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I purchased 6 Bethlehem lighting hanging plants April 2011. I was told the plants were all weather and has a water resistant battery compartment. To no avail, when attempted to change my batteries, the so call resistant compartment was filled to the rim with rusted water. I contacted QVC no help or empathy at all. The manager was very rude and the only thing she could say, "I can't override the system because it is 2 months pass the manufacturer's warranty. Also, referred me to contact Bethlehem Corporate and write a complaint requesting to override the computer." When I spoke with them they said, "QVC should not have referred me to call them, and its nothing that they can do." Those plants were close to $40.00 each! Obviously, QVC practice deception to sell and don't stand behind advertisement of their products nor except responsibility. Hence, customer focus and customer satisfaction isn't a priority to their company! I want my money back or replace the items!

June 19th, 2012 3:35 pm I am so very sorry for all of you who have been taken advantage of by QVC, or their employees! There can never be an excuse for the way you all were treated, or not receiving what was do you wheather a refund or the right product in excellent condition!!!! I am very, very sorry!!!! But my experience wih QVC, has been very excellent and above board! My very first item[in 2008] ordered was a 32" Sharp tv and it had free shipping and handling and would be a week before you receive it since I live on an island in Alaska! And it came the very next day!!! In perfect condition. Still have it today. I have bought several things since then and the only thing I retured was to battery control toys because the hand held remotes controled both toys, which that mean the other child could not use his remote to go where he wanted to go. But Other than that everything I have bought came at the time they said it would, and everything came in perfect condition, No Problems!! from 2 Computer-HPs, 2 vita-mixers, Dvd Player with 2 Eyes to play Blue Ray Dvd & non Blue Ray, HD, 3D ETC.... A Portable Dvd player, The different color wipes to wipe dust and what ever of your eletronic, the sponges with hard to clean surfaces like stove, cake on products from cooking and they work great!!!! I would read people's remarks on the website and if more were NOT GOOD REPORT, then I would not consider the product, but if only one or 2 were Bad and the REST WERE GOOD THEN i WOULD GET IT! I am planning to invest in a computer for my friend who needs one despertly and I want to give her a surprise Gift!!!! Again I am sorry that all you others had such bad experiences, but I can only tell you non of this has ever happened to me!!!! Also when I got hit with not receiving my dividend in Oct 2011 I feel behind in my payments by 3 months and QVC worked with me and let me keep my good credit with them!!!! But in Nov. 2011 I did get the dividend! Again I am very very sorry for you who have had trouble with your products, or the people you talked to missed treated you,or talked to you like you have no sense, I am very very sorry!!! But I had to tell what has took place for me with QVC. They have been excelllent and Good To Me and the products were just as they said they would be!!! iI PRAY They will make right with all of you, either with money compensation or get you the Best Products you had ordered from then, but failed to Do Right By All Of you!!!

BUYER BEWARE!! I ordered Precious Liquid Jewelry Cleaner, Item #J302275 on June 11, 2012. I received my order on June 19, 2012. On reading the back of the bottle under a caution warning it said this product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer. There were no exclamation points after the word cancer. How are these products getting through Quality Assurance. Am I the only customer to read the back of the bottle? I am returning this product.

I have been a loyal customer of QVC for 8 years then I go to make a purchase and my account was closed because my sister who lives with me account was closed for to many returns. Called customer service and was told because of the house hold association..appalled at this action..QVC should be ashamed of themselves..I will save money for sure now..

Bought a HP. one month after if was paid I am having problems. I nees a need bundles package which was suppose to be free, Worst 600.00 I evet spent. I am on a fixedincome of disability, and cant get a duplicayr of something free. I pai not stole.

Hello i watched them and they are pretty good...entertaining to watch qvc.com...very!

The qvc hosts are all liars, most items can be found for less money in retail stores, there electronics are dated and overpriced. There customer service sucks and they are very stupid. Crap products from a crap company ! They should all move to china where there products are made. I can't stand that fag David and his kitchen show,total crap.

BUYER BEWARE!!! I just placed an order with QVC several evenings ago and the next thing I know, someone who had access to my debit card number and security code made a $400.00 charge to Wal-Mart in California -I live in Indiana! ...very suspicious that I haven't ordered anything "other than from QVC in over two years" and had to provide those numbers to the woman on the phone to purchase my item ...I've never had fraud on my debit card occur before I ordered from QVC...COINCIDENCE??? Who knows, but people...be careful!

