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I filed in delaware and the person who did them messed them all up. They put down that I paid tax on my stock options twice. So, I got more in my return then I should have without knowing. Now the irs wants the money back.The office I went to said there is nothing they can do, they made a mistake, oh well. Then they had the nerve to say, we can't pay your taxes you owe. I think they owe it since they caused the issue. I think jackson hewitt should pay this back since they made this mistake. In addition to my federal taxes being messed up, the two states i had to file sent me letters claiming they were wrong and needed to be corrected. I think this company should spend more time training people to do taxes right. I currently filed a complaint and am waiting to hear back from corporate. this company is awful.

I have been with this company for over 10years until today the service i received was unexceptable the prepare was late for my appointment and rude.I have inform my family, friends, co-workers and associates not to use your services.

Ive been using Jackson Hewitt for yrs now, and Ive been satisfied until this year. I was told I had to pay all this money for for city taxes, even though Im not in city limits. I got a 15$ state tax refund (lowest ever), and I still have not received that check. IRS is contacting us about our taxes and everything. Tried to get our paper work in order and noticed that we didnt have our 1040. Went to Jackson Hewitt to get a copy just to find out that they are no longer there. So.... I will be goin elsewhere this coming yrs.

one word wow... I was just audited for 2009 as well...hmm i smell a pattern

My husband and I filed our taxes in February for the year 2009 in the Diamond Mall, Anchorage, Alaska! We paid our bill and gave a girl a deposit slip to deposit our return of $10,000.!!! The IRS contacted us and stated our retun was wrong and they corrected it and we would receive our money in 6 weeks. It has been 3 months and I have NOT received my check! When I contacted the IRS via phone call they stated: "JACKSON HEWITT OPENED ACCOUNT IN THEIR NAME AND THE MONEY IS IN THEIR ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!! All office are closed and corporate office states they have no controll over this. THE FBI AND LOCAL POLICE ARE CONCERNED!!! Jackson Hewitt has never contacted us to inform that they have our $10,000!!!!!!!!!!! Please be careful and do NOT use this SCAM OF A COMPANY!!!!!

In April of 2010,I had to file Amended Returns for both 2008 & 2009, Since I didn't have the time or energy to do it myself, I went to my local Jackson Hewitt. They did an Amended for 2008 and I paid them.... No problem.... Then they did my 2009.... and again they did another echeck for the payment.... and again gave me another receipt. And my Tax Returns to file. Now... 2 1/2 months later... I receive a certified letter TODAY 7/1 from the CORP COLLECTIONS OFFICE.... Saying you haven't received my payment !!!! What Payment... I paid you and have the receipts showing APPROVED ECHECK SALE for both of the Amended Returns. Now the letter from the Corp Collections Office wants my Urgent Attention !!!! YOU HAVE IT. So I call the # on the letter, the guy answers the phone.... tells me he's on vacation and will not be back until 7/12 and if I can't wait until then, I should call someone else ( won't say name) and gives me a ###. And implies that my payment bounced !!! I haven't bounced anything in 15 years and even if it did, do you not think that MY BANK wouldn't have notified me !!! This is a big joke. Getting through to a Jackson Hewitt in my area is a joke !!! So the recording say's leave a message. I'm not leaving a message. I want to talk to someone now, because you asked for my URGENT ATTENTION. URGENT TO ME MEANS NOW, not in 2 weeks. So I called your Corp. Office... The best they can do is make a case file and maybe someone will get back in touch with me in 5 Business Day's. Well this is 4th of July Week-end, so that means somewhere around July 12th.... then she wants my SS#... forget that !!!! This maybe a SCAM !!!! So here's the deal !!!! I paid ya'll !!!! For Both of the Amended Returns !!! I can prove it. And at this point... I'm getting stressed out and you people are on Holiday !!!So this MUST NOT BE URGENT now to anyone BUT ME !!! My receipt # is 31918.... Look it up in your computer. I know you have it, because it's printed on the Letter. Ya'll call me when your ready to have someone who knows what the heck they are doing gets time. My phone # is on my returns... and I know you have copies of them because you mailed me this dog gone Certified Letter !!!! I will be waiting. Tina Foster Oh, and another Thing, make no mistake. Iam done with Jackson Hewitt after this is settled.

I filed my taxes on 4/15/10 in Linden, NJ. I was called on 5/10 and was told via voicemail that the DOB did not match the social security. When I called back the next day, the phone number (908-925-3434) had already been disconnected. I called the 800-234-1040 number and they gave me another number (908-590-6277) that goes straight to a voicemail that is full, therefore I can't leave a voicemail asking for a callback. I stop by the office on Thursday from 12:30-6PM,and guess what, THEY ARE CLOSED, when in the system, it states that office should be open that day of the week. I called the 800-234-1040 number once again and a complaint was filed. They told me I would receive a call back within 24-48 hours. It's been 6 days now, and not a soul has called me back. So, I called this morning to speak to a supervisor and was told that she(Kate) was in a meeting. When I asked for a voicemail, I was told they have no voicemails. When I demanded to speak to an available supervisor, the representative ANDY hung up on me. All I need is a DOB to be corrected and get the services that I paid for. But now, it's turned into a cat and mouse chase. NEVER AGAIN WILL I DO BUSINESS WITH JACKSON HEWITT. Bottom line, all I need is to get the services that I paid for. I can be reached at iluvkiara@gmail.com. PLEASE HAVE SOMEONE GET BACK TO ME SO THAT I CAN PUT AN END TO THIS MATTER. Thanks.

A woman working with Jackson Hewitt at N. Fort Myers Florida had never sent in $4,898.00 to pay state tax, Instead the woman cashed the $4,890.00 and Jackson Hewitt will not return any calls or help us locate their employee who stoled the money Never recommend the company to anyone .

i had my taxes done at walmart in sanford fl on feb 19 10, i filed fed and state return my state papers were never mailed to new york i went back to the office couple of weeks later and the lady told me that she was going to re send the papers to new york and todays date is 4/28/10 and new york has not receive my papers.im going to make your company for any problems that i get in this matter. i will never do business with jackson hewitt again.

We had our taxes done with your company and the man who prepared them screwed up on many things. Important and vital information. We realize now why you should fully read things before you sign them. However, when you think you're dealing w/ professionals and you answer their simple questions, you shouldn't have to make sure they did THEIR JOB! Our state refund was sent to the wrong address and when we called the office and the agent's personal cell phone number, they were both disconnected. We then called NY stae and they wouldn't give us any information because we couldn't give them the address that YOUR AGENT wrote down. So obviously it was other than our current address, which we signed off as being. So how does this happen? Sadly enough, in an economy that is making our family suffer, we paid nearly 500.00 for POOR services and 13 wks later we have no state refund check either. It has put my family in a terrible postion. We will NEVER use Jackson Hewitt again. I feel the only reason you are still in business, is for the convenience of those who shop at Wal-Mart. Good move on your comanys' part. That's all your CEO should get credit for. I, like the others above would like a refund or at least a partial refund. I'm sure that would be too easy. You already got nearly 500.00 from a lower middle class family. There's other mistakes and complaints to go with this, but I'm not willing to put my dirty laundry up here. Thank you ver little. The Gambinos

My wife and I had our taxes done at Jackson Hewitt in the Wal-Mart Phenix City, Alabama the person preparing our taxes inadvertently typed the wrong key, I was notified by IRS two years later with almost a $3,000 income tax owed. I contact the Jackson and Hewitt office that prepared our taxes, and was told that all they were reliable to reimburse me was the penalties accessed by IRS, I have spoken with an representative of this office and was assured that whatever penalties due to me that I would receive, this was back in December 0f 2009. I have since receive any payment, and when I spoke to Paul Ramsingh, General Manager at the Fort Valley office in Georgia, he said that he would need a copy of my tax papers, these have given to him twice before. He appears that he is willing to take a clients money for the services, but unwilling to reimburse for a mistake created by his office. I ask that this matter be resolved expeditiously. I have been very patient regarding this matter, however, I feel as though I have been taken advantage of, and if this is not resolved it will be pushed under the rug and my case will be overlooked. Please contact me at Ggazman1@mchsi.com I look forward to your reply, and a resolution to this problem. Gary Gill

My wife and I had our taxes done at Jackson Hewitt in the mall here in LakeWales Florida. The lady that did them, made a mistake on them, that my wife caught when we got home. When she called the lady back she was very rude and told my wife, that most people would have known that,how rude can you be, thats why we paid your office 181.00 dollars to do them, you are supposed to know the laws. To make a long story short we were contacted by an even ruder gentleman the next day about filing an ammended form for the mistake, he said we should be happy he wasn't charging us an extra 30.00 for the ammended form, excuse me, your employee made the mistake, but we should be happy we were not charged extra to fix it. Now we have to wait another 2 weeks before we can mail it in ourselves. I think we should receive a full refund, Your office was very unprofessional, and rude, I would like a refund before I start to get really rude. Thank you Terry Teague

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