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hot foods

prior to remodel, i purchased grilled brussel sprouts at least 4 times weekly. since the remodel, things have changed, and brussel sprouts are no longer at the counter but at the hot foods area and are no longer grilled but cooked!! and no cornbread. I was advised that this is what corporate ordered. WHY? go back to the way it was.


While as an employee at Giant Eagle I see a lot of the issues with the store such as our understaffed front end that never has has enough but I can't help but laugh at a lot of the so called 'complaints' on this page and how silly they are. Go ahead and 'not shop there again' but something tells me you did shop there again and even if you didn't one person isn't going to make a difference. A lot of so called complaints are blown off since they really do come from people being stupid or expecting their butts to be kissed.

Gourmet Chef

I am seriously disappointed by the way I was treated by this company,I was lied to,mistreated,and deceived the whole time.you should be ashamed on how you treat loyal employes,I worked hard for GE and thought your company would see that,yet my job was dissolved with no explaination, I will not frequent GE anymore& express my opinion to others in my family

Low Prices

Today I made the mistake to stop at Giant Eagle to pick up a Marrie Callender pumpkin cream pie. I just purchased one the night before at Walmart for 4.99 thats not a sale price that's there price. 4.99 pretty good price. So I just picked up one at Giant Eagle not looking at the price.I knew that I would have to pay at least 1.00 more. Boy was I wrong it was 7.99. Who r they trying to kid. I stopped shopping there awhile ago because of their unfair pricing. Sure thet give you a discount on gas....but they really dont give you anything. Your paying exorbanant prices. Well just for kicks I asked the front manager why..Her response. "I dont know why". Goodbuy Giant Eagle


It's very degrading to me that a company as well known as giant eagle would pay their workers $8 an hour to protest bottom dollar foods! It is appalling that you are that upset of a company trying to help the community! I will NEVER shop there again knowing this info!

bad gasoline from Get Go

I want to say that I am horrified at the recent turn of events regarding the ethanol mix up in the fuel tank. This is the SECOND time a mix up has happened at the Brunswick, OH Get Go within six months. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? One could possibly be a mistake....twice is complete negligence. I plan on suing the company and would recommend that NO ONE EVER take the chance of buying fuel from them. Inexcusable!!!

Get Go Gas Mix UP

This is completely negligent. This mistake has cost many people time and money. There will be a class action lawsuit. Putting undiluted ethanol (grain alcohol) into the pump was devastating to the vehicles. Totally irresponsible. Giant Eagle rakes in 9 billion a year in sales. They need to make it right in the customer's eyes. There will be lawsuits coming I'm sure. You don't mess with people's engines or cars.

Customer Service

Barberton Giant Eagle Grocery: Employees there, whether union or not....customers pay their salary but that must be forgotten by many. Negative body language, no sense of urgency, complaining outloud about other workers and customers, and if the light flashes at the self check out....well you'll stand there for awhile. Barberton Giant Eagle Pharmacy: Wrong medication refills, very long waits at the drive through window because of chit-chats with customers and co-workers, improper discount processing and then tell you to "drive around and get back in line while we rering" well theres another half hour. I'm going elsewhere.

I brought a phone and a 50.00 and

I bought a phone for all most 60.00 plus a 50.00 phone card. Well few days later the put a sign up saying uf u buy a phone u get 25.00 off your next shipping trip. That made me so upset. Specially when I spend a lot of money there. Plus I work behind it at the old mall for teletech. I just feel something should had ben done wirh this.

Bought a full slab of precooked ribs 9.99 Tuff tuff tuff meat.. Will never buy that again! Next time Ill make my in the crock pot,tender!

Gluten free

I have been purchasing the same gf flour for a yr at Brentwood GE, now bc they are remodeling they don't carry it, does this make sense? they also carry a brand that requires you to also buy xantham gum but don't carry the xantham gum. when asked the manager says its up to the warehouse if they get it, really??? when I also brought up that the two freezers where the gf foods are located are mixed with non gf foods he didn't even care. I have even pointed out the dangers while I was in the store. Giant Eagle is a Giant law suit waiting to happen.

Rude Employees

Today my family and I visited the Giant Eagle in Rocky River, OH and we asked why the coupon wasn't scanning at the self-check out. We never got an explanation, just a roll of the eyes from an employee. She took the coupon, did what was needed to be done and then gave us a look of "how stupid can you be". She then proceeded to talk to another employee rather loudly about us and the things they said were very rude. What kind of people is this place hiring?! I'm no longer going to shop at that location again.

Barberton GE rates yet another zero for poor service in the deli! Don't bother coming in anytime within 15 minutes until close...seems you are just inconveniencing the clerks!


Giant eagle wouldnt let me use coupon for free item bc it was "print", even tho it was direct from the company.Also treated my daughter terribly while working there. She worked maybe a month, found out she was expecting, (high risk bc previous miscarries) n needed weight restrictions. Her "super" told her, very rudely, she was in NO way getting special treatment or she would be let go bc ppl been having babies for yrs. Daughter was cramping one day & sick,asked to leave early,they refused bc no1 to cover her shift. She walked out. Very rude,selfish employees!!

Service going bad

Just recently I've noticed a decline in customer service at three different Giant Eagle's in the Columbus, Ohio area. One person serving 5 people in deli; notes left at the bakery counter saying "if you need service go to deli"; only 1 full service register opened with a line feet deep; you have to search all over store to find help. This is all new. Finally I asked a manger and was told "we don't get the hours" whatever that means. I could get this service at Walmart with LOWER prices. The worse part when I talk to a manger I just hear "I'm sorry", and it doesn't seem sincere

Store smell

For the last four months or so when I have been shopping in Giant Eagle, I have been made ill by the the air freshener/fragrance in the stores. My clothes smell after I leave the store. Are you someone who has been bothered by this? If so please let Giant Eagle know. Perhaps they will stop scenting the air in the stores. Thank you.


This disgraceful place had the nerve to refuse to take a check claiming the advantage card shows me to be a deadbeat. This card and my checks have been taken by Giant Eagle for over twenty years. The same advantage card the same checks. TO GIANT EAGLE: EXPECT TO BE PAYING DAMAGES.


i want to let you know what a pleasure it is to get my perscriptions at the Baden Giant Eagle. They are a friendly ,efficient helpful staff. A special thanks to Patty and Jen for their personal attention. Joe Espey


I LOVE my Giant Eagle Pharmacy in Greensburg Pa. I need alot of medications and no matter when I call for them, the pharmacy always gets them ready quickly. I think the staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. They even have doggy bones for my dog when I go thru the drive thru.

#6502 Columbus Oh 1000 Dublin Granville Rd is TERRIBLE!!!Every month I have to call back and forth from my Dr's office to the Pharmacy because each time I call the pharmacy they say they do not have my one prescription. So, then I call back to the Dr's office and she has the confirmation in her hand. I have even been told they didn'ty have it to they had it within a couple of minutes and to find out after calling back and forth 5 times it was there the entire time. This no kidding happens to me every single month . Not to mention the wait time in the drive thru pickup is 20-30 mins with just 1 or 2 cars in front of you.I am not sure why they cannot get this right I am not even sure why I continue to go back.

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