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How many phone calls is too many?

Purchased a NEW dell computer and learned that it was a REFURBISHED unit. I asked for a refund. I have contacted QVC customer service for over two months in regards to a refund. Every time I call, it is a different story. I finally asked the last supervisor why QVC was consistently providing me with incorrect information in regards to receiving my refund of $700.00. She refused to answer. I asked for their corporate office to contact me and I am still waiting. I have made over 40 phone calls and yet, QVC has continued to keep my money hostage. Next step: attorney general bureau of fraud


I had the most awful experience with Customer Services last night. I called to resolve a error caused by QVC and was insulted by Keith, representative, when asked to speak to the supervisor, the supervisor would not come to the phone to even discuss the error. After attempting to resolve this issue for approximately 45 minutes with QVC, to no avil, it occurred to me I have a choice NOT TO CONTINUE SHOPPING WITH QVC. As a result, I have blocked QVC channel from all five tvs in the house, including hd channels, so no member of my household will see QVC or its presentors. After blocking the channel, I felt a sense of peace. While I have enjoyed my shopping experience for the past decade, it is very disappointing when all of a sudden the customer is not longer valued as a customer.

Cancelled order

I recently order a new Dell laptop. My order was cancelled due to the billing address was susupious of fraudenlly..Customer rep told Corporate Office contacted me.. no, record of call from Corporate or email... I just moved to there a few months ago..

In January I ordered an item on 3 easy pays. After the 2nd easy payment went thru my credit card had expired. My bank issued another card with the same account number only with an expiration date of 2/15 instead of 2/13 which had expired. I called QVC when I noticed that the 3rd payment hadn't appeared on my bank statement and I gave them my new expiration date. I thought that it would be taken care of by QVC. Yesterday I received a letter from Nationwide Credit, Inc. stating that my easy pay was past due and was now going thru the nationwide credit to be paid. I called Customer Service immediately and Sonja who was the representative of QVC said that my account was closed and she didn't want to hear any explanation. I no longer will order anything from QVC and I will let everyone I know about my experience.

Customer-No service

What has happened to this company? They suspended my account, they said I had an easy-pay from 6 years ago that hasn't been paid...CS is down right RUDE..Calling corporate, what a joke...Left a voice mail, week later...No response...This company used to be really great...They just inadvertently suspend your account?? Not happy!

No Concept of Customer Value

When purchases or returning merchandise, the Customer Service people are empowered to make decisions and solve problems. When trying to resolve a problem the Corporate created, it is impossible. No one except the customer is responsible, no one except the customer is at faulty, and what Corporate does or does not do, is none of the customers business. Unless you poke the bear. Perhaps Corporate should reacquaint their state the Customer Lifetime Value concept of marketing. six months since my problem started and STILL unresolved. I know. They said they are "sorry", but read between the lines on the monitor. Been a customer since all most day one of QVC when it only aired a few hours a day. Terribly dissabpointed.

Horrible Horrible Awful

It is moments like this that make me hope that capitalism and the free market will deliver a swift blow and take QVC out. They do not offer customer service. The only humans you can reach have no authority to correct mistakes, assist customers, etc. I am sure it won't be long before they are hit with a lawsuit, or busted by the feds. It can't happen too soon. Don't ever order anything from them. It's not worth the headache when there are plenty of other places with phenomenal customer service who want to have a win-win relationship with the customer. Take your business to the companies who understand this concept.

there is no way to get help

i was trying to get the reasons why I can not receive my cell phone through this site and they wont help me get anything taken care of. Im trying to get it taken care of and no I cant and no one will give me any information with the issue that I am having now it makes me sick how they r running there business.

Order Issues

Worst experience ever! Phone four times trying to resolve an order issue only to be told we will email corporate several times. EMAIL really!

Is QVC practicing bait and switch tactics in their marketing and on-line sales site? Check in to their posted item numbers. How many sales are recorded as out of stock only to find another item number for the same item. You have to look deep into the specifications of the product. Price leaders vs out of stock advertisements. I have experienced it first hand. This is a company that needs to be investigated by the proper authorities. They are headquartered in Westchester, PA. They due direct manufacturing drop ship blaming any issues that occur on their "partners". Don't get caught in a customer service issue unless you enjoy amusement park rides that never end. Reminds me of the Kennedy and Cohen operation in Burnsville MN that were found guilty of the pioneer days of "bait and switch" sales tactics.

