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I have been a loyal customer to qvc, always paid on time and loved shopping with them. Not Anymore, they closed my account saying I am not mr steele as a mr thomas lived at my address before and was also a customer, phoned them and was told in no niceities i am a thief and fraudster, I am appauled as they would not even listen to me, I could prove who i am and had been an excelent customer but no they did not care-they were right and i am a thief apparantly. well you know the old saying if its to good to be true. Hope it goes bankrupt and the head of finance gets what she so rightly deserves.

I recently had a serious problem that QVC Corporate Offices helped me with. I would like to put the name of the women who went above and beyond to resolve my problem but I am not sure I am allowed to put names? QVC had nothing to do with the problem it was a company that sold an item through QVC that was the cause of the problem.Actually I have never had a problem with QVC! At any rate, the women at corporate who assisted me was FABULOUS and deserves a raise!!! Thanks again!!!

I have ordered thousands of dollars from QVC and I recently went to order a gift for my mom and to my shock was informed that my account was closed. No customer service in the middle of the night to find out why. I just don't understand why I was not informed by letter or email. I don't use value pay. I always pay when I order so I cannot undertand how this could happen.

I have been qvc girl from the time you became QVC.It saddens me to realize you have forgotten the Q of your name. I don't know what has happened,(I kind of thought someone retired) but the quality control has really gone down. For example, last year I bought Bethleham Lights Christmas tree(about$350.00)(which was a little chunk of money for me.) It was my 1st artificial tree.It was called "never fail". Well,needless to say , that wasn't true.I sent it back. And ot a replacement,but have had the same kinds of problems with this one,too.(mercifully not as bad). I will buy nothing else from Bethleham Lights. Recently I have purchased items that have not been packaged as they have been before...just put into the outer box with the packing and notin inner containers(needed if they are being given as gifts). This is but a small sampling of differences I have noticed over the last couple of years. Quality is supposedly your 1st name.Without that, convenience and value don't matter,since nobody will get far enough to appreciate them.Please figure out what has happened and fix this.

My account was cancelled because they said I returned too much and cancelled too many items. What happenend to the 30 day money back guarantee?

My elderly parents have been dealing with a situation with QVC. In March my mother purchased a set of pots and pans on flex-pay. When they arrived she opened the box and it was nothing as the TV-actors(sellers) portrayed. She re-packaged the items & returned them within the alloted time frame.She does have a post office receipt for this return. She had sent them $25 toward the flex-pay prior to receiving the item, Which means they owe her money. For the last 3 months she has done nothing but receive harrassing and threating phone calls stating she owes for the item, has been turned over to collection, and they are going to ruin her credit. Keep in mind when submitting for the flex-pay she had given them her home number & cell number somehow they found my fathers cell number and has now been harrasing him. In one day they received between home, and cell phones 46 calls from QVC collections. It appears when reading up on reviews for QVC their main income is to harrass and threaten people long and hard enough to where they will give in and pay. Several of the comments look like they should be turned over to an attorney. Don't ever purchase anything from this company. With all the free publicity out for example facebook and such you would think that a company that was legit with customer service would not want everyone to know how they treat their customers. My comment is buyer beware. Sounds like this might be a great story for our local TV station to investigate.....And as far as the rating they need a -10 on their chart.

Some of QVC products are good others are poor. I no longer buy jewelry from QVC no matter the name brand. I bought some gold earrings and I noticed a week later they are falling apart. One gold hoop earring broke in half just by me gently picking it up.

Your website is horrible to deal with. Your customer service line is just as bad. Long wait times then your system automatically hangs up. Your phone system states I will be hleped in 5 mins but then the system hangs up on you. Your website is overloaded and you need to upgrade your website. EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. IF YOU VALUE OUR BUSINESS GET YOUR CUSTOMER SREVICE DEPT FIXED!!!!!!!!!

I have been buying from QVC for YEARS!!!!! Today I get a call from a collection agency and I thought it was a scam. So I called QVC direct and they said that I had been turned into collection - I said WHAT????? I did cancel a credit card because my husbands wallet was stolen. I entered the new info on QVC online for the outstanding easy pays. I also have been using the new credit card to purchase items since at QVC. NO ONE has contacted me by phone or sent me anything by mail or email saying I am past due. When I called customer service about this today she was RUDE!! Its $16.11 for goodness sakes - ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I have bought thousands over the years!! Now I am treated with total disrespect!!! AMAZING!!! I asked to talk to someone above her to complain and she said I would have to WRITE to corporate - WHAT???? No one above her there and no phone number she said for corporate!!!! I have NEVER been turned into collection OR not paid my bills!!! Its paid now - I hope they are happy!!! I WILL NEVER BUY FROM QVC AGAIN!!!!!

I'm really surprised and sorry that so many of you are unhappy with your shopping experiences with QVC. Both my husband and I have ordered many items from QVC over the past 5-6 years. I think in that whole time only 3 items have been returned. We have found their Customer service to be the best we have ever dealt with. Their return policy has been great. We have been able to enjoy items that we would not have been able to purchase had it not been for their easy pay plan. We will continue to shop with QVC and look forward to the ability to shop from home without using gas and being in traffic to do so. Like so many shoppers will tell you - It is great fun to open up the packages when they arrive it's like Christmas.

