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i orderd a dell 17.3 laptop and carrying case. I received the laptop earlier than expected which was noce. I ordered it as a Christmas gift for my wife. Something told me to give it to her early so that I could make sure it works. The first 2 days no propblem, then the dredded "blue screen of death" ON A BRAND NEW COMPUTER! I returned the computer on 12/12/11 with their label. i called 3 days later to check on the status and QVC could not track their own label. They sent an email to Corporate so they say two weeks after the order was sent back to get my refund. It is now January 5.2011 and still no refund. They received teh mouse and carrying case days before the laptop arrived and istill have not received that refund. As I was checking the returns I noticed they returned in the software for the laptop, but did not return in the actual laptop which is where the money is. Customer service gave me some bogus answer like "well because it is separate items under the laptop they can olny return one at a time. Ok the return for the software was done on Sunday and it is now Thursday 4 days later. I'm getting a lawer and sue. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered several items and was given and EDD of 1/3/2012. I had selected UPS as the delivery method. I contacted UPS tonight and was advised they had not yet received the items from QVC that are being shipped to me, even though I had received emails from QVC stating my items were being shipped. I then placed a call to QVC. The first rep I spoke with told me the problem was that they did not take the holidays in to account when calculating the EDD. I then spoke with a supervisor who told me that information was wrong that they did take the holidays into account when calculating their EDD. I asked if she could check on the status of my items as UPS does not show they have been received by their facility. She advised the items have not been shipped to UPS as of today, my EDD. I am not sure how they calculate their EDD when they can't even ship items to UPS and get them to UPS by the EDD. My items were ordered on Tuesday of last week and should have had time to make it to the UPS facility last week, if QVC had actually shipped them when they sent me the email stating my items had been shipped. As of tonight QVC customer service has no idea when I might receive my items since they have not delivered the items to UPS yet. The other shopping channels definitely have a much better delivery system worked out. I have never had a problem receiving any items from HSN or ShopNBC. I guess this tells me where I should be doing more of my shopping.

i order a 32 inch tv for my son for his birthday they shipped it to the wrong apt dec 7 on qvc mistake they then cancelled my account told me they are working on replacing it and still nothing no refund anything and we are now passed christmas this is out of countrol i feel robbed mislead and so much more

First, I've been a customer of QVC now for at least 15 years. However, today's show as I'm writing this is showing ROYAL PALACE RUGS. Your host/hostess (Mary Beth who I love), is really MIS representing this product. In the first place, this gentleman says, these Royal Palace rugs are from "PERSIA". OBVIOUSLY NO ONE HERE (I CALLED) IS literate enough to understand that there is no Persia anymore. PERSIA'S NAME CHANGED AFTER A CALAPHATE AND THE CRUSADES ...it is now IRAN. I would blacklist this product and ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF IRAN AND WHAT THEY HAVE ILLEGALLY DONE TO AMERICAN'S, OUR TROOPS, AND NOW TRYING TO BLOCKADE THE STRAIT OVER THERE LEADING TO OIL AND THE US REACHING ARABIA...(ie today we have sold more arms to Arabia. ) We ARE IN THE US SANCTIONING IRAN....PERSIA (IT'S OLD NAME) IN THE BIBLE...EZEKIEL, 38,39...REVELATIONS..CALLED THEM PERSIA.. IT IS NOW IRAN...AND THIS ROYAL PALACE RUG SHOULD BE SANCTIONED. THEY ARE MURDERERS, AND SEEK TO DESTROY THE US AND ISRAEL. DA..QVC...YOU JUST GOT HOODWINKED..DO A GOOGLE SEARCH.

on 12/21/11 I saw an ad online for a product I liked for my husband. It stated if you order before noon EST I will receive the product by 12/23/11. on 12/23/11 I went into my QVC account and the order said in process for delivery but unable to get a tracking number. I call QVC and was told the the order is coming from the manufacture and not them so they are unable to give me information as to when the product will arrive. Bull! I called later on that night and was told the same thing. I was highly upset and told them that was a christmas gift for my husband. All they could say they apologize. the 24th came and not product. I received an email stating they apologize for the delay and that me product will not arrive before the holidays. Ive called everyday since and have been told they are unable to tell me or give a an exact deilvery date. I was told that account with the manufacture is handle thru corporate. Bull again! I wanted to cancel the order and was told I could not because it show in their system that the order is in process for deliver. They are going to still charge me even though I do not want a product thats a week late. First time customer and definitly last! Manager I have been speaking with is Doug he has all my information. Supposably corporate is trying to contact the manufacture to cancel the order and than they will be able to cancel it on their end. This was two days ago. Hope someone in corporate in the Customer Relations dept can contact me and take care of this. I will be taking this further for false adversting!!!!!!!

