one of your corsages in to me to change the ribbon on it , she paid 4.49. Can you keep to selling food???? I am sure you are not even making money on the 4.49 , just do it to keep people coming in. Very disaapointed , I do go there to buy all my food but not no more. All florists will not go to you. Chesterland FLoral P.S. I called customer care and waited for 20 minutes, Looked like you guys care alot. I can make a page on facebook to boycott Giant Eagle with all florists in the United States. Pissed off FLorist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have noticed a decline in happiness and customer satisfaction at the boardman giant eagle, store 4018. I used to have pleasent shopping experiences at this store months prior but lately it seems like its gone down hill. I have noticed alot of different employees, coming and going quickly, also have witnessed disrespect to employees from female manager with blonde hair. is this the reason your employees are quitting? I just want things to go back to normal, with the construction going on i was hoping the customer service would be better then it has been, but i havent had any luck. I quit shopping there and do not plan to go back. poor choice of management could be the problem.

This is concerning your pharmacy in Indiana,PA. A brand new store and pharmacy and very poor customer service in the pharmacy. I had all my prescriptions as well as my husband's and mother's transferred to another pharmacy in our area. I am a very patient person and have worked in a pharmacy in the past, but since they have opened the new pharmacy service is slower and customer service is horrible. There are twicwe as many people working then the old pharmacy so they can't blame it on short staff. I have to pick presciptions up every 7-10 days. I have waited in line as much as 20 minutes and was told it would take another 20 minutes and then waited in line again for 15 minutes to get to the register and find out that the script need re-bill taking another 10 minutes. I have received a call at home saying my percription is ready for pick-up, driving 15 miles to the store to find out that they didn't fill it and don't know why I got the phone call and would I wait 20 minutes or so till they fill it. I have been told that I picked up my prescription the day before and explaining to them that this is not possible to only find out it was layed aside because they did not have the medication in stock and did not bother to fill the other one I called in to be refilled- wasting another trip. The refill was called in a couple days prior to this so they would have amble time to refill - you think they would they would have called! I have had the physcian's office call a prescription in being right there and going to the pharmacy and them telling me that the physician has not call in anything, finding our later it was on their machine - another trip wasted. Many people complain about the waiting in line for pick-up and are getting tired of it too. I will never go back to this pharmacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a personal chef and caterer. I am in Giant Eagle in Bainbridge (Tanglewood) usually 5 days a week. I spend a significant amount of money in that store. I have grown up in the area, and have memories of grocery shopping there with my mother 25 years ago. The new buildout on the store is truly fantastic in my opinion... I love the bakery, wine, and cheese dept. It is for me now a complete one stop shop for my needs to better serve my clients. The employees are always very friendly and were always very helpful in finding items during the construction transition period. I know you receive emails ofton on the negatives, but I really wanted to let you know how great the staff is at Tanglewood... a true testament to what fantastic managers you have at that location. Kimberly McCune Vine & Dine Owner/ Chef www.vineanddinecleveland.com 216.925.2515

To Whom It May Concern: I don't know where all of you people are shopping or what location. I can tell you thast if you were to come to the Blacklick, OH location, you would not recieve service like you have previously. I personally work there and I will tell you, if you aren't happy. We aren't happy. We fix all consumer complaints quickly and swiftly right on the spot no questions asked. It's really a sad shame that you are having these issues at other locations. I had no idea it was a problem.

Blacklick Giant Eagle, Ohio Pharmacy is slow, rude, and not accomodating. Unfriendly staff....Had three issues there...but decided to keep giving them another try.......the fourth was the last straw.....

I too wish that there were negative stars to rate Giant Eagle, especially for the so called 'family run independedent Oak Park Mall location in White Oak Pa--I have never been treated so rudely in my life as I was by the store manager on Tuesday 3/29/11. If this is how he runs his family business it is one family I am happy to not be a part of. Many of my friends and neighbors have shared similar stories with me in regards to this store and my experience was no different. Sad thing is that in a nationwide survey, GE was rated one of the worst-highest prices, horrible customer service-but, there are few competitors.

On Feb 26th I wrote to Giant Eagle that Lybia exports about 2% of oil to the US. G E started raising there prices like all oil companies, the price of crude oil started to go up due to conflict in Lybia...mean while the day crude oil started to go up shipments would not arrive to the US for 4 more weeks and by the time it is processed on trucks and delivered to Get Go`s a total of 6 to 8 weeks...but we see the price increased that day....from reserves that are much cheaper... The same day I read about Wegmans Seafood department gaurenteeing that they would not raise there prices on Seafood for all od 2011 due to increased gas prices! I asked G E why they could not hold gas prices down since they control the grocery Mkt in W.Pa,Centeral Pa.& E.Ohio....I got no response back. TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN GIANT EAGLE....FOR GET YOUR CUSTOMERS THEY ONLY PAY YOUR BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i shopped at giant eagle ebensburg pa. i always purchase pear juice by looza and buy all they have. i asked the manager to get more to my surprise they now do not carry this pear juice. they have every other juice by this brand but the pear juice. i have to go to altoona pa giant eagle to get this product why? i started to stop shopping giant eagle and have started saving. you lost a customer for the lack of trying to help the customer.

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who was left standing at the Latrobe Giant Eagle for 45 minutes. She buys $87 worth of dog food there on a nearly daily basis, yet this store does not seem to be able to keep the food where it is accessible. She is frequently made to wait, and wait, and wait, while someone attempts to dig out the pallet of food. To make matters worth, one of the store managers was standing there watching one of his best customers being treated this shabbily. On this particular day, she was ill and really did not need to be put through this aggravation once again. I spoke with Jodi with Mr Shapiro's office at Pittsburgh Corporate Headquarters to fill her in on the deplorable situation taking place at their store. We are quite interested to see if Giant Eagle has any interest in retaining their steady and reliable customers.

