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I went to change my credit cards on easy pay today. I could not get in. I called QVC and they said they had closed my account without even notifying me for abusive behavior. Last weekend I had ordered a jacket, there were very few left in the size I wanted. They told me what color and what size. I ordered it. I then got an email but it was the incorrect size. I then said no I had gotten the size and it was confirmed by the person. When they called in they just said well that is too bad we can't get that size. I said that that was not good enough and to talk to a supervisor. They said too bad and that there is nothing they can do about it. I talked to corporate today and told them I wanted this reopened. I explained that I am a customer service trainer and she said that if I was a customer service trainer then I should know not to use profanity and that she would not reopen my account and hung up. Since these calls were made today from my office I have then taped. I'm going to go on Utube. I spend a lot of money with them and I guess they think they don't need their customers. Sorely mistaken.

You have two fabulous hosts - David Venable and Lisa Roberts. These two people should be called your top assets. I've noticed that lately they both are being replaced OFTEN with other hosts. Today, Saturday, August 21st, In The Kitchen with David, a Mary Beth Rowe made a statement on air that I thought was appalling. She looked up at the Venable sign on your kitchen stage and said.. well they might want to add my last name Rowe after Venable as often as I am here.... (not exact words but same effect) (she was talking to the Temptations woman). This is TACKY no other word than TACKY. I'll switch the channel every time I hear she's on from this day forward. It makes me wonder if maybe there isn't a "Host" war going on?? I can only say as one customer of QVC, that you need more hosts like David and Lisa and LESS of Ms. Rowe's type. Please tell me you are not losing David or Lisa.

I also will never do business with QVC. They do not even compare to the customer service that HSN provides. Sure they have some name brand things but they DO not care about the customer. I have shopped with this company for years and spent thousands of dollars there. They recently had a computer glitch and as I tried to make an order online as I have all previous orders, I was declined. I tried again a and was declined again. I decided to check my account and to my surprise, I had been charged for this order not once but twice. I went back online to qvc and found that there was NO evidence of any order. I called qvc and was also told as another person I would have to wait 72hrs for this to be dropped off. Thanks for NO groceries and no rent getting paid QVC. They could care less what they do to peoples lives. I called again today and asked to speak to a supervisor. The lady refused to give me anyone. She kept saying maam there is no order so there is nothing we can release. I told her they need to call my bank asap and have the funds released. Of course, nothing was handled and when I told the lady she may not care but I am sure the owner of the company will care how people are getting treated she had no response, so I hung up. She literally just sat there. I will NEVER spend a penny at this place again. There loss!

As of today I am no longer a member of QVC, after 18 years of paying my account on time this past month I had a check get lost in the mail and a $39.99 charge was put on my account, I explained to them the check was mailed but wasn't cashed, I issued a new check including the $39,99 charge and put a stop payment on the original check, I asked that the service charge be credited back to my account because i was a member in good standing, and today I was told by GE Money Bank that if I paid them today for the balance that is not due until August 7th then they would take the charge off my account. Well, because QVC is always claiming that their customer comes first, I would just assume that this charge was taken off my account before I received this letter today 7/16/10 stating they could not take it off. Well, I have just cancelled my account and WILL NOT EVER buy from QVC again, and I will tell anyone that I know not to do business with QVC as they do not care about their customers....I realize my account is just a small drop in a large bucket but every dollar counts these days, I find GE Money Bank to not care about their customers.

Late (approx. 11PM PDT) Tuesday July 13th I ordered Item #K-12865- Three Pc. Skillet set; order #3595683914. It was to be on the two easy pay. After I had hung up I checked to see if I had received an e-mail confirmation - I had not. I then immediately checked my bank account (I used my bank debit card) and lo and behold they had taken two payments of $25.31 totaling the full amount of $50.62! I then immediately cancelled the order and they confirmed that with the notation; "your order has been cancelled - you will not be billed". I already was and those funds are still being held almost depleting my account balance in my checking account! After numerous calls to C/S with a runaround about having to contact their Corporate Offices to have the hold removed which would take 72 hours! It took only 2 seconds to place that hold on my funds and now they have to have 72 hours to remove it when that order had never even gone into processing because of the immediate cancellation. I have contacted my bank and they have to have word from QVC for the removal of the hold even though early on the 14th a C/S representative took down my banks local branch phone number. It is now the 15th of July and my funds have still not been released. I have contacted Consumer Affairs over this mess. QVC you need to give a little more thought to the customer and a little less to your greed. You claim the importance of your customers satisfaction but I no longer believe any of that hype after the way I have been treated. There sure as hell was no going out of your way to make this customer happy. QVC will no longer get any orders from me and I intend to let my family and friends in on the disrespectful and shady tactics you employ when it comes to resolving a situation.

I bought a sweater made by Quacker Factory at the Frazer Outlet - Black with embroidered shamrocks down front panels that are battery operated. The lights blink surrounding theses Shamrocks - connected by a battery pack. I have received numerous compliments on this wonderful sweater. This past St Patrick's day I lost the battery pack. I just can't wear the sweater that doesn't work anymore! I contacted Quacker to no avail. I then wrote to QVC - they advised me to contact the Frazer facility. Could you please help me to replace the battery pack ? Please - thank you - I would like to be able to wear this sweater for my 74th birthday !!!!

I never though I would have any problem with QVC service but: As brief an explanation as possible, we have a Turbo Oven which cooked four great meals Before the heating element failed.At the beginning of a long exchange of emails over many weeks I explained why it was impractical to return the entire oven, so we sought a replacement lid or heating element, for which I would pay as well as shipping charge(better than a useless oven). Thane confirmed to me that QVC could order it after May 1st as they were back in stock. But QVC not only said no, but sent me yet another standard letter telling how to return the oven, in spite of the very long series of emails. This is the first time in my 84 years that I have felt it necessary to write to "Corporate"! Please, no more boiler plate replies. Many thanks, Tom Cosans

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