On 12/11/11, I ordered a HP DV7 17.3" laptop computer. Along with the said order, I ordered a color coordinated case at the same time. I was promised delivery to my winter home on southern Texas, by 12/23/11. I was ask for the billing address and the phone number where the billing address was. I gave them the information they requested. I told them that I was staying in southern Texas for the winter and requested delivery at the Texas address given. I also gave them my cell phone number, and advised them that I could be reached 24/7 at that cell number. Well, the 23rd. of Dec. came and went, and no laptop. But, the carrying case I ordered did arrive at the Texas address on about Dec.21st. I called QVC customer service and was told by a gentleman that the order was cancelled. When I ask why it was cancelled, he stated that they tried to call me by phone, and with no answer, they left a message for me to call them. Well, I was not there to answer the phone. I explained that I left my cell number when I made the order, and requested them to call me if I was needed. The gentleman apologized and advised that he would reorder the PC and it would be delivered at the Texas address by 12/28/11. Well, again, the 28th of Dec. still no PC. I called customer relations and spoke with a lady who was very rood. I ask for a supervisor. I waited several minutes and was advised that the supervisor was busy, and that someone would have to call me back. I called corporate headquarters, and was advised again that I would have to leave my phone number and name and someone would call me back. I am so upset with they way I was treated, and still no PC. Hope to receive a call from someone. After reading some of these complaints, I am on their side. This company to "Too Big To Fail". Ya right!!

My mom,daughter and grandma are quite disgusted at the hosts inappropiate -way too low cut tops/dresses exposing cleavage-only four or five-the rest seem to know how to dress properly.These same (woman)hosts who dress so trashy also are constantly using the word'SEXY'to describe the items-anywhere from jewelry to throws to loafers for church??In one breath the host says how great the loafer would be for church-the next breath she went on how 'SEXY'it was??!!Who goes to church seeking to be sexy and my LADIES shop for confort and class which is obvious the host do not have.I mean calling a reindeer pin or just like this morning -a poodle pin -SEXY?sounds quite perverted to me.Also sick of watching a host like this morning who looks like has not combed their hair in days-nasty and trashy if that is the style. Interesting about the kansas City steaks-almost ordered. can tell you Juniors cheesecake does not follow their original recipe either-the cookbook specifies BUTTER in the crust-what you get is being made with oil.I would just tell shoppers blindsided -send back per the quarantee .and get refund-if it is a food product you do not ship back(health code)-if you do not like it-give it away. we got hot dogs in blankets they were so salty could not be consumed-we threw out. And all they ever say to comments is'we are looking into the matter' some day they will run out of guillible 1st time customers.

QVC charges priority shipping rates but then ships the cheapest slowest way possible so in addition to not getting your item for at least 10 days they also are making money on the shipping charges.

qvc might be a little over price, but i believe out of the millions of orders they have monthly the people who gave it a bad rating are just a one in a million mess up mistake. I work in a distribution center for qvc and let me tell you they take great pride in assuring there costumers satisfaction. Everyone in the company works extremely hard on making sure everything is packed out accurately and on time, everyone need to understand how much pressure they have to do this; a mess up every now and again is understandable i think. Have a heart people.

I have a complaint about some of the hosts and don't know where to go to leave my complaint so i went on here. I do turn QVC on from time to time, i use to be a dedicated fan back in the late 1990's.. I hade my tv on for 2 minutes while Pat and Jayne were on and heard silly giggling and trying to talk while laughing it was sickening.. QVC pays these hosts alot of money i believe and some of them need to go. Needless to say i changed channels and fast.. I turn it on that night only to see Nancy Hornback acting like Jayne and Pat do dancing around singing.. I can have fun like everyone else but i am not watching wannabe comedians. I turned it on even later to see the sheets Rachel had on and she was acting silly.. I just quit watching i complained to QVC about this before but it is obvious they don't care because it still continues.. Been watching HSN and shopping on e-bay i just can't stand QVC anymore

There should be a zero rating. One star is even too good for this product. Ordered bethlehem lights never fail lights Christmas tree. The first one the middle section wouldn't light, sent back, ordered a second, could not connect the plugs. They were defective. I called bethlehem lights, left a message and they never returned my call. I have never been so angry and disappointed in a product and company before. I decided to read the reviews to see if this was just a rare occurance but obviously this is a terribly inferior product and I cannot believe after all those complaints QVC still has this product for sale. I ordered this because QVC made it look like an answer to my prayers, since I have to assemble and decorate the tree on my own but it turned into a nightmare and after 69 years this will be my first Christmas without a Christmas tree. Thank you very much QVC and bethlehem lights. You have both lost a customer for life.