I started watching QVC 6 months ago and spend hundreds of dollars with them. I live in a house that has a downstairs apartment. The phone lines are old and we tried to get the phone company to fix them. Since I am disabled and on lifeline I get a discount. One 1 line worked in the home. The prevoius owners messed up the wiring bad with cable wires and internet and it is a small town phone company. Needless to say. When QVC found 2 accounts under the same phone number, because the other belonged the upstairs tenent and he owed money to QVC, I called in one night and a rude operater told me "You do not get easy pay anymore and your account is closed" I was shocked at her tone after spending hours in front of the tv watching and spending my savings.I did not even know this tenant and he has recently moved out. HSN would never treated me this way without contacting me first. The sales people act so family-ish and them management comes down on you and you really find out what they are all about. I remained loyal to them. I was in sales for 25 years. The CUSTOMER ALWAYS COMES FIRST. DID THEY FORGET THAT OR IS THE GORDEN GREGKO GREED IS GOOD DOLLARS IN THEIR EYES SO BAD I ASK YOU? I am ashamed at the way I was treated by this rep. I wish I would of never found their channel. And they refuse to refund any of the products I sent back. I am very sad about this. I used to watch QVC 12 hours a day. Again, a sad day. The sales people push..try it for 30 day and send it back if it does not work. I sent a few things back,now I feel they just want to get rid of me.Again, I am sad. Thank you

ireceived aphone call from qvc today informing metat i had exceeded the number of products you are allowed to return for a refund.I have been a customerof qvc for 7 years and during this time i have spent thousands of pounds this wasok with qvc but the moment i sent quite a few things back for a refund this was not ok.Yet the presenters encourage you to buy clothes in different sizes and colours try themout and say you can always send themback for a full refundno questions asked if you change your mind also with expensive beauty products they say try it you got 30 days if you dont like it you an send it back and get a full refund.Obviously this isnot true it may say there is a limit to refunds in the small print which none of us have read but this should be made clear by the presenters because after all you do have to pay postage to send things back

American's complain about all the "MADE IN CHINA" as long as you support and shop places like QVC you are supporting outsourcing American jobs and CHINA. After watching for 3 hours (sickening) from cooking items to clothing, almost 95% is made in China. You can see they "pimp" out cheaply made JUNK. Designer clothing and fashion......... A JOKE. One hour they are selling you "health and fitness" the next hour cheesecake and candy. Most of the hosts are insulting to anyone with a brain who would believe what they are peddling is any better than "snake oil". Lastly, I LOVE the fact that some of the hosts claim their Christian faith and values and yet these same people work like a demon to get the public to go in debit buying and buying and buying. QVC........Oh what a "FASHIONABLE VALUE"..........NOT AT ALL !!!!

I have orderd the Dell pc for a gift for my granddchild, came late and does not work keyy, spacebar falls off and to many things to mention it looks like a prievious uused pc. I am sending it back and if I have the same trouble as others. have had I too will file a civial suit since they keek taking the money. I feel bad because I do not think i will ever buy anything from them again

I have been having problems getting answeres as I to bought Dell pc 800 some dollars,cannot get a straight answere where to send to Dell or back to QVCkeys didn't work they fall off and looks like someone tried fixing beforelooks burn't like hot glue gun ot soder whatever but been trying for 2 weeks on who to send it to ,very un happy not sure if I will ever due business again with them.

People you need to use your consumer rights to get your money back as well. If you send something back to QVC, I have found it best to pay for it myself, priority mail, insure the item for it's cost, and keep copies of all documentation. I then get the POD from when it is delivered. If I don't get a credit within 24 hours and they don't show the item in their system yet - I file complaints with the BBB and disputes of the charges with my credit card company. Consumers have rights by law and you need to be aware of them and use them - they ate there for your protection. I realize it may mean extra work but use them if you have to; most everything can be done online or via the telephone. I still will shop QVC but hesitantly on large dollar items as those seem to be the ones I am having to return lately...And I will not keep something that is showing signs of defects or poor workmanship just for the inconvenience of returning an item.