Last year my company cleaned giant eagle stores through another company called Horizon USM Red Bank N.Jersy and I worked in the Cleveland area for the contracted company. First thing the USM company made me pay 10% of my total pay check back to the company they called it a (rebate program) and I was pomised a job and they wouldnt take stores away from me. To make a long story short USM lost all of the contracts with giant eagle and 2 diffrent companies came in and I was left without a job and no way to feed my family. And I was waiting for my last checks from the USM company and the stoled 24,000.00 from me. And I couldn't pay my workers or my family. And this year they took USM back as contracted janitoral servives in the Cleveland area and all they did was steal from the people who worked for USM. And they told us the Giant Eagle didn't pay them so that is why I couldn't get paid. Why are Giant Eagle do business with a company that will NOT PAY THERE WORKERS? Or is it just business? And no one cares if my family went hungry for a year along with the people I couldn't pay. I was a sub-contactor for USM. And Giant Eagle loves to do business with people who steals from others. I called the stores that i worked at and no one would help me, all I got was sorry that really not my peoblem regarding USM. We contracted them. Which in turn sub-contracted me. Ivan

The "new" manager at 117th get go in Cleveland, transferred there from n.ridgeville in Feb 2011, is a cold liar and control freak. I feel sorry for the employees there. If he has ever been regarded as truthful, HE IS NOT. I am not an employee and if contacted I will explain confront him to his face for any employer.

I want to commend the manager, Paul, of the Giant Eagle in Lancaster, Ohio for service above and beyond his job description. My elderly parents need much assistance and when they are in the store, Paul and his employees go out of their way to help them. My mother recently fell and broke her leg and is in rehab at a local nursing home while her husband remains in hospice. Friday my mother turned 82 and I called Paul (since I live out of town) and asked him to make a personal delivery of treats, balloons, etc...to my mother at the nursing home. Without hesitation, he agreed and it was absolutely the high light of her day. I might mention that Mother has Alzheimer's and she talks about his visit to her...well incessantly! Paul and his employees take the time to get to know their customers names and show a genuine interest in them. Well done good and faithful servants!

Bill Hamilton That Is In Charge Of The Tear Out Crew.....His Son Harold Hamilton Smokes Pot While On The Job,,,,, This Is Wrong And He Should Be Termanated

2/7/11 Blacklick Giant Eagle 6867 East Broad Street Columbus, OH 43213 I wanted to share my experience at the Giant Eagle Pharmacy. I had just left the doctor’s office and needed to fill a couple prescriptions. Giant Eagle was close, and since I was on my lunch hour I figured this was perfect. I get the Rx filled and visit the salad bar while waiting. I have worked in retail for over 30 years and understand errors can be made and customer may not always “be right”. With that said, I also know some people should work on the front lines (with customers) and some should not. I stopped by the store around noon today and went to pharmacy desk. I could see a young lady on the phone and a gentleman working on something, no one looked up …. No big deal. Then the gentleman takes a phone call (both on phone now)….still not a big deal, maybe he didn’t see me there. Then he gets off phone and heads away from counter where I was standing, the young lady who was still on the phone looks at him as he walked by, he went to back….still not noticed, or at least acknowledged yet. Shortly after he comes back and comes to desk. I give him my prescriptions and he does a search in computer for me, I have had medications filled there before, but it had been a while. All insurance information was the same, but I didn’t have my Rx card….my fault. I called my office to get group/account# for my insurance. While I am on the phone I watch the next two customers being served by this same gentleman. The first customer hands him the Rx and says “do not turn this into my insurance, I told you not to last time and you did”. Second customer is told we have to order you medication, the customer says “no thanks, I’ll take it to CVS” and leaves. Throughout the conversations with me and other customers, the gentleman seamed as if he could care less. No smile, no apology for being out of stock, no apology for turning Rx into insurance when asked not to. Even if the customer was wrong, this was very poor service on the front line. Now, I have all my info and am next in line. He gets all info in computer and lets me know that one of the two meds can only be partially filled. It would be enough to last me until next shipment comes in, so I told him that would be fine. I would take part now, and pick up balance on Wednesday. I had two prescriptions and one was for an antibiotic. I asked if this was one of the free antibiotics and was told no by this gentleman. I said ok, he said it would be about an hour, since I had to get back to work, I told him I would have to go elsewhere to get it filled. As I was walking out I decided to go back just to check which antibiotics where free. I got back to counter and asked one of the ladies there about my prescription. She told me yes it would be free and let me take a sheet that showed that fact. I am a little upset and decide to share my frustration with one of the store’s management team. A young man comes out to talk to me and I go over all of the above. He explains that: 1. “The pharmacy is busy” ……OK 2. “The pharmacy needs more techs“…THEN HIRE MORE 3. “They really don’t make money on the pharmacy anyway, it just helps build store traffic”……I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THAT, HOWEVER, POOR SERVICE KILLS FUTURE BUSINESS One thing you might want to think about, never try to downplay a problem when dealing with a customer by saying “I know that is a problem, but we don’t make any money there anyway”. Whatever you’re going to do, if you are not going to do it right, don’t do it!! Now the final straw, when I told management the name of the gentleman in the pharmacy, he stepped back and said “It couldn’t be him, he has been here a long time” . Well, I guess if your associates were right, I was wrong.

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