Hello, Have any of you heard of the Department of Consumer Affairs. All of you should contact them and report all these problems. That's what I'm going to do. I got identity theft on my account and asked for them to just hold 1 of my easy pay payment, just 1 because all of my assets are frozen and they refused. I was told that they don't stop the payment for any reason whatsoever. You would think that they are such a huge company that someone could override that policy for just one payment, but I guess all of you are right. Their customer service has gone to pot and they've gotten so big they don't care about their customers. That's very sad because I really used to like the company and now I'm going to transfer my business to HSN. I've also informed my mom, my sisters, and my extended family to switch. Goodbye QVC. Micaela

BUYER BEWARE!!!! QVC is definately a rip off. Returned shirts that were sent to me in the wrong sizes (ordered medium and recieved 2XL and Large and received medium. Was sent wrong sizes a second time and have returned entire order it has been two weeks and still cannot get my refund. They are questioning my return. QVC has really gotten bad and of course most of their merchandise is cheaply Made in China and they charge top dollar for such junk. Bewar of what you order from this company. the sweet smiles and cutsey attitudes do not extend to other areas of this company.

Wow what has happened to Qvc? I have shopped with them before it was QVC. After having some health issues, I was forced into bankruptcy, if that wasent bad enough QVC canceled my account. I tried calling customer service, even corporate in hopes of regaining either my old account bank or a new one. Was told this. QVC does not recognize bankruptcy, in order to get your membership back you would have to settle your Q-card account. Well there you have it I guess QVC has gotten so big they dont have to follow the federal court system. Please, whomever is running this place needs to get a clue. Yes they do have some nice stuff, but its not worth it to be treated like a criminal to order it. Very sad, i have enjoyed them for a long time.

This place is robbing people with a SMILE! Don't buy it! both literally and figuratively! i returned an item and they charged me and then charged me a late fee and continued to do so on an item I don't even have! CS is only "nice" if you're buying stuff, if you have an issue they send you in circles! Awful company! Ban them!!!!

Customer service with QVC has gone down the tube as have their products I find myself sending more stuff back than I am keeping. They ask you to do a review, but if you answer it honestly, they tell you they are not going to print it, it does not fit their standards, my last review, all I said was your standards have gone down and quality is very poor, which it is, they didn't like it and told me so. I bought a chair that is a recliner it will not recline only in one position straight up like a bed, or you can sit straight up in it, if you set it for your feet just to be elevated, it will shut down. I told them that this was a hazard to small children and animals because their heads could be caught in this chair as it closes down, they didn't like that either. I ordered a Dell computer, it came three different days, when I opened it this Monday morning, NO SPEAKERS, now I know they didn't say that on air and I watched it. I called them on Monday, October 31, at 6:30 AM and told them I was sending it back, the cs told me that in one to three days they would have UPS pick it up. That did not happen so I called corporate, THEN THE ORDER WAS PUT IN Wednesday morning, so today this afternoon UPS picked it up, FOUR DAYS I HAVE SAT HERE WAITING FOR THIS ITEM TO BE PICKED UP. I think QVC thinks we do nothing but sit on our duff waiting for UPS!!!!!! I have asked them to notify me when a desktop is going to be on so today I have all these different times when HP workshop is going to be on, yep, and all day long all they have shown hour after hour is ONE LOUSY LAPTOP, they sure listen to their customers. I HAVE HAD IT WITH THEM.

Wanted to add one more thing, I HAVE BEEN A CUSTOMER OF QVC SINCE THE 80's and I always thought they had more class than the other online shopping networks, but it is turning out they are losing their class. I have received three different sets of earrings, each of them broken and had to return. Kind of pitiful don't you think?


THE KANSAS CITY STEAK DECEPTION. The company does not trim their own steaks and take those trimmings to make the steak burgers. They buy bulk ground beef from suppliers and form the patties at the KC processing plant. Also, the bacon wrapped filets are said to be 4oz, 5oz or whatever. Actually the 4oz is 3 oz of filet and 1oz of bacon. Yet the are advertised and claimed on tv to be 4oz filet mignons wrapped in bacon. Also, the AHA steaks are mearly processed, machine and artificially tenderized CHUCK meat. the bottom of the beef chain. Scam food

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