I recently ordered a pair of isaac mizrahi boots , I could not believe the horrendously poor quality that I experienced from a supposedd "designer" brand. they literally wrinkled like paper , but the description and the presentation said leather . apparently there needs to be new regulations on what they can call leather. I really can't express my disgust enough. isaac himself even went on to describe these as madison avenue in the on air video presentation on qvc.com. he said he could not believe that he was giving things away at 200 dollars .that they should cost 10 * that . overly dramatizing that man these really look like madison avenue!! yeah buddy if there's a walmart on madison avenue ....in fact I don't even think walmart would sell these boots .the buyers would realize that they would get so many returns for the poor quality that it wouldn't be worth the effort .apparently qvc is too stupid to realize this ..including the buyers the marketers the distributors the quality control dept. and the show hosts..that is 1 gaggle of stupid people . ignorant people trying to pull the wool over the eyes of people who are not so ignorant .it's incredibly insulting that these idiots try to sell this garbage at these prices . eventually qvc will run out of first time buyers and in a perfect world young people will learn to start reading the reviews before their sucker punched by someone like isaac mizrahi . literally the boots wrinkled like paper ...like paper literally !!!! yes they even made a paper wrinkling sound as if you were sitting at your desk you wadded up a piece of paper and tossed it in the garbage .

I too have been a loyal QVC customer for at least 8 years. In Nov I ordered the Dell laptop with cover and was told to expect shipment around Dec 23rd; however, to my surprise they shipped it much earlier. Unfortunately, I'm a Soldier and was away for training when they delivered. As soon as I returned, I contacted them and requested to have the computer delivered again--the representative said No, it's already been shipped back to the warehouse. She told me I would receive a refund of my first payment once they received all the pieces back. I shipped back the software and cover that I did receive separately. Not only did they not refund my money but charged an additional payment after they had already said I would get a refund. When I called to request a refund and cancel all future payments, the guy said he would put my refund in and ensure I'm not charged anything else. Ten days later I still don't have my money back. I called QVC again and the lady said they can't issue refunds for computers, it has to come from Corporate, but she would try to put in another refund. I was extremely frustrated and called Corporate myself and was told by Janet that she was putting the refund in today. Seems like they need training. I am NEVER EVER shopping with QVC again. Will still with HSN from this point on. QVC's customer service stinks!!!

I sent a check 1/7 for a treadmill. This item was s/h free but they had charged me for it. They did refund the s/h. I was told the item was shipped by UPS on 1/11/12. This was apparently a lie. I was told I could not file any action until 1/18/12 when I called back again I was told it was shipped UPS 1/11/12. I got the tracking number and called UPS who never received the item apparently an agent?? was hired by QVC to get it there? Again I was told I would have to wait at least 72 hours for any action. This is the poorest customer service I have ever experienced. I do not appreciate being lied to and I am very upset they have had the use of my money without any product being sent to me. In shear frustration I told the rep at QVC to cancel this and refund my money which if it does not happen I will seek legal action against QVC and file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I am very sad about this. The competition is so much better.

I called QVC this morning regarding my QCARD. The woman I spoke to started out like really nice. As soon as I questioned my credit card balance she attacked me. She started berating me like I was her two year old child. I told her to stop talking down to me and yelling at me. This did nothing to hamper her rotten attitude towards me nor did she answer my questions. I am never ordering from QVC again, I'm switching my channel to HSN or SHOP NBC, at least when you call there they are nice to you and don't treat you like you are worthless with a condescending attitude.

I puchased a Dellf rom Qvc for answering emails, it took two months to get to me, and then not 6 months later the hard drive failed. It took two weeks to get any where on getting it fixed. I bought two digital cameras one for my daughter and one for my wife for Xmas.I made sure I told them not to email my wife and yes they did ruining Christmas. Then when we went to set our main coputer up for the new camera we found the set up disk was cracked across one side. Allthis happened in a matter of weeks I got a half hearted sorry and my new set up disk with a ten day delivery window. you can judge a buisness on how well the handle their mistakes.

I ordered a keurig platium coffe pot it worked for 9 months when i wrote to qvc they said the warranty was out dont order from them boycott them the host make a lot of money they are taking your money stay away from that show

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