Horrible Customer Service

I ordered a computer and Customer Servcie messed the order up big time in recommending I change the shipping address to a location where I could be to sign for it. Now that I did what they told me to do, I find out that the computer will arrive when I will not be at the new location. Customer Serivce said since they change the address once they can't do it again. So I'm being billed for a computer that I will not get. I'm disputing the charges with my credit card company and will not be purchasing anything from QVC anymore. I've spend thousands of dollars with this company only to be treated really poorly.

QVC unethical

My account has been suspended over $25 which I have tried to pay them. The customer service supervisors cannot help you. They claim corporate accounting must deal with this. I think it is time to file a class action suit against QVC. Their polices are unethical. Needless to say like the rest of you I will no longer purchase anything from QVC after spending thousands over the past 10 years!

Items charged to my account I did not order

There are items ordered on my account was not ordered after trying to fix this with qvc with no help had my Amex card deal with them..will never buy again. From qvc..they care nothing about us..plz save your self from all the crap I had to del with ..never till Amex stepped in did they remove all these items from my acct..

Down the tubes

I have shopped with QVC since it's inception back in the 80's. Over the last few years their prices are through the roof, some of the merchandise is not as good as it once was and the INconvenience is the charges they levy for returning a product (that nasty shipping/handling x 2, subsequently). There goes the Quality, Value and Convenience (QVC). They seem to be greedy/pig-like. After more than 26 years I am done. I think the saying, "Don't put all of your eggs into one basket" holds true. I admit I have been doing this over the years; nearly shopping exclusively with Q. HSN is pretty cool. So is Norstrom's, T.J. Maxx, Macy's, J.C. Penney's.......I wish you well Q, adios.

Ordered two products from QVC and when I went to check the shipping status I found out my account had been closed. Called customer service and found out my account was closed because a prior customer used the same billing address and had an account that went to collections. I don't even know the person and yet QVC told me to tell them to pay on their account. Still waiting on my $800 to be put back into my account. It's been two weeks already as still nothing. Repeated calls and all I get is my account is closed and ill just have to wait. No product and I'm out $800.

use product

QVC selling use cloths by hiring private company owner To clean or dry clean their clothes and resell it as news


I am very disappointed that QVC has not stepped up its return policy like the rest of online retailers. They still charge the customer to send their merchandise back if it does not fit or is too small/large. I find it very poor customer service to tell your customer that if the item is too large that you have to pay the return shipping....QVC has no store in my area so that I can try the merchandise on so how am I to know how it fits. I will shop at Nordstrom, they have been around since the 1900's and have a great return policy.....they charge nothing! Your prices are around the same as theirs on some merchandise. You have lost a customer!

Great Customer Service!

I had a problem, called QVC customer service and they handled over phone and emailed corporate. I followed up by calling Corporate and leaving voicemail message. QVC's Corporate office returned my call within the hour and assured me everything was fine. I logged into my QVC account online, and it definitely was resolved!

No Loyalty or Respect for Good Customers

I recently ordered from QVC and my order was cancelled. After speaking to a few rude customer services reps, I was told an old order was not paid and they sent my account to collections. I called the credit company and they told me the order was never charged. So because of QVC's not charging to my account AND not contacting me for a so called "bad debt", I was sent to collections. I've shopped QVC for years and after this is situation has been dealt with, QVC will not have to re-open my account, nor my family member's account. We are done!! I don't mind paying more for quality service. I was forced to give them 1 star, but they don't even deserve that much

I am very dissatisfied with QVC. Last month I ordered an item and then I called back to ask questions about an item I had seen earlier during week on QVC. When I talked with the representative I told him that I did not want to order the item because I wanted to look online at the item before making my decision. When I checked my bank statement two days later I discovered that I had been billed for this item I did not order. I spoke with a supervisor who was very rude and obnoxious and seemly did not care about the seriousness of this fraudulent act of one of their representatives. QVC did offer to refund my money but today I opened my email and discovered that they had shorted me nearly $10.00 on my refund. I called the corporate office and they did make up the difference but the only answer I received to the fraud was that they were sorry. QVC should have done better. This could happen to someone else. How do we know if our information is protected? Good Question. I do not think I will order anything else from QVC. BW

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