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outstanding product

insta-gone has changed my business! made my job so much faster and easieser its unbelievable !

item should never have been ship

i placed order for item H356474 utility cart few hours later tried to cancel but the vendor already sent it out i called customer service told her to notify the vendor i just called said i want ups for pick for this item to be pick up and what i have go through is wrong i tried to get mike george ceo on this matter very very upset over this


I tried to find out how much to pay on my account because the bill showed both a payment last month and a past due. They would not tell me because my wife was not available to be on the phone. I was not asking for confidential info just clarification on what the payment should be. Hard to believe.


The only problem with QVC is mama has cobwebs between her legs and believes she's a legend in her own mind........

How are they still in business?

Talk about an incompetent bunch of idiots!!! Monkeys could do their customer service jobs with more adequacy!

Illegal business practices

QVC is operating illegally. The corporation is unresponsive to complaints regarding the suspension of an open and active account based on past account history. QVC has inadequately provided a valid collection agency that has my records currently or in the past. Therefor, I am at a stand still and have no access to my account(s) and have no way of rectifying this.


Worst company - they have linked my account with someone elses - because we have the same address. I'm calling a lawyer!

the worst

this is the worst company I have ever ordered from there customer service sucks and hold you liable for someone else I will never shop here again and tell everyone I no to not shop here they are liars and unprofessional

deplorable return service

On September 7th I purchased a La-Z-Boy Legacy Rocker Recliner. It arrived in a damaged box, no invoice, and leather damage. UPS was scheduled to pick it up for return on September 17th. That day QVC called and told me to decline the pick up, they would have a common carrier pick it up. Today is October 8th....I have called customer service, QVC corporate office almost everyday. As of today I never had a call returned to follow up or the recliner picked up. We have to move the "large" box every time we go out, as it blocks the door. My husband injured his back moving it a couple days ago, so we have doctor bills, plus still being charged for the recliner to date. I cannot put into words how upset and disgusted I am with this purchase and the unprofessional customer service I have received from QVC.

Thank you

Thank you for your kind rememberance regarding my Birthday. The Tote is well made and most attractive. I have been along time customer with 99%of my kitchen ware coming from you. I have iterated to my many friends what a really " Top " Company you are and how you continue to maintain a high level of Customer Service in all aspects of service. There are very few in the retail trade today that can match you. Thank you. P

Bad Behavior Employees

Called 3 times to corp. customer service to no avail. I was laughed at by a switchboard operator who thought I was being drastic about reporting the issues I have experienced with QVC and GE to the Office of the the Comptroller and ask for a congressional investigation into both companies due to illegal practices. I have yet to receive a call back from your corp. customer service office. I was given the name of Amy Trice. I used to have a higher opinion of your company but that went way down the drain. I bought a Bose system from you all that is a piece of junk. I think perhaps you should take time to receive you bad CS. I will ask fro a full governmental investigation in the relation between QVC AND GE.


Dear QVC, The recent controversy that exploded from the media concerning Paula Dean has dealt a one sided view to many. Racism is a very important issuse to address and it should be taken very seriously, Many people feel, including myself, that Paula Dean is more the victim than the employee that filed the complaint against her. She was accused of something by an employee which therefore stemmed into an ugly investigation of her past. A past is something we all have and NO ones past is perfect. This woman honestly answered a question and lost her entire future because of one word. To add salt to her wound, the companies that sell her products are also condemning her. I recently found out that QVC is one of the companies that is condemning her further. How did you put it? "We are taking a 'Pause' from Paula until further notice"... as if your company is above her sin. While you are at it, why don't you look into your other business products and boot some of them for their past mistakes as well. Fair is fair. I believe you should have let the consumer decide. YOU might have been surprised at the outcome. I have been a loyal fan of QVC or 25 years now, however, I am very disappointed at your decision. I will be making my regular payments to my account, but I will withdraw any future purchases with you. I can no longer be loyal to a company that made money with Paulas products but chooses to condemn her of a word she admitted saying 30 yrs ago as if your company is perfect and never made a mistake. I wish you much luck with your business. YOU will be boycotted. A concerned x customer

Dropping Paula Deen

I will not shop QVC until Paula Deen Products return. It was lousy of you to drop her. You care more about what might happen to you than you care about your customers shopping experience.

Concerning Paula Deen

I am very disappointed in your decision to drop Paula Deen from your line-up. You showcase Joan Rivers, and I have never heard anyone say as many ugly things as she does and with no apology. What has happened to the forgiveness in this country. Can't you people stand up for your associates. you are all so afraid you will be considered racists. I will no longer shop through QVC.

Paula Deen

I am agree, you too, QVC! So disappointed with your decision to drop Paula Deen. Do you not think this woman has been vilified enough? She has apologized. Do you not believe in forgiveness? I will try to not use your service again!

Paula Deen

Why are you jumping on the bandwagon to get rid of Paula Deen. She explained the circumstances of using that slur. Don't apologies mean anything? she can't make a mistake? Don't you ever make a mistake? But, I guess, you are okay with the behavior of say Alex Baldwin. He is a repeat offender. Nobody says or does anything to him. But, they CRUCIFY her. Wow! It's not her loss. It's yours.

Reverse your decision on Paula Deen

QVC was not privy to what happened between Paula Deen and a disgruntled former employee. Ms. Deen was a huge asset to QVC and the only thing QVC customers can do now is refuse to do business with you and her other sponsors.


I will boycott Food Network Smithfield products Target QVC Home Depot and Wal-mart, Sams Clubs, I will continue shop at Sears JC Penny’s and BJ’s or Costco’s who still sponsor Paula Dean. Paula Dean will lose but so will the politically correct hypocrites who mistreated this lady.

paula deen

Not you too qvc?!?! Thought you would've been a leader in all this. Why are you so scared? Shame on you! You have lost a faithful customer. Paula D. is amazing and you know that! Thought you would have been the one with guts...but no you had to follow the other scared cats. Never thought of you as a hater....but now I know better. There goes that mighty dollar....

My Opinion

Please do not let go of Paula Deen. Other companies are doing so as if they are judge and jury. Everyone at some point has said derogatory things they regret. Be the good company that stands behind her. Your customers will be happy and your business will be better.

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