My daughter used my debit card and I instantly cancelled her orders,the people where very nice and said it happens all the time. I then called my bank and found the funds had been removed but not replaced. I spoke to the bank assistant and was told to call QVC and ask for the codes of purchase that they send to the bank and ask them to call my bank personally and give them the codes at which time they would then release money back into my account.o It did take a while to get through the lower level supervisors who said they did not have the phone number for their corporate offices,really! I asked for state, town and called information, I was put in contact with management and they called my bank with the info and then called me back and told me it was handled. Bingo, they were right on it for me and I am very! grateful as my family pet had been hurt and I needed access to my funds! I hope this helps others to get to the right place. Stay calm and treat them with the same attitude that you would like in return. I would also like to say everything I have ever gotten from them has been of high quality and have never had any problems with my purchases. Good Luck to those who have had difficulties,Robin.


I recently purchased a camera from Qvc on easy pay Only to find out they easy pay sucks they went in my Account and instead of taking the onetime payment For the month they took all the payments and then Told me that I would have to wait 3-5 business days To get my money back that's some bull crap I then to Speak with a manager and was told that they would Have to have a manager call me back within 24 hours What kind of crap is qvc pulling this is terrible they take Your money and give you horrible customer service I Will never order from them again. I can spend my hard Earned money else where. The nerve of QVC

just want to let you know COMCAST has taken your show off its regular lineup.

QVC is not interested in free speech. Ever post something on the community boards only to have it disappear? I detest the fact that they refuse to end their relationship with Dennis "Buffoono" Basso, the "chic" and "fabulous" furrier. Whenever I rant about him, my posts go poof. We all know this flimflam organization knows nothing about compassion for animals, but try and write something on their boards and out come the erasers. Time to end my relationship with them permanently.

I would like Qvc's corporate phone number....I'll say one thing I love my PC.....but there customer service SUCK's A$$......and that's no lie....I will never buy from QVC....Thank you Thomas Whitman.............360-551-0993

Show hosts : Shawn - thinks she's really cool & hip (she's NOT) talks really fast, sounds like a deceptive used car salesman! makes stupid "rhyming" words like Fancy/schmatzy" I turn off he TV when she comes on. Albany - another loser! so insincere sounding! and.....what is with the fake looking red hair so many hosts on QVC have.....looks terrible!

I have been placing orders for well over a year for thousands of dollars. Just placed an order a couple weeks ago and I go to log in to place a new order and I get Account Suspended. I called customer service (very rude by the way) to find out why and they told me that they can't tell me that I have to WRITE to corporate headquarters. Who the hell writes these days. I then said well if you are not going to let me purchase, I don't want to give you the business of the items I just purchased, so how do I go about returning those items. The lady said that they will NOT accept any of my returns with a suspended account. BUYER BEWARE, THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY AND CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT AND WON'T ALLOW YOU TO RETURN THE ITEMS. Won't even tell me why. I just bought a $300 ladder from them and now I can't return it! They should be investigated for these stunts!

I am not a customer of QVC nor would I ever want to be. I am the unfortunate husband of a wife who likes QVC. DO not change your mind about your order and reorder the same thing but a different color. They will charge you twice for the same thing and then when you see the money has been pulled out twice within minutes of your account because of your decision switch. You call customer service(YAH RIGHT LIKE IT IS REALLY CUSTOMER SERVICE) They tell you it takes three to five business days to get the money back into your account because of the SYSTEM. SYSTEM MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets see, a huge bank account and they take the money right away but cannot refund it to you for 3 to 5 days. This happens to thousands of people, and who is making INTEREST off of YOUR MONEY sitting in their large bank account. QVC is. This sounds like corporate raiding to me. Also On another note Ms. Polar 2[Eya-Andrea] how long have you worked for QVC. SORRY MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only ones I am saying sorry to is all of the hard working husbands who have their money robbed. Taken in seconds and you worked for days to earn it. Then they want to keep it another three to five days. WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QVC is a big part of the reason for the slump in this economy. Buy it in person at a local retailer. DO NOT BE LAZY AND ORDER ON LINE. YOU TAKE IT BACK YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK RIGHT AWAY NOT 3 TO 5 DAYS LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE THIS IS READ AND SAVES SOMEONE SOME AGGRAVATION. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QVC GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered a Vitamix blender on 6/29 and paid for express shipping. The order went through and said it would arrive 7/3. I checked my bank account and it appeared the money came out. Over the next couple of days I kept checking the order status to see if it had shipped, but each day it kept saying label printed and nothing else. Yesterday I went to log in and it said unable to log in. I wasn't able to call until today and they said it was cancelled. The gentleman had no info other than corporate gave word not to process anymore online orders. I asked when the money would be refunded and he said it didn't come out because it was just a hold until the order was processed. I verified with my bank account and he was correct. However, I was given the impression that it was a company-wide issue, almost as if they were shutting down online operations all together. So I went back online and saw no mention of this on their website, but I have seen reviews from others who posted the same experience. I'm very surprised because I know people that order online from QVC with no issues. I still have no idea why my order was cancelled and I'm pretty annoyed because I was looking forward to using it. I will never order from them again!

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