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I ask the butcher at the Plaza Blvd store in Mentor if he could split a turkey breast they have on sale . He was very apologeted when he told me that corporate would not let them do that any more. Seems so silly since other meat has to be cut. they just lost a sale. Are they for some reason afraid of some sort of law suites. Maybe I should not rate the store poor just corporate since the store and all the employees are VERY friendly and efficient.

Your store at Eastgate Plaza in Hemfield,Pa. is the worst run store I,ve ever been in. The new store manager Laura, is the worst at running the store.The previous manager Art was way better and treated his people better. Many of the long time employees have transfered out to other locations because they won,t work for her. I,ve talked to the vendors and they are very unhappy with her also. No wonder the store lacks in Quality service and merchandise. Go shop a Shop n Save instead!

Hey Giant Eagle! Get rid of your management at the 7th Street Store in Frederick MD. I feel sorry for any employee working there! I guess this store seems to forget this: A happy employee = better customer service. It's just easier to rid of an employee rather than solve a problem. This customer is NOT always right and many customers treat service employees like dogs and then whine to management!It's like rewarding bad-behaving customers for their rudeness! Worse, management is uncaring, ECCENTRIC but-holes! This place cares more about the old mighty dollar and giving out of mandatory service - rather than genuine courtesy. IF GIANT EAGLE WANTS TO STAY IN BUSINESS THEN GET BETTER MANAGEMENT!!!!

20 years produce experience and got paid the same as 18 year old new hires that barely new what celery was. Would do three times as much as the kids while they jerked with their cell phones and cared very little to none,for this is a kids job. Now I hate to sound so negative for I am a positive hard working American who's laid back and easy to get along with, but this is the worst company I've ever worked for. Poured my heart and soul out and t ried my best only to get bullied, taken advantage of, and way underpaid. It's my opinion that the store manager Cory at Hayden and Cosgray is a terribe manager and not a good employer. Typical penny pincher only interested in himself. This place is a joke to work for and the produce had to go down hill when I left because it seemed I was the only person that took pride, especially for the minimum wage. With all of this on mind, I have certainly moved on but at the same time felt the need to expose this horrible place to work for and warn the people to try somewhere else. Unless of coarse your a bad employee who is late and loves to goof off because these are the people who seem to get rewarded. Please take my truths and opinions and boycott shopping and working for these kinds of places and support more family owned businesses.

For those that work for Giant Eagle, carefully review any and all of your paychecks. They will do what they can to make wure you do not get paid correctly. I have seen instances where those that work for both a corporate owned as well as an independent store, and go over 40 hours you are entitled to OT however the rich execs will make sure you don't get the OT you deserve. These guys are greedy and willdo what they can to keep lining their pockets

I usually am happy to shop at your Giant Eagle store in Cleveland, Ohio @ Buckeye Rd., however a week or so after I've shopped. I decide to bake a cake for my grandmother for her 86th. birthday. The cake turned out great, once it cooled and I was ready to frost it. Something told me to taste the frosting which was a Duncan Hines Coconut Pecan. It would be my first time trying this flavor. I tasted the frosting a it tasted weird, tasted it again and it still tasted weird. So I thought maybe my tastes buds were a little off from the minty after taste of my toothpaste. Later I asked my Mom to taste the frosting to get her opinion and see if was just me. She tasted the frosting and said it tasted spoiled. I told her that I had just purchased it not even a week ago. So I sat the frosting aside, thinking not of it. Later on my Dad asked my the frosting was sitting there and we told him it tasted funny. When he looked underneath at the expiration date, it had was dated 2007!!! I was soooo appalled, angry, and frustrationed. When I grocery shop I do not have time to check expiration dates for my purchases. I would like to be able to trust the store and the workers to do that for me, but 2007, REALLY!!! What if I had never tasted the frosting and my 86 year old grandmother had eaten that cake for her birthday? I just hate to even fathom the thought. Please contact ALL your stores and make sure that who ever has the job to check stock for expiration dates is doing it. I would hate to hear of some getting sick or even worst dying for food poisoning from something so old. 2007, it's 2011!!! not only am I posting this comment, but I also plan to contact the corporate office, as well. Please do better, so I can continue to feel confident enough to shop with you at Giant Eagle.

i have had trouble with the canton pharmacy, and the prices they charge, they charged me the wrong price for androgel for a year and then when they caught it, they cut the perscription in half. the manager adam lied thru his teeth and i caught him each time, so i quit buying a lot of groceries there. then a store opened in massillon and we started going there, no problem for about a year and now the perscription i get each month for 17.oo is on backorder, so they had it in the canton store. so i went there and it was 68.00 no record of the price ive been paying and no courtesy. of course the manager adam. well the surprise is i have every receipt ive ever gotten from them. this time around the people who are lying, are going to be found out. makes me wonder if the food on the shelves is really what we think it is, or is there some deception there also???

Giant Eagle in Painesville Township, OH. The store is being renovated for the second or third time in its young history. The place is a mess, the aisles are miss-marked and make absolutely no sense. Items that belong together are stuck anywhere- aluminum foil is at the end of an aisle on the other side of the store. Other similar items are (i.e. baggies, wrap - are with the chips! No one makes eye contact because customers are angry. You wander aimlessly and employees walk right by you...I can no longer take this nonsense. I don't have time to search 30 minutes for 2-3 items. I WILL go down the street into Mentor to Heinen's (really out of my way) or to Marc's which i believe the GE is afraid of most.

I would like to know why the Giant Eagle stores don't carry the same products. In the store on 5th street in Barberton OH, they discontinued Maxwell instant decaf coffee, but the new store in Wadsworth OH has it. I'm NOT driving to 2 or 3 Giant Eagles to get all the items on my list with gas prices the way they are. WHY DO YOU DO THAT? Do you want to lose customers? Myself, I'm going back to Acme. I've heard others complain how one store has something, then the next one doesn't. Why does Giant Eagle stock their shelves during shopping hours? At times it is impossible to get down an aisle or get to the product you need because they are stocking shelves! You NEVER, EVER have enough cash registers open...and the ones you check yourself out at, FORGET THAT. All those are doing are eliminating jobs at Giant Eagle and in today's world, people need jobs! I used to LOVE Giant Eagle, now I pretty much HATE them. Not a convenient store at all. Acme, here I come!!

I would also like to know why our fuel perks and food perks 'expire' after a certain amount time. WHY IS THAT??? I paid for those perks, and you're going to TAKE THEM AWAY FROM ME if I don't use them when you want me to use them????? Those aren't perks anyway. You raise the price on your products & produce in your stores...so we really aren't saving anything, and to take them away after a certain amount of time, you should just not offer them. You are ripping your customers off and you know it; and isn't it odd that you can't email or contact the corporate offices, when THEY are truly the ones that should be hearing these complaints. Guess they don't want to be bothered. How sad. I hope Giant Eagle goes under one day.

After reading different reviews I have come to the opinion that something needs to be addressed with the mgmt team you employ. I have tried to shop at the store in Aliquippa, Pa for 3 years alwas experiencing the same problem each visit. The produce is horrible and alot of it is of poor quality so I finally asked the manager Mark does he ever look at the produce department and his reply was "of course every day". I asked him to accompany me there and went down the line and showed him squash, green beans ,eggplant and asparagus that was either limp, brown for otherwise disgusting looking and asked how can you put out and sale these products? I asked him if the produce is checked daily how come you as a manager did not notice? He had no reply for me. I shop at the store in moon and the market district and have never had this problem. I have finally decided I will not go there any longer as I am tired of going every week to another store for produce. P.S. Some employees in the deli need to adjust their attitudes!

I recently shopped at the Giant Eagle in Irwin, Pa. After waiting in line for 40 minutes to check out, while my ice cream began to melt, I finally got to the register, only to find all the cashiers were doing their own bagging, which took another 25 minutes. I went to the store manager, who told me they got rid of all their baggers, absolutely ridiculous. I have gone to Giant Eagle, since I moved here 38 years ago, from Michigan. You also do not have paper bags, which I get all the time, because your plastice bags are so thin. Your bathrooms were filthy. I spend a lot of money at your store, and will now look for another store. I could only assume you have to pay for the upgrade you recently did, which was a mess for months, so you cut back services. A very disatisfied former cutomer.

To Whom It May Concern i am nikki finn and i will not be denied, I WILL KNOW VENGEANCE! i have created "www.gianteagle.me" to let people know what giant eagle has done to me, to possibly boycott their stores. as the webmaster of a few websites that mock wombn (LadiesSavetheDay.com) and gays (masculivoids.com) and african-americans (africanembarrassment.com), i am usually met with discrimination around town - today was no different. on july 6, 2011, giant eagle discriminated against me on the base of gender and/or gender-identity. it was in one of their pennsylvania stores, in wexford. i am a 37 year-old man, and i was dressed in a tube-top and the short-shorts that i see females wearing all of the time. i was not "indecently exposing" myself or anything like that, i was just strutting around like sheena easton or other females wearing skimpy attire. an employee came up to me and basically said that i was "causing a commotion," to take a song from the movie that i quoted at the beginning of this letter. he asked me if i needed something, i said "baby wipes," and he found them for me - and then heproceeded to say something like "get your baby wipes and you can be on your way". this is discrimination and i would like giant eagle to either rape and sever a breast of every one of their female employees...or just be tolerant of men who dress like wombn. i feel discriminated against wherever i go, but i thought giant eagle embraced diversity. the giant eagle in cranberry township tolerates me - though the citizens bank in that store had canceled my account and threatened legal action if i were to be seen again on their property. nobody gave me a reason for that, but i contacted a plethora of lawyers to sue them. anyway, i am in the process of contacting more lawyers to sue giant eagle. i can put up with (and use to my parking advantage) giant eagle's sexist parking spaces, just because most people do not park there unless they are female (pregnant or not), but as for almost being chased out of the store just for dressing in wombns' clothes...well if giant eagle tolerates girls dressing like idiots then giant eagle is being discriminatory against men - and they will be sued. if i had the time, i would write a parody of maroon 5's "she will be loved" and call it "they will be sued" - i already did "she will be raped" and posted it among the other 600 parodies at my website(s). corporations have absolutely no right to cater to pregnant wombs just because the pregnant wombn has a couple extra pounds to lug around. i thought a wombn could do anything a man can do, i really did - that was until i saw their "special ed" parking spaces and i realized that society is giving them their own special handicap. if it wasn't for cars in front of me at stoplights, high-heeled shoes would make me think wombn are as tall as men and not just trying to seem manly on the job. high-heeled shoes, gee, is there any reason for the "career woman" to wear them (other than as a "pride protector" to protect her from feeling like the pipsqueak she is when she's around "career men" who are predominantly taller). "curves fitness for women," gee, is there any reason for the "Strong wombn" to go there (other than as a "pride protector" to protect her from feeling like the pipsqueak she is when she's around the men who can easily lift the weights that are too heavy to even be at "ladies only" fitness centers?) "coney island hot dog eating contest, womens' division," gee, is there any reason? sports teams based on gender, gee, is there any reason? no tradition of a bride carrying her groom over the threshold, gee, is there any reason? if it wasn't for the nonexistent "violence against men act," the "violence against women act" wouldn't make me think that the "strong woman" wasn't actually strong enough to defend herself. dylan terreri, i www.gianteagle.me (yes, your shenanigans are posted on the web for all the world to see)

I really like the Frederick 7th. Street seafood dept.in Frederick Md.,but I noticed lately they have not been offering the two items I like best, their in store made fresh tuna and salmon salad. They are so great,what happened ? I would love to have them sold there again.Please bring them back!

Hempfield Giant Eagle has got to be the worst. I get angrier and angrier every time I attempt to shop at this store. I do all my shopping on Saturday nights because that's really the only time my schedule permits. How many checkout lanes are there? Maybe 20? How many are ever open (for items over 12)? 2, that's all. Never more. It's either stand in a line forever or be forced to use their God-awful self checkout. Listen, if I have to ring my own groceries I should certainly receive some sort of discount. Never once, have I, or anybody else I know been able to use these self checkouts for large orders without having the machine jam up and you're forced to wait (for 5 to 10 minutes) for an employee to get there and slide the card to clear it. Why isn't that employee on a register? What is the problem with scheduling enough staff to handle customers? Also, I buy whole bean 8 O'clock Coffee. The last bag I bought, after returning home, I discovered the bag was not sealed and the coffee was (roughly) ground. They obviously have no control over their own inventory either. I am done with Giant Eagle. They can keep their "food perks". Shop N Save offers better fuel perks and much more reasonable prices on groceries. They also are staffed efficiently. Giant Eagle is a very poor organization.

It would be great if giant eagle bakery would make half loaves of Tuscany bread for the single people in the world! Also, small carts would be great!!


Giant Eagle will always continue to operate their stores on a shoe-string staff. They have an abundance of useless management and the workers feel the strain everyday. Each department barely gets by on the back of the few workers that actually care. As long as some schmuck sitting in office crunching numbers thinks it can be done this way or that way and never sets foot into the actual atmosphere and tries to do the work themselves while being understaffed and not having the product to deliver, the conditions will never change....but then again why would they..Giant Eagle is rolling in the $$$$

CORPORATE. makes politically correct decisions like not selling pate froi gras shows wher they place the impotatnce of their consumers. Your an EVIL company which is anti-christian and cow tows to the anim,al rights activist whilst being insensitive to christians. I pray God curses your company and a competitor comes into the regionand puts you out of businees. WELCOME to the politically correct world that you have created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Washington PA Strabane Square Pharmacy lost my sons insurance card along with my advantage card. They obviously had it cause they used it and I was only charged for the co-pay of my script. They took my number and said they would call me when it was found. Its been over 24 hours and no call. The insurance card was received by me from his fathers employerthe day before and it was the 2nd time I used it, I will never go there again, I will use CVS